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  1. No, you cannot. You can only purchase talents that specially marked multiple times. Like the one that gives you wounds.
  2. My Rogue trader is a Warmachine Warcaster figure, modded with a plasma pistol. It's nice and steampunkie, with a tinge of the stagnant future.
  3. I have been faced with this, trying to choose a figure that would accurately represent my vision of my character, a Rogue Trader. I had narrowed it down to 2 GW figures, Kal Jericho or a Commisar Lord. I figured it would be simple to replace what I needed with Fantasy bits, like Empire heads, and mod any weapons from my 40k bits. I looked a little farther and chose a Warmachine model as my RT. I know the scale is slightly larger, but I really liked the look of the figure and the modding would be a minimum.
  4. There was a thread on this forum that someone started asking for a ruling. The response from FFG was, that while they don't neccessarily check these forums assiduously, threads with Errata: Official Ruling in the title may get a response. I also think it's three reactions, but you already know that. The talents do not say "if you have already dodged" or "if you have already parried". The talents read thus: Step Aside You are quick at getting out of the way of attacks. In effect, the character gets a second reaction that they may only use for a Dodge. Wall of Steel Your blades are quick and form an impenetrable wall of steel. In effect, the character gets a second reaction that they may use only for a Parry. I would think that, if they read "if you have dodged this round (step aside)...." or "If you have parried this round (wall of steel)...." then I would agree with the case as presented. The problem in the current reading is the "second". If it said additional, which I believe was the intention, then there'd be no argument. You are reading the second as "if you have..." rather than additional. I'm sure that Rogue Trader will have similar talents. Perhaps the wording there will be different, and this will be moot. Of course, that's not 'til the end of September, but I'm pretty sure I can run until then.
  5. 1. What counts as an 'incoming projectile'? Presumably 'outgoing projectiles' aren't stopped? What about an Earthshaker Cannon shell...its a solid projectile...does this stop it? What about a descending Ork Rok? thats a solid projectile isn't it? A solid projectile is one fired from a SP weapon. It won't stop Bolt Shells or Hand grenades. At least that's how I see it. 2. Discount hits equal to WPb? In total? From each target within the field? does the psyker decide which projectiles to stop? Does a shotgun blast count the pellets as individual projectiles? It's a reaction, so the field goes up on the opponent's turn. I would think that the first solid projectiles that hit in a WPB radius would be stopped. 3. 'When the power ends they fall harmlessly to the ground'. what about grenades or missiles? Do they explode or are they somehow deactivated? What about an atomic bomb? Or an Exterminatus virus missile? Do they 'fall harmlessly to the ground'? Grenades and missiles aren't solid projectiles as fired from a weapon with the class SP. Again, that's how I've been playing it with my psyker. I can't stop hand grenades (thrown weapons) or rockets (don't have the book with me, but I assume they aren't fired from an SP weapon). I can't protect anyone unless I'm targetted first (as it's a reaction, and I can't use a reaction until I'm attacked). I can stop 5 bullets (my psyker's wp bonus) within 5 meters (range of power) of myself (since I don't have any talents or powers that let me move as a reaction). Now, if someone threw a hand grenade at me, and I was able to dodge out of the area of effect, the center would change on the 5 meter radius, since I would move out of the AoE. I would need to have step aside to do this, though, since the Catch Projectiles uses my reaction, and Step Aside with give me an additional dodge.
  6. Tolerance is weakness in the eyes of the Emperor. You did well to purge your friend before the mutation of his body infected his mind and soul. I would expect all of my fellow acolytes to grant me the Emperor's mercy.
  7. I would think it would be more a matter of when you engage the opponent. You move in, engage, lightning attack and use the extra attack from two weapon wielder, then disengage and move away with assassin's strike. I would agree with Savage.
  8. This isn't really a crazy weapon, just more a hardass character. Our Imperial Guardsman was introduced to the group as Chainsaw. Around his third advance scheme, we found a bunch of mono combat knives, and everyone in the group got one. This became Chainsaw's favorite weapon, until he got his power blade. Basically, he would wade into close combat and lightning strike. I was playing the psyker, and would make medicae checks to see how badly hurt he looked, which got more difficult as time went on because of the enemy blood that was coating him. If he looked bad, I'd Seal Wounds on him. If he didn't so much, I force lightining'ed his primary target. We had been attacked in the middle of the night at a noble's residence by mercs hired by our adversary. Our assassin was still suffering from the effects of shock, and pretty much holed up in his room. The scum did the same. The tech priest got shot once, then spent 6 combat rounds welding his door shut with a lascutter, then another 8 rounds cutting a hole in the wall to the adjoining room. So, it was me, the psyker, and Chainsaw the Bloodmonger fighting like 8 guys. Which we did fine with until the two-weapon wielding, lightning striking boss with two power blades showed up. I lost a leg, which regrew. Chainsaw got healed by the wall-cutting tech priest and I believe wound up cutting the guy to pieces.
  9. Graver said: Oan Mkoll said: Also, I would consider a pistol used for a melee attack an improvised weapon. Actually, I think using the stats for Brass Knuckles would suit a pistol used as a melee weapon better. Using a Basic weapon such as a rifle to beat someone about the head and shoulders is considered to be Improvised and it has a lot more weight behind it then a pistol. but that would just be my call. On the whole Parrying issue, if knocking someone's gun away from your body before they can get their shot off is considered to be an interrupt action, then isn't deflecting someone's blade before it pierces your jiggly pink flesh also an interrupt? After all, you interrupted the swordsmen's attempt to slice you open. When you dodge a gunshot, you are not dodging the bullet (such is a nearly impossible feat and completely impossible with Las weapons unless the target can move faster then the speed of light). When you dodge a gunshot, you are getting out from in front of the barrel before the gunman can pull the trigger in the first place. If you can move your whole body before a gunman can pull the trigger, then why can't you just move a part of your body, say your arm, to knock his gun aside before he pulls that trigger? Brass knuckles are distinctly different in construction than a pistol. You can't wrap a pistol around the outside of your fingers and punch someone. Personally, I'd just go with improvised weapon, but you're more than welcome to use whatever rules you see fit.
  10. I think the two main examples I'd use for different rogue traders are from the Eisenhorn trilogy and the Ravenor trilogy. Tobias Maxilla is captain for Eisenhorn. He seems illustrious and upstanding, but often hints at roguish, possibly illegal things that he may have taken part in. He is heavily augmented, and most of his crew are servitors. He enjoys Eisenhorn's company because it brings forth his relish of adventure. Sholto Unwerth becomes captain for Ravenor when the group needs to replace their contracted regular. Unwerth is self-important, annoying and seemingly ignorant. As the books progress, though, Unwerth proves a worthy comrade to Ravenor's retinue, showing bravery, capability, and stalwart loyalty. Neither is Han Solo or Kirk. Both have mixings of Solokirk, or Kirksolo depending on your age, and dashes of Picard and Calrissian. When I think of a Rogue Trader game, I think the emphasis is on profit. I don't doubt that there might be a few captains with <ahem> nobler aspirations. But I think most of them join the Imperial Navy. I believe I read somewhere that most captains given a Rogue Trader charter are capable men who the Imperium can't decide what to do with them: Brilliant Generals who endanger the careers of their superiors, Imperial Captains who take too many chances, Administratum who come up with new, efficient filing systems. I would think that the captain and crew would work hard to increase their fiscal bouyancy. I think the descriptions of Maxilla's and Unwerth's ships show the vast difference between rogue traders. Maxilla's great boat, with its gothic decoration and pristine halls, vs. Unwerth's chug-tug that may be leaking radiation and is definitely jury-rigged. The crews vary, but the main focus is on Maxilla, his astropath, and his navigators, or Unwerth's brigandy crew and man-hound Flaylock. In short, I think the two templates, the Kirk template and Solo template, are moot.
  11. Also, I would consider a pistol used for a melee attack an improvised weapon.
  12. I would consider knocking a person's gun out of the way in close combat as an interrupt. You would have to beat the person in an agility test, make a WS test called shot to the arm. I would think you'd have to have a 1/2 action delayed for this.
  13. Just a thought, you could take a page from SLA Industries and have them be along the lines of the Digger the Manchine. Serial-killer robot, once clothed in flesh, kills to replace the parts that have died. AIs would have foreign, xeno if you would, perspectives and motivations. There's too many examples to even remember, but I've always liked the SLA one.
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