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  1. I'd still say it depends on how teched out the Tech Priest is. I play a Tech Priest and actually turned myself into an EMP once. I stored power from Liam shocks in my systems and revered the charge of on my Omnissian Axe. After Pulling the two energies together I released it as a magnetic charge to shut down the power in myself (killing my character) and in the power armor of an enemy a Guard PC and I encountered alone. To my relief, the weekend after the session where I basically killed myself the GM tells me not to bother with the new character I had rolled up. My Tech Priest activated (or woke up) on a dismantling slab in the local Mechanicus temple after having been dead for two days with a vision of Kain and (excuse me for not knowing the character's name) the tech-savvy chica who had digital-like singals flowing around her head almost like a halo. Inginuity and self sacrifice seemed to work to my advantage that day. But a big enough charge would be able to shut down anything, even in the 40k universe. So long as it's stronger than the current it's working against.
  2. Tullist

    Blood Bowl!

    Does anyone know the rules to Blood Bowl? Our gaming group saw the preview for the new game coming out and were wondering if there was a rule book to follow sinc emost of us would like to have our characters play a game or two during down time.
  3. Our cleric went superman again this past weekend. We were fighting Tau, when two of their crisis suits dropped into the fight. One landed on our (thankfully) reinforced truck which I built for the group. The cleric climbs up the ladder on the back to get to it and throes down in melee with it for two rounds before it takes off and hovers about 15 feet off the ground about ten feet from the from front of the truck. The crisis suit then fires off a full burst from its laz guns and brings the cleric to 0. The cleric runs forward, power hammer in hand, shouting "In the name of the Emperor, I will destroy all those who attempt to destroy me!" He leaps when he gets to the edge of the top of the truck and roll a 01 to hit, and a 10 for damage, to do somewhere in the thirsties worth of damage. His hammer slammed into the crisis suit's head and plowed straight through it, causing it to explode round him. He takes no damage from the explosion thanks to his armor+toughness and lands in a kneel. He stands, spits out some blood and says, "Show me another heretic..."
  4. The more fate you have, the easier it is to spend them on crap. Also, it would seem that in the game I'm playing in, the more fate you have, the more your 'destiny' is drawn to you. Detiny, in this case, is represented int he form of laz cannon fire.
  5. LeBlanc13 said: obscure quote from the 80's to prove my point. "Who rules Bartertown?" "Master-Blaster...." "Who rules Bartertown?" "....MASTER-BLASTER rules Bartertown!" ~ most old-schoolers will know what movie this was from. Those in charge of the technology make the rules. It's good to be the Tech Priest! And now I have to go put that into the dvd payer...
  6. While I would love to take credit for the most memorable action in our campaign, I'll have to nominate our cleric. We had just procurred a few armored vehicles from a scrap yard so we could repair them for our own devices when we started getting chased by several vehicles. After making several turns to try and lose them we find ourselves driving straight toward another set of oncoming vehicles whose occupants were trying to take us out. The cleric opens the tarp covered back of the vehicle he's in, climbs onto the roof, activates his power hammer and yells at our assassin to stop the truck. When the truck is stopped, the cleric jumps, lands on his feet and swing his power hammer head on into a motorcycle that was about to pass him. The motorcycle crumples and the driver is sent flying.
  7. HeirofNagash said: The Techpriest knows that as do all others. However, he knows WHY the Spirit is upset. He knows that simply begging for forgiveness will not do. He knows something got dislodged inside the machine, unbalancing it, disturbing its currents and putting th spirit in pain. Functionality will have to be restored first, then the Spirit will listen to apologies and become compliant again. Mysticism and knowledge are, in my opinion, completely intertwined in the mind of the Techpriest and he uses both to achieve the desired results. Couldn't agree more. As far as combat goes, my Tech Priest uses Feedback Screech as she charges in with her brand new Omnissian Axe. Next round comes Right of Awe. This gives her a pretty solid advantage against most opponents she goes up against (of course she's trying to keep up with a Cleric in power armor and an assassin who totes around modicfied heculars, and a psycher who likes to one shot crap...) Her biggest strength is getting close to thing and using her Medicae Mechanendrite to inject Promethium and other poisons which she puts into the sirenges instead of medicine. Things go down pretty quick when you're injecting them with Unleaded. Her main role in the group is, like most Techpriests I know of, is repairing guns, armor, vehicles and making new ones. I've had to build two "tanks" out of cargo crates and a semi truck so far. And the cleric has been taking time out to recite litanies of Hate that I've been scrimshawing onto ALL of our bullets... No, we have NOTHING better to do during travel between planets... The bullets get a house ruled +1 to damage and +1 if fired at the particular object the litany is about. But, yeah, we can be beasts in combat if we choose to be. Our mechanendrites hold more opportunities for tricks than the book implies. Use your gun'drite turn the ground into hindering terrain by making pot holes. Use your medicae mechanendrite for poison injections and torture. Utility mechanenrites to choke someone, hold them in place (cause if they're dragging your metal body around they deserve to run away), or to climb to higher vantage points. A smart Techpriest (and its player) is about the most unpredictable opponent you can face. Ferric Lure/Summons helps you get neat weapons from people who aren't really holding to tight to their guns/other weapons. I think my favorite thing so far is coming upon some idiot citizen hitting his las pistol because he didn't know why it was working anymore. I offered to find a solution for him. He handed me the gun, I Lumian Charged it back to full, then shot him for mistreating the weapon in such a contemptable manner. Yes, I play an extremist. lol
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