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  1. anyone thinking about, or played a game using the rules for character v character combat, no matter if they are "good" or "bad" but not using cards and characters from the expantion? I have not got the add on yet, have to wait, but want to allow players to fight each other in a basic game. would be good to see what other people think
  2. steamdriven

    Have they gone?

    at least they can take female characters. should keep some of the insane happy, untill they read this topic
  3. just started a deathwatch and one of the players is a black shield. he is a lunat wolf from the time the chapter turned to chaos, he saw the chapter falling apart and along with a few others fled to join the loyal chapters. now in the present he has blackened his armour and joined the deathwatch. he want to purge his soul and gain forgiveness for his ex brothers evil deeds. he even wants to restart the chapter and fight chaos with his loyal brothers. i for one wish him all the luck in the world. as GM I am really looking forward to seeing how far this goes. there are a number of people who know who and what he is and are looking for him, chaos followers and agents of the imperium. its going to be interesting do you have a black shield in your game, are you the players or gm? lets see what other people are up to
  4. would be great to see the pdf sooner than later but if/when it does turn up i have a feeling it will be worth the wait
  5. H.B.M.C. said: steamdriven said: ... you are forgetting one thing, its your game, as you wish... Fine. All my Marines are Secret Star Princesses who rules the planet Zor with their Flowery Fist of Friendship. "Do what you want - it's your game!" does not constitute a helpful answer. BYE it is a very helpful answer, far to many gms do not think for them selves, do as you wish if you want to do this or that in your games, clear it with the players first, that's fine, you can mess with cannon all you like, you can run games as you see fit, as GM you have the final say what happens in your world as it is your game in my games i use the following list: 1, there are no female space marines, 2, there are no human sized bolt weapons, anyone who is not huge in size treats the bolt weapon as one type higher when using it. pistols is basic and so on. 3, psychic space marines can be put into dreadnoughts. 4, dark heresy, rogue trader, and deathwatch all use the same psychic rule system as found in deathwatch. 5, space marine vehicle stats replace those found in all other books. 6, if a players comes up with a good idea for a character go for it, e.g, a grey knight may end up in deathwatch as a black shield, or a space marine from one of the traitor legions still remains loyal and has become a black sheild to purge themselves in battle so they may find forgiveness in death. 7, grey knights and deathwatch as well as other factions will bee able to team up. 8, if i think its fun and the players also like it then the idea over rides cannon.
  6. all very interesting but you are forgetting one thing, its your game, as you wish no one is going to kick the door in mid game and stop you having dw and gk in the same game! and i dont think you will suffer the same fate if you don't mix them i'm going have both in my games and i hope you guys don't kick my door in for doing so lol have fun
  8. good idea i'll do that with any luck will get to try them out this coming saturday
  9. not a problem. will be running dark heresy soon. have a few other house rules that i will be using. going to type them up and will send them to you if you like. happy gaming
  10. going to raise all fate points from dark heresy by one in line with rogue trader home worlds. also going to add characteristic modifiers for those homeworlds that do not have them. players can raise one and lower an other by 5 or leave it as it is.
  11. i am using homeworlds from rogue trader for characters in a dark heresy game. easy to convert over but have hit one problem. in rogue trader the starting fate points for the homeworlds found in both setting as far as i can tell are all round 1 point higher in rogue trader than in dark heresy. got me thinking. should I, a, change all fate points results from rogue trader so they are one point lower and in line with dark heresy? or b, change all the dark heresy homeworld fate point results to be one point higher so they are in line with rogue trader? personaly i would like to go with b. my reasons are because that way both settings characters could be used together with out rogue trader characters losing out on a fate point and also dark heresy character will gain a fate point and thats a good thing in my book would like to know what you all think about this as I can not be the only one to do this
  12. now that sounds cool. the titan rises out of the mire, i can see it in my head that's been stolen
  13. in my games< thats DH, RT, DW bolters have the stats listed in the deathwatch core book> for me there are no human sized bolters, there are just "BOLTERS" not for everyone i know but its my game and all my players are fine with it. as long as we are having fun then who cares
  14. thanks for the links but a map i can print out and use would be better. there must be one, just can't find it right now
  15. would also like to see the map in the book as well, the one of the galaxy
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