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  1. I noticed Maul tried to use the move that he used to kill Qui-gon, but Obi-wan was expecting it. Thought that was a nice touch.
  2. Steelheart

    Who Does Starship Names?

    My bounty hunter owns a YT-1930 called Hunters Bounty Our F&D groups ship is a YT-2400 - the Rising Light My Smuggler had a YT-1300 - The Rogue's Gambit
  3. Steelheart

    Gadgeter and stunning blow

    Melee skill and brawl skill are both types of "Melee" attacks.
  4. In the new cannon novel: The Weapon of the Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure, Luke went to Deveron, and encountered a young female, and she was depicted as the non-fluffy hornless version.