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  1. I've always wonder if anything in Descent could be made into a Realms of Terrinoth campaign, since I have never played Descent and I bet people I will GM for will have never played Descent.
  2. I started with...where else...Games Workshop and a Space Marine army. The first years are just basecoat and done. Even the bases is just a layer of flock. I slowly transition to using layers, then extreme highlights, then washes, then experimenting with combinations of steps (layer, wash, layers or layer, layers, highlight, then wash to smooth things out, etc). It has been sixteen years since my first miniature. I'm pretty much self taught. A pro painter will probably find a bajillion things they can criticise about my work.
  3. Beastmen added! The texture of the skin and hair is a little rough (I think I got impatient), but I think it suits them well.
  4. Huh. Regarding the Bane Spiders for some reason I thought that pierce applies. That's why I have the impression that a bite is bloody deadly. Given that the nature of the "burn" is poison, I may houserule that either: a) Only soak from brawn counts towards soaking the burn damage (Naturally tough PCs shrug the poison off more easily, while physically weaker PCs are more affected.), or b) Pierce is applied. I may try each and see how my virtual PCs fare. OTOH, I agree with Archellus that a monster is not only its stat block, but also its tactics and "personality". These spiders, like most spiders, would never attack directly, but trap their prey in webs or ambush them. Anyway I finally finished the beastmen! These took much longer than expected, and the texture of the skin and hair is a little rough, but I think it suits these well. So with the beastmen I assume using as much Advantages as possible for Critical? For this, is one bigger group of beastmen better than multiple small groups, then? I think it is very thematic for them to be very savage in their attacks but also to attack in packs to hunt one target (as many hunting animals tend to do) instead of spreading out. Next up I am jumping to Krutzbeck. Now that I have a human and an elf, I am going for a dwarf next.
  5. Hi all. During the 2018 holiday period, I have been collecting and painting Descent miniatures (and others) so I can hopefully use them in Realm of Terrinoth Roleplaying. It's been slower than I had hoped (what with having a 1-year old to take care of and all), but hey, progress is progress. I can't promise that this will be ongoing but I will try to get as much done as I could before January ends. I just want to share some of my work. I know it's not the best painting, but I like how they look from an arm's length away. For this first set I had worked on what I called the "random encounter box", or the Oath of the Outcast Hero and Monster Collection. Razorwings had been described as being a common sight in the skies (and I guess it depends whether they are hungry enough to attack travelers or not) and Bane Spiders seem to inhabit caves and parts of Bilehall, and finally the Beastmen seem to roam Menerra in general but occurring most often in the Broken Plains. I have been painting monsters then heroes alternatively, so that's how I will present them. So far I have finished the Razorwings, Trenloe, Bane Spiders and Laurel. Razorwings Trenloe the Strong Bane Spiders Laurel of Bloodwood Here's some diorama shots for fun. Trenloe and Laurel attacked by opportunistic Razorwings. Trenloe brace for impact, while Laurel deftly dodged a slavering Razorwing. In the crumbling ruins of Bilehall, the undeads are not the only thing you should be worried about. Chitterings echo down the ruins as yellow eyes glow in the darkness. Up next are the Beastmen! I also plan to have a little solo game with them to test out the monsters. So far I have the impression that Razorwings are meant to be really annoying to fight against, while Bane Spiders are quite deadly-tier Rivals.
  6. Hi all. With life in my current phase, I can only really paint a lot during the end of year holiday, so I have been painting Descent miniatures. I don't play Descent though, and I'm using the figures for the Realms of Terrinoth roleplaying (or at least plan to use it in the future) so instead of starting with the base game , I am painting figures by what I think I need or painting "types of monsters" that might be needed in a campaign. I can't promise that this will be ongoing but I will try to get as much done as I could before January ends. I just want to share some of my work. I know it's not the best painting, but I like how they look from an arm's length away. You can see my vlog topic specifically for the roleplaying collection here. Monsters Razorwings Bane Spiders Beastmen Heroes Trenloe the Strong Laurel of Bloodwood
  7. I might get it only to run Shadowrun. This is probably the best solution for me who loves the Shadowrun universe but hates the rules with a passion.
  8. I get the feeling Terrinoth is a high fantasy, and magic, while not common, is accepted as being part of the world. There's a whole city dedicated to a university of the arcane. Adventurers are often outliers (in any fantasy setting), so having magic users or divine powers among them is quite "normal" I think. That said, most day-to-day life is magic free, so no self-sweeping broom in any streets or anything like that (unless you're in Greyhaven, which I can see wizards using utility magic for menial work). People probably look at magic with awe and wonder. I would make magical items rare, and in the deepest and most remote dungeons perhaps with a feral dragon guarding it. Finding one should be as epic as finding a runebound shard, in such a way that it is almost character-defining. Compare that to Warhammer Fantasy, where magic is wild and dangerous, people treat it with great suspicion and magically imbued weapon and items are so rare that a missing magical sword was never replaced.
  9. Excellent idea! I was also looking through all the Descent monsters and wish some interesting monsters like Chaos Beasts, Bone Horrors and Broodwalkers have stats in RoT.
  10. Hi all, I recently read Genesys and RoT pdfs and it got me excited about GMing again. Being a miniature wargamer at heart, I love to use miniatures (or failing that, paper stands) for combat. Though it is largely unnecessary for Genesys, I still love it for the immersion factor and as a memory aid. What do you think about choice of miniatures? Descent? Runewars (TMG)? Use generic fantasy stuff (like Reaper's)? I'm debating the pros and cons for each, but will probably pick up a box of Runewar's Reanimates and one of Descent's smaller boxes to see the minis and try to paint them up soon.
  11. You're in the same boat as me. I was looking at elves and thought "Hey, they look interesting. Maybe this will be where I'll start playing elves." But then my irrational hatred of elves popped into my brain and says "but they're elves, laddie." The voice also may or may not have a dwarven accent. Back on topic though, and it may sound weird, but I hope they look a lot like Warhammer Dwarves before AoS.
  12. I found the part about Meagan being a half-elf...interesting... Coming from Warhammer, I've always found it strange for these two different races to have offsprings. Should we expect half-dwarves next? If no, why NOT?
  13. I think it's more likely for them to release the Uthuk first before the dwarves and orcs. My impression is they are one of the movers and shakers of the universe.
  14. As a dwarf person, I really hope they'll come out with the dwarf faction sooner than later. I also hope they pay enough homage to Tolkein dwarf but have their own interesting spin. I still lament the transition from the Warhammer Dwarfs to "Steamhead Duardin" or "Fyreslayers". Oh and thanks for the summary, OP!
  15. I'm talking more about the rules than the stats. I unfortunately can't play any games often enough to internalise the rules, so any games that I can play almost on a "casual" level is fantastic, and this game is shaping up to be that, hopefully.
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