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  1. I did quite a few of these things! Although the righteous path had genestealers instead.
  2. My biggest objection, as the Gm, is the wounds table mechanic. Trying to keep track of that for multiple npc's looks like it is going to be a book keeping nightmare and slow down the combat. I would likely ignore that part and use the old wounds system. I mean, you have to hit 29 wounds to kill a bad guy. This way, it is just as diifcult to kill a minion with a flak jacket as it is a daemonhost. Also, I really find it difficult to properly understand the rof/burst wounds mechanic. I have no problem with the Ap system. The way i see it, APs are similiar to half/full action,a half-action is 1 AP, full action is 2 etc.
  3. The armor values are weird. Feudal, at Armour 4 is the same as flak armor. I susupect that some of these armors should be counted as primitive or low tech,(their effective Armour value should be 1/2 against non primitive weapons).
  4. I suspect that there is a typo and that the car stats should be the Chimera and vice versa. Still, an armour of 15 for a car is way higher than the armour value for light power armour.
  5. Servitors fulfill the same needs as robots do in modern life. They perform some repetitive, monotonous tasks very efficiently and free up human resources to be used on other things. In the warhammer universise, this could mean freeing up personnel for colonisation,war, and repopulation.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! In fairness to the players, the probe has a phenonemal amount of information (warp routes, star systems, xeno's) which is worth a lot of money/influence. The rolls just did not work out in their favor Based on the feedback, I think the AI will be animalistic in nature and that the junior tech priest will start thinking of it as a 'pet'. A mutiny is likely when the senior tech priest realises the damage. Perhaps dropping the geller field in the warp, players make an emergency translation to real space, but have to deal with hordes of warp spawn. Purging the Ai, the players have to corner it in a non critical system. Utilising opposed tech-use skills and physicially cutting cables, before finally destroying the component, while all the time it is fighting back. if they embrace the AI, the players will eventually find a baneblade or even a titan and the tech priest will use the AI to help it
  7. **If your a player who just encountered a Archeotech probe, stop reading now!** So I have this issue. My generally, puritan players captured a probe, with obvious proscribed tech (an Artificial Intelligence) and brought it into their ship. Agianst the protests of the senior (NPC) tech priest, they studied it and attempted to copy its data to their ship. I had them roll to see if they succeeded in transfering only the data and they failed (though they do not know it yet). So now their ship has an AI, a pissed off senior tech priest and as a bonus, they successfully corrupted a junior tech priest who now has a serious interest in forbidden tech.. My initial thoughts are that they could never bring the ship to a forge world/ or some equivelent place. The players should get the rival(mechanicus) unless they take care of the senior tech priest before he reports back. At some point, they are going to realise they have an AI on their ship and I am wondering how I should make that a fun/memorable encounter. Any thoughts? ps. This is an ascension campaign, using the 'lure of the expanse adventure and the team includes an inquisitor.
  8. breez

    The End?

    There are a few things I would like changed if there was a DH v 2.0. First: Righteous fury. It is just way too easy to kill off the big bad with 1 hit. I like the OW mechanism. Weapon dmages. Some weapons, (e.g. plasma pistols), feel very underpowered. More experienced starting characters. Current, level 1 starting characters are very weak. Especially when it comes to knowledge skills. I would have the new start at the equivelenet of level 3. Economics: This is a major headache for me. (a) Players have different incomes, (b) the cost vs. salary scale is really off, © some items shuld not be on the common market, and should only be rare/very rare if you have a connection to a relevant instiution, (d) some rare/very rare items are very cheap, especially when you consider that they are in very short supply. As an exampe for (b), a guardsman starting salary is 50 thrones, whereas a mid grade meal costs 5 thrones. He could only eat for 10 days!, never mind transport and hotels. He would not even be able to afford a common quality doctor (75 thrones).
  9. breez

    The End?

    Cynr said: As for adventure material, I have run all the printed FFG stuff, I have run converted adventures from Rogue Trader and Deathwatch, and most of the contest submission stuff. I have tied it all into my own storyline themes and connection stories over the last every Tues night for 5 years. My solution was to give the party's Inquisitor Lord (NPC) a Warrant of Trade and a ship and "politically" exile him (and his Throne Agents, the PCs) to Koronus after the events of the Apostasy Gambit where many people think they killed St. Drusus reborn. I have created a ship and an Explorator crew for all the classes that are not really represented well by my Dark Heresy party and they will actually arrive on Footfallen to start the Lure of the Expanse storyline next week. Spoiler! Unless someone in the party sacrifices one of the Unique itmes they have collected (they are an average of Rank 12 Ascension, so they have some nice tools), I am going to have their Inquisitor Lord use his Rosette as his auction bid to win a place with the Seven Witches. Starting to sever the formal ties to the Inquisition, is my hope to turn Dark Heresy into Rogue Trader without too much disruption. I have taken the same approach, but after the foretelling, the playersinquisitional team went back to 'take care' of the witches. It was a fun encounter (for me anyway) and they now have 10K blind slaves
  10. Sealing the planet seems fine and using all of the planets resrouces to locate your enemy makes sense. I am pretty certain that you need to be an Inquisitor to order Exterminatus and it is an extreme action (complete loss of world, inhabitants and resources). Can you justify that loss to your fellow inquisitors because some bad guy might be on the planet? Is what your character knows really that important?
  11. Artanyis said: To be honest I wouldn't bother. Is the specs of the ship knowledge the players need to know? Are you planning on having Navel Combat where the players are directly involved? If yes, then going through the RT book and building a nice small raider or possibly a cruiser if you want to have some fun with it. But I have never bothered to actually build my inquisitors ship for any of the DH games I ran. Honestly the players were on it for so little of the time and trying to keep up with their "Creative Thinking" was usually time consuming enough that building the ship seemed pretty much pointless. There are also some predesigned ones you can steal from the RT and Battlefleet: Kronos books that might serve you needs. Indeed, you do not need to build a ship, it is probably enough to tell your team that the inquisition has this special ship available to you that can do <whatever you want to do>. If I rememebr correctly, there is a inqusitional viper class ship described in one of the DH adventures.
  12. For a warp capable ship, Rogue trader has detailed stats for a very fast 'viper class scout ship'. A crew of approx 7.5K and about 1km long. It could be equipped with a 'Miloslav G-616.b', which reduces warp travel by 2 for fast travel between locations. Plus you can add a prison mod, library and a few other useful mods if you remove the ships weapon. Hostile acquisitions has an option of a Mimic drive, which basically disguises your ship radar signature as another ship.
  13. It took my group 2 rounds of melee. Dual strike with two power swords, an eviscerator and wrath of the righteous (faith power from BOM). With all the bonus from grouping/double team, they were hitting every time. I cannot remember if someone git a righteous fury, but probably.
  14. Ithink the whole point of most roleplay games is to have some impact on the world in which they play in, whether it is recovering artefacts, looting, or killing the big bad. I do no thtink it is practical for the players to change the UNiverse, at large, but they should be able to have an impact on the local area, be it a city, hive, planet or sector. On your players exploits, well he seems to be extremely lucky, I would not punish him for been lucky. Having other inquisitors investigate the nature of that luck would be appropriate.
  15. I took the following route when moving to ascension. Allowed transition and ascension career path talents. Capped the Psy rating to 6. Cannot take unnatural (x2), but can take unnatural (+1) if players have all 4 characteristic ranks. Did not allow the mastered skills or Paragon talents o rmost of the infleuence talents(thats what fate points are for!) Can take any skill not on their base career path for 400xp Peers/good reputation are gained/accessible by roleplay. Introduced horde rules, slightly modified from the Deathwatch book. Increased the nastiness of the opponents, nastier weapons, use of the grapple rules. So far, I think it is working well.
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