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  1. No, just finished making them today.
  2. The idea is simple, a new shop deck full of fate-related items. Probably the best way to incporate it is through a Denizen. It works similar to potion deck; Pay 2 gold to take a random card from the Charm deck. there are 3 broad groups of cards, for purpose of presentation only. They are all shuffled together. ENEMY CHARMS TERRAIN CHARMS MISC. CHARMS Back Opinions?
  3. If I had to price it, i would probably give it 8. But if I didn't, I'd just put it in the Treasure deck.
  4. If I could change the price I probably would start with that, but I didn't want to change the text on the board.
  5. Agreed on the Flail, we replaced it in our games. Feel free to try this version (still powerful but not overtly)
  6. Some are fairly simple, others move complex. The Grim Reaper challenge for example only requires the challenge card, the grim reaper card (unchanged from original) and figure. No other rules beyond those.
  7. Possibilities are certainly there! So far I have 12 challenges: - remakes of alt endings: a hero rises, crown of flame, domain of dragons, end of days - remakes of expansions: dragon lords, firelands, grim reaper, harbinger, nether realm, werewolf - new stuff: black knight, timescape
  8. That was the basic idea - to have a mechanic that manages all mini expansions without having to deal with them entire game. Despite having additional rules, it actually simplifies the game because you never have to deal with dragons, harbinger, firelands, and the reaper at the same time. Yesterday I playtested this challenge. It needs some tweaking but mostly it works.
  9. 1. I wouldnt' use it, and not because I can't stand magic mixing with timescape. I have more mini-expansions like timescape that work the same way (something happens during the game and a random mini-expansion is added to the game with rules how it and when it ends, this can happen several times during one game). If I want to add a new deck of custom spells, I'd rather develop a new mini-expansion centered on that than add spells to timescape which it doesn't need. 2. Works like this: - There are three new decks, the Day deck, the Night deck, the Challenge deck, as well as replaced Time Card. - When an event is drawn (with some exceptions), the time card is flipped. - When the time card is flipped to night, any player draws a night card, same for day - several day and night cards will start a new challenge, other will escalate active challenge if there is one - Timescape is one of several challenges I have 3. The card with most charges is 4 or 5, rolling 2 dice seems unncessary in this context (but you had no way of knowing that). Recharging is not broken, but for some cards it's very powerful. 4. Cards can't stay on spaces in the inner region But if they could, that would be a nice tactic.
  10. That spell doesn't work with my version for 3 reasons. - timescape (to me) is not about spells at all, so no new spells - the way my timescape works, it wouldn't make sense to have this spell with other spells because it would be available also when timescape is not in play - way to many charge counters, most objects have 3 charges for the reason that they are quite powerful. Anyway, more goodies
  11. I'm starting to "port" original adventure cards to custom fireland template right now
  12. I have this thing I call challenge system. Things like Dragons, Harbinger, Reaper, Firelands, Werewolf, Nether, and others are not in the game by default. There's a deck of challenge cards that can make those things come into play for some time, but never two at once (let alone all of them).
  13. 1. That's how I play too, we reroll only after the enemy made his roll. 2. We have houserules all NPC characters heavily. We also removed all talismans from decks, kept the hermit thou. 3. I have a table on what should be in the adventure deck for it to work best. %s of card types, power of enemies, etc. I can't tell you right now because I'm not home. What I can tell you is we removed a lot of cards (over 100) from the adventure deck and added a ton of new ones, mostly enemies. 4. I play with everything permanently in so I can set up the game quickly. 5. Yes. I added this rule: A character that joins the game after start of the game, begins with a number of Strength counters equal to the number of Strenght counters on another character who has the least amount of them, and with a number of Craft counters determined the same way.