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  1. Bludgeon

    I need help!

    A larger box you say?
  2. Bludgeon

    Advanced/secondary characters

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/j06ee28obr7qs9t/epic characters.rar?dl=0
  3. Bludgeon

    Talisman: The Hungry Forest

    If I may:
  4. Bludgeon

    my stuff just arrived! :D

    Werewolf deck will be available with other scenarios.
  5. Bludgeon

    Guilds - new big expansion

    Guild Quests were moved under a scenario - guild war. The scenarios will be uploaded later (much later, as most of them are either unfinished or not playtested).
  6. Bludgeon

    Guilds - new big expansion

  7. Bludgeon

    my stuff just arrived! :D

    It has arrived: http://www.talismanisland.com/?page_id=4888
  8. Bludgeon

    Strange Eons Toad Cards?

    SE template no, but I have made (in PS) a toad card.
  9. Bludgeon

    my stuff just arrived! :D

    That is correct, and I'm sorry but it will take some time
  10. Bludgeon

    Doomsword and Poisoned Dagger

    Warrior gets to pick which die he uses, but he stilled rolled a 1 and he still lost.
  11. Bludgeon

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    I live in wonderful times
  12. Bludgeon

    Fountain of wisdom

    The book doesn't define the term "visit". From what I read online people assume it means the same thing as encounter but refers only to Places and Strangers. Yes, everyone could be wrong, but we had to make a choice yes? Otherwise you could't play the game over a stupid detail.
  13. Beacuse that makes the game more engaging and enjoyable (which is obviously good). How do you know?
  14. Bludgeon

    Leaving a region

    Each expansion with a new board explains this type of movement.
  15. Bludgeon

    Players picking up objects

    I believe it can be infered from the last page of the rulebook.