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  1. Dark Cultist mixed with 3e Chaos Warrior
  2. It could look like this: soldier - variant warrior based on 2nd edition soldier bard - variant minstrel based on 2nd edition satyr
  3. Nah, doing just that with all characters is not the point of this. But yes, some characters can be like that, could be fun.
  4. I literally have no idea what you just wrote
  5. My new idea for an "expansion" to the game. What if all character cards were double-sided, with a different character on each side, sharing only the picture and figure. That way you can double the number of playable options, without adding any figures (69 is enough, let's be honest). Would anyone be interested in making some? There's a lot of space for experimentation.
  6. I wasn't the one printing it, sorry I have no idea what this material is (it's not paper, thicker and has "hairs" coming out on edges) What I posted here isn't printable. The original is much much bigger.
  7. I'd say it's 3 full turns.
  8. Dark fate can alter the wooden stake's effect.
  9. Gaze upon this beauty
  10. A peek into my next project.
  11. The text is still on those spaces (except for the city, which I changed to normal draw because there isnt' space for more cards anyway)
  12. updated version, with quest symbol (instead of text) in warlock's cave, and directional arrows in the inner region