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  1. No, I have to reupload it. Sorry but on wednesday at the soonest.
  2. New character-sized time card with rules for lunar events and challenges. New toad cards that replace original large cards New shop deck - charms New purchases and potions New and revised armoury cards New and revised denizens New Highland cards Several adventure cards Large batch of City cards Challenge deck
  3. I'm not sure the rulebook covers this. But I don't think you can declare you will do something before you can actually do it and expect it to be binding.
  4. There is no rules or clarification regarding this. In cases like this I like to use a rule from Magic The Gathering that states that if there are any timing issues, the active player (player whos turn is happening at that moment) chooses order of things to happen.
  5. Not yet.
  6. I've made all 14 characters from base game and 10 different action cards.
  7. First a disclaimer: I came up with all of this today so obviously nothing is playtested and everything is subject to alterations. Leveling up: whenever you exchange trophies for strength or craft, also gain 1 experience token and put it on the level sheet. Once you have enough of them, discard them all and go up 1 level. For a slower game I can see a variant where you have to choose between increasing strenght/craft and exp tokens.
  8. Yesterday I played Mage Knight for the first time and it gave me ideas for talisman. Interested?
  9. There are 12 strangers in the city deck, one for each epic character. You need to encounter one of them and meet the requirements.
  10. Just a bunch of new cards to use with the City. Contents: 12 new Armoury cards 20 Charm cards (new shop deck) 18 cards from 2nd edition of the City updated to this edition 5 (optional) fixes to existing cards 45 new City cards 7 new Denizens that prefer the City 3 new and 1 slightly altered Potion 6 new Purchase cards 8 altered Stables cards 7 new Stables cards 12 Epic characters, some loosely based on 2nd edition Download files in the City.rar?dl=0
  11. add means you have something as long as the card that adds it gain means you gain something for good
  12. Charms seemed like a natural fit I'm excited too. I know 100% I will be making a dream world in the future.
  13. Nice, I like it. It's like a super-place. I was thinking about an egyptian-themed challenge myself but had no concrete ideas, but your card inspired me So here it is. It's similar to yours, but doesn't move and players will spend multiple turns exploring it. Haven't made the terrain card yet, so text version only: PYRAMID You may not encounter other characters while on this space. To encounter the Pyramid, roll 3 dice on the Pyramid chart and add 1 for each time token you have. .
  14. No, just finished making them today.
  15. The idea is simple, a new shop deck full of fate-related items. Probably the best way to incporate it is through a Denizen. It works similar to potion deck; Pay 2 gold to take a random card from the Charm deck. there are 3 broad groups of cards, for purpose of presentation only. They are all shuffled together. ENEMY CHARMS TERRAIN CHARMS MISC. CHARMS Back Opinions?