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  1. You can never use craft in battle unless a card gives you that ability (exorcist's blade does that I believe).
  2. No no , just four guilds. The main reason is the more guilds you make the lower the chances of encountering a card from your guild.
  3. Yes, we use something like this: 1. You need 6 trophy points instead of seven. 2. For each large cone you have the cost or raising this attribute increases by 6. 3. You can use strength for craft or vice versa but at half value.
  4. There will be 2 copies of each guild card, meaning no matter the number of players there's room for 2 members per guild only. That gives 8 cards per guild, 32 cards in total.
  5. when using lucky charm for rolling two dice, can I roll one die and then decide on the other? No, you use the charm before you make the roll. also, can dark fate be used on a die roll determined by lucky charm? I would say no because the die wasn't rolled.
  6. Thanks!
  7. 2 new cards
  8. Nice card, I like how it utilizes Temple with a twist.
  9. Changes: - denizens now have steeper requirements - it's harder to gain favours now, but completing quests will also give favours - guild card and epic characters replaced by ability cards. When you become a fighter, you gain the basic one. Then on each level of expertise you must choose 1 from 2 abilities of that tier.
  10. Making guilds more unique from each other is the goal I have in mind, and I appreciate your ideas. I first have to make all four membership cards, then I will know better how to develop other cards.
  12. This project combines and upgrades several of my old ideas into something more cohesive. You can find denizens who will let you become a member of one of several (probably 6) guilds. Once a guild member, you can gain favor to gain abilties, eventually becoming an epic character. There will of course a ton of new adventure cards. There's also something called action deck. Everyone has 3 at the start of the game in their hand, and functionally they are like spells (fire & forget). They are replenished whenever time card is flipped. Components (none of this is final) - 4 denizens - about 60 adventure cards (15 per guild) - maybe a small number of corner board cards - 8 guild membership cards (2 identical ones per guild) - 24 double-sided guild ability cards (6 cards per guild) - 32 action cards
  13. Are skill cards discarded after use?
  14. The only thing you talk about that interests me is the thing you paid the least attention to Please elaborate.