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  1. Right now my idea for Chasm is this: When a character ends her movement, if she passed through the Chasm, she must roll 1 die. If the result is lower than the total number of spaces moved, that character must either lose 1 life or discard a Follower. So if you move by a few spaces, which can be interpreted as moving slowly and catiously, you will be unlikely to fumble at the chasm. If you move fast, or better yet, by horse, you are much more likely to lose something there. I think it is simple, thematic, and allows players to make a calculated risks.
  2. (one of the) runes are gone, as you can see in the picture above. Chasm is still there, just not as a space anymore. A character moving between runes simply triggers the chasm.
  3. In total, 4 spaces will be removed from the outer region (2x fields, 2x plains), 2 spaces from the middle region (runes and chasm), and 2 spaces will be added to the inner region (frozen stairs and rock face).
  4. A sneak peak into my next project:
  5. There are no guild quests in the final version.
  6. And I have to say, he's getting better as time passes by
  7. I tested probably every version possible. Denizens, while not without some flaws, work best for me.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j06ee28obr7qs9t/epic characters.rar?dl=0
  9. Werewolf deck will be available with other scenarios.
  10. Guild Quests were moved under a scenario - guild war. The scenarios will be uploaded later (much later, as most of them are either unfinished or not playtested).
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