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  1. Bludgeon

    Strange Eons Toad Cards?

    SE template no, but I have made (in PS) a toad card.
  2. Bludgeon

    my stuff just arrived! :D

    That is correct, and I'm sorry but it will take some time
  3. Bludgeon

    Doomsword and Poisoned Dagger

    Warrior gets to pick which die he uses, but he stilled rolled a 1 and he still lost.
  4. Bludgeon

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    I live in wonderful times
  5. Bludgeon

    Fountain of wisdom

    The book doesn't define the term "visit". From what I read online people assume it means the same thing as encounter but refers only to Places and Strangers. Yes, everyone could be wrong, but we had to make a choice yes? Otherwise you could't play the game over a stupid detail.
  6. Beacuse that makes the game more engaging and enjoyable (which is obviously good). How do you know?
  7. Bludgeon

    Leaving a region

    Each expansion with a new board explains this type of movement.
  8. Bludgeon

    Players picking up objects

    I believe it can be infered from the last page of the rulebook.
  9. Bludgeon

    Noob questions about spaces

    You asked 2 questions. My answer to your 1st question is yes. My response to your second question is with my question.
  10. Bludgeon

    Players picking up objects

    The latter.
  11. Bludgeon

    Leaving a region

  12. Bludgeon

    Beneficial places

    Right away.
  13. There's no reasoning, just like there's no reasoning you must move exact number of spaces instead of roll or less.
  14. Bludgeon

    Noob questions about spaces

    Yes. What another die roll?
  15. Bludgeon

    my stuff just arrived! :D

    smaller board tested and works great (it barely fit this table, but this one is narrower than most tables).