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  1. Guilds - new big expansion

    Have you had a chance to play with the Guilds yet? If so, how'd it work out? I played with guilds once, but no one met new denizens and almost no new adventure cards appeared. So not really a test I guess. I think this is the most up to date version Is that intentional? Yes. The corners don't have to be balanced with each other. Also there are 3 Guilds: Mage, Scoundrel and Sentinels. Did Fighters and Rangers get merged, or is this perhaps an older set before they were split? Rangers were dissolved into other guilds. Fighters became sentinels but I will have to change the name to Sentries to avoid confusion with the sentinel space.
  2. Using Objects when exactly?

    There's generally no limit except what's written on the card and you can't affect combat after the rolls.
  3. Double-sided character cards

    fixed bloodthirster also, Lara:
  4. my stuff just arrived! :D

  5. Board but with symbols

    I'm quite pleased with the end result
  6. Double-sided character cards

    it's too big, almost 1 gb I don't have a way to host it. EDIT: PRoblem solved! Found graphical files on my computer. Give me a moment.
  7. Double-sided character cards

    Yes I did finish it.
  8. Board but with symbols

    Cut versions of The Dungeon, Deep Realms, and the City combined
  9. Double-sided character cards

    I've put the links in their threads.
  10. Remnants expanded

    Updated link to download in .psd format
  11. Lost in the City Expansion

    updated links (in .psd format) city cards shop cards epic characters characters.rar?dl=0
  12. Board but with symbols

    I've cut 6 spaces from the board to make it smaller on the longer side. My hope is to do this to all corner boards to have smaller overall board, because I can't fit that monster on any table! Anyway:
  13. Double-sided character cards

    Are psd. files acceptable? I don't have printable pictures anymore.