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  1. A peek into my next project.
  2. The text is still on those spaces (except for the city, which I changed to normal draw because there isnt' space for more cards anyway)
  3. updated version, with quest symbol (instead of text) in warlock's cave, and directional arrows in the inner region
  4. None of the people I play with are hardcore talismaniacs, so I know at least they will greatly benefit from this
  6. Finished!
  7. Since I will be printing my own board some time soon, I thought why not tinker with it The idea is to replace the text of all "draw card" spaces with symbols to make them easier to use (mostly for less experienced players, but even I will have easier time reading the board).
  8. The expansion is almost finished
  9. I recenty got a new, bigger organizer, very happy with the purchase.
  10. The expansion is complete.
  11. No chart because how will you remember what you rolled for the next hour or three? There will be more cards, as soon as I get more ideas. I want 12 cards in total for this deck.
  12. But that's the state of the game without this expansion.