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  1. zilvar

    I have a LASER

    Lol. My wife is fond of it! What would you have used?
  2. zilvar

    I have a LASER

    Apologies! Yes, they are story point counters. :-)
  3. zilvar

    I have a LASER

    Thanks. We've only had the thing for a few days now, and are at that stage where everything looks like a problem that only massive amounts of coherent light can solve. They're a nice improvement over the previous solution we had, which just proves the point in my first sentence.
  4. zilvar

    I have a LASER

    Lol. We have been having fun with our new addition.
  5. zilvar


    Already doing some of that. The setting is actually medieval superheroes of sorts, and we're using arcana as a generic 'superpower' skill to cover abilities that don't fit in other places. The character in question is a clockwork inventor superhero but would like to be able to 'invent' items from the steampunk setting over time. It feels like something that should be more than just a simple check and spend money to me.
  6. zilvar


    I might be missing something (which wouldn't be unusual), but if you had a player that wanted to have an 'inventor' character, how would you handle things. If you had a medieval clockwork inventor wanting to, say, make clockwork grenades from a steampunk setting, would you allow it? Assuming you did (crossing settings doesn't bother you), how would you adjudicate it? How hard would it be? How long would it take? How difficult would the check be? I just didn't see a lot of direction on how to go about something like that.
  7. Our understanding was that it was per spell.
  8. That's what I'd done with my groups Tamriel conversion. Advantages and successes work to increase the effect. We were divided on whether the cost should increase with each use (1,3,6,10) or just be static (2,4,6,8). I think we'd decided that a static rating was better.
  9. Interesting What if casters started with a set pool of dice, depending on the power of the casting archetype...say 1, 2, or 3 dice, and didn't advance those dice at all except through the use of expensive consumables or, as you said, powerful trappings. Getting a staff that added a die would be pretty important at that point. Some class abilities could be focused on exchanging power for range, or the reverse, or adding static pips of a given type if <condition> has been met.
  10. Not disagreeing with you entirely but black pips don't need to be negative. If you have a system designed where white and black pips are both beneficial but perhaps for different reasons. You use the total number of pips to cast spells, with white ones determining range and black ones determining power for example. SO I cast a fireball and get 3 white pips and 2 black. I can cast that with medium strength up to 6 squares away (2 per white pip). The next guy casts a fireball but he gets 4 black pips and 1 white pip so his can only go as far as 2 squares away but it is much more powerful. Just an example. That could work, but you would have to make it much easier to get force dice than the Edge default. Something like that isn't really meaningful without 2+ dice. It doesn't answer the 'reliable' aspect of Generic Fantasy World 1453334 Magic System, but that is an idea I hadn't considered. Color me unimaginative
  11. I just took a quick look over the magic section and I believe I have to stand firm on the idea that the force dice aren't the best choice for every/many magic traditions. They'd probably work for something like Shadowrun or your own Conan conversion, but for worlds where magic is more commonplace, more reliable, or less costly, it doesn't make sense for there to be a negative (black pip) result, or have the overall power of the effect be constrained by the total number of pips you roll. For Generic Fantasy World 1453334, bypassing that and going straight to skills seems more appropriate. Call me unimaginative, but I couldn't come up with a generic use for the force dice with related to magic that didn't feel extremely contrived or world-specific.
  12. I've never seen the WFRP3 or BRP systems, so I was just sorta winging it.
  13. Hah. Just had another brainstorm I'll have to write up. Some of my players might love the idea. Monster Hunter. Some key differences in narrative and structure. Each turn has to be shorter. A few seconds as opposed to a minute. Pretty much all of the characters are the same, with key differences coming in player skill (I wouldn't try to model), weapon type, weapon rarity, armor type, and armor rarity. So instead of spending xp to buy tree nodes and skills, you spend your session xp to buy carves and craft your armor and weapon of choice. Wyverns would have to be pretty scary. It'd take some tweaking to figure out a happy point, and lots of moves would have to have cooldown or completion periods (charging a big swing with a greatsword could take up to 4 turns, including the final swing, for example). Monster moves would usually have a tell followed by the execution, which could take a variable number of turns to complete and hit multiple attack zones. Oh yeah, you'd need attack zones (front, left/right, back) for positioning with range bands. A move like a Great Jaggi's bite could attack all enemies engaged at front and right (or left) and turn him 90 degrees in that direction, changing everyone's positioning. Would have to play with the armor and hp values, but since you don't raise stats and skills as you level, you can make assumptions to make the math easier. Hmm. Bigger weapons (greatsword, hammer, hunting horn) raise brawn when used. Attack Up skills raise the melee skill. Part breaking would have to be a thing, because it's iconic, so there would have to be (simplified) hit locations for monsters. front = head, left/right = wings/claws, back = tail. Hmm
  14. I would suggest making up a new magic system like any other skills with difficulties based upon spell power. Spell user Talent trees would grant various spell lines (Fire, Healing, etc). Then, use the Force system for the Shouts if you happen to have a PC with dragonblood. That's what we're working with right now. Skills to magic, with difficulties based on the level of the spell and strain used to power the magic. We're not accounting for dragonblooded players right now because that wasn't part of the design requirement The basic docs are here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3dJ4SyGwAuJM3FYVk8xQ0c5N00&authuser=0
  15. My group and I have been working on a Skyrim conversion that we're calling Edge of Tamriel. Not keen on using the Force mechanic for spellcasting, because when people cast spells, they're expecting to succeed a lot more than they fail. It's been out of my hands for a few months now, but I'll have to see if the documents have been updated.
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