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  1. A game like this just doesn't make sense for FFG to have in their lineup. I think over the years they've refined who they are and this was a mistake for them to pickup. Clearly they're not interested in providing information about the future status of this game neither here on their forums, website or on Boardgamegeek. It certainly gives pause to future consideration of games outside their wheelhouse and whether I pick up their non core titles. My hope is they are start supporting the expansions and provide an update or release the license so someone can take advantage of all the expansions already released in German that are just awaiting a translation and print run. So I guess you know the saying about getting your business done or get off the pot. I currently own Arkham Horror, Runebound, XWing, Warhammer Invasion, and probably 10 other titles from FFG so this is coming from a loyal customer who is pretty frustrated with the lack of updates or information. If you're not going to do anything with this license, just say so.
  2. jl_zao said: My overstock order says Jan 28th for estimated delivery. Makes me think it might be an asylum pack instead. I just placed an preorder from Overstock thanks to this thread. The ISBN listed is correct for the core set so I don't see how they can change it to a different product. I'm thinking it is more likely we'll get an apology that they can't sell it at the current price and offer to give it to us at MSRP minus their standard discount. They do advertise that it is 75% off of Amazon's price of 39.95. We'll see I guess. Has anyone heard of a date in January that this might be available. Overstock states 1/28 but it sounds like they are just overestimating. ISBN 9781589944749
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