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  1. Haha, yeah, Im surprised myself, but I liked what you said and with Grima gone, it just made sense. Yeah, the Hammersmith fetches Lembas back, and Ancient Mathom if it is in. Plus he is solid stat-wise, and I like cards that have more than one purpose.
  2. I´ve redone my original Treebeard deck and thought I´d share it with the Community again. Gone is Grima, replaced by Pippin, and gone is Gandalf (Ally). There´s been a few other changes here and there, but those are the main ones. The deck now runs way more smoothly, and without a way to produce more resources, Gandalf would be a useful, but way to expensive, crutch. Heroes (24 Threat): Pippin Treebeard Glorfindel (FoS) Card Total: 54 Allies (26): Elrond x3 Erebor Hammersmith x3 Master of the Forge x3 Quickbeam x3 Wandering Ent x3 Warden of Healing x3 Wellinghall Guardian x3 Arwen Undomiel x2 Galadriel´s Handmaiden x3 Attachments (13): Asfaloth x2 Ent Draught x3 Lembas x3 Light of Valinor x3 Unexpected Courage x2 Events (15): Daeron´s Runes x3 Entmoot x3 A Test of Will x3 Elrond´s Counsel x3 Hasty Stroke x3 Lembas is an amazing card for Treebeard and can often be a game changer, healing him and refreshing him so he can damage himself again to take down something big. With an Ent Draught (and Skilled Healer, if you´re playing the Saga campaign), the amount of abuse that guy inflicts on himself is unreal; however, I didn´t include any cards purely for healing him - they always serve another function as well, and haven´t found myself wanting more. The deck also has a great amount of card draw, and will almost empty itself in ~10-12 turns (edit: that was with the Ancient Mathom, it´s a bit slower now); I even dropped the Ancient Mathoms because they weren´t needed and I often found myself needing the ressources otherwise. I´m stoked for more Ent support to come out, as I think they will be an absolute powerhouse faction (not counting the totally broken Outlands/Dwarves).
  3. I´d never, ever, ever drop Gandalf. Never. He´s just to good, and often decides games on his own. I find myself defending with whoever is at hand; Grima, Beardy, another Ent (they can take a punch), or Glorfindel; or just letting attacks go undefended (Beardy has the Talented Healer skill by now...7 HP...hmm, with the Ent Draught it would be 9!). So not much use for the Brand imo; Hasty Stroke might be more useful.
  4. Ent Draught is great on Beardy, but what to cut for it? To many great options by now... re: Grima Ah, good to know...that makes things more complicated, ressource-wise...
  5. Currently playing this solo-deck: Glorfindel (FoS) Grima Treebeard Starting Threat: 27 Cards: 52 Allies (22): Arwen Undómiel x2 Bofur x2 Galadriel´s Handmaiden x3 Elrond x2 Gleowin x2 Quickbeam x2 Wandering Ent x3 Warden of Healing x3 Gandalf x3 Attachments (18): Ancient Mathom x3 Light of Valinor x3 Unexpected Courage x2 Asfaloth x2 Lembas x3 Self Preservation (x2) Keys of Orthanc x3 Events (12): A Test of Will x3 Elrond´s Counsel x3 Daeron´s Runes x3 Deep Knowledge x3 So, what do you guys think? I´m planning to play through the LotR Saga with this (parts 2&3 are new to me), anything I should know about that? So far the deck has been doing quite well, Treebeard is an absolute killer in the early game until the board is set with allies; Glorfindel is the usual crutch (there need to be more cheap Heroes, it´s ridiculous putting him in every deck...); and Grima makes me not miss Steward of Gondor too much. Booming Ent would be cool, but I have no idea how to squeeze him in...
  6. It is probably the card I would drop first if something shiny came along that I wanted to put in the deck. Inferior to Born Aloft, and not necessary for the deck to work, but still decent. Dagger of Westernesse is another one that is neat to have, but I could live without. I recommend a third Horn of Gondor of you have it, its often better then (or at least equal to) Steward of Gondor in this deck!
  7. I´ve used some variation of the following deck quite extensively, and can say that it is good and can handle all quests (except for the ones with the big beasties that are immune to card effects), but you really need to know your stuff for it to work. I´ve also never tried it solo, so no idea if that would work. Leadership/Tactics – 51 cards Heroes (Starting Threat 23): Merry (T) Thalin (T) Sam Gamgee (Le) Allies (26): Boromir x2 Defender of Rammas x3 Descendant of Thorondor x3 Galadhon Archer x3 Gwaihir x2 Rumil x2 Vassal of the Windlord x3 Bill the Pony x2 Errand Rider x3 Gandalf x3 Attachments (14): Born Aloft x3 Dagger of Westernesse x3 Horn of Gondor x2 King Under the Mountain x3 Steward of Gondor x3 Events (12): Feint x3 Meneldor´s Flight x3 A Very Good Tale x3 Sneak Attack x3 The deck uses Sneak Attack/Meneldor´s Flight/Born Aloft/Gwaihir to play Descendant of Thorondor and Gandalf over and over again and kill enemies in the staging area until your board is so full of allies that you can finish the game. The deck laughs at most enemies, and can quest for a surprising amount once the board is set, but I would still pair it with a strong questing deck with low starting threat (possibly with access to healing cards) for maximum effect.
  8. Scenario 10: The Massing At Osgiliath, where we are hunted by the horrifying Witch King! Wow was this quest scary when it first came out! Not so much anymore, but there´s still a lot that can go wrong here. I start out by killing two Snaga Scout´s and sending a Wolves of Mordor back to the encounter deck while taking a bit of damage on heroes. I kill off the remaining enemies on turn two with the help of a Galadhon Archer and a Sneak Attack Descendent of Thorondor. On Turn 3 I draw a Cut Off!, which makes me discard all allies in my hand. Ouch! As a consolation price I draw a Ranger to sacrifice on Stage 3, after which I engage the Witch King and kill him the turn after. I don´t think I´ve ever done that before, I usually just rush through the last stage in the questing phase; but with two Pelennor Fields in play that wouldn´t have been easy. Plus, it´s much cooler this way anyway. Score 159: 41 Threat Lo/S + 36 Threat Le/T + 80 (8 rounds) + 3 damage – 1 VP MVP card: None, really. It was a team effort – my direct damage strategy really had a chance to shine, with Sneak Attack and Born Aloft allowing me to play Descendents and Galadhon Archer´s to great effect (especially with all the Cut Off!´s making me discard allies in hand). Scenario 11: Into the Pit, where the Goblins roam! There´s not much to say about this quest. We get rid of the first three locations fast with the help of Asfaloth, run into some Goblins that we kill and that´s basically it. One of the quests very much in the need of improvement from the nightmare deck (that I sadly don´t have yet). Score 107: 25 Threat Lo/S + 29 Threat Le/T + 60 (6 rounds) + 0 damage – 7 VP MVP card: Haldir and Thalin. Nothing really stands out, but those two went to town on the Goblins, so I´ll give it to them I suppose. Scenario 12: The Seventh Level, where we find the tragic fate of the dwarven kingdom of Moria. Another quest that can really use the nightmare update to make it more interesting. I start out with two Watchful Eyes, but Thalin has the Book of Mazarbul and basically ignores it while Elrond cures Sam of his. By the time a third Watchful Eyes appears and Thalin loses the book, I have Unexpected Courage on them instead. All in all three of the dreaded Watchful Eyes only give me two additional cards. A Turn 1 Upper Hall, two Deep Knowledge and a Daeron´s Runes give me lots of Threat, but also lots of cards; so I get all the tools I need to win this. Between the Watchful Eyes and the Undisturbed Bones (which kill some allies) the staging area is kept fairly clean. In the end we rush through Stage 2 in two turns, defending against, but otherwise ignoring, some enemies on the way. Score 110: 25 Threat Lo/S + 34 Threat Le/T + 50 (5 rounds) + 1 damage – 0 VP MVP card: Thalin and Haldir. They once more put the hurt on the Goblins; they make an awesome team. Scenario 13: Flight from Moria, where we are pursued by Shadow and Flame! What a fun quest! The randomness of the Quest deck is a fun mechanic in my opinion, and with a Balrog hovering over you threatening to kill your heroes you become paranoid about every card drawn from the Encounter deck. The original setup is pretty crazy; between the Treachery cards with Surge, the Abandoned Tools and the two (!) Massing in the Deep 10 cards were drawn; 3 of them are enemies that fill my staging area, including the tough Chieftain of the Pit. At least I also draw out one A Foe Beyond before it can hurt me. I take 5 Threat from questing and some more from Doomed effects during Turn 1 and can see this game going badly already. My decks refuse to be of any help either, with almost no card draw, no Gandalf, no A Very Good Tale showing up for the entire game. Over the first three turns Sam, Thalin and Mirlonde are all overcome by Shadow of Fear, which makes questing even harder. Taken aback by all the Threat gain I stupidly play Arwen to help with questing, and am punished for it immediately when Dark and Dreadful kills her and, more importantly, Sam Gamgee and I stare helplessly at my A Test of Will and Glordfindel´s empty resource pool. Well, at least Sam did his job by playing Steward of Gondor first, but of course I draw almost nothing but Leadership cards from this point forward with that deck. The A Wrong Turn Quest card adds even more cards to the staging area, but at least an Elfstone sneaks in Gwaihir, who brings a Descendent of Thorondor along and they help get rid of the countless enemies that clutter the staging area at this point. On Turn 5 we finally find an Escape from Darkness, and I grab the Abandoned Tools with Merry. 4 more turns and I´m out of here!! Of course, this wouldn´t be fun if an endboss didn´t show up. They´ve got a Cave Troll! This puts me in an awkward position, with one team down a hero, and Haldir unable to shoot it as it´s immune to ranged damage. It introduces itself with a Sudden Pitfall shadow card that would take out another hero, but I have a Hasty Stroke ready. Boromir and Gwaihir really shine here, as it is mainly them who take out the beast over three turns while fighting off other Goblins along the way while Merry chips away at our escape route (although Merry has to pitch in to kill it off and take a turn off chipping away at the exit). At some point here I´m starting to topdeck with both decks. Not good. Finally A Foe Beyond takes out Thalin, but with the Cave Troll out of the way I can escape with 4 of 6 heroes still alive. An awesome, very tough game; the combination of my decks kinda crapping out on me (no Threat reduction and card draw), all the additional cards added to the staging area and my stupid, stupid mistake that led to Sam dying made for a very tense game indeed. Score 206: 46 Threat Lo/S + 45 Threat Le/T + 100 (10 rounds) + 3 damage + 17 (dead heroes) – 5 VP MVP card: Boromir. He fought off a Stray Goblin for two turns while still bringing the pain to the Cave Troll, then even killed the Troll and the Goblin on the same turn with the help of Merry!
  9. Scenario 7: The Hills of Emyn Muil, where we take a nice vacation. There´s not much to say about this quest, it´s almost like a relaxing holiday for my guys after the punishments of Rhosgobel. I take some Threat early on from questing, but Haldir starts cleaning enemies and Asfaloth locations. I could have finished a turn eariler if not for two Emyn Muil locations showing up Turn 5, but at least Asfaloth spares us another Staging phase for Turn 6. Score 100: 31 Threat Lo/S + 32 Threat Le/T + 60 (6 rounds) + 0 damage – 23 VP MVP card: Asfaloth. The horsie made this go much faster then expected. Sadly further nightmare decks have not arrived at my store yet, but I´ll get back to them when I receive them. For now, I continue the hunt for Gollum. Scenario 8: The Dead Marshes, where we capture a certain former Hobbit. I am quite lucky to make the first few Escape Tests by 1 point each, although I would have had an Elrond´s Counsel in hand for an emergency. A late Pursued By Shadow gives me quite a lot of Threat, but I don´t really care about anything in this scenario that doesn´t place resource tokens on Gollum. So I Test of Will a Whisp of Pale Sheen (which would place 2 resource tokens on him), and in the end there´s only two resource tokens on the little stinker so I make the final test easily. Score 115: 33 Threat Lo/S + 32 Threat Le/T + 50 (5 rounds) + 0 damage – 0 VP MVP card: Light of Valinor. Having Glorfindel for questing and Escape tests is neat. Scenario 9: Return to Mirkwood, where we meet Spiders and Orcs and Insects once more! A Turn 1 Gollum´s Anguish raises my Threat early on, but over the next few turns nothing spectacular happens. Asfaloth gets rid of several locations, and the few enemies are dispatched easily. On Turn 4 a Hill Troll shows up, and is dispatched off over two turns, though he does raise my Threat a bit again. During the final Stage an Attercop, Attercop shows up to serve as kind of an „end boss“, but a brave Vassal of the Windlord sacrifices himself so Haldir, Gwaihir and Thalin can take it out easily. Score 134: 39 Threat Lo/S + 39 Threat Le/T + 60 (6 rounds) + 0 damage – 4 VP MVP card: Asfaloth, again. Helped to get rid of locations, thus letting me quest much faster then normally possible.
  10. Scenario 6: A Journey to Rhosgobel, where we get our direct damage shoved right back into our stupid faces. I don´t like changing my decks for specific quests, but in this case I make an exception. I add 3 Healing Herbs (instead of Mirkwood Runners) to improve my chances of healing the damned eagle. I draw an amazing starting hand with Asfaloth, Healing Herbs, Light of Valinor, Test of Will and a Warden of Healing, and I plan to take advantage of it. The Treachery deck has all kinds of nasty direct damage cards ready for me, but because of my careful questing it only kills off Thalin with back-to-back Festering Wounds. I get rid of Rhosgobel with Asfaloth and start healing Wilyador with my Warden of Healing while I jerk around on Stage 1, waiting for an Athelas to show up. None ever does, but a second Healing Herbs urges me to rush through Stage 2, which a Sneak Attack Gandalf helps me do. I heal up Wilyador, and win. Yay. Score 84: 23 Threat Lo/S + 21 Threat Le/T + 40 (4 rounds) + 0 damage +9 (dead Hero) – 9 VP MVP card: Healing Herbs. With no Athelas in sight these really saved my bacon. Scenario 6.2: A Journey to Rhosgobel (Nightmare), where the Hunters roam. I much prefer the nightmare version of this quest, but it´s still mainly a luck-based quest. Everything goes smoothly, I get an early Athelas, and then three (!) consecutive Athelas guarding each other. But then it all starts going downhill. Merry is killed by the second Exhaustion in a row. Then back-to-back Swarming Insects and Festering Wounds take out almost my entire board, including Mirlonde and Sam. I still have a chance to win this, but the next turn a Necromancer´s Reach kills Thalin, taking out one deck and ending any hopes of still winning this. FAIL! MVP (for the bad guys): Exhaustion. Two of those are just brutal. Scenario 6.2: A Journey to Rhosgobel (Nightmare), where the Hunters roam. There´s not much to report here. I get a better draw with fewer direct damage cards, and two Healing Herbs and an Athelas are enough to win. The nightmare version seems a little less random then the original, but I´m still not a fan. Score 124: 29 Threat Lo/S + 29 Threat Le/T + 70 (7 rounds) + 0 damage – 4 VP MVP card: Healing Herbs. The card is basically made for this scenario.
  11. @Teamjimby Ahh, of course, I forgot that the Engagement phase and the Combat Phase are separated. Then I´ve been playing it right all along. @PsychoRocka Good point, i wouldn´t have thought of killing off enemies my partner deck is engaged with BEFORE they attack! So, he is more powerful then I thought, just not as much I initially thought. Thank you both!
  12. I just realized that the hero version of Haldir of Lorien can attack into the staging area before enemies makes checks (but after I choose to engage enemies), right? That would make him even more powerful then I had thought, am I correct in this?
  13. Scenario 5: Conflict at the Carrock, where the Trolls dwell!. I get a first turn Bee Pastures and goof around on stage 1 until I can recruit Grimbeorn. Three heroes get Sacked! during this phase of the game, although one is rescued by Elrond. Once I go to stage 2 I rip into the Trolls at will. With allies like Grimbeorn, Boromir and Gwaihir on my side, I don´t even need to resort to Gandalf/Descendent shenanigans to bring them down. Onwards to the nightmare version for a hopefully more challenging experience. Score 129: 27 Threat Lo/S + 23 Threat Le/T + 80 (8 rounds) + 0 damage – 1 VP MVP card: Feint. Not that I couldn´t have sacrificed some Errand Riders or something, but there´s something especially satisfying in not even letting a Troll attack you. Scenario 5.2: Conflict at the Carrock (nightmare), where the Trolls have bigger muscles and sometimes more heads as well!. This is one of my favorite quests right now. Tough, but not too random. And very satisfying, after killing your way through hordes of Trolls. Turn 1 saw a Hill-Troll, which I Feint and kill immediately (Haldir with Dagger of Westernesse 5, Glorfindel 3, Mirlonde 2, Mirkwood Runner 2 *brought on by a Galadhrim Minstrel with The Tree Folk* = 12 Attack). Turn 2 I only kill a lowly Marsh Adder, but the second Frightened Beast gives me Threat again. Turn 3 sees me kill another Hill-Troll, but it gives me even more threat as I have to block with Bill the Pony. The Leadership/Tactics-deck is getting quite high in Threat and I sure miss a The Galadhrim´s Greeting right about now. Turn 4 to 6 are largely uneventful, and I continue to place one Progress exactly on the Quest because an active location acts as a buffer. On Turn 7 the Trolls finally show up! I immediatley kill Rupert, and a second Savage Hill-Troll, buffing the remaining Trolls. Turn 8 gets Haldir another Dagger of Westernesse, so he can now attack for 7 twice (with Unexpected Courage) – insanity! We kill Louis and Morris; also, I think it is this turn that Gandalf finally shows up (not late, but just on time) to relieve me of my Threat-worries. On Turn 9 all Trolls are dead, but there is no progress on Stage 2 because I quested unsuccessfully by one or so – weird. Turn 10 sees me Test of Will a third Frightened Beast, and I move on to Stage 3, where I kill another Savage Hill-Troll and another Hill-Troll (and now, writing this, I realize there shouldn´t have been one in the discard pile as there are only two – apparently I forgot to add one of them to the VP display...). This means I have now killed all VP-enemies except for the Marsh Adder. Turn 11 the Marsh Adder shows up as the last card in the deck, and I can kill it with Haldir. The rest of the gang takes care of Rob and Bob easily, who was already wounded by various damage dealers. All in all still an awesome quest, and I was somewhat unreasonably giddy about managing to kill the last VP-enemy missing – gotta catch them all! Well, better preserve that feeling because next up is a quest I don´t enjoy at all... saving the darned eagle! Score 157: 33 Threat Lo/S + 37 Threat Le/T + 110 (11 rounds) + 0 damage – 23 VP MVP card: Haldir really cleaned house, but King Under the Mountain takes the MVP as the card that kept me flush with shiny toys.
  14. Scenario 4: The Hunt for Gollum, where we visit some locations on the trail of an odd creature indeed. Well, this was a rather relaxed game after the nightmare quests. The few Hunters from Mordor that showed up are disposed of easily, but only one Clue card (up until the last turn) means stage 3 goes rather slow. The nightmare version of this quest awaits next, hopefully presenting more of a challenge. Score 137: 27 Threat Lo/S + 36 Threat Le/T + 80 (8 rounds) + 0 damage – 6 VP MVP card: A Very Good Tale. It fetches me a few important Willpower allies, speeding stage 3 up a bit. Scenario 4.2: The Hunt for Gollum (Nightmare), where the locations get nightmarish. I get location-locked, unable to get rid of the current location because of the ones in the staging area. I give up at almost 50 Threat with no hope of winning. I adapt one of my decks slightly to add another Asfaloth to increase the chance of drawing one, as the mighty steed would have made all the difference in the world. FAIL! MVP (for the bad guys): Watched Path. I had, like, seven card drawing effects in hand that I couldnt´t use because of this. Scenario 4.2: The Hunt for Gollum (Nightmare), where the locations get nightmarish. This game starts out much better, with a mix of enemies and locations. Gandalf proves what a badass he is by finishing off two enemies in one turn, and Thalin plus Descendent of Thorondor rule the skies as they take out three Ravenous Hawks over the game (using Born Aloft). The nightmare version of this quest is much, much more enjoyable, if not that hard. I was kind of surprised to lose the first game, but I had some really bad luck with my own draws and the encounter deck draws. It happens. Score 146: 33 Threat Lo/S + 33 Threat Le/T + 80 (8 rounds) + 0 damage – 0 VP MVP card: Asfaloth. Obviously, against a location-heavy treachery deck.
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