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  1. My pleasure. You could even take this a step further, with the category-ranking system you could then match Deck you create to Scenarios where the "should" excell, and what scenarios to stay away from or what to beware of when you play them. /wolf
  2. Love the site Rich really cool! I like th eCategories you have listed and like the idea behind each deack so far. Suggestion (you probably allready thought about it but just in case): Wouldn't it be cool to use those categories to "rate" each Scenario? How important is this and that category in this or that scenario, like. That would be an awesome strategy help for deck-builders. Thanks and Great work! /wolf
  3. Hi guys, It's been a while since I posted at all on these forums, but this quest has me as agitated as everyone else seems to be here. Difficulty 4 ??? What a joke!! We've played it maybe 15-20 times now (I lost count) and still not even close to a win. Every other try we do we get stomped the first round. but most of the time we get as far as the Hidden Path (3B) and then we (more often than not) get smashed by the sheer impossibility of questing through that Path, since Enemies are piling up and we can't (are not alloewd to) deal with them. We've tried almost every combination we can think of, Treachery Handling, attacking into the Staging Area, swarming out cheap Allies to sacrifice as Blockers etc. etc. BUt in the end we have reached the last Stage of this Quest maybe 3 times (out of 15-20 tries) and ever single time we get stomped when we do since our Threat is too high to handle +3/round for any period of time. Like a lot of you guys we have played this game since it came out, we have at least one win in every scenario (even POD ones), but this one is still unbeaten. Usually we play 2 player games, but we have also tried with 3 players…. 3 player games are the worst. We never get past the first Quest Stage. Seems to me that this Quest has NO weak spot. Enemies are brutal, Treachery even more so. Locations is maybe the only thing you don't need to be able to handle all that well (because there are so few), but everything else is just horrible. I'm reading the tips and trick you guys are sharing here and I'm thinking, "Yeah we tried that…. didn't work…" but we will continu to try… Honestly… Difficulty 4? It has to be a missprint!? /wolf
  4. Graspinf at straws here… but still: translate.google.se/translate And yes I know that Google Translate doesn't really do a good job, but hey…. I could understand more that I did in German. /wolf
  5. Has anyone seen the German rules? Looks like the Game is releases in German by KOSMOS September 21. www.legenden-von-andor.de/ /wolf
  6. Dam said: @GhostWolf69: Seems odd to me that even with a buttload of co-ops that you already play, you'd need/want another co-op. *shrugs* Well, you mean as opposed to all the competitive games I own, and also still want more of? I own close to 300 titles. And I still want more. OUt of those 300 hardly… what 15? are Co-Ops… So HELL YES! I want more Co-Op. What we don't play anymore is competitive CARD GAMES (where you collect and build your own decks). Like I said (or thought I said) the only reason I managed to sell LOTR:LCG to my group (it being a card game and all) was that it was Co-op. … That being said, I will probably buy Netrunner…. since I own tons of cards to the original and rank it as THE best Card Game ever made… HOWEVER (and this is important) My friends will probably NOT buy that, and I will find it hard to actually get it played. I mean otherwise we would already play the original right? /wolf
  7. Sad news to me an my crew. We were looking forward to another Co-Op. We play a lot of Co-Ops (and Co-Op+Traitor) in general. Arkham, Battlestar Galactica, LOTR:LCG, but also others like Panic Station, Pandemic, Shadows over Camelot, Defenders of the Realm etc, etc. So when we saw the Star Wars game announced, we all jumped. Now… I don't know. We probably won't buy it. I have a hard time selling the Card-Games idea as it is. Most of us are RPG-nerds first and foremost, Board Gamers second, and Card Gamers third. To be honest the ONLY Card game we play right now is LOTR:LCG, and I strongly believe that the Co-Op style was a big factor in that. /wolf
  8. I have two of these: One for Player Cards and the other for Encounter and Quest Cards. This way I only need to bring One of the bags when playing @ my friends place. Cards themselves are packed in Deck Protector boxes, and "indexed" using semi-transparent postit stickers, similar to these: Why Semi-Transparent? Because I draw a carbon-copy of the Set Icon on them by hand, using an ultra fine black marker. This way Each Deck Box contains Three "Sets" easily identified by their icons. I've also marked the box itself with the "letter combo" for each set. Hmmmm… I feel I should probably take some snap-shots to back this up, right? /wolf
  9. IMO Ranged Attack is considered whenever Ranged is a requirement to execute the attack. So Legolas is not Using Ranged when attacking enemies engaged with "his own" player for instance, because Ranged is not required to attack them. He IS using Ranged when attacking Enemies Engaged with other players, because without Ranged he would not be able to attack them at all. So far, I think we agree. Now: "Hands on the Bow" requires Ranged. Because if Legolas didn't ahve that keyword, you would not be able to play the card on him. Therefore I conclude that Attacking using this card indeed IS a Ranged attack, since Ranged is a Requirement for the Attack to happen. That is my ruling anyway. If official sources Rule otherwise I will House-Rule it. /wolf
  10. Arrrrgh! I can't find mine…. I never play Solo. I mostly play 2…. sometimes 3 and more rarely 4 players. I think the closest I get is "Exclusively 2" but that is not true… Discounting the rare 4 player session I'd say the split between 2 and 3 players are 3-1. I'd need an Option that says "Exclusively 2-3 players". Oh well…. How often? 1-2 per Week on average. /wolf
  11. I didn't have any trouble following the "Get Started" instructions on their site at all. Just get the .o8g -d and -s files. Open the application. Install the game (.o8g) Select the game in the list. Install the Sets (.o8s) You're done. The Decks are shosen when playing (Encounte Deck basically) The Player Decks you have to build yourself, the Deck Editor is pretty Straight Forward and you can search and filter all you want so there shouldn't be any issues. I like this tool. :-) /wolf
  12. In light of recent events… Shouldn't the Hobbit expansion now be split into three boxes? /wolf
  13. plueschi said: GhostWolf69 said: Video wise it was good. Sound and image quality was good. You might want to consider pausing a little bit over cards you play to give people time to read it. But other than that I think it was a very good first video. (Oh and I posted a question at YouTube for you ;-) ) /wolf Thank you very much. (And I already answered your question ) Got it and it goes back to my previous point of "hovering" over cards to recap effects triggered, letting the view read the effect or at least be reminded. I had completely forgot about the Travel Effect there (obviously) and was: "What? Ready? Why?" /wolf
  14. Video wise it was good. Sound and image quality was good. You might want to consider pausing a little bit over cards you play to give people time to read it. But other than that I think it was a very good first video. (Oh and I posted a question at YouTube for you ;-) ) /wolf
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