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  1. I really liked reading it. I'm still working on the first adventure for my group, still having to read up on the new sector, but I'll post something when it's done.
  2. I really like the sheet as it is now, but if you should put the Inquisitor on a seperate sheet, maybe you could use the extra space for additional lines for each of the charakters? While I've found it helpful to have PER, WP and IFL at a glance, I'd like an expanded "Notes" section or a line or two for importand skills for the character. That would really help me a lot
  3. Ariakor

    Imperial Knight

    Well, it may not be the best reference material out there, but I've found this piece of artwork from GW's What's New page very helpful in putting the Imperial Knight into perspective size-wise: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/wnt/blog.jsp?pid=13800006 Sure, it may suffer from the same problems as all the other Fluff out there, but without referencing the codex or the companion book I think it does the trick as well as any other source
  4. With regards to PDF forces bing drafted into the IMperial Guard, the Novel "15 hours" offers some insight into that as well, in my opinion. Even though there are some things that don't go as planned for the Guardsmen during their deployment in that novel, it describes one way of transitioning from PDF to IG rather well, in my opinion. I don't have the bood with me right now, so i can't give any more sepecific details.
  5. Hi, I remember reading something more about it in the Ascension book, in the section about Ascension packages. Unfotunately, I don'have my books with me at the moment to check for details. Hope that helps
  6. Storhamster said: Taking apart a weapon to see how it works is obviously heresy unless the person is some sort of sactified authority on the matter. Hi, on the other hand every soldier in the Imperial Guard is issued a Lasgun Maintainance Kit (according to the Uplifting Primer). Therefore, they are required to take their guns apart and clean them. I would also see it like Gregorius. Small-time modifications like weapon attachments shouldnt be much of aproblem (in the way they are meant to be installed). Doing thins that they are not designed to do would label one as a Heretek. However, it all depends on if someone sees you doing it in the first place.
  7. The information on the Misericord can be found on p- 308-309 of the Dark Heresy Core Rulebook, while some details about the Bountiful Best are given on p. 30 of The Radical's Handbook. Aside from that, part of the novel "Innocence proves Nothig" takes place on board of the Misericord.
  8. Ariakor


    The Inquisitor's HAndbook has the Vehicle Interface Circuitry on p. 140 and lists Galvians as the most famous example for this kind of implant. So it is different from MIUs, a little more expensive and as rare as those.
  9. go to the GW website, then look for the link labeled "specialist games", there under "specialist resources" you can find the different games. look for inquisitor, there you can DL the book as a two-part pdf.
  10. Some info on astropaths can be found here: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Astropath what isn't mentionedthere, but in several of the novels, is that astropaths send their messages like a series of images which have to be interpreted by the receiving astropath in order to get the meaning. the receiver then translates these back into the actual text of the message. also, the way i see it, most planets would have one or more astropaths available at a central place, which then would handle most of the interstellar communication. and there don't seem to be any restrictions on using the services of an astropath, as long as you can afford it and there is nothing else to hinder them (like a warpstorm, or some kind of emergency, in which case i think their services would be restricted for official use only).
  11. In my opinion it's one of the best in-character books for wh40k. it represents the soldiers primer issued to every imperial guardsman and contains, among other things, a field guide to imperial guard organisation, procedures etc. Its 6 main chapters deal with Principles and regulations, issued Items&equipment, IG organisation &Basic Battlefield Operations, an Amour&Tank Recognition Guide, a Chapter titled "Know your foe" with some very interesting examples of imperial propaganda and one about Battlefield Medical intsruction. Afurthermore, one last part (neatly set apart with differently coloured pages) details the Benedictions of the Emperro, Inspirationa Sources (like short bios of imperial saints) and the Uplifting Creeds for all Soldiers (which are prayers to be recited in certain situations, like when under artillery fire, cleaning/repairing weapons, chants for accuracy etc). I really like the book and all the little detais contained within its pages.
  12. you might try the dark reign website, they have some PC backgrounds and stats, i think. there is also a character generator for download, which speeds up character creation.
  13. The Hrud can be found here on Unearthed Aprocryphia: http://www.geocities.com/peacekeeper_b/apocryphaarticles.html Also, there is some background-information in a book called "xenology" published by black library. it is out of print now, unfortunatly, but contains some neat inof on several different races from the WH40k background. Including autopsy reports and such in-character stuff
  14. My group started with an prequel-adventure which led them to be recruited for the inquisition. They found themselves for different reasons on board of a huge land train bound for the main hive on Scintilla (the guardsman having spent some time of-duty on Scintilla, the Arbiter transfering from one station house to another in another hive, a space marine scout in stasis-transfer to the Tricorn (known to the player, but not to the character so far) due to some "special encounters" with a demon during his last mission, a psyker on duty for one of the noble houses and an assassin sent to kill the leader of a cult also travelling aboard incognito). i had each of the characters play a little bit of their own parts and then started the main plot of the adventure: a group of nurgle cultists in disguise as ecclesiarchy members sabotaged the train and tried to infect the passengers with a virus that would transform them into zombies eventually. their plan was to set them loose once they reached the train station. The Inquisition had already taken note of their activities and sent a cell of accolytes to stop them. unfortunately the cultists proved to be more than a match for the accolytes, eliminated them and started to spread their plague a little ahead of their schedule. meanwhile the assassin took out his target (which happened to be one of the leaders of the cultists, as they found out later) and the characters had to deal with the chaos and mayhem caused by the cultists on the train. then the first zombies appeared and the characters had to fight for their survival. eventually they joined the rest of the survivors in one of the strongpoints normally used by train security to repel raiders from the ash wastes and, on command of one of the surviving security officers, they formed one of the teams trying to reestablish control over the train. afterthey also found the remains of the npc accolytes and learned of the instructions given to them by their inquisitor while confronting more zombies and eventually some of the cultists. from these they also learned that the cultists wanted to summon a plague demon to complete their plans (and more effectively control the horde of feral plague zombies on board) and so the PCs were sent to stop them before the train reached the hive. also, they managed to inform the hive about the problems on the train, which lead to the inquisition awaiting the train with a complement of stormtroopers in case the PCs failed to stop the cultists. and so they set themselves up for being recruited as a team.
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