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  1. Choose Feral Worlder and manage to roll 20 for strength = 45 Luck out and get brute mutation when ship's field flickers and you are forced to take a mutation by the GM = 55 Take 5 advances in strength = 80 Get power armor for more strength = 100 And for lolz: Get low quality muscle replacement for +1 unnatural strength bonus (can't go good quality since brute mutation screwed over agility already)
  2. On my rank 13 Crusader/Guardsman I prefer the standard issue crusader shield and power sword. When things become serious I bust out the thunder hammer. The only ranged weapon I bother using is a flamer. My crusader is rocking a 9 strenth bonus and a straight up strength score of 80. The new suit of power armor is just icing on the cake. The shield is very nice when combined with power armor, the stacking armor values makes the shield worth giving up a second weapon. Last session I had a Lathe-Pattern shield made, because when I counter attacked with my old crusader shield it was parried by a power weapon and destroyed. I also want to mention the usefulness of Unarmed Combat, with the right talents it is very lethal. I use unarmed attacks (kicks, headbutts, whatever) and a sword for the two weapon wielder fighting style, since the shield occupies the other hand. Kicking genestealers int he face never got old.
  3. Bassemandrh said: You don't have to buy every DH book to play DH, you can do just fine with the core rules and the book(s) you find interesting. However, playing a military campaign in DH would have been easy to do if Only War had been a supplement for DH as it was originally. FFG changed their mind about this and we can only speculate why they did so. And i think you're wrong about their reasons, but as i just said we can only speculate. Why do all the complaining people always assume that every one already owns DH, or any of teh other 40k RPGs? I for one don't want an IG RPG associated with DH, RT, BC, or DW. I do not want to play a war setting RPG as an add on to another system that has nothing to do with the subject matter. The complaints could be stemming from a lack of knowledge of what the Imperial Guard is, as in the subject matter OW will be focusing on. I think FFG made a very good decision seperating OW from the other systems, and I will support them by purchasing OW when it hits the stores.
  4. The best solution I found for my character is to steal as much gear as he can before leaving a planet. The use of a cover identity during that time means that he can probably get away with more. Resorting to this becomes necessary when being away from Inquisition support for an extended period of time. Another good method is to fool someone into issuing my character a peace of gear by pretending that it's mission essential. Make it clear that if the mission was important enough, to require my character's involvement, withholding any available gear would be like leadership was consciously sabotaging the mission. Doing that act got my character access to Inquisitional Power Armor for the current mission. I made it clear to the person in charge of the mission that if he wanted the mission accomplished it would be best not to hold any thing back, it's only the planet of Scintilla at stake. I didn't specifically ask for any type of armor in particular, but made the guy feel like the imporance of the mission is some how directly correlated to the quality of the armor he could get my character. His pride in the mission was a weakness to exploit. Who knows it might turn out to be the first peace of equipment my character actually returns to the Inquisition. How the GM deals with this kind of behavior is a mystery to me.
  5. I don't think I've I'm playing DH right, been playing the same Guardsman/Crusader for more than 3 years now and I've only burned one fate point. A demon some how appeared on the ship we were traveling on and killed the captian of the ship. So, my guardsman and a commissar busts into the captian's quarters and confronts said demon thing. My guardsman charges it bare handed and lays a punch that goes into double righteous fury and drops the demon into about 7 critical damage to the head (we keep track of critical damage by body part). Sadly demons can't get stunned, so it counter attacked and slapped my character straight though a wall of the ship breaking my character's neck (head criticals). Burning a fate point ensured some emergency surgery and stuff, and thanks to being hardy my guardsman was up and around in no time. Also got a neat plate in the head for +1 head armor.
  6. Only War turned out better than I could have ever hoped for. I was expecting something lite like the Book Of Judgement and didn't really have high expectations. Then BLAM a whole new core book to do the Imperial Guard justice. It brought a tear of joy to my eye. Finally another core book besides Dark Heresy that I find remotely interesting. Time to get down and dirty in the trenches. I've been playing DH pretty much weekly since it was taken over by FFG, and I love every minute of playing it. We've never had a problem with DH that we couldn't solve by applying a little common sense. We've been playing Ascension lately and it's a blast. I guess that I'm a minority player in the fact that I'm having a ton of fun with every aspect of DH. Only War only serves to expand our current DH game, we might find our throne agents in a war zone in the near future in charge of a unit or two of Imperial Guard. Being a throne agent has it's perks.
  7. Quotes from the movie Predator would be perfect "Get to the drophip!" or "If it bleeds we can kill it".
  8. ItsUncertainWho said: Catachan said: What interests me the most is the Ogryn next to the commissar. I'll call him Bob and make him believe it's he's birthday every day. Either it is an extremely short Ogryn, an incredibly tall Commissar, the commissar is standing on a big tree root, or the Ogryn is in a hole. My guess is that it is just a roided up heavy weapons guy. Then again it could be that the artist just doesn't know how big Ogryns are supposed to be. The commissar is further behind the ogryn at a higher elevation due to the perspective, and any IG fan should be able to recognize a Ripper gun and standard ogryn issue armor. It also makes sense sicne Catachans are known for fielding ogryns. Seeing that the authors probably know details like that is boosting my excitement for Only War. The fact that Catachans HATE commissars should also make that in interesting adventure. that sentinel might "accidentally" slip and crush the commissar... oops. It also seems I picked the perfect user name back when I created this account for the Dark Heresy forums.
  9. What interests me the most is the Ogryn next to the commissar. I'll call him Bob and make him believe it's he's birthday every day.
  10. For early game PCs I'd probably put them though basic training "Full Metal Jacket" style. They were actually playing that movie at the recruitment center when I enlisted, and my drill instructor was more intimidating that I could have ever expected. Sgt. Harman would be a good place to start when coming up with a drill sergeant character.
  11. I can't thank FFG enough for this. I might actually get the "collectors edition" for this one.
  12. Baneblades... In all seriousness I'd like to play a commissar ...with a baneblade.
  13. All know is that we'll use the stuff from Only War in our Dark Heresy game. Just because it doesn't say "Dark Heresy" on the cover doesn't mean we can't use it for Dark Heresy. Over the years we have adapted our DH game time and time again. We used RT rules, then DW, and now BC. We use the stuff in all of the supplements from all the lines in our DH game just fine. I have no problem with Only War being it's own thing, since it won't exclude it from our DH games at all and the rules updates might be freakin sweet. I'm way more excited about this than Black Crusade. I can't get my hands on Only War soon enough.
  14. Only War sill has to come out and believe that it will introduce the RT weapons DH lacks into DH. Based on my observations of the last few books for DH.
  15. I'm wondering what your character's motivation is to step in front of a krak missile voluntarily? For my character it comes down to him believing that the Emperor's protection extends to actual physical protection and any injury he receives is due to some his lack of faith. Some such 40k religious logic (or lack of it) like that. A character has to be some sort of crazy to be fearless, because he is lacking or ignoring basic human survival instinct at that point.
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