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  1. [/Quete] To my knowledge it's not ever explicity stated how, exactly, cherubim are constructed, other than that they are servitors. Furthermore, even if they are actually made from children (which, again, would be an assumption) why would a noble family sacrifice its own children in this way? Sorry, but that doesn't make sense, and it sure doesn't account for the sheer number of cherubim that could be on a ship. [/Quete] It might be a method mostly used incase of "wild parties" to prevent dispute about heirs, or in case some children dont show promis, and thus simply cleaning up the heirs and maintaining a survival of the fittest in the noble house, this is 40k it properly happens somewhere.
  2. Ballistic skill also in include movement prediction, and munition trajection like when shooting a grenade launcher at a moving target, while i agree that players might be needing ship weapons (las, sp, lances, missils, torpedos or nova cannons) talents, to use them properly.
  3. Well the next ship , will have is going to have some "highways" running through the ship, so that i can get around on bikes(the into the storm ones) along with the light mechanized infantry, also to allowed wounded crew to quickly be transported to the medicea center. This should be useful both against enemy boarding parties, and reduce damage to the crew on the ship.
  4. Nearly every explorer can buy melee weapon training(primitive) for 100xp or 200 xp, as a rank 1 talent thus everyone can start with it if, they want it or skip it if theyre certain never to be caught without atleast theyre trusty chainsword by there side.
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    Facts are if you run the math, that these ships arnt crowded at all. A sword frigate has a mass of 6mega tonnes and a crew of 26000 A aircraft carrier like uss enterprise have a mass of 0.1 megatonnes and a crew of 5800 But sure theres alot more armour on a frigate than aircraft carrier, but compared to the mass, an aircraft carrier is more than 100 times as crowded as your sword frigate.
  6. Well, he could get a little assitance from an Inquisitor, only having to run some small undercover errands for the inquisitor, or use this ship to eliminate an renegade/rival inquisitor leading a small ship somewhere in the expanse.
  7. This reminded me of the old dark heresy resource site with a few blueprints like: www.malleus.dk/Ordo/Rudderow.aspx This might be useful.
  8. The firestorm Multi-Melta States that "If an attack roll using a multi-melta fails by five or more levels, the weapon flares out, dealing damage equal to the number of charges left in the fuel canister to and area equal to the weapon's blast radius." When using a back ammo pack containing 100 melta charges. And you somehow fail by 5 degrees, will you then use the weapons clip size of 6 or the ammo pack of a 100 charges. And if you should use the back pack, will you then be able to rig a melta backpack into a 100 damage bomb?
  9. Hmm i doubt that it will be a kroot mercenary, whats a GM going to say when he begin eat some tyranid? If the kroot ate a genestealer what would happen? would he die? become a genestealer? or get some very interesting traits?
  10. Sirion i cant see how, you after being fully cyberresurected, can get the machinator array or helot mining rig, or the brute or corpulent mutations, i mean a full cyber resurrection makes you more machine than most servitors... But i dunno if you can mutate after being fully cyber ressurected.
  11. One thing is what man might supply you with, a few PF or so, a simple gain, knowledge is power, and if any can then it is the eldar who might know or be able to find an STC, with the use of farseers, even if its a broken partialy function STC, the rewards the mechanicus might provide is far greater. Propose to the eldar that they may go free in exchange of knowledge, and hope they dont just make an ambush .
  12. Core book page 219-220 last line of "WEAPONS AND SHOOTING" "Rightous Fury does not apply to shipboard weapons" hope this answers your question
  13. Well if up to me the might find a part of a schmatic for a more reliable auto quill.
  14. If they are less than 45m away thats short range and back to the +60. And i wondered if you could use the IH command update, devoted followers to give them an even higher bonus to BS.
  15. If they really mean it, then let the inquistor step in and say that the x acolytes are needed elsewhere and x replacesment acolytes from a broken cell will be joining them, and then let them make a character with 10% less xp and there current IP and CP -3+1d10.
  16. Hmm had completely forgot about that old movie.
  17. An Imperial guards man is always allowed to know what the Imperial Infanteryman Uplifting Primer, but i doubt it will actually be an help.
  18. Its unlikely any players to become inquisitor before ascention (or what its called) book and space marines are first when the space marine book is released, so it is not yet for the players, but its your game and there is plenty of fan based rules on the point.
  19. Didnt he post some game preview of that game some months ago?
  20. Well it looks good, but it fail, at the fact that it does not seem come to PC.
  21. I hardly comprehend why some people put up harsh feelings. I plainly see this as an nice exsample of showing how certain power and skill combinations, work when pushed to the limit, and the lines are getting clarified.
  22. mostly players can avoid insanity points with a will power check, or avoid corruption with the appropiate willpower or toughness check, or the this feels bad do you wish to continue reading the mysterious book?
  23. Well i think this is the typical , you misread a single line or so in the book and alot possiblilities opened up, a common mistake everybody can misread a bit or forget a line or two in 400 pages book+ errata. I wouldnt call him cheater, this how ever is a powerful tool for him, if the other people somehow decides your overpowered and not fun to play with, then you can simply inform them as well of how you misunderstood a rule combination.
  24. how many passive powers did you use? chameleon, shape flesh*2 or 3, seal wounds, sense presense? thats like an extra power consumption of 24 , thats meens your gotta roll a power roll of like 40 for every divine shot thats not reliable even with psy rating 5, and thats a rather high perils chance.
  25. Well he could survive the collasp, if lucky enough, he could come to the conclussion that he could not get up through the rubble , so dug down through the cracked and collasped catacombs , to find an old forgotten bunker , built specificly for a long dead (slightly corrupt) arch bishop who had reserved himself a specical camber , with a escape shuttle with a stasis field installed, but no warp drive. So clearing the launch ramp for various rubble and came to the surface he saw the battle was ended and bormbardment was in progress ( so staying on the planet was suicidal), and took the shuttle off the planet its navigation systems failed and it ended on the direction of calaxy , where it was picked up by a rogue trader who upon seeing the space marine in stasis contacted a inquisitor he knew. This inquisistor then send some acolytes and a mechanicus team to check out the space marine. (the mechicus team to revive the space marine and inspect this Dark age of technology shuttle). Well his survival is unlikely but with the emperors blessing and shear luck it could happen.
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