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  1. But the TIE Swarm with Swarm Tactics lost to the Rebel build with Swarm Tactics. Sure you're not just imposing your own opinions on someone else's post?
  2. Add 1 to the Falcon Or if money is tight, X-Wing expansion. And enjoy the tournament
  3. He's a good actor, he does a lot of different and interesting work for t.v. and theatre. I guess an offer to (i imagine) sit around for 3 weeks waiting to say 2 lines in front of a green screen didn't appeal to him, and i can't say I blame him. It's not like it was an interesting role to re-visit .. especially if they are going to re-dub his lines like they did in Star Wars.
  4. Fablar

    Card Sleeves

    Unfortunately Mayday has the worst quality control, and I've had periods where I've had to return a fair proportion of packs as they were too small. To be honest, it's just not worth the hassle, and I'd prefer to get what i want first time, without several trips to the post office and emails etc, and being sent several sets of packs all with a high proportion of them being too narrow or too short. I ended up in direct contact with Mayday, and they sent me more sleeves off their new quality controlled cutting machines .. and these ones were still the wrong size. In the end i was forced to call it day, as I had spent so much time dealing with buying plastic cards for sleeves. They were very helpful and friendly, and i have no complaints about the service, only the product.
  5. Fablar

    Card Sleeves

    I would recommend FFG sleeves and Gameslore is a good online UK retailer, so ... http://www.gameslore.com/acatalog/PR_50_x_Clear_Standard_Card_Sleeves_635mm_x_88mm_FFG.html http://www.gameslore.com/acatalog/PR_50_x_Clear_Mini_American_Card_Sleeves_41mm_x_63mm_FFG.html Don't buy Mayday sleeves, but Ultrapro's can be good if you don't want the FFG ones.
  6. Just out of interest, who are you disagreeing with? Seeing as they haven't listed them as separate components.
  7. Fear not, I thought the same at first, but the extension pegs refer to the stands, not a second peg upon the top. The guide image is misleading as that short connector shown is actually the adaptor on the model itself - the bit glued in. Double check the component list and you'll see all the bits of plastic are accounted for.
  8. They can get the release dates for items that have published release dates fairly accurately. However, FFG does not publish release dates other than the status on the Upcoming page on this website. So if you watch that, you have as good idea, or better, than any retailer in the UK. Once it gets close, Esdevium Games is the sole distributor for FFG in the UK, and they will add it to their release sheet that is distributed to the general public on a Friday. There, you now have more information than anyone at Amazon about FFG release dates.
  9. Treat release dates from Amazon as if they are said by Piers Morgan.
  10. Core Set X2 X-Wing x1 TIE Fighter x1 Y-Wing x2 TIE Advance x2 TIE Interceptor x2 A-Wing x2 (one won at tournament) Slave-1 x2 Millennium Falcon x1 B-Wing x2 Tie Bomber x3 HWK-290 x1 Lambda x1 Felt game mat, £10 Token box, sleeves, sundries, £15 approx Ultra Pro flip 4 pocket folder, £8 All at approx 10% discount from RRP (my standard discount at my FLGS) makes £335.70 (or $540 at current exchange)
  11. Minor point but they look like PS5 & PS7 to me. Which would make the set contain unique pilots with PS 5, 6, 7 & 8, which does seem likely.
  12. The version I have been testing but yet to use in anger is: OMNISHAMBLES Omicron Pilot + Gunner + Vader + Anti Pursuit Lasers (31) Howl runner + Stealth Device (21) Academy Pilot x4 (48) So it's actually very like your second list, but upgrading Howlrunners defense, rather than boosting another TIE.
  13. I ran successfully with: Jan Ors + Chewbacca + Ion Turret (34 points) Dagger Squadron + Heavy Laser Cannon + Fire Control System (33 points) Dagger Squadron + Heavy Laser Cannon + Fire Control System (33 points) Nien Nunb I had decided didn't add enough so went with Chewbacca instead, but I wasn't feeling convinced by the build. I think I would prefer to try something like this next: Jan Ors + Ion Turret (30 points) Dagger Squadron + Heavy Laser Cannon + Sensor Jammer (35 points) Dagger Squadron + Heavy Laser Cannon + Sensor Jammer (35 points)
  14. Quoted for truth. People make their own luck, the dice can be as 'swingy' as they like, as long as you are in the perfect position and your opponent is poorly positioned.
  15. Hadn't even crossed my mind to use Lambdas with Ions. My testing so far has been similar to Macar's, where I am using it as a disposable complement to a swarm ( the interplay with Gunnar had not occurred to me though). I look forward to hearing how you're Ioning goes But 48 points invested in 2 shuttles and Io Cannons? Sounds dangerous to me
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