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  1. While I mostly agree, the staff is most likely an attuned item: "During his training, an apprentice wizard is often given the task of creating his own, personal attuned item. Attuned items are arcane talismans that assist the wizard in channelling. Because attuned items must be held in a hand to work, they are often crafted to serve a dual purpose as a weapon. Many attuned items are staffs, though some wizards and orders prefer to wield attuned swords." I would expect that with the work involved in creating an attuned item, most wizard would go for an appearance more impressive than just a big stick. Yeah, you are probably right about that... Have not had this play a major role in a game so far. Probably because I tend to keep everything even remotely magical very rare. Still a valid point. As an example, I play a white wizard in a game and I used a simple spell to create light, thinking it would help others see (in the middle of a night, and the inn being on fire). The random people around were already a bit panicked and my spell only made it worse. No one tried to hang me or anything, but I had to let the spell go and move a bit away so that the inn could be saved. Great roleplaying, even two other players described their characters feeling panic and mistrust etc.
  2. I Personally do not think that wizards are instantly recognised. It relates at least as much to the ignorance of common folk than the attire of a wizard. But think about it: students, scholars, priests etc. all dress in robes. And what about the staff then? It is the cheapest reliable weapon available and can be used as a walking aid. Sure there are a lot of pouches on his belt, then what? That all is of course just part of how I personally do it. I do agree that master wizards and such are more easily spotted to be what they are, but that is because of the embroidered symbols, very ornated staffs, odd odours and the fact that the magic slowly leaves its mark (or mutations =D ). More educated or experienced people will have easier time to spot a wizard for what he is, but those people are usually as far apart in the Empire as the wizards themselves.
  3. @thePREdiger: I am interested in the Lure of Power. I will contact you with a PM shortly.
  4. I would be interested in Lure of Power, should someone have that for sale. I live in Finland so the shipping might be costly, but it can not hurt to make estimations =D.
  5. @ElCommi: I will probably do that as soon as I find time. Did you look at hardware stores? Just wondering about the general costs of things, if somekind of places are clearly cheaper than others.
  6. I am beginning to think the one box is too expensive, 65€ is a lot. Still the other option would not be much cheaper anyway. i know some things can be bought cheap, even in Finland, but somehow the Raaco for example seems to be quite perfect. I have used between 500-700€ (the listing above is sorely lacking when I read it through again) to the game already, thus I would not mind using some money to get a storage system for it. I want something that is at least good, if not great. Mediocre will not do.
  7. Hello. A bit of thread necromancy, but I have recently realized I am truly in need of a better storage system for this game than the one I have had so far (everything in mini grip pouches tucked into the main box and one other). I have found a couple of possible solutions and would like to ask your opinion. One thing I found is this universal box from e-raptor online shop from poland: http://e-raptor.pl/en_US/p/e-Raptor-Universal-Box/816 What would you say, could that be used to accomodate everything? With everything I mean most of the things =D. I have: 1. Core set 2. Adventurer's toolkit 3. Game master's toolkit 4. All expansions excluding Lure of Power that contain the info of the Big Four 5. Gathering Storm. The other fitting solution could be the same Raaco system Gallows uses. I would like to ask from those that have used Raaco storageboxes: How many of these would be needed? https://www.karkkainen.com/verkkokauppa/raaco-mc-55-24-carry-case-lokerikko It seems to be bigger than Gallows', but as it costs 29€ around here, I would not want to buy too many.
  8. Just downloaded this. Great work! All kinds of little tools (or bigger) are really helping my GMing =D. One cookie for you sir!
  9. Thanks, it is always good to be sure. I have a bit of a work still to be done to turn my mind from the previous editions to this one =D. It is not too hard to come up with the mental image of killing multiple opponents with a single action card, it is just the fact that it can happen. I will most likely be using regular NPCs and if I want to use a bigger group, it is more about the morale of the enemies, rather than fight to the death.
  10. Thanks for the answer Emirikol. Just to clarify (and check I have understood things), to kill three goblin henchmen in a single strike would take 12 damage, right? First 3 to get through the toughness and then 9 to finish them. Does not seem to be WAY out of range, though I admit it does not usually happen with a normal melee strike.
  11. I am probably going to use normal NPCs most of the time, because of my long history with previous editions, where no-one is safe, ever. However I would also like to try to use the henchmen, as it would sometimes be interesting to swarm the PCs with "lesser" creatures. However the stated 3 wound goblins, especially with damage shared to multiple creatures might make it too much of a slaughterfest to my tastes. I can see a common soldier killing 3 of them quite easily with a single melee strike, which is too much. Emirikol, how did it affect the gameplay, when you used higher wound henchmen? Was the game too much of a drag when you have to score some 30-40 wounds to finish a henchmen group? What about everyone else? Have you tried and how did it go?
  12. Hello, I tried to look up threads about henchmen, but none of those seemed to be relevant. So here is the question: Has anyone tried to use henchmen otherwise per RAW, but with the amount of wounds normal creatures would have? The idea of 3 wound goblins and such bugs me a bit, so I have been tinkering with the idea. I have found lots of things here, but what do people think about this particular idea? What would be the pros and cons?
  13. I have recently joined a game and ended up playing a wood elf wardancer. After looking through the Ritual Dance cards I realized that my simple mind probably can't use them to their full potential. So I ask for your opinions about which cards of them are usable and what combinations bring the most amazing results? The career is so full of playing with different stances and counters, that I am at a loss how to use them efficiently.
  14. Wow! A lot of responses while I was away. Nice the hear people's experiences about henchmen. I realized that one place where the henchmen are very usable is a situation where the PCs will have no chance to beat all the enemies. For example if the group has to defend a gate for a certain time against a big horde. Then it is suitably epic to slay scores of monsters, because it won't actually make things any easier. Though one could argue that there is no point in slaying even one of the monsters if it will not solve anything.
  15. @plutonick: That sounds to be in line with the previous editions. Though I admit that the last 2ed:s were concentrated to give PCs mostly crap stats in the beginning, even the improvement did not make the idea of fighting outnembered any wiser. This editions seems to be giving more chance for success (which is a good thing IMO), but I still want it to stay bloody and fatal.
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