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  1. Fate +1 Also, I'm not sure what my TWT # was at last time... I believe the number you have is accurate. :3
  2. I have the Sora - Lvl 2 (BoD), Sora - Lvl 3 - SR (BoD), and the Sora (Wisdom Form)- Lvl 3 - SR (BoD). I also have the R Sora Lvl 2... But I didn't know it was a promo? I'm kind of confused. ;.; Is there any way you could take a picture or link me to a picture of the Sora lvl 2 Promo and the foil Sora lvl 2 promo?
  3. I would like to buy the following: Break of Dawn - Set 4 Non-foil Rares: - Lv 2 Sora x 1 - $0.50 Foil Super Rares: - Lv 3 Sora x1 - $1.50 - Lv 3 Sora (Wisdom Form) x1 - $7.00 Promos Sora [Flag] Lv 2 - $10 E-mail: i_love_tape33@yahoo.com
  4. I'd like to buy a Foil Promo Flag Sora.
  5. o_O I thought I made a new thread, but I guess not... o_o
  6. Wow, a lot has changed since I was here last... I am going to start up a new thread. @_@
  7. Hey guys, I'm going to be on haitus until school is done. See you all in a few weeks!
  8. capncrunch said: hey i was just wondering if your still interested in the trade my SR flag sora promo + stealth sneak for your Triton I'm still thinking about it. I will let you know asap.
  9. porcupine said: Sorry about all the offers, i was rethinking flags value at the time, and if you want ill do my SR Flag and SR Pooh lv0 for your SRU Donald lv4 No thank you. :3
  10. Morbidsanity said: would you be willing to do $10 for them both? Sure. :3
  11. Morbidsanity said: forgive me my good friend for holding a conversation on your trade thread....but are you still interested in my stealth sneak and sora lvl 3? Indeed I am. :3
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