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  1. All I hear is "do whatever you feel like maaaaaan, as long as its one of the fixed results in the rules". So why not just roll ******* normal dice if all that's going to happen is a fixed result. All I know is Edge is an overrated pile of crap. I'm out. I've said my piece and anymore would just be negatively affecting me. Edit None of your examples are RPG game developers Einstein they're videogame developers. Might want to go back to the drawing board before you start hitting the logical fallacies.
  2. I run both systems and disagree that FFG's system is vague or difficult. The Cypher System is awesome, to be sure, but "suffers" from the same "problem" of creatively interpreting dice rolls. Combat in my SW games haven't slogged on and if players do little more than make people drop weapons, well, they're making it boring, not the system. Besides, those are possible uses of Triumphs, not iron-clad uses. If the GM doesn't like it, don't allow it. My point is that your, or anyone else's, bad interaction with the system does not make it a bad system.I've seen quite a few comments regarding this system's obscurity and have some thoughts concerning it: It does pass/fail perfectly while adding mechanical muscle to narrative play. The symbols are there to be used as needed, not needing to be used. It's a system to support a game of imagination based on one of the most beloved, epic settings in recent history; use your imagination and just play. Except in Numenera that interpreting the dice ONLY happens on a natural 19 or a 20. Greatly limiting the times the GM and players have to think of something, and it's simply always a minor positive or a major positive effect. Or you can take damage. That's it. Simple as pie. None of this teal leaf dice reading crap of the Edge line. You also roll only a d20 and the Gm does almost no rolling. So the time you do have to think of something you don't need to read dice leaves you can just say what's happening and you the GM are totally focused on making things creative and amazing. Instead of having to interpret dice. The only other mechanic as a GM is the GM intrusion but if your throwing one of those at your players again you only want it to happen a few times in one session. You say what the intrusion is. it can be anything as long as it puts as twist on the scenario the PC's didn't plan for. It could be as simple as the enemy grabs them to an unexpected third party shows up to the much weirder or they could even find someone in town who knows them and puts a twist on the scenario they din't expect. So I can have an enemy drop their weapon if need be, but it won't happen the entire duration of a fight or so often it makes the enemies look totally stupid. Like how did they ever learn to walk stupid. When I do throw an intrusion at the player in question they get an xp for it and one to give to another player as long as they give a reason so even the bad or unexpected twists can be fun and rewarding. So it all flows fast fast fast. Your constantly focused on the story and you can make a new enemy in seconds due to how easy the system is. It is what I imagined Edge would be like before playing it when all I heard was the sales pitch. Where as every dice roll in Edge line of rpgs is practically a committee.
  3. I agree with everything he says. I was one of the proponents of the new RPG system, until I got my hands on it. Ever since Edge I haven't touched the system. Now don't get me wrong. The book is high quality, the art, is great, and it looks good ect. The actual game system the mechanics are just awful. I found it vague. Or my players would cheese it and make everyone always drop their gun because why wouldn't you? A single simple combat in Edge lasted longer than fight in 5th and nearly as long as in their 40k RPG line. And we all know how much of a time sucking dreary thing that is. The cypher system does lightweight story focused games better than this game could ever hope to achieve with its vagueness. And I always have more complex RPG choices if I want those like 5th or many others. The Cypher system and Numenera (most well known of it) allows non-combat characters to shine in combat and combat guys to shine out of it. All on a single dice and combat that takes 1/4 as long. So you can stay focused on the story and dramatic events. It's even got a cool GM Intrusion system that can alter the story, but it's not so frequent like the dice that I feel confused thinking what dumb thing could possibly happening now. Anybody who wants a lightweight story based game that can easily be tailored to any stetting should check into the Cypher system. Vague. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdLa9yYt_jw
  4. So far I only have enough to stick in the core box, but soon I'll have to find a case for the minatures. My first 40k army (Tau) has priority though.
  5. MC 90 and Viscount New Republic Star Defender. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Viscount-class_Star_Defender
  6. I would not say they are competative. Not even slightly. They are competent and in the majority of games can do just as good as any other army. As soon as you start getting to competative tournament levels though is where they fall by the way side.
  7. I hope they make lots of original designs for the Rebels. So many of the rebel ships are just ugly as ****. They don't even visually or thematically fit their army. More often they just look like blocks of grey and it's very uninspiring. I know the rebels have an ugly duckling theme going on and I love it, but some ships go so beyond ugly they are fugly. The Carrack Class Light cruiser is a good example of the kind of bland low polygon detailed ships I hate. They look like they were designed in another decade. So out dated they were never in dated kind of design.
  8. Gamgee

    ship size?

    Indeed and it would feel weird if they suddenly make their own ship bigger than Home One to give the rebels something to compete with when Home One was the biggest for a reason. I think they should really reconsider making this a generic MC80a pack and doing Home One justice later. We should make a topic dedicated to that or email them or something. Some way to let them know that this is a little weird.
  9. Gamgee

    ship size?

    I don't like that "home one" is being made so small. This is a big mistake when the Empire gets its SSD on the tabletop. They should make a standard MC80 and then Home One itself in a separate wave. I can wait, but I want them to do it right. The Empire will get increasingly bigger ships while Home One will be the biggest ship the rebels ever get. So it had better be bigger than a plain old ISD.
  10. I'm getting a rebel pack asap. Need me some... everything in that pack. I love all the rebels ships. Granted if I was going to make a super competative list I would be more discriminating.
  11. I had that problem with one stand as well. I'll have to contact them I guess.
  12. My Blood Angels army pushes 50 figs. My Steel Legion army was well over a hundred. That's just his conscripts. He has several squads of regular guardsmen. Many tanks. Tons of heavy weapons teams, command squads, and more. He has a loooot of guys.
  13. Zann Consortium could easily be a third faction. It's not quite a scum and villainy group like the hutts. It's more powerful and militant than them. More like an underworld master with a huge PMC.
  14. My friend plays Imperial Guard in warhammer 40k. Poor guy has to cut out, assemble, prime, and paint like 50 guys. Then move them all individually each turn if he wants them to move spread out. I think I can manage a dozen minis and live.
  15. Warhammer 40k RPG. Spend hours upon hours of work to plan a session and more for an over arching plot. Needs some note keeping post session. Need to practically write and homebrew a dictionary worth of content. I should get paid for the amount of work I need to do to keep a 40k game running. Numenera at most plan for an hour, though I've run entire sessions never planning anything at all. Post session maybe 10-20 minutes of note keeping to see where the semi-freeform story takes us and so I can remember. Numenera I can make a new enemy in about 20 seconds tops. Maybe a few minutes for a more memorable one. 5th Edition follows a similar quick flow the 40k RPG's can never hope to ever match. I want to play the game, tell a story, and not have combat bog down into affairs that can sometimes take longer than an entire table top match. I can play my Tau army for that kind of in depth fighting. It's just so redundant of an rpg now that I have access to my own tabletop army. Hell I could run a lot of games easier in the cypher system (Numenera). The fights take forever. I could play the more in depth and balanced table top for fights if I want them. So if I want to run a story rpg it's a big hindrance and terrible at that. I was far more into it when it was the only way for me to get 40k.
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