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  1. So I finally busted out my copy of Time of Void and reread about old editions of how the scrolls worked. I thought they were one use--but apparently some are multiple use. Wasting Disease was one of them. Whether new lore follows that remains to be seen. That said, it looks like 2 Black Scrolls might be opened--and it doesn't look like Junzo's involved.
  2. Didn't he sound the Lion retreat and kind of pull Tsuko back at Toshi Ronbo? Don't get me wrong--he's been TOO introspective in this story, but he has done some things not to folks' liking that would be considered standing up for himself (like putting Yojiro in charge too).
  3. it's going to be very interesting for the other characters not in the know. If Jodan's first Edict and the Forged Edict come out--both identifying a Scorpion regent--there's going to be major confusion and doubt as to where the Mandate of Heaven presides. Even worse, until that's sorted out no one really could attack or kill either son. Funny enough, the only people that might have a chance of "sorting that out" are dealing with the screwed up issues with the kami (among other things). Starting sides for this will probably be: Daisetsu * Dragon, Lion (Akodo), Shoju Scorpion Sotori * Crane, Lion (Matsu), Kachiko Scorpion, Unicorn Phoenix will be sitting out for a bit because of the imbalance. Minor Clans will have major opportunities this Act. This part of the story is probably going to last for quite some time because of all the potential for conflict. We still have yet to hear more about Tadaka and Yori which will probably have all sorts of Shadowlands shenanigans before things get taken to the next level.
  4. it also depends on how they're supposed to work now (i.e. if they're persistant or must be invoked for effect)
  5. I'd like to think the same thing, but I'm thinking it's more of an Easter Egg and accurate descriptor rather than an actual indicator. Though with Yori and Tadaka getting ready to hang out in the fiction, it probably is only a matter of time especially with the elemental imbalances the Phoenix have been noticing.
  6. Despite the established order, the history of Rokugan is rife with times where there were conflicts immediately between the Great Clans and the Emperor. The most notable and recognized was the time of the Gozoku when a coalition of the Great Clans ran the Empire according to their clan's goals rather than the Will of the Emperor. More details of this can be found in Emerald Empire.
  7. the problem at that point isn't the transparency but the hedonistic calculus and the numbers game. specifically, if a player is offered a beneficial consequence over a negative consequence, they're more than likely to choose the positive choice--unless there's an added gain (goal, bennie, perk, etc.) that could be gained by taking the negative option. unfortunately the only mechanic in the setting to provide that option is the Disadvantages which are highly conditional and offer a poor reward (due to the ease of how it can be removed and how easy it is to avoid) with Strife management. As it stands, Honor, Glory and Status are a bit more of a resource trait to spend rather than something to guard. Fyi, Savage Worlds as a rules set is completely independent of the Deadlands setting and any baggage (Flash Gordan, RIFTS, East Texas U, Hellfrost, etc).
  8. But those are mechanical choices (roll play) rather than role-play choices
  9. More like there's too much insulation of the characters from the players' actions/mistakes and the environment unless it's regular combat situations. Earth Stance effectively creates an immunity largely to intrigue encounters and and resolving them (duel contests). The combat heavy clans have the potential for being better courtiers which is against fluff because of that (especially with Water and Earth informing Composure). Crits have to be chosen by the acting player--so there's no real consequences for the PC unless they want to deal with it but that's one of those decisions that should have been made before the weapons come out. The Honor as a credit card (i.e. knowing on the front end rather than the back end) is a bit more I can understand with "gotcha" style GMing--but combined with everything else it makes me think of it as a little too much of a protection. The game talks about being about choice and consequences, but design very much makes that intent an illusion.= and that largely favors the combat elements of play.
  10. One of the big vibes I'm getting is that much of the design was actually afraid/angry at the Court side/non-combat side of the setting (to include the importance of duels) and the deadliness that can occur outside of that environment. Hence the choices like establishing Social Conflicts, Honor loss as a credit card element, the emphasis of Earth Stance importance and how death has to be on purpose--almost like a huge system mechanics safety net which is weird with all the other GM dependence issues I'm seeing. maybe the Court books will change that perception, but the fact that so much effort has been made to remove the teeth from non-combat situations or at least so that Earth heavy characters (i.e. bushi and Shugenja--jeebus I just realized how Earth shugenja can "own" a Court environement) are "immune" to social situations is a real indicator on design intentions.
  11. and that's assuming your opponent isn't in Earth stance which limits Crit chances a bit more.
  12. yeah, it looks like going for more dice was the best route and luck held really well. if the tournament issue wasn't at stake, I'd go with a general lowering of the TNs--but that doesn't really level anything out and just eases the successes for the lucky player. what might be an option is decreasing and lowering the TN based off the RP/description of the individual PC actions. other than that, it's probably best to go with what was suggested earlier about the story resolution--if they should succeed against Sugai. If you want to try to take the sting out of that consolation (probably a bad term) gempuku you could add some encounters in the chase calling back to the tests that the other PCs didn't accomplish. That would require some going back out of game and adding details (i.e. you failed the heraldry test because you couldn't identify X-Mon which has X-feature...and look! one of Sugai's dudes has forged mon that only has 1 of those features--or something like that). sort of a lessons learned thing.
  13. that's one thing I like with the evolution of the game/setting. what spies, scouts, saboteurs and assassins do for a Clans objectives are extremely important and valuable from a warfare standpoint. it becomes more in line with "the intelligence Game" mindset of we know what everyone does but we all have the decency (except the Scorpion) to deny that it's something that's done. there's always a use for deniable assets--but they're still deniable and for a good reason.
  14. It really relies on how each clan leverages that access and power they have. Though the Imperial families sit above the Great Clans officially, their power is dependent on what the Emperor is going to allow them to have. As the Imperial Families have immediate royal blood, giving them too much power can be detrimental to the Emperor as it can allow for military coups. At the same time, they still need to be able to defend the Emperor (and themselves) against the Great Clans. This is a bit of a fine line with some families like the Miya who have a reputation of being hostages.
  15. How did the other players match up in their character's stats and approaches? Additionally, how were the rolls in comparison outside of those for the tournament? also, how much Strife is being garnered per player per roll and scene. with that many successes there's an awful strong possibility for Unmaskings. and because the possibility is there for not interpreting the dice accurately...how are dice rolled and how long are they kept on the table for you to verify? the pics on the dice can be a bit confusing for new players and they should sit in open view until everyone gets used to them.
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