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    Zuldan reacted to Ghostofman in Imperial and Rebel Sector Fleets   
    Just so you know where I'm coming form, Check out the WEG material on the Elrood and Tapani Sectors.
    Elrood was rimward with a good, but not massive imperial presence. They had a lot of locally produced "cruisers" that were stat-wise more like corvettes, but not a heck of a lot more.
    By comparison, Tapani noble houses each ruled a cluster of world in the sector, and they had more significant naval capabilities in the form of locally produced assault frigates and carriers, but their locally produced fighters lacked hyperdrive and have to dock with a carrier or frigate to move from system to system. Tapani was a much more coreward sector, more loyal to the Empire, had strategic value, and the noble houses were absolutely in competition with each other. So allowing them to have a respectable local force made sense for a lot of vastly different reasons.
    Tapani's lack of hyperspace capable fighters is an important notation though. The Rebellion makes great use of using hyperdrive equipped fighters to wage a kind of guerilla war. An X-wing can hit a target virtually anywhere in the galaxy and needs comparatively little logistical support compared to a capital warship. So it would be a perfectly logical to make that a key part of any Imperial local forces authorization. Which sectors and worlds are authorized how many hyperspace capable fighters could be a big deal, and would be the sort of thing some planets might try and cheat on, finding ways to have more available hyperspace fighters than authorized without getting caught.
    Again, in your sector that might also explain the local forces thing.  If the Kubini PDF decided to cheat their authorization and stashed a dozen extra hyperfighters somewhere "for a rainy day" they also are going to have serious hesitation reporting their theft to the Empire...
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    Zuldan reacted to kaosoe in Replacement character tokens   
    You'll have to get a new Beginner Box, sadly.
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    Zuldan reacted to Bojanglez in Collapse of the Republic Spoilers   
    well, you don't want to spoil EVERYTHING, right?
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    Zuldan reacted to Stan Fresh in Collapse of the Republic Spoilers   
    made from paper, glue, and ink
    lots of pictures inside
    words, too
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    Zuldan reacted to HappyDaze in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    Heavy repeating blaster is personal scale while heavy laser cannon is planetary scale. That means the base damage of the cannon is actually 4x that of the repeating blaster.
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    Zuldan reacted to ImperatorRegnum in I want to be able to go to a store ask for the Star Wars RPG and they can point me at a single book called the Star Wars RPG   
    That's not an entirely accurate statement. At only 121 pages the WEG core book is tiny! For comparison the FFG career books are 96 pages. You don't get any info beyond the most basic of rules. There is no equipment to speak of, there are only stats for five ships (one of which is the Millenium Falcon, lol), and no setting information. Aside from human your only species options are Ewok, Wookie, Mon Calamari (which are careers unto themselves), and the "Alien Student of the Force" whose species isn't identified.  
    If you want more info, you'll have to buy the Star Wars Sourcebook, although once again there is very little setting info in that book either. It's mostly just stats for ships and vehicles. They do have rules for ten alien races, but Ewoks, Wookies and Mon Calamari are on this list too, so it's really only seven.
    How many WEG books would you have to buy to equal the information presented in just one of the FFG core books? I don't remember what the WEG books cost at the time (it was nearly 30 years ago!), but I think I'd rather pay $180 for three books that give me a ton more information and that also give me the flexibility to run any kind of campaign that I want with very little to no effort required on my part to make it work.  
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    Zuldan reacted to Kualan in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    I get your point, but I would rather have as little reprinted material as possible if it means more page space for new content.
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    Zuldan reacted to Ghostofman in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    Yes, people were.
    Not sure why here, but why not?
    I too am disappointed.
    Torrent is available already. Savage Spirits if I recall correctly.
    Probably in the next book, but the ARC140 is already published, and pretty close.
    Odd it's missing. Easy to stat up, but yeah, weird.
    To be fair, he was dead by the time of the war...
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    Zuldan reacted to Harlock999 in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    [Just fyi, I also made this post on the EotE board.  However, it seemed applicable here as well.]
    Finally got this book today.  And, as usual, FFG makes its supplements look AMAZING.
    That said, I did have a few issues:
    (1)  Why the Scavenger career?  Were folks really clamoring for this one?  And what does it have to do with the Clone Wars?  I cannot recall any scavenger-type playing any kind of serious role (or any kind of role really) in the prequels or CW animated series.
    (2)  The first interior illustration shows a fleet of Acclamator ships lifting off.  Yet no Acclamator stats in this book?!?
    (3)  The second illustration (and a few others in this volume) show Torrent fighters.  Yet no Torrent stats in this book?!?
    (4)  We receive stats for the Z-95 Headhunter that, according to the CW animated series, entered production around the same time as the ARC-170 - a few years into the war.  Yet no ARC-170 stats (which I assume will be placed in the subsequent volume CotR?) and no stats for, again, the Acclamator and Torrent that were participating in the Clone Wars right out of the gate.  I just don't get this one...  *shaking head*
    (5)  No STAP stats?
    (6)  No stats for the clone template, Jango Fett?
    Sigh.  I realize I must seem like a Debbie Downer, but this was all very frustrating.  Hopefully, CotR takes care of point #s 2-6.
    Anyway, my two cents.
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    Zuldan reacted to Harlock999 in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    No Acclamator?  No Torrent?
    But the Republic Z-95 that came into service years later?
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    Zuldan reacted to Harlock999 in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    Sorry, but I believe most sane individuals would consider 30 bucks for a small stat block on a fighter used in the Clone Wars to be an insanely unreasonable price.
    And I also believe most sane individuals would believe that a book focused on the Clone Wars - especially the first year or so of the war - should include the prominent vessels and vehicles from that particular era.  (Namely, the missing STAP, Acclamator assault ship, and Torrent fighter.)  I also believe it's a bit of a slap in the face to consumers to plant various illustrations of these missing items throughout that Clone Wars book.  There are Acclamators on the back cover, for God's sake.
    But, look, maybe you also think EA's DLC and microtransaction business model, for instance, is fair, just, and completely reasonable.  I mean, why not gouge the fans, right?  Ha.
    As for me, I still assert the new RotS book looks amazing and is a fantastic resource.  However...  It absolutely should have featured a wider, more comprehensive, and more appropriate assortment of vehicles and starships.  And I just don't buy the argument that space is an issue when some of their illustrations take up 3/4 of a page.
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    Zuldan got a reaction from ImperatorRegnum in I want to be able to go to a store ask for the Star Wars RPG and they can point me at a single book called the Star Wars RPG   
    I like the three different core books from this Star Wars line/s. Each is a different game each is compatible with one another. I own all the current books. I didn’t feel like I needed them. I just like the material included. I just wish they realeased the books in a more timely favorable fashion.
    By the by. Weg d6 Star Wars you only need one book. 
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    Zuldan got a reaction from Archlyte in favourite books / acessories from all the three cores?   
    Hey welcome to the galaxy of Star Wars! 
    Easy answer there isn’t one really. Hard answer there isn’t one either. 
    What kind of campaigns you plan on running? That would depend on the books one should get. 
    I have all the books thus far. So I can really say. I would stay away from the adventure books unless you have a hard time coming up with adventures.
    ya really only need the core books the others do add neat information. 
    As other have mentioned I would recommend starting with books that people have chosen for careers.
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    Zuldan reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    The answer to the question of "how many Jedi survived Order 66?" is quite simple really: There's however many the story of your campaign requires.
    If your campaign doesn't require that there were any survivors beyond Obi-Wan and Yoda, then those two are it, and that characters like Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus simply didn't survive because your campaign's story doesn't need them to.  On the contrary, if your campaign is based around a handful of Order 66 survivors who are part of an "underground railroad" system of fellow Jedi survivors, then there's going to be far more than what canon's currently listed.  If your campaign requires that Mace Windu survived his exit or that Aayla Secura didn't get brutally gunned down in RotS, then they both count as O66 survivors.
    It's pretty unlikely that Lucasfilm will ever give out an exact headcount, so as to leave the room open for additional survivors as future stories require or dictate.  In Legends, there's been a number of Order 66 survivors who escaped death for a variety of reasons, from being on a solo mission to one instance of a Clone Commando squad doubting the order's validity and thus not immediately acting on it (this was before the ham-fisted handwave of all the Clone Troopers having bio-chips implanted to enforce obedience).  We also know from the films that the carrying out of Order 66 wasn't fully instantaneous as Yoda had time to sense and react to the surge of Jedi deaths rolling across the galaxy, more than enough to put him on guard when a pair of Clones sought to enact Order 66 on him.
    Besides, it's not like Lucasfilm hasn't retconned the "who survived this event?" before.  Prime example, prior to TCW being aired, everyone knew that Maul had died at the end of TPM due to being cut short by young Kenob, marking him as the first Jedi to confront and defeat a Sith Lord in a millennia.  And it's entirely possibly that Palp's death in RotJ could be retconned in the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker, in spite of his being killed over Endor being a known fact for over three decades.  Though if Episode IX does bring Palps back, hopefully it's done in a far more elegant method than how the Dark Empire comic series handled it; though personally, that's a pretty easy hurdle to clear given how poorly Dark Empire handled pretty much everything it touched.
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    Zuldan reacted to Khazadune in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    In every cannon case we have seen of an outcast they have actually grown in strength in seclusion. Yoda, Maul, Dooku, Ahsoka, etc. so I am fine with the FR1. It also means munchkin players won't spurn it simply bc it doesn't offer them a power advantage. Narratively I think it opens a lot of opportunities and I like that. 
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    Zuldan got a reaction from RLogue177 in Rise of the Separatists - Anybody know what's going on?   
    Everyone shh maybe they push it back a week each time there’s s peep here🤫
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    Zuldan reacted to atamajakki in Anyone else have this problem with signature abilities?   
    Rousing Oratory is definitely there to represent stuff like what Jyn does in Rogue One: command a room full of skeptical people and walk out with a number of fired-up troops.
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    Zuldan reacted to awayputurwpn in Anyone else have this problem with signature abilities?   
    Since there have been RPGs, people have had problems with feats, talents, and other "abilities that 'allow' characters to do something that they should already be able to do." 
    I would turn it on its head: instead of thinking that a character can't do X because they don't have Y ability, just realize that Y ability makes doing X easier than it would normally be. 
    For example, take the Greased Palms talent. Pay 50 credits as a bribe, upgrade your social check once. This doesn't mean you can't bribe someone without the Greased Palms talent; it just means that bribes are going to be more expensive and/or less effective without it.
    It's the same thing with the Signature Ability in question. It simply makes you a really effective military commander in the face of daunting opposition. 
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    Zuldan reacted to GroggyGolem in Anyone else have this problem with signature abilities?   
    I would consider the Leadership check to do it normally would be more dependant upon the success and advantage rolled, as to how many people you inspire.
    With this signature ability, as long as you succeed, you inspire an entire group (however many that is, I guess it's dependant on the scene and what the GM allows unless the full description is specific).
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    Zuldan reacted to Flavorabledeez in Rise of the Separatists - Anybody know what's going on?   
    I did this as per someone else’s suggestion on here. I got a standard line of “we’re not allowed to release that information, thanks for your interest!”
    I do think that showing there’s a new sourcebook for a continuation of material they haven’t released yet without giving us at least an update is in very poor taste. 
    But hey, what are we really going to do? NOT buy the stuff when it finally releases? Pfffft, ha!
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    Zuldan reacted to MrTInce in Rise of the Separatists - Anybody know what's going on?   
    I also wonder the delay is caused because it all has to be checked by lucas films to ensure it doesn't contradict anything from canon.
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    Zuldan reacted to chumbly in Rise of the Separatists - Anybody know what's going on?   
    At this point I visualize the boat in question as one of those foot paddle boats used on swan ponds in city parks, with a crew of underage child laborers
    bravely foot paddling their boat across the pacific with the promise of a small bag of M&M's on the other side.
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    Zuldan reacted to Metalghost in Rise of the Separatists - Anybody know what's going on?   
    The Last Jedi dumped Star Wars into the ocean.
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    Zuldan reacted to Ghostofman in Rise of the Separatists - Anybody know what's going on?   
    FFG Pres: Have we fixed the shipping issues? I don't want another load to end up impounded in Jakarta.
    FFG Employee: Yes sir! All fixed, new company looks great, even inspected the ship myself.
    Pres: Oh? How's it look? Is it going to be any faster than the previous?
    Employee: Oh yes sir, looks great, and you can just smell that diesel everywhere. The crew says she's the hottest running ship in the Pacific. Blazing fast!
    Pres: Perfect.
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