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  1. Now that’s a press coverage that no company wants. Dumping Star Wars stuff in the ocean.
  2. Every year I tell myself don’t but preorders never know if things we’ll go sour. Then every year books seem to be realeased on a regular bases then between the new and old year it happens again!! FF please stop playing my heart like this.
  3. Zuldan

    School Advances

    I asked this in another post but I’ll ask it here. The invocations(hmm probably cause I called it spells oopsie) do you get on one or all of the level you can buy at. Example let’s say it’s say fire rank 1 do ya get all level ones in fire invocation ? Then if it say earth levels 1-3 do ya get all of the level you pick and do ya have to get previous levels first?
  4. Zuldan

    Advantages Disadvantages

    On another thought. Buying spells. Does that apply to the entire level of a given element or is it one per spell
  5. Zuldan

    Advantages Disadvantages

    I been sick for the past 3 days. It’s been a hard reading experience. But any aid is helpful. What i I really meant by the old system however was that it was a point buy system. Pretty straight forward what one could get or not. Just have to use to where to find the information I need. Or come here when I get confused. And I got confused lol
  6. Zuldan

    Changing Schools?

    Would it work if the character started at rank 1 in the new school keeping the stuff from the old school but neither schools can reach level 6? Thus each new school drops the max level the character can have in one school by the amount of schools the have?
  7. Zuldan

    Advantages Disadvantages

    Thanks everyone it’s been very enlightening. So used to the aeg l5r
  8. Zuldan

    Advantages Disadvantages

    Hmm more reading then.
  9. Zuldan

    Advantages Disadvantages

    I can’t find it in the book least not in a way my brain can recognize it. I blame old age. How does one get advantages at character creation? Is it a one for one bases? Take two advantages now ya gotta take two disadvantages?
  10. I preordered when it was first announced. Pretty sick of there release dates. Great material just crappy service.
  11. Zuldan


    The sd is en route to a penal colony that resides within a asteroid field. Prisoners are being sold as slaves. The mysterious figure is a pirate captain of a local crew that harassess the empire on principle. The pirate is actually a rebel sympathizer and his ship is inbound to intercept the sd while it’s in the asteroids. To escape the captain has to trust the pc as those captured with him are shot one by one a possible traitor amoung his own.
  12. Think the closet would been the Arthurian base rpg called pendragon. least i used the rules for the time and worked out ok.