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  1. Considering after each use a stim loses its potency. Think it start at 5 so at the 3rd stim it heals only 2. At the 5th nothing. Also effects with the heal power. They don’t heal criticals. Even though it renews everyday I think could have it cause a dependency or addiction potential if used within a same week after use X amount of them. Or have it be a week before it renews it’s effectiveness.
  2. Just think with them being in every core book wouldn’t need them in another book. Make room for those that didn’t make any of the current books. Or add pictures of stuff that didn’t have pics.
  3. It’s a catch 22. On one end it’s redundant on the other they are just so iconic.
  4. Seriously?! Lol not really surprising. Are all of them in it, the tie’s? 8 at least I think.
  5. I agree. If anything wished the did less generic and added more named.
  6. Please tell me they didn’t put the ties in it. Except the defender or scimitar the iconic ones are too iconic already lol.
  7. does anyone know what vehicles and ships didn’t make it into the speeders and starships book? I mean out of the ships already stated out
  8. hope there not getting ready to introduce a Star Wars 2nd edition of the core books. And such. If anything they find ways to condense a core book and make a reference guide for finding crafting, bounties, making strongholds, etc.
  9. Sounds like a great place! And unfortunately too far for me. Flgs here stick mostly to dnd and even then the selection is usually lacking. Other rpgs are a novelty, core books only. And never sales. I’ve become very familiar with online buying lol.
  10. My flgs doesn’t sell Star Wars rpgs. Curious though what state is this place in?
  11. Wonder why miniature market hasn’t got any in yet. Noticed ff is all sold out before release lol
  12. I always thought it was kinda cute. And fit the rebels. Heavy fire power (going by eaw) and small for maneuvering and escape detection
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