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  1. My take on that is that it was the first attack action the figure was able to complete without having to skip it first. For instance, if the first action is to attack an opposing figure but there are no valid targets, you would skip to the next action in the list which most likely would be then to move towards the nearest hostile figure. You then start at the top of the list and go though it again...it may be that now the figure has a valid target. Of course, this would be the second action, so it's redundant at this point. But remember, in this case, "successfully resolved" really means "was not skipped". Maybe FFG will tighten up that verbiage. It's been a standard mechanic since Descent that enemy figures could only ever get one attack action per activation unless their special abilities specified otherwise.
  2. Yeah...one of the rumors that had been going around is that FFG could not release the IA app until they made a deal with EA since they technically have the rights to ALL Star Wars related digital "games"...(a companion app for an analog game would be a stretch of that definition at best).
  3. This is just like the Descent app (Road to Legends): There is a tutorial mission to teach how to play the game with the app and then a small "tutorial" campaign to tie us over until the first full sized campaign is released (which in the case of Road to Legend came about a month after the main app had been released). One of the nice things about Road to Legend (Descent App) is that, so far, FFG as released both of the full-sized campaigns (which have around 8-10 story quests with a bunch of random side quests in between) as free DLC. Only new types of game modes like Delve and Frostgate (which are more like challenge modes) have been paid DLC. It will be interesting to see what FFG does with the IA App. It would be nice if some of the already published campaigns were ported to the App, but so far FFG has seen the apps more as a tool to add new experiences to the game system. The last campaign released for Road to Legend was also the only one so far that required content from an expansion set. It will also be interesting to see if FFG will quicker to incorporate expansion matter faster than they have for Road to Legend. It might be easier as there is less expansion content for IA right now than there is for Descent. So, for instance, releasing a Legends of the Alliance campaign tied to a future IA expansion might make more sense (Descent seems pretty much "Complete" at this point with no indication that FFG is going to add any more expansions but IA still seem pretty "Fresh"...especially with the new movies coming out).
  4. This will be a day long remembered. Ok, that was obligatory. Anyway, I am sure that many (most?) of us have been waiting for the announcement for over two years now. As expected it appears very much along the lines of the Descent app (Road to Legends). Even the name is meant to link it to the previous app which is a nice touch. Of course, now there are a few more quesitons to be answered: 1. How long is "soon"? (We know from prior history that in FFG parlance, "soon" can mean anything from tomorrow to 6 months from now). 2. Will there be side quests? If there are (and there better be!) I am assuming it will work just like in the Descent app where the more expansions you have, the more side quests you have in your side quest "pool" to randomly pull from. This is how the base, non-app game works anyway. 3. And along with #2 above, what about personal character quests...those ones that unlock specific rewards for each player/character? This is sort of a core mechanic for character development in the base game and is one of the features that I think makes every campaign that much more fun. I am hoping that they have created personal side quests for each of the characters that pop-up during campaign play (so long as side quests is still a feature). Anyway, this can't get released soon enough. I have several players in my gaming group who have refused to play IA anymore until the App comes out because they don't like playing against me as the Imperial Player since I apparently make the game "too challenging." So I haven't been able to play the game for over a year and a half now because of this (even though I continue to collect all of the expansions as they come out...mostly in preparation for the release of this app).
  5. Anyone else curious about the campaign mode that the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion adds? Many of us came up with home-brew campaign rules for Arkham Horror, so it will be interesting to see how the "official" implementation works. the personal story mechanic that was introduced in AH also helped to facilitate better campaign play as well, so I am glad to see it being re-introduced in EH.
  6. This was one of the last WEG books I picked up and is still one of my favorites (next to Han Solo and the Corporate Sector). And this was long before KOTOR was a “thing”. By copy is still in prestine condition having hardly been used (but red cover to cover many times over).
  7. Yeah, I still have my nearly complete West End Game D6 Star Wars collection sitting on my shelf (or shelves rather). Including the books in this Aniverary release. To be honest, I find FFG’s iteration to be the best yet, but these books are invaluable for reference material (heck, the entire Star Wars EU and even much of the Canon stuff now days is built on them, with story group executive Pablo Hidalgo and Rebels show runner Dave Filoni both admitting that it was because of playing the WEG Star Wars RPG that got them their jobs at Lucasfilm ). Also, there are thousands of hours of adventures packed away in these tomes which translate with little effort to the modern system. Fun fact: my first WEG SW RPG book, and actually the book that got me into RPGs (even though it took me a while to release it was an RPG sourcebook) was the first edition Imperial Sourcebook. I found it in the gift store outside the Star Tours ride at Disney World during a visit in 1989 and begged my parents to buy it which they did but instantly regretted because I wouldn’t put it down for the rest of the trip. Arguably, it was this book that was ground zero for my continued love of Star Wars in general (this being the Dark Ages of Star Wars fandom). From there I continued to collect the rest of the books, many of them during Disney World or Disneyland trips because that was the only place I could find them (remember, this was pre World Wide Web so knowledge about game stores and such was limited. Especially to a 12 year old me). Anyway, nostalgia never gets old I gusss...
  8. Well, at the very least, maybe the proceeds from this expansion will fund the development of a new campaign that actually takes advantage of what the app can provide. That is, full voice over for all narrative text, true decision making with RP-like elements and a branching narrative where player choices have an impact on how the campaign progresses. Maybe some day....
  9. Pretty much what I expected it to be. The word "Trial" gave it away. Not as exciting as it could have been but new content is better than no content. And I also agree that at least one more physical expansion focusing on magic classes would be welcome.
  10. Yeah...just saw this. Dropped on Steam this morning. Apps for iOS generally get released on Thursday so maybe tomorrow we will get an official news release from FFG? Same sort of thing happened with the last Mansion of Madness DLC. Based on the name, I am guessing it is going to be another "progressive" crawl style DLC like "The Delve".
  11. This is pretty much where I am at. At this point, I am really looking at only purchasing expansions as they are cheaper (although barely) and expand the products I have already bought into. I have pretty much passed on all the major core products this year and that will probably be the case for the rest of this year and the foreseeable future.
  12. It’s just par for the course these days. Especially now that they have impleted a MAP policy (which pretty much everyone else is doing, see: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/37790/asmodee-north-america-moves-map). MAP policies are generally just a way to keep prices for goods artificially high. Asmodee is majority owned (80%) by Eurazeo who’s stated purpose (as explained on their website here: https://www.eurazeo.com/en/company/identity/vision/) is to target companies in niche markets and grow them by merging them with other companies in the same market segment until such time that they are deemed ready to be sold off (“exit”). So the fact that the price of FFGs games are rising faster than the rate of inflation is no surprise. It’s all part of the strategy to extract maximum profits while they still can. And we are also starting to see a drop in value of FFG games (such as the amount of content you get in a box these days...yes, looking at you Mansions of Madness 2nd ed.) vs their MSRP. But as long as customers are still willing to pay the price that ANA/FFG (and other publishers) set for their products they are of course going to keep pushing the price envelope upward for as long as the market will bear (and then some). For those who are defending ANA/FFGs continual price increases, I do have to ask, at what point would you consider a price “too high” vs the value of what you get from the product? In the case of TI 4th edition, would it be $175? $200? $250? More? I get that some people will place more value in a given game than another based on now much enjoyment they get from playing it, but if we look at just the physical content in the box alone, at want point would the price top out before it wasn’t worth the purchase?
  13. If you are interested in the Mythos theme, Arkham Horror is still worth having in your collection. Especially if you flesh it out with the expansion content...which is just as extensive as in EH. The scope of AH is obviously more focused than EH as it takes place in a single town(or two or three or four) while EH obviosuly spans the entire globe. In fact, it sits nicely between Monsions of Madness and EH as far as narrative scale. So if you have all three you can go from sneaking into a Hunted House, to Local Investigations around town to globetrotting epic adventure. On the other hand, if you are into EH mostly for the mechanics and gameplay, then you might just want to stick with it as it really does offer a more refined version of the AH gameplay.
  14. Yes, this year’s In Flight Report was a total let down. No Arkham file news what so ever and with the AH LCG and MoM product lines being so popular the omission seemed odd. Could be because they have revealed so much stuff on the website over the past few months that there really is nothing more to say (although that didn’t stop them being redundant with the other stuff they talked about). As for EH, I really don’t know where they would go from here. My wife and I played yesterday and by this point, having every expansion released thus far, there is so much content that if any more were added, it would start to get burdensome (those enormous condition and unique asset stacks being the prime example). So while I would love to say that I would like to see more expansions, to be honest, I could also say that at this point the product line is “complete” and there really isn’t much need for any more (much like how the original Arkham Horror game is now “complete”).
  15. Yeah. There were a lot of possible party actions that were left out by FFG. We just house-ruled them back in to make the expansion even more “co-op”y.