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  1. Sorry, I am not talking about the Holocaust and who was responsible or not responsible for it. That is outside the scope of this discussion. I am simply making a general comparison. The Waffen-SS (as opposed to the Allgemeine SS) was the military arm of fhe Nazi Political Party that participated dirececty in combat operations alongside the traditional German Military uniformed forces (aka Wehrmacht) and specifically the German Army (aka Heer). Initially all SS personnel had to meet certain standards (first and formost be a member of the NSDAP and be of Aryan descent) but these rules were relaxed over the course of the war. So, in GENERAL terms, the relationship of the Stormtrooper corps to the the rest of the Imperial Army in Star Wars can be seen as similar to the way the German Millitary functioned during WW2.
  2. I have always maintained and will continue to maintain within the RPG that the Stormtrooper Corps is an elite arm of the Imperial Military while the bulk of the Imperial Army and Navy is made up mostly of ordinary troopers who wear grey chest armor and helmets like the mudtroopers and AT-ST pilots (or black uniforms and helmets in the case of Imperial Navy Troopers). Think Nazi Germany’s Waffen-SS vs the Wehrmacht. One is a fanatical, paramilitary force of true-believers while the other is made up of average citizens who are just “putting in time/earning some coin” or where pressed into service. Solo was the first Movie/Show to depict a concept that was established by the WEG RPG back in the very beginning. On a side note, I loved the bit with the Imperial officer shouting patriotic slogans at the troops. Closest we have come to seeing a COMPNOR commissar on screen
  3. Yes, but that was back in the past. Those days are long gone never to return. I am speaking of recent history.
  4. Sorry, I didn't see any mention of it shipping in that thread. It looks like it was started back in February to discuss the original announcement.
  5. Per FFG's "Upcoming" page, Knights of Fate is already shipping with a release date of 6/21/18 ( https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ ). And yet Ciphers and Masks is still "lost in limbo" somewhere. I guess perhaps the rumors are true that FFG switched to a US based printer for their RPG products going forward. This is a new record for a Star Wars book going from announcement to being shipped (and so soon after Unlimited Power dropped).
  6. The ironic thing about this is that the turbo tanks were based on a vehicle described in the old WEG Imperial Sourcebook which was in turn derived from the concept art of an original “AT-AT”design (which I was pleasantly surprised to see show up in Rogue One again). Actually, about 80% of the material in that book is based on rejected concept art (along with much of the WEG stuff for that matter): torpedo spheres are based on Death Star concept art, COMPNOR troopers are based on Stormtrooper concept art, Victory Class Star Destroyer’s are based on ISD concept art, etc.
  7. My impression is that Coaxium isn't really fuel so much as a "chemical" that is used inside of Hyperdrives in order to enable whatever the magic process is that lets a ship slip between real space and hyperspace. As such, it doesn't get "used up' per se. It might wear out over time and need to be replaced (think transmission or brake fluid), but it's not something you have to constantly worry about unless you have an old ship that hasn't been serviced in a long time or the ship's engines took some damage and lost enough Coaxium (or whatever hypermatter is loaded) that it needs to be replaced before another hyperspace jump can be initiated. Also, Coaxium does not appear to be the only form of hypermatter that is available in the galaxy. It just happens to be the most common. Also Kessel is not the only place it is found. The new Canon says that Coaxium is produced by those "space whale" creatures and can be found pretty much anywhere that they are concentrated (which is typically near place with high gravitational fields....Kessel being obvious because it is surrounded by them). I look at engine fuel in Star Wars RPG the same way you look at blaster packs. We know that all forms of energy get "used up" over time and have to be replenished. But under normal circumstances, this process is so slow and mundane, that you don't need to account for it mechanically unless there are unusual circumstances (such as those mentioned above). Also, ships in Star Wars are still powered by a separate, dedicated power source, usually some type of fusion based reactor. Eventually these reactors will burn out and need have their fuel source replenished. So this is not a new concept.
  8. The Arrestor was indeed a failed Star Destroyer concept from way back in the day. The original concept artist that designed it said as much. Also, they were told that the ship would be in Solo but was later cut (and yeah, it's still there in the recruitment video). I was glad to see that the Imperial Army was finally shown to be made up of troopers other than Stormtroopers although apparently the new Canon says that Stormtroopers are slowing replacing all the other troops. The idea that Stormtroopers were an elite arm of the Empire with the vast majority of the Imperial Army being comprised of less heavily armored troops was always a staple of the RPG since the old WEG Imperial Sourcebook came out and is one that I have always stuck to throughout the years. It's cool to see Lucasfilm finally acknowledge this (if even for a brief moment)
  9. Otakuon

    Linking FFG Adventure Modules

    I frequently incorporate material from the pre-made adventures into my campaigns. You first need to come up with what the overall theme and goals are for your campaign and then modify the adventures to fit into that framework. Most of them are pretty flexible that it doesn't take much tweaking.
  10. Otakuon

    Assmodee Considers Its Worth

    It’s obvious that as far as FFG is concerned, for now, it’s business as usual. So there shouldnt’ be any consequences in the short run. The bigger question is, if Asmodee gets bought out by another company (the natural name floated is Hasbro), what changes will we see implemented. Consolidation of the various member studios? The cancelation of product lines? No changes at all? Also, how would a new owner affect licensor relations (although, if Hasbro were to be the eventual buyer, Star Wars should be safe as Disney already has a long term relationship with hem). Guess only time will tell.
  11. Well, with the new dynamic point system, that is all going to be fluid. The point "value" of a given ship will be left up to the whims of FFG and the tournament organizers. In some way, that is a good thing, I guess.
  12. Not sure if I am out yet, but there are two issues that are a sticking point to me: 1.) The ship allotments in the conversion kits don't seem to be all that logical and appear to be designed to force typical collectors to have to buy more than one kit just to have enough components to cover a few types of ships (only 2 sets of components each for the main Rebel ships?) This is especially an issue for people like me who prefer epic and scenario play over the standard "kill all enemy ships" tournament rules (which I find dull and uninteresting). 2.) The cost of the typical blister has gone up by $5. That is a significant increase especially as there doesn't appear to be any reciprocal increase in value. It's just a pure price hike. I am not sure why more people aren't talking about this point. It's a bigger issue to me than the cost of the conversion kits which appear to be fairly priced (while not fairly configured).
  13. Otakuon

    2.0: Are you in or are you out?

    As someone who only plays scenario based and epic games (or uses the models in the RPG or in my Imperial Assault super-campaign) this is going to be a hard choice. I like the changes, especially the addition of the app for more dynamic games, but the cost of $150 (well, hopefully Asmodee hasn’t completely screwed over online retailers come fall and the usual discounts can still be had) to upgrade barely a quarter of my collection is going to be a tough pill to swallow. To be honest, I am more peeved that the price of the standard blister has gone up from $15 to $20. That smacks of blatant cash grab-iness on the part of the Asmodee overlords (along with the bizarre ship allotments in the conversion kits which seemed designed to force many people to buy more than one each). Anyway, September is a long way off so I guess I have plenty of time to decide.
  14. Otakuon

    Lure of the Lost - High Res?

    Yeah, something I would like to know as the map is a little pixilated when blown up to useful sizes. Pitty they didn't post one.
  15. Otakuon

    Sanctum of Twilight: Got it!

    Mine is sitting in SL while I wait for other products to release. It’s a little disappointing to hear that at a $30 price point, not only has the box quality been degraded, but we only get a total of 4 minis and just a few bits of paper and cardboard. However, that seems par for the course with the MoM 2e product releases thus far and lines up with Asmodee’s continued drive to maximize profit margins at all costs. Anyway, I digress. Still looking forward to adding this one to the collection.