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  1. Otakuon


    Yeah, I was going to ask the exact same question. I reached out to a retailer and they said they didn't have any info either but that they would contact FFG and see where this is at. These sorts of things have a habit of just popping up unannounced in the stores. I have a huge order on hold waiting for this to drop, but if it is going to be a few weeks/months still, then I might just have them ship was I got now and send this later when it comes out.
  2. My gaming group has finally finished the Dunwich cycle after playing off and on since it first came out. In the meantime we have collected all of the subsequent cycles. Now we are wondering what the general consensus amongst the player base is when it comes to best practices for staring new cycles for the first time. When starting a new cycle (in this case Path to Carcossa), do you all generally pick from all investigators that you own or only the ones that were available at the time PtC first came out (so you exclude all the investigors from Forbidden Lore). Also, do you allow yourselves to build decks from every card that you own, or do you play more in a “legacy” format in which you only add the cards to your library from the scenarios as you “unlock” them? And finally, do most of you start new cycles with fresh decks and experience 0 investigations, or do most of you carry over your investigators from the previous cycle with all their accumulated cards, experience and trauma? I realize that ultimately it’s up to us to decide on how we want to play the game, but we are curious what the rest of you do when beginning a new cycle.
  3. Otakuon

    New California Still "On The Boat"?

    Exactly, they could have just said "Available now exclusively at GameStop, available at your local FLGS later this year".
  4. Otakuon

    New California Still "On The Boat"?

    Hum...I noticed that MM has had it listed as "New Arrival" for at least a week or two now. Not sure if that means they actually have it or if they jumped the gun. Still, very odd situation. Wish Asmodee/FFG would be more transparent with this stuff as it just causes customer confusion.
  5. I thought the expansion came out months ago. Why is it sill listed as "On the Boat" on the Upcoming page? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/
  6. Otakuon

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    I am thinking that if FFG still has new IA releases on the horizon and isn’t retiring the product line or replacing it with a new edition (this is FFG after all) I would think that the next release or the one after has to be Rouge One focused. I mean, that film was basically “Imperial Assualt: The Movie.” I would also think they would start diving into the ST material as well (although I would not be as excited about that).
  7. Otakuon

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Yeah, I find it odd that the Forgotten Age cycle is almost complete and we have not heard a peep about what is coming next (apart from double dips and one-offs). Up until now, FFG was keeping the schedule loaded so that there was at least one new mythos pack dropping every few weeks. Either they are slowing down the releases or are waiting for Arkham Nights to make a big announcement about what is coming next.
  8. Otakuon

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    Yeah, I saw that as well. The quality of FFGs products have really been going downhill since the Asmodee merger. But I guess that shouldn't be any surprise as now they have to cut costs to meet shareholder demands. They still produce great art/design, but what's the point if they are printed on cheap materials? Just part of Asmodee's continuing crusade to be the new Hasbro (or at least get bought out by them).
  9. Otakuon

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    Exactly. I mean, they released an entire campaign kit for Armada, why couldn't' they have done something like that for X-Wing? Plus, Armada has objective cards built into the core rules which actually make up part of the list building process and give each match a bit of unique "flavor" instead of just "line up on each end of the table and then kill all ships". This is why the impression that FFG gives is that X-Wing, especially now with 2.0, is purely a tournament game. When 1.0 dropped, it was clear that FFG had the intention of making it a game that would involve more complex objectives and a "narrative". But as the tournament scene took off, they, like many other miniature game publishers, dropped the focus on narrative play and instead chased after the tournament crowd. Sure, this is where the money is to be made, so I guess I can't blame them. But the rest of us who actually like scenario/narrative based play can't help but feel a little left out.
  10. Otakuon

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    That is the whole point of this discussion.. What is the reason for everyone to transition to 2.0 if it doesn't bring any major improvements to the way some of us already play it? There is no need to rush out and buy it just because it is "new". New doesn't always mean "better". I really don't get why so many people are so personally offended that some of us don't feel the need to jump to 2.0 right away and would rather take a wait and see approach, or, heaven forbid, never transition to 2.0 at all.
  11. Otakuon

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    Prior history of how FFG has operated and knowing that Epic play was always a niche part of the game line to begin with. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but only time will tell.
  12. Otakuon

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    Because it is clear FFG's intention is to make X-Wing (and most of their products these days) a purely tournament only/organized play sort of affair (or at least, every game should be played with the intention of eventual tournament play). I, and many others, just don't have any interest in this sort of thing. If FFG actually cared about other modes of play, such as scenario play, we would see more supplements that addressed this. But as it stands, the only focus is on supporting organized tournament play. I wouldn't be surprised if 2.0 is also used as an excuse to kill off epic play. Eventually, it comes down to, why would we support a product that doesn't really add much more value to the way we already play?
  13. Otakuon

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    I am still on the fence. As a 100% scenario/co-op player, there isn't a huge push for me to move to 2.0. I have a massive collection as it is, but since I don't play competitively I am not going to get AS much out of the new edition as a purely tournament player will. Still, I will probably pick up a core and the conversion kits when Amazon has them for bargain basement prices in a few months.
  14. Yes, the No Man’s Sky of board games.
  15. Otakuon

    Well, this was....sort of unexpected.

    There will probably be plenty of more Star Wars stuff to announce. And maybe Runebound/Terrinoth stuff. They usually save the “big reveal” for their inflight report.