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  1. This is pretty much where I am at. At this point, I am really looking at only purchasing expansions as they are cheaper (although barely) and expand the products I have already bought into. I have pretty much passed on all the major core products this year and that will probably be the case for the rest of this year and the foreseeable future.
  2. It’s just par for the course these days. Especially now that they have impleted a MAP policy (which pretty much everyone else is doing, see: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/37790/asmodee-north-america-moves-map). MAP policies are generally just a way to keep prices for goods artificially high. Asmodee is majority owned (80%) by Eurazeo who’s stated purpose (as explained on their website here: https://www.eurazeo.com/en/company/identity/vision/) is to target companies in niche markets and grow them by merging them with other companies in the same market segment until such time that they are deemed ready to be sold off (“exit”). So the fact that the price of FFGs games are rising faster than the rate of inflation is no surprise. It’s all part of the strategy to extract maximum profits while they still can. And we are also starting to see a drop in value of FFG games (such as the amount of content you get in a box these days...yes, looking at you Mansions of Madness 2nd ed.) vs their MSRP. But as long as customers are still willing to pay the price that ANA/FFG (and other publishers) set for their products they are of course going to keep pushing the price envelope upward for as long as the market will bear (and then some). For those who are defending ANA/FFGs continual price increases, I do have to ask, at what point would you consider a price “too high” vs the value of what you get from the product? In the case of TI 4th edition, would it be $175? $200? $250? More? I get that some people will place more value in a given game than another based on now much enjoyment they get from playing it, but if we look at just the physical content in the box alone, at want point would the price top out before it wasn’t worth the purchase?
  3. If you are interested in the Mythos theme, Arkham Horror is still worth having in your collection. Especially if you flesh it out with the expansion content...which is just as extensive as in EH. The scope of AH is obviously more focused than EH as it takes place in a single town(or two or three or four) while EH obviosuly spans the entire globe. In fact, it sits nicely between Monsions of Madness and EH as far as narrative scale. So if you have all three you can go from sneaking into a Hunted House, to Local Investigations around town to globetrotting epic adventure. On the other hand, if you are into EH mostly for the mechanics and gameplay, then you might just want to stick with it as it really does offer a more refined version of the AH gameplay.
  4. Yes, this year’s In Flight Report was a total let down. No Arkham file news what so ever and with the AH LCG and MoM product lines being so popular the omission seemed odd. Could be because they have revealed so much stuff on the website over the past few months that there really is nothing more to say (although that didn’t stop them being redundant with the other stuff they talked about). As for EH, I really don’t know where they would go from here. My wife and I played yesterday and by this point, having every expansion released thus far, there is so much content that if any more were added, it would start to get burdensome (those enormous condition and unique asset stacks being the prime example). So while I would love to say that I would like to see more expansions, to be honest, I could also say that at this point the product line is “complete” and there really isn’t much need for any more (much like how the original Arkham Horror game is now “complete”).
  5. Yeah. There were a lot of possible party actions that were left out by FFG. We just house-ruled them back in to make the expansion even more “co-op”y.
  6. Probably got stuck in Apple app review limbo. Apps are generally updated on Thursday. You can see the new DLC in the MoM app on iOS but you can’t purchase it yet. Just says “Unavailable.” Also, the app loads way slow now, even on a brand new 10.5” iPad Pro. So maybe thre is some other bug that is blocking. Oh well. I am sure it will be sorted out shortly.
  7. I am sure that a 3rd Edition would be the next step for Arkham Horror. That being said, the LCG has seemed to have filled this purpose for the time being. I wouldn't expect to see the 3rd edition of the Arkham Horror board game until the LCG has run it's course (which won't happen anytime soon).
  8. That's true too. Especially on Coruscant at this period in time. I could see this as being a great opportunity for FFG to tie in Rogue One related packs, such as Ando Cassian and K-SO or Director Krennic and his Death Troopers. Personally, when I run this campaign, I will make sure that only character that are time period appropriate will be available. Again, because I AM a stickler for continuity.
  9. Basically, I looked at each story and side mission in the campaign and determined which ones would accommodate an accompanying space combat scenario based on their mission briefing/debriefing (it ended up being almost all of them). I then wrote "hooks" to tie the x-wing scenarios into the preceding and/or succeeding mission. From here I created x-wing missions using the mission builder on this site based on these "hooks" and fleshed out the mission objectives, enemy composition, etc. The starting set up (such as number and type of enemies and/or starting position) for the x-wing or IA mission would changed based on the outcome of the connecting mission. Players could earn requisition points at the end of the x-wing missions that could be used to upgrade their ship(s) or purchase equipment. We played with all players in a single YT-2400 freighter fullfilling multiple roles (pilot, engineer and 2 gunners) and also some missions with each player having their own ship. Much like in IA each player got two actions. Both could be used to attack. Other actions could be to generate focus, (either for attacks or evasions), lock target, boost shields, repair damage, etc. using their attributes (strength, insight or tech based on the action being taken). Each success (surge) got them one focus each up to a maximum of 2 or allowed them to accomplish some other task. Some of the custom x-wing upgrade cards I made would boost these attributes to help make success more likely. Some of these x-wing missions, much like many IA missions, were races against time. There were a few that required the engineer to complete a series of astrogation checks to compute a hyperspace Jump while the other players worked together to keep the enemies at bay long enough to Jump away to safety. If there was a particular villain in a corresponding IA mission I always tried to work in their personal ship into the x-wing mission if it made sense (like IG88 with IG-2000, darth Vader with his TIE advanced, etc.). Some of my favorite missions were ones that made use of the epic ships, such as the Rebels having to escort a Rebel Transport or get past a Raider Corvette blocking their escape. I suppose at some point I should sit down and compile all this stuff into an unofficial IA/X-Wing hybrid rule set. Hum...
  10. I too am a sticker for continuity. But as this is a game, having "what if" scenarios should not be out of the question. I mean, Maul vs Luke or Ashoka vs the Grand Inquisitor...why not?
  11. So it would seem. Fitting for the Sith indeed. Always striking just when you thought they were done for good...
  12. My group and I played a whole campaign where many of the missions had an X-Wing game between them. I created a whole campaign version of X-Wing where the players could upgrade their ship and equip it with upgrades from both X-Wing and custom made ones (created in SE). Plus, they were able to use their characters' skills to influence their piloting, gunnery, repair, etc. Each X-Wing mission was tied into the preceding and/or following IA mission and the results of one affected the other. It was mostly a beta test, but I think with some tweaking, it's a system that could be used during any IA campaign to add that extra "Star Wars" feel.
  13. FFG is a day late to the May 4th party but I will take it. Surprised that this isn't an Endor expansion as that made the most sense given their previous release schedule. That being said, Couruscant is my favorite setting in Star Wars so I am looking forward to this big time. Also interesting to note that they broke their small box - big box expansion cycle (The MSRP is $60, which is the same as Jabba's Realm). Not that I am complaining. 16 more story missions is always welcomed. Now we just need that App....
  14. Was just about to point this out. Kinda cool that a ship that FFG made up made it into another Star Wars product. Good to see Lucasfilm is still letting the the synergy happen. Full reveal video in case anyone missed it:
  15. Yes, keep in mind that the initial print runs for the entire product line up to this point were already ordered and produced before the core set even hit store shelves. So there was nothing FFG could do to change the situation. What they can do, and are doing, is producing reprints and pushing them to the front of the priority queue. This is why we already see the Dunwich box and Miskatonic reprints on the boat and due to hit stores shortly. Normally, FFG doesn't produce reprints for LCG products until after the initial run of a cycle completes. So it is evident they are aware of the situation and trying to rectify it.