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  1. I see it is finally in stock at the place where I pre-ordered it from. Slowest. Boat. EVER!
  2. Yeah I saw that. We all knew that there were going to be plenty of expansions coming (surprising it took them this long), but this is an interesting tease.
  3. Considering it is shipping now, I guess it will be on Shelves in about two weeks (maybe next week even considering how behind FFG seems to have been in updating its progress). EDIT: Anyone else notice that FFG quietly stopped putting the release date on new items that are in the "Now Shipping" status? Lame...
  4. I don't get it. It was "In Development" for months, skipped the "At the Printers" stage, was "On the Boat" for two days and is now Shipping. That was one fast printer and boat!
  5. And now it is shipping. That was the fastest boat ever.
  6. Well, it's finally out of development and is on it's way from over the ocean. Funny that it completely skipped the "At the Printer" step but this seems to be a common occurrence these days (and based on all the preview vids that have been posted, it's clear that it was sent to the printers long ago). Anyway, should be just a month or two before we see it in stores.
  7. Now I see the LotR mat is already out. But not this mat. The one mat that actually has a USEFUL purpose for the game it goes with. Something must of gone wrong in the production pipeline and for whatever reason, Asmodee/FFG is not letting us know this.
  8. You can still find some of the sets floating around out in the wild. Some for pretty cheap actually. I was at a local game store and they still had vaults, Omens of War and a couple of the boxed adventures. Keep checking eBay are there are generally lots of listings on there, too.
  9. Personally, I don't really see a need for a completely new edition right now. The basic 2e mechanics are pretty solid, especially with respect to the the classic version played with an Overlord. As for the co-op/app side of things, the enemy AI should be pretty easy to tighten up in the app without needing to publish new physical content. I would prefer to see more PoD packs like the recently announced Lost Legends that give us more options for the characters. As for Runebound/Terrinoth in general, I don't think all hope is lost. As much as I appreciate the setting, LotR is obviously going to have wider recognition so it will get some priority (FFG also needs to make good on its licensing). It doesn't surprise me that the Runebound Miniatures game was a non-starter. Could have predicted that from the moment they announced it. Tabletop miniature games is a crowded field and has always been a niche-among-a-niche market. Even FFGs other miniature games, other than X-Wing, have had a rocky go at it, and it was going to be doubly hard to make a miniature tabletop game based on a virtually unknown setting successful. But let's not forget that Heroes of Terrinoth just came out which re-implements the great mechanics of their Warhammer Quest Adventure Card game except without the hang-up of a licence that could (and did) go away. I hope to see lots more expansions for this product in the near term and it could be that this is where FFG will put a lot of their Terrinoth resources for right now. In a way, HoT is a bit like Descent/Runebound Lite, much like the WQACG was Warhammer Quest "lite". Still a very fun game to play though. That said, I would like to see a few more expansions for Runebound. The last one that added co-op play was much welcomed, but a few more of the small pack expansions with new scenarios would be appreciated. But going back to Descent. Right now I think the app is where the best possible potential for growth will be. I would like to see them create more campaigns/scenarios that take a wider portion of the expansions into consideration. Doing so might also provide motivation for fans of the app to go out an purchase these expansions if they haven't already. There is so much physical content for Descent 2e right now that it will take FFG awhile to exhaust utilizing it all in the app.
  10. MM and other Online retailers have it listed now.
  11. To be honest, this is pretty much exactly what I was looking for with respect to what additional expansions for Descent could entail. We already have a huge variety of heroes, monsters and tiles (although a few more urban tiles and ones with different biomes besides underground/grasslands wouldn't hurt). Really, the only area I wanted more variety was with the class decks. I hope that this won't be the only one and they will release several more PoD decks to fill int eh gaps. This combined with more content in the Road to Legends app means Descent is far from over.
  12. Yes, seems much inspired by Firefly, but of course Firefly was inspired by Star Wars, so I guess it's kind of like coming full circle. Also getting vibes of Merchants & Marauders and Xia from this as well. Not bad things. I have been looking forward to a good sandboxy Star Wars board game. Hopefully this will scratch that itch.
  13. Yeah, I was going to ask the exact same question. I reached out to a retailer and they said they didn't have any info either but that they would contact FFG and see where this is at. These sorts of things have a habit of just popping up unannounced in the stores. I have a huge order on hold waiting for this to drop, but if it is going to be a few weeks/months still, then I might just have them ship was I got now and send this later when it comes out.
  14. My gaming group has finally finished the Dunwich cycle after playing off and on since it first came out. In the meantime we have collected all of the subsequent cycles. Now we are wondering what the general consensus amongst the player base is when it comes to best practices for staring new cycles for the first time. When starting a new cycle (in this case Path to Carcossa), do you all generally pick from all investigators that you own or only the ones that were available at the time PtC first came out (so you exclude all the investigors from Forbidden Lore). Also, do you allow yourselves to build decks from every card that you own, or do you play more in a “legacy” format in which you only add the cards to your library from the scenarios as you “unlock” them? And finally, do most of you start new cycles with fresh decks and experience 0 investigations, or do most of you carry over your investigators from the previous cycle with all their accumulated cards, experience and trauma? I realize that ultimately it’s up to us to decide on how we want to play the game, but we are curious what the rest of you do when beginning a new cycle.
  15. Exactly, they could have just said "Available now exclusively at GameStop, available at your local FLGS later this year".
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