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  1. Hi El, An enjoyable and detailed write-up! Thanks for the share, great stuff! 😁
  2. Hi Friends, I've posted the next entry in our (weekly) play-through series. You can find the video here: LINK Hope you enjoy! -Matt- p.s Our group enjoys exploring new and creative lists and tends to shy away from meta play.
  3. Fantastic blog post! Really appreciate the inclusion of photographs. Cheers!
  4. Hi there, Just started to post weekly videos and wanted to share with the the FFG family. I play at my local shop and started to film matches in order to build up the community there. Heroes of X-Wing - Week 1 Hope you enjoy, -Matt-
  5. palim17


    Ten Numb is a blast to fly! I used him with hlc, predator and fcs.. He was awesome hunting a decimator. And, as previously said, the 1 talon is amazing!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! I'm curious to see how the Falcon will play out, and whether it will be a ship that gets a quick points adjustment should it be too dominant.
  7. Hey friends, Do we know that the Falcon will be able to take engine upgrade? I thought that they were looking to limit its use... ?
  8. Yowza... An epic battle against Shubbie... I managed to win with 6 left on the doom track. I used Silas, Jaqueline, Leo and Charlie. Yib and the Tic-Tock men both made an appearance, but were sent back from whence they came. Monsters out of hand by the end as I just went for broke on the final mystery. I feel like I just got off of a roller coaster...of EMOTION! Notable cards that contributed to my victory: Agency Quarantine and an 11th hour appearance of the shotgun. Wolfgar,I'm pullin' for you man.
  9. Hang in there!!! Its probably a bit more to do with luck than anything else. When the rolls go your way, you'll win I bet. From what you've said, your strategy seems fine. Do you have the new expansion? Maybe that will be the change you need!
  10. I feel your pain Wolfgar! I find that I'm more likely to lose when I get really awful monster pulls, and this is why I've never beaten Shubby either. Akachi, Mark, Jaquline, Silas may be my next team to try for a win against her.
  11. I agree with the two of you. My general rule when playing is to go with an interpretation of the rules that makes the game more difficult to win! hehe.
  12. I Really enjoy the HWK as well, I'm so glad that you started this thread! Your Kyle build is tres cool and I'm gonna give it a whirl. Two configs that I've been playing with (1 and 1a): 1) Jan and The Boys: Jan Ors Chewie, Adrenaline Rush, Ion Turret B-Wing (Blue Squad) x2 FCS A-Wing (Prototype) I like this one as Jan is able to support with Ion and turn any squad-mate into a heavy hitter. Chewie keeps her alive long enough to be effective and A.R is there for emergencies. The A-Wing is able to flank and hit hard when needed thanks to Jan, while the B's protect her. Creeping ahead with a 4 dice shot is kinda fun, and FCS is a great boon to maximize the extra dice available. 1A) Jan and the B-Boyz: Jan Ors Chewie, Ion Turret B-Wing (Blue Squadron) x3 This one has a similar vibe, but is more durable. On the downside, there is a bit less variety and no flanking. Thoughts are most welcome!
  13. When making a dramatic K-Turn to provoke a joust-type showdown: "It'll be just like Beggar's Canyon back home!"
  14. palim17

    Micro swarm

    I tried: Soontir with hull upgrade and PTL Turr with hull and marksman Kanos Academy tie I tried hull over stealth since hull is guaranteed to work, but I see the value of stealth as well! It was a fun list... I went 1-1
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