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  1. My plan is that the cult should have bigger plans than just this under water mine. This is just a factory for making Soul Grinders. Than they should be shipped to another planet where they have planned a bigger revolution. But the acolytes will hopefully stop this production. Of course I want the soul Grinder to be bigger than a tank. This should not be a fair fight. It should be more like - run or die. It should just be there to scare them and destroy the mine because its get mad. And to follow the acolytes up in the elevator when they are chasing the cultist big boss. Here is a pic of a soul grinder compared to some guardsmen http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=cat440204a&pIndex=3&aId=6800021a&start=4
  2. Hey again! I like the idea of the blood dripping with more and more intense sound the more killing take place. I want the acolytes to see the machine before it get possessed by the deamon so a acolyte with some lore of tech or tech-use could be able to tell that this machine can be able to both walk and move like a submarine under water. Of course after a successful test. I should just describe it lika a machine with powerful arms, legs and claws and turbines. But they should see it so late that they cant stop the summoning of the deamon. Another thing is that i want all the old guards in the mine to have been replaced by new ones. All but one. The new ones it from the cult. The one they have missed I want to be an important part in the adventure. He escaped the replacement by pretending to be a miner and then made it out of the mine and into an crashed submarine outside of the complex. The submarine should just be imobilised so it cannot move but all the air filtering and life supporting mechanisms should work fine. After some investigation and some gathering of rumors in the mine the acolytes can find out about the guard who has escaped. The Tavern should be a good place to look in because its there the miners take a drink after some hard days work. So they can go back to the inquisitor insider. That is the mine worker that the inquisitor has conntact with. He let the acolytes out from the air shaft again to swim out to the imobilised submarine. And it is in that swim tour i want the sabotaged rebreathers to take place. When they reach the guard he can tell them about the cult and how they have taken the old guards as a sacrifice to the chaos gods. When they later come back into the mine I start to think if the miner should have been killed just to make an example of what the cult is capable of. To try and scare the acolytes. So maybe the acolytes cant get into the air shaft this time and have to turn back to the guard. The guard in his turn tells them of the sewers exit and gives them a map over the sewer system. So they have to swim in real dirty water but they will get back into the mine and even inte the well guarded fortress of the cult. what do you guys think of that?
  3. Thanks for all the advises! I should start to write a plot for the adventure soon and I will post it here so you could see it and give more advises. Thanks Gregorius21778 for the link to the Brozen Malifect. I had the pdf before but a major malfunction in my computer forced me to format it. But now I have it again. This is an amasing monster but I think I will just use the stats and make it even worse. I think of an Soul Grinder that is an amfibie machine. It should not just be able to walk because it would just be stuck on the bottom of the sea. It should also be able to work as an submarine with scary arms. Thanks also to Adam France for your text about spectoris. I haven´t had time to read it yet but I soon will to get mor inspiration. If you have more ideas just give it to me.
  4. I think of the mine as something that is actually in work but suddenly have stopped delivering materials to the imperium. The cult has taken the leadership of both the spaceport and the mine. The cult leaders could have come from another planet. The workers in the mine still think that they are doing their work and getting metal. But the truth is that the metal is getting to an isolated room where the cult is building an Soul Grinder (Deamon engine). Is the rules for those in any book? This one could be the monster in the final scene because it is to powerful for the acolytes to beat in combat and it is strong enough to break the walls to hold out the water. I still like your ideas about the cult name Circle of Distans Echoes and the silent summoning room. The room can be the isolated room where they are building the metal machine for the deamon they are going to summon. I like how this adventure takes form by the disscusions here. So please, give me more of your ideas. Got a new one from Kasatka just now when I sould post my message so I had to read that one also. My PCs are just level 3-4 at this point i think so your adventure will be to much for them I think but your ideas are great. I will use your list of equipment in the end of your message. That seams to be logic and fun. If I can make it a big campaign maybe i will use the rest also.
  5. I just got Dark Heresy rulebook and GM kit. I can borrow Inquisitors handbook from my gaming club. Is the dimensional shadow in DotdG? I have not decided about the cult. It is still in a brain storming phase. But i like the mysical feeling about cultists. maybe some of you can come up with other interesting enemies. I like mutants also. Thanks again Gregorius21778 for your many ideas. Maybe I should write you as an source of inspiration in the adventure I like your idea about the sabotage on the acolytes equipment. I think this can take part a bit into the adventure when they should go out of an airwent to invesigate something outside of the mine or in some waterfilled mine shaft. When they swim down to the complex seams to early because that will make the suspicions go back to the pilot or some other in the inquistors personal. Maybe i go with that later but if thats the case I think I would make this to more than just an adventure. Make it to a whole campaign with conspiracies to other planets and stuff. More work but it can also be interesting.
  6. You are really giving me wonderful ideas. So please keep up the good work. This is some thoughts about the ideas you have given me. First the ideas from Gregorius21778 with an airtoll and laws against strong firearms: I think like this: An underwater mine that have made a riot as I mentioned earlier. Its a chaos cult behind it. The mine is self-supporting with a mechanism that makes oxygen from the carbon dioxide in the water in the same way as fish breathes. So there wont be a airpipe up to the surface. The laws against firearms is a realistic feature but it slows down the action part. So because the acolytes dont know what they are up to they swim down with their weapons and is let in by the inquisitors inside contact on the planet. He does only know that there is something wrong but not what it is. So in that way they can come into the mine with their weapons. I also love your idea about the big fish just as a scary thing when the acolytes swim down to the mine. Did not think of that myself but its really great. Polaria suggested the feeling of a WWII-submarine but I want something more like a big glass formation like in the simpsons movie. Outside the sould be something like the australian coral reef at night. Maybe even some illuminating plants or fish. Beautiful but still dangerous because you cant breath in it. Mephs idea about kraken and Polarias about the elevator is also great but I want to give them a little makeover. Instead of a kraken I want the cult to summon a powerful deamon when they realise that they have lost. It should not be a greater deamon or a lesser but something in between. Maybe a Beast of Nurgle. It should be strong enough to smash the glass to keep the water outside so that it will be a flooding. My first idea was just that the deamon (who does not need air to live) is chasing the acolytes that will swim for their life to the surface. But now Polaria gave me the briliant idea of the elevator and ladder chase. If they react fat enough they can take up the chase after the big boss cult leader who is running/climbing towards the surface spaceport which is also controlled by the cult. It is well guarded from airstrikes but not so well from acolytes coming from behing. If the acolytes takes to much time on them they will have to swim up to the surface to be picked up by their own space craft and to take up the chase of the big boss on another planet. Another thing in the adventure is that i want the acolytes to risk radiation damage from the warp portal that they see when the cult is summoning the deamon. I want them to risk getting mutations. what do you think? Give me more ideas
  7. Thanks for the great ideas you give me! Right now im thinking of something like an under water mining complex that has stop to pay their polls to the imperium. It is a chaos cult that has started an revolution that they will find out later. The acolytes is sent there to investigate the problem under cover. They arrive to the planet in a stealth plane. They have to jump from the plane like James Bond in Tomorrow never dies. This is just to avoid being detected. After that they have to swim with rebreathers down under water and into an airlock that another under cover acolyte(NPC) is guarding. What do you guys think of that start? Also to Kasatka: I would love to hear about the rest of your Deathwatch adventure and more about your water world.
  8. Thanks a lot! Both planets seem real cool and exciting to make up an adventure in. Is there any book there I can read more obout these? Has anyone played or led a game in simular environment? It would be fun to hear some advises!
  9. I´ve just got a thought about a campaign or an adventure to be played in an "under water"-city like the in Star Wars but with Humans in it instead of Jar-Jars. It should be covered with some sort of thick glass and there should be smaller pipes for transports to a surface spaceport or the mines outside of the city. In those pipes or near the wall it should be dangerous to fire arms. Specially explosives. It should be some chance that the glass is breaking and water is coming in. I havent thougth of the plot of the campaign yet but maybe you can say what you think of the idea and maybe you have some new ones to share.
  10. I must say I am sceptic to use the mix of human/machines/deamons or whatever they are from codex space marines. Oliterators are the weakest of fhose and an obliterator would anyway make garbage of every DH-band I know of. And what a Defiler would do we should not even discuss here. But some mixture of a regular human, a servitor, tech priest and deamon would make a good opponent I think.
  11. I would like to try Dark Heresy online. Its a really great idea. I just bought the book and have just played it a few times. But just as a GM and i would like to try it as a player to get good ideas. So if someone is running a game and need a new member, just tell me. But not games with to much rollpalying. I need food for my killing list
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