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  1. Any advice for this adventure? My attempts have not been good against it, and right now it feels like the stupidest ******* part of the game. It's so frustrating I wish I could delete it from the app. Most times, if it pops up in the first half of the game I can't get what I need to overcome it in time. Makes me want to throw my phone.
  2. I didn't mind the proxy stuff as this is only a $10 booster pack, but 2 things disappointed me: 1) The 4 "new" weapon cards are just 4 more scorcher cards…really? No retro, no digger, no sawed-off? 2) No new COG characters. It would have made sense to even have Kimh from Gears 1 as a new playable character considering these missions revolve around RAAM. Haven't played the missions yets, so I cannot comment on if they are good or not, but on the surface I'm a little let down. They better put out a legit expansion soon…
  3. McRae

    House Rules

    Just a few house rules we use, thought I'd share: 1) The Aqualung can be used to spend a turn in flooded rooms. Just like the rules for being outside the sub, if by the end of your next turn you are still in a flooded room, you kick the bucket. 2) The Harpoon can be used in combat with the Crazed Gnomes variant, just like the crowbar. It gives a +1 bonus to your attack roll. 3) You can choose to low-flood a room connected to an exterior hatch if you are coming in from outside the sub. 4) When resolving Fire, if the roll lands on a room already on fire, treat it as a Fire Spreads card. 5) When resolving a Fire Spreads and there are no fires in play, treat it as a Fire card.
  4. Well, I know when you chainsaw a lambent in the video games, you kick them away before they explode. Perhaps you could make a house rule to replicate this: -If one omen is rolled, the chainsaw attack works as normally indicated -If two or more omens are rolled, the COG kicks the lambent away, dealing no extra wounds to COG figures Just a thought
  5. Yes, only on the abilities that have a "once per attack" limit. So the first omen triggers the special ability, the remaining omens can be re-rolled one time.
  6. Setup needs to be faster, and less pieces would be nice too. I didn't like all the small board pieces from 1e; I don't care if the master hallway has a breakfast nook tyvm. Also, the large number of tokens were cumbersome. My friends and I just ended up using paper or dice to keep track of health, stamina, stun, poison, etc.
  7. Does anybody have any advice for beating China Shop? It has by far been the hardest mission for me and my friends. I beat it in two player mode, but have yet to win in three player mode. Help!
  8. Just curious if anybody else does this, the group I play with house-ruled that on attacks where multiple omens do nothing (e.g., bolo grenade, hammerburst) the extra omens can be rerolled one time. So if you overkill with the hammerburst and get 1 hit and 2 omens, that would be 3 total hits plus one reroll. Does anybody else have a house rule for this? We hate feeling so lame rolling all omens, especially on the shotgun.
  9. You said that overkill attacks are almost mandatory. Just curious, what is you/your group's play style? I only really play with the same 3 people, so we tend to stick to our habits. We don't really use overkill unless we need it on a guard action to ensure an enemy dies. Other than that, try to stick to normal attacks or chainsaw. Is this why we die alot?
  10. While your observations are definitely correct, there are also some other aspects to a 4 player game that provides balance to the things you mentioned. 1) More players means less ammunition to go around. Yes, each player will receive less ammunition from locations, but you can always pick up ammunition from defeated enemies. Even if this means that not every player will have a plethora of tokens, the amount of ammunition is static; i.e. in a 2 player game of Map X, the location will grant 3 tokens, or 3 overkill attacks. In a 4 player game, not everyone will get extra ammo, but the team will still receive 3 overkill attacks. Also, extra players don't just do overkill attacks; extra players means extra normal attacks, extra guard actions, etc. 2) More players means more AI cards occuring before your turn. Yes, the enemy gets more actions, but your team does too. Plus, even if there are more locusts attacking, there are also more COGs present to soak up the damage. Another thing I thought of is that there are a couple of cards that are better or less harmful with more players. I don't have my game in front of me, but there is an order card that lets each COG in cover draw a card. That effect becomes more helpful with more players. There is also the AI card that spawns one of each type of locust. That is much more difficult for 2 players to deal with than 4 players. Those are just a couple that I can think of right now, there are a few more.
  11. Of course, all of this goes out the window once you get a cylon or two in there
  12. President - Tori: Lets you play quorum cards and keep your skill card count high. Admiral - Cain: Blind Jump is amazing if you are human, and her split draw is nice and versatile. CAG - Starbuck: 2 actions in space is very good, plus her split draw for engineering in a pinch Extra - Gaeta: FTL reroll is nice and with this group there will usually be a strategic planning to add. His split draw is also useful, plus his engineering. Extra - Cally: Nice mix of skill cards, her Quick Fix is very useful, and her OPG is great if you know who the cylon is for sure.
  13. How we deal with new players is we play a round without loyalty cards at all. During this round, every player's turn we discuss what actions each person could take if they were a human or if they were a cylon. For each crisis, we do the same. Once we have gone around one time like that, loyalty cards are dealt out like normal.
  14. Well, I have only played with the Pegasus expansion maybe 5 or 6 times, but I think it's a good expansion. Is it flawed? Sure there are some flaws, but no more so than any game is flawed (every game has quirks and/or overlooked rules that need addressing). Treachery cards: I like the treachery cards. True, having a maximum value of 3 makes them a little weak when it comes to how much they hurt a skill check, but nothing (save Airlock) benefits from treachery, so the fact that they always hurt is nice. Also, I do agree that their abilities can be very situational, but the game is already slanted towards cylons anyway, and nothing about the treachery cards HELP the humans, so I'm fine with them being just "ok". Pegasus: I do agree that Main Batteries is awesome and so is the CIC, but they do have the chance of doing more harm than good. Somebody said that these are better than using a pilot and his piloting cards. I think it is fine because 1) you have to use cards anyway if you want to avoid damaging friendly ships with Main Batteries; the same goes for the CIC, where even with a Strategic Planning, you can damage the Pegasus by mistake, with a 25% chance of blowing yourself up hehe (higher chance if the Pegasus is already damaged). As for the Airlock, we have yet to use it that much, so I can't really comment. The Engine Room we have found to be very useful. Some people say it is a waste, but it goes with the theme of the ship: high risk, high reward. Sure you are tossing 2 cards away, but it sure is nice when you force that Cylon attack card to have a jump symbol on it Also, it is much more useful in 5-6 player games; in the bigger games it is a little bit easier to part with 2 cards if you know more people can pick up the slack. Super Crises: True, not all of them are "holy crap!" like the originals, but with the revised Cylon locations, cylon players can draw more than 1. That to me is pretty nice. New Caprica: Only had a chance to play it once, so I can't say much. Cylon Leaders: Somebody mentioned that in their games they tank a resource on purpose at the beginning of the game to ensure that the sympathizer is human. Why not just play with a Cylon leader instead? I've played the cylon leader most of the times I played with Pegasus, and I don't think the agendas are as impossible as people make them out to be, they just require a much different strategy and lot more conning the other players hehe. Cain: Awesome. Overpowered? Not sure. Her regular ability is pretty lame, and her OPG, as cool as it is, doesn't let you choose a destination, which can hose you (which it has before). Kat: Awesome. Her regular ability is great, and somebody said her OPG was weak, but I think it's fine. She can destroy a bunch of ships if she really needs to, and it has a little bonus if you're a hidden cylon (just Critical Situation, Sacrifice, reveal). Her downside is pretty annoying, but it's workable and understandable considering her downside. In our plays with her, she's been great, though not overpowered (giving up a 5 card is fair to avoid a roll). Dualla: Great, but not as good as the other two. Her skill draw is very nice. Communications is very very situational, and it will probably be better with Exodus. As it stands now though, it may only be used once or twice a game, if that. Her OPG is nice, it can be handy to overcome a rough crisis where you can't normally access those cards, or to supplement your hand if you have to spend alot of cards. It is also fun to use as a hidden cylon to screw up a skill check (draw 3 helpful cards, then dump in bad ones). Her flaw isn't as bad as it seems to be. Overall? It does not have enough flaws to say it is a bad purchase. Some of the stuff like treachery and super crises seem a little weak, but they aren't useless. The new characters are cool. If nothing else, you get a bunch of new crises, some new loyalty and skill cards. Both the Pegasus and New Caprica are completely optional, which in my opinion is a plus. They included a bunch of stuff, some of it appeals to people, other parts don't, and you get to pick and choose what you want to play with. I have had fun with it, so that's enough for me.
  15. Rikimaru: Ok so I think you're saying Fear X is too much . To revise further: A: While he is dodging, he gains Fear 1 (MAYBE 2 if other things are balanced out, such as life max etc.). OR B: While dodging, he may spend 1 fatigue to discard it and move spaces equal to his speed. OR C: If an attack misses him while he is dodging, he may move 2 spaces. Mitsune: So right now it seems that it's just a matter of flavor preference; I guess I'll just have to playtest him and see how he does. That said, the curse thing brings a dishonor system to mind that could be implemented, such as doing certain actions costs him honor while other actions restore it etc. but that might end up being too complicated. Flint: Thank you for the further clarification. To follow your logic (which is sound and I agree with now that you have explained) his ability should be tweaked to make it more accessible in case one handed weapons are not drawn, correct? A: May exhaust a melee weapon to negate 2 damage just like a shield. Advantage still goes to dual wielding because he can negate twice as opposed to a 2h weapons 1, but his ability still has some function if he HAS to use a 2 hander. B: Dual wielding a 1h ranged weapon and a 1h melee weapon confers the dual wield bonus to the ranged weapon. Maybe still allow the melee weapon to negate damage. C: Can use shield as weapons (1red 1 yellow or something like that) and function with 1h weapons for dual wielding purposes. Again thanks for all the feedback, and please anybody else who is reading this say what you think, even if it's "sounds fine" or "not so hot". This is no way an insult to those who have been posting, just having more voices helps the brainstorming process!
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