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  1. I have always wondered why ffg did not make a modular board for Runebound. It creates so many possibilities of expansions that the head is small. And if it is already (if there will be) an add-on which will add a new board to the stand board and will play on a completely new area. And so you could add a map with 5-6 tiles and play even better.
  2. kowal85

    Any news about new addons?

    Dzięki Julia :), myślałem że ffg bardziej dba o graczy. Myliłem się. Thanks Julia , a thought the ffg caress more about a players. I was wrong
  3. kowal85

    Any news about new addons?

    FFG any reaction from Your side ?, in a future be some made expansion for Runebound 3 ?
  4. Learn Polish language every word has 200 posibility of meaning ^^ Or even more hehe, try it
  5. kowal85


    When be announced first expansion :) ?
  6. kowal85

    Any news about new addons?

    Such a great game is out ?
  7. Thanks Crusaderlordfor Your work to happy WQ players , You think about players not like FFG...
  8. kowal85


    Something in the air ? New Expansions for WQACG ? First Expansion I mean.
  9. kowal85

    Original box.... Or options

    Maybe You try this box ? http://allegro.pl/duze-pudelko-drewniane-skrzynia-skrzynka-decoupage-i5108815027.html, in future i buy and I try to do something usefull with this box.
  10. kowal85


    We may hope, the stars are rights
  11. kowal85

    On the Boat!

    Give me a Warhammer Quest :-)
  12. Fotonurth said: My first solo game? I lost horridly. My first co op game. We won. then we did custom decks and decided to do the last quest. Lost horribly. Don't expect more,by playing only with Core Set. New Adventure Packs, give more new possibilities and new option for our decks First AP i think, be released in first day of june
  13. sputang said: Guilty. I keep scrounging for a scrap of a preview or teaser for new cards. Me too... I look few times in a day on FFG site, and observe upcoming releases ^^
  14. I think the game will disappear from store shelves, at the latest, no more than month :-) In Poland I get a mail with massage, Galakta's sends the game today, but we must wait to monday, probably Geez i can't wait, when postman comes to my house...
  15. kowal85

    Interview with John Goodenough at Talisman Island

    8janek8 said: talismanisland said: Received via email: "Hi. I would like to know, why international Talisman expansions must be released half year later than in Great Britain? Would be possible to make one release date for all of countries, so if Reaper was released before Christmas, even Pole or Russian will be able to play it in Christmas as well?" I am voting in favour of this question! I vote too, for this idea ! Some Campaing mode, be good for This game Or some new card, like "Quest card", in posiotion like plot card in "Game of Thrones" LCG.