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  1. 21st Skerry Pioneers ‘The Privateers’ Home-world: Skerry/Agri World/Pacificus Segmentum Military Speciality: Aquatic Mechanised Assault Commanding Officer: Sealord Commander Archibald 'Archie' Huddsucker History/Summary: The people of the ragged broken inclement lands of Skerry are almost as rough and inhospitable. The lands are almost without exception small with mountainous interiors separated by wide seas. The many nations are excellent sea-men, fisher, traders, pirates and conquerors. The nations have a warlike history of attacking one another and preying on their villages and sea trade. Those that aren't part of the violent naval nations often form violent pirate bands. They use large sail ships and since return to the Imperial fold gunpowder weapons have been whole heartedly embraced, although only their navel technology seemed to show any sign of improvement. These vicious cut-throats are sent off to sail the great dark sea between the stars looking for new plunder and conquests. Despite their lowly upbringing they take to learning when it allows them to operate more and more devastating weaponry and ships. Those rare heroes that return to Skerry with vast wealth and power, such as the current Governor, King Bernard Van Dyk, have inspired many to volunteer for the Guard. Equipment and Training: While PDF forces form island garrisons the Imperial guard are entirely sea born forces and they contain many types of regiments from coastal patrol regiments in armoured boats, to raiders in in small fast boats and larger ocean going ships of various sizes. Troops are recruited at one of the many Munitorium owned islands that are dotted around the planet. Each is little more than a heavily defended Harbour and the barracks required to house the new recruits and staff. Here they learn the initial general stages of Guard training, physical training, personnel weapons, survival, harbour defence and testing with a variety of craft types in a number of roles. At the end of their time of the Island they are divided into the speciality and assigned a role on their first ship. Officers train at an entirely different island from the rank and file, and they only recruited from educated noble families. Because of cost of retrieving these massive vehicles from the surface and that Skerry is not capable of producing the required craft themselves the troops are trained with a home fleet of almost every type of water craft available in the whole sector, from wooden sailing ships to plasma powered aircraft carriers. The Pioneers are rotated through every class of vehicle that their specialisation requires. The troops themselves are have uniforms that vary considerably depending on their position and vessel. Generally, they are issued with a dark blue uniform with flared trousers, distinctive square collar and peak less cap. Those designated as marines have more standard military cut uniform and a red beret instead. In addition, and especially on smaller vessels, the Pioneers are famous for their rowdy nature an often eschew their jackets entirely in favour of their vest and their caps for bandana’s. During combat their dress cap is replaced with a grey helmet and float flak vest. Their officers are a very different breed, their doubled breasted tail coats are bedecked with gold buttons, high collars and rank insignia on the shoulders and cuffs and they wear high bicorn hats. Unlike the rank and file, they pride themselves on their appearance and would never appear out of uniform. Skerry Pioneers in the Spinward front: A large number of Skerry Pioneers have been sent to the Spinward front to provide oceanic dominance strategies and are employed on worlds against both the Severine dominate and the Orks. This is despite their home worlds remote location, very specialist regiments such as these are sort throughout the whole imperium. Their methods are simple, hit the planet as fast as possible with close naval support in an appropriately large ocean (which often have more limited anti orbital fire), use the ships, subs to engage naval targets and have troops form beach heads on any land mass and take out more coastal and close land defences to land other guard units. 21st Skerry Pioneers ‘The Privateers’: The Privateers are a relatively old regiment. They are at this point the most experienced maritime regiment in the front but their soldiers are becoming an old and hoary lot. They are veterans of two other warzones, albeit much smaller internal conflicts, before being assigned to the Spinward front. They have become terrors of the seas where they are deployed engaging targets far outside of their remit. However, the long years of service and many years of conflict have taken a toll, they remain on the verge of being merged with another regiment. Part of their longevity is due to their legendary ability to keep find supplies to keep their craft going despite damage and their facilities to patch up their damaged crew. Which is in most part due to large Mechanicus contingent that keeps their craft running. Almost none of the troopers hasn’t had some kind of bionic replacement limb or organ by this point. Home-world: Archipelago World 1 Regiment Type: Coastal Patrol Regiment 5 Commander: Fixed 1 Doctrines: Scavengers 3, Sharpshooters 4, Cyber Augmented 3, Drawbacks: The Few -5 Total Points: 12 Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Agility, + 3 Fellowship, +3 Ballistic Skill, -3 Weapon Skill Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill Skills: Athletics, Survival, Operate (Surface), Command Starting Talents: Technical Knock, Deadeye shot Abilities: Island Hoppers Add +5 to swim tests, surface navigation tests, stealth tests and survival tests (except on very dry environments like deserts or entirely man made environments like ship hulls and hives) Children of the Sea Archipelagos worlders suffer a -5 navigation and survival modifier if they are so far from a sea, ocean, or great lake that they cannot see it even if they get to highest point available. Starting Wounds: Determine Starting wounds normally Kit: One Cetus Hydrofoil gunboat per squad, one anointed maintenance kit per Player Character, one flak float vest and flak helmet per Player Character, One Las pistol (main weapon) 2 charge packs, Guard uniform, poor weather gear, knife, rucksack, basic tools, mess kit and canteen, blanket and sleep bag, lamp pack, cognomen tags, two weeks rations, Additional Kit: 2 common craftsmanship or 1 good craftsmanship cybernetic per character, Rebreather per person, Cutlass (Sword) per person, 1 Advanced medkit per squad Favoured weapons: Longlas, Auto-Cannon For specialist regiment type and homeworld details see https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/177675-maritime-operations/
  2. 63rd Samedi Granaderos 'Grave Diggers' Homeworld: Samedi 3/Fortress World/ /Segmentum Obscurus Military Specialty: Specialist Siege Regiment Commanding Officer: Major Esteban Martinez History/Summary: +++STRCITLY CONFIDENTIAL- AUTHORISED EYES ONLY+++ Official records list the regimental base as Samedi 2, a dead dust-ball with a busy spaceport in orbit, in the same records Samedi 3 is listed as a Forbidden world, dead with possibly calamitous viral and biological conditions. The planet was effectively destroyed 573.M38 after an attack by Chaos forces dedicated to +++Redacted by Order of the Inquisition+++ during the 9th Black Crusade. In reality the world was not destroyed that day, although the attack by the Renagade guard and +++Redacted by Order of the Inquisition+++ killed over 80% of the population the remainder were able to hold out behind the Fortress worlds considerable defences. A situation made more surprising because, whether by accident or underestimated design, from that moment on any creature that died on that planet was re-animated as a soulless murderous beast. Evidence does point this effect, at least on this scale coming as a surprise to the attacking forces as they suffered heavy casualties beyond as they advanced. Even the traitor Astartes were eventually forced to fall back as the defenders stalwart defence and their own inflicted casualties stripped away the Renegade guard forces to nothing. Now the planet consists of a 37 major, heavily fortified cities, and outlying defensive and industrial complexes are the protected by a large force of locally drawn regiments including the 63rd. Due to danger from re-turned humans and animals (some of the quickest, most dangerous and most sneaky animals still survive on the planet) war-fare on the planet takes the form of a slow siege war, either advancing in vehicles and securing every base against undead attack or breaching the long abandoned defences of dead cities and bases. To make matters worse the Heretic activity on the planet is nearly endemic, as the tainted planet draws the infernal powers and the high need for re-population means many horrified settlers are sent there. In addition, such in harsh test of faith on Samedi a dedicated order was established expressly to support the Regiments of Samedi. These are the Priests of Saint Maria Christina, also known as Triage Priests or Monks of Mercy. While they do have medical training it seems to be mostly based on being able to identify those troops that can be saved and those who need to have their specialist final rites administered. Equipment and training: The forces of Samedi are trained for war without mercy. Almost as soon as they can walk they are purposefully exposed to death and soon after they are taught to handle weapons. All must be ready to defend their world and deliver mercy to their friends when the time comes. By the time they are ready for mandatory PDF enrolment at 15 they are merciless killers. They are watched over by both the Inquisition and Commissariat like a hawk during their training, any sign of weakness or disloyalty is punished with shocking cruelty. Samedi soldiers are trained to operate in the chemical warfare that occurred in the previous attacks on the planet. They are trained to operate in extremely hostile conditions and expect an attack at anytime from anywhere. To this end they are trained only to bed down in where their position has been suitably reinforced. It said that you could leave a Samedian in an outhouse one night and come back to bunker the next night. Most regiments have weapons and armoured survival suits in grey under a dark blue great coat, full mask respirator and distinctive ridged helmet and long ranged lasguns. The Grenaderos are the trained assault regiments wearing heavier armour and close assault regiments for assaulting the fortified positions that are left abandoned or overrun on Samedi. They are adept at literally blasting their way into strongest enemy fortifications and slaughtering the enemy in brutal firefights. Due to the ever present threat from internal heresy an Inquisitor and company of Escuadra de Muerte are attached to every active Samedi Regiment. The Escudra de Muerta are specially selected from the native forces of Samedi and additionally trained and indoctrinated in the vast Santo Oficio de la Inquisición to act as Inquisitorial Storm Troopers. These forces supplement the brutal commissariat in warding off heresy and watching for corruption in the ranks, but also uncovering heresy and taint in the numerous other regiments and civilians it works encounters. Samedi Granaderos in spinward front: Samedi Rifles are sometimes seen in the spinward front but almost exclusively under Inquisitorial mandate, specifically under the direct control of Ordo Sepulchre. As such their aims are clothed in secrecy. These are the Grenaderos rather than standard infantry. They are both fearsome and mistrusted. Working closely with the Inquisition is often a dangerous prospect itself and can mean regiments are forced to perform task that aren’t in the best interests of other guard regiments. This goes triple for Ordo sepulchre and the Grenaderos seem to execute these orders with brutally mechanical efficiency which has earned them a distrust of every other regiment in the front. 63rd Samedi Granaderos 'Grave Diggers': The 63rd is veteran garrison regiment, after being drawn away to fight the invading +++Redacted by Order of the Inquisition+++ and becoming quite famous for spearheading the assault of Fort Iberico against +++Redacted by Order of the Inquisition+++ they spent some time shoring up defences while they re-build and re-train new recruits. Although they are surrounded by heresy they are a cold and brutally efficient force. There is little in the way of camaraderie, but they work well together out of some grim need to fulfil their duty to survive. They were then selected for dispatch to the Spinward Front where they have bounced around under orders from several Inquisitors and the local command structures. They have shown themselves to be brutally effective in all theatres of combat. Home-world: Fortress World 3 Regiment Type: Siege Infantry 2 Commander: Paranoid 2 Doctrines: Grenadiers 4, Iron Discipline 2, Vanguard 6 Drawback: Samedi Curse -7 Total Points: 12 Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Willpower, +9 Toughness, +3 Ballistic Skill, -3 Intelligence, -3 Perception Starting Aptitudes: Willpower Starting Skills: Common Lore (War), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Tech use +10 Starting Talents: Hatred (Forces of Chaos), Nerves of Steel or Sprint, Paranoia, Bombardier Abilities: Hated Enemy (Forces of Chaos); Must pass +10 willpower test to not attack hated enemy. Combat Doctrine; Skill included above Bred for War; +0 willpower test to break IG rules. Starting Wounds: Normal Kit: Combat shotgun w/ Auxilliary grenade launcher and 4 charge packs (MW), Light Carapace armour, deadspace earpiece, respirator, combi-tool, dataslate, 9-70 entrenching tool, anointed toolkit, four empty sandbags, one entrenching tool, three frag grenades, 1 krak and two photon flash grenades, Guard uniform, poor weather gear, knife, rucksack, basic tools, mess kit and canteen, blanket and sleep bag, lamp pack, primer, cognomen tags, two weeks’ rations. 2 grenade launchers per squad, 1 lascutter per squad, 6 demolition charges per squad, 1 siege auspex per squad, 1 Chimera per squad w/ autocannon, heavy flamer, heavy stubber, dozer blade, camo netting. Additional Kit: Laspistol per person w/ 2 clips, Micro-bead per person, photo-visor per person, survival suit Favoured Weapons: Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter New Drawback The Samedi Curse Every mammal on Samedi returns from the grave as mindless warp zombie when they die. They immediately attempt to kill their friends with and animal like ferocity biting, tearing with their nail and bludgeoning with any object to hand. Worse still, those born on Samedi suffer this fate even when they are off the world. Effect: All players get a pulse triggered explosive collar. Not only is it triggered in the normal way, by encoded trigger transmission (controlled by Commissars and Inquisitors) and tamper trigger but it is also set to go off if the wearers heart stops beating. The explosive is enough to blast the character’s head clean off and works as a near fool proof method of controlling the curse, and the only way the Inquisition would allow such abominations to leave Samedi. Characters cannot burn fate points to avoid death. If the players are ever officially registered as MIA the detonation code will be transmitted so they have limited time to get back in contact. The time is down to the GM, it could be days in a very limited engagement or if they are in full retreat, but due to the glacial pace of Imperial bureaucracy this is likely to be weeks in a major battlefront. In addition, the constant inquisitorial attention makes them mistrusted by other regiments. They suffer a -20 fellowship penalty when interacting with other non Samedi Imperial Guard, this includes Logistic tests that aren’t made through Samedi regimental (or Inquisition organised) channels.
  3. Warthog Bike The Hog as it affectionately known is a heavy bike, designed for long distances solid construction rather than nimbleness. Type: Wheeled Vehicle Tactical Speed: 28m Cruising Speed: 80kph Manoeuvrability: +9 Structural Integrity: 14 Size: Hulking Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 14 Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Reliable. Crew: 1 Rider. Carry Capacity: 1 temporarily on the back. Manoeuvrability suffers a -5 while doing so. Weapons: None as standard but the construction is adaptable and heavy built enough to have multiple weapons attached. Warthog Attack Bike The Hog can easily have a sidecar attached which can attack a heavy weapon for additional fast moving firepower. Type: Wheeled Vehicle Tactical Speed: 25m Cruising Speed: 75kph Manoeuvrability: +12 Structural Integrity: 18 Size: Hulking Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 14 Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Reliable. Crew: 1 Rider. Carry Capacity: 1 passenger in side car Weapons: There is a pintle mount on front of the side car that can accept any man portable heavy weapon the crew has access to. Warthog Combat Bike The heavy chassis of the Warthog accepts modification far more easily that lighter bikes. It’s from forks have brackets for extra lights, scanners or a pair of weapons. This mean looking modification might bring to mind the famous combat bikes of the Adeptus Astartes, but weapons have to be far lighter and the lack of even a simple targeting system prevents quick elevation of the weapon to account for range and it fires only directly where the front wheel is pointed. This limits the weapons used to those that are very easy to aim at all ranges (like las weapons) or spray fire at short ranges where. Type: Wheeled Vehicle Tactical Speed: 26m Cruising Speed: 75kph Manoeuvrability: +10 Structural Integrity: 14 Size: Hulking Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 14 Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Reliable. Crew: 1 Rider. Carry Capacity: 1 temporarily on the back. Manoeuvrability suffers a -5 while doing so. Weapons: Fixed forward twin linked las carbine (75m; S/2/-; 1d10+3 E; Pen 0; Clip 120*; Reload Full; Twin-linked, Inaccurate, Reliable) Options: Sometimes the twin linked las carbine is replaced with one of the following weapons; Twin linked Autocarbine (60m; S/3/10; 1d10+3 I; Pen 0; Clip 60†; Reload 2 Full; Twin-linked, Inaccurate) or combat shotgun (30m; S/3/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0; Clip 18†; Reload Full; Scatter, Inaccurate). *The lascarbine uses a wired connection to store the two charge packs just above the engine where they can be changed easily and even recharged by the engine over time. †Solid projectile weapons can’t be reloaded without stopping the bike.
  4. 21st Tombstone Groxers ‘The Outlaws’ Home-world: Tombstone / Frontier World / Segmentum Pacificus Military Speciality: Motorised Rough Riders Commanding Officer: Marshal Sergio Montana History/Summary: Tombstone is huge, temperate, world with large land continents and few large mountain ranges. The terrain is dominated by the large open plains or low rolling hillsides. The terrain and local flora is perfect for rearing Grox on much of the planet except for the tundra and ice caps in the Polar Regions. However, human settlers only arrived on the planet in the last millennia, prior to this it basically unknown to Imperium being only inhabited by feral Orks from some long forgotten Waaagghh. As such, outside of the fairly established capital human settlers are few and far between. Small walled towns spring up as and when resources are located otherwise the massive herds are managed from isolated farmsteads that rely on their own protection from the numerous Feral Orks and bandits that hide out in the basically uncharted wilderness. These herds can only be controlled by riders on horseback, but the supply of horses has long been outstripped by demand. So most Groxers, as they are known, have adopted large, locally made off road motorbikes. Such is the demand that motorbikes are by far the most numerous vehicles on the planet even for people whose profession is not the Grox trade. Such is the prevalence that much of the PDF, who are woefully stretched just hunting Orks and bandits, are mounted on bikes or other off road vehicles. The hardy people of Tombstone caught the eye of Adeptus Terra it was decided to raise Imperial Guard regiments here partially to assist in the thinly spread planetary defence. These specialist Rough Riders use the special skills of the population to scout ahead of other IG forces while they also require less man power which the on-going colonisation cannot afford. Equipment and Training: Tombstone Groxers have traditional Grox skin boots and a grey two-piece flak armour uniform with a double breasted tunic and trousers. For headgear they have peaked helmets with a flattened angled forward top although these are often eschewed in favour of wide brimmed hat. Around their waists are multiple belts loaded with slugs and a low slung high calibre revolver tied to their leg for quick drawn access. For poor weather gear they have long duster coats and chaps that many Groxers wear almost regardless of weather. They low heavy bikes are their pride and joy, chrome kept gleaming and engines humming. They are loaded with their gear in panniers on the back and usually a holster in front of their knees to stow their carbines. Some carry radios or other gear on the front of their bikes, others have weapons attached to the front of the bike. Others have side cars attached to equip heavy weapons. Tombstone Groxers in the Spinward front: Tombstone hasn’t been tithing for long in the scheme of things, having only been settled fairly recently. So few regiments have been raised but a large number of those that have been sent to the Spinward front. Ostensibly they are tasked with scouting, long range patrols and outriders. They have mostly been deployed against the orks, due to their previous experience and they have performed well in tracking the Orks movements but have also been outstanding in hit and run battles against ork forces, sometimes even when their orders were to avoid it. 21st Tombstone Groxers ‘The Outlaws’: The 21st was deployed in a number of battlefields against the Orks in the spin ward front in the same way as their brother regiments as scouts. It became obvious when deployed in a region dominated by wide, dry plains on a world under attack by Orks that the Orks arrayed against them were heavily mobilised. A semi-religious ork faction that entirely relied on bikes, trucks, buggies and fearsome battlewagons were heavily deployed. Scouts were being quickly overrun but fast moving, heavily armed units of Orks. Marshal Montana re-organised and threw the 21st at the Orks. Scouts become raiders, attacking ork vehicles at rest, out riders became bait, drawing patrols into ambushes. Eventually the constant pressure on the main battle line from these fast Ork raiders eased and they were able to push back as the The Outlaws seemed to win the battle of no man’s land. It was during this battle that the regiment gained a famous rivalry with the Attilan Rough Riders. After a disastrous battle where they were both involved it became clear that higher command were unaware of the differences between the two regiments. The Attilans blamed the Groxers from not supporting their head long charges and the The Outlaws blamed the Attilans for getting caught in melee instead of pulling back. On top of this, the Attilans became aware of a Holovid drama that depicted one of their regiments most famous leaders played by a Tombstoner in what can only be called a wildly racist manner. Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Ballistic Skill, +6 Agility, -3 Willpower Aptitudes: Toughness Starting Skills: Linguistics (Low gothic), Navigate (Surface), Survival, Common Lore (Imperium) or Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Operate (Ground Vehicle) Starting Talents: Combat sense or Quick Draw, Technical Knock, Enemy (Attilan Rough Riders 264th), Hatred (Attilan Rough Riders 264th) Abilities: Independent Operation; Comrade cohesion up to 15m Distrustful of Authority, -20 to interaction tests with unknown authority figures Starting Wounds: Normal Kit: Las-carbine with 3 charge packs per person, guard flak armour per person, per person, 2 frag grenades and 2 smoke grenades per person, 1 Warthog Bike per person or for heavy weapon specialists 1 Warthog attack bike for them and their comrade, Guard uniform, poor weather gear, knife, rucksack, basic tools, mess kit and canteen, blanket and sleep bag, lamp pack, uplifting primer, cognomen tags, two weeks’ rations Additional Kit: Hand cannon with 2 clips per person, Photovisor per person, Chrono per person, 1 vox caster per squad, 1 pair of Magnoculars per squad, 1 Auspex per Squad. Favoured weapons: Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter Home-world: Frontier World 4 Commander: Choleric 2 Regiment Type: Motorised Rough Riders 5 Doctrines: Die Hards 3 Drawbacks: Regimental Rivalry -2 Total Points: 12 New Regiment Type: Motorised Rough Riders While rough riders are normally found riding Horses or other riding animals this is not often the case. Many are still drawn up by some times of small automobile usually some kind of motorbike. Even with the massive industrial might of the Imperium it is still rarer to see Rough Riders on motor bikes than it is to see them on beast of burden. They are often limited to Armoured and Mechanised regiments who already have the logistics to supply the fuel required and, in good terrain, are often faster over long distances than horses. These rough riders are often aware of their own fragility and often pull back quickly upon encountering large forces or use hit and run tactics against the smaller units. Points: 5 Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Agility, -3 Willpower Starting Skills: Operate (Ground Vehicle) Talents: Technical Knock Kit: Las-carbine with 3 charge packs per person, guard flak armour per person, per person, 2 frag grenades and 2 smoke grenades per person, 1 combat bike per person or for heavy weapon specialists 1 attack bike for them and their comrade. Warthog Bike The Hog as it affectionately known is a heavy bike, designed for long distances solid construction rather than nimbleness. Type: Wheeled Vehicle Tactical Speed: 28m Cruising Speed: 80kph Manoeuvrability: +9 Structural Integrity: 14 Size: Hulking Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 14 Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Reliable. Crew: 1 Rider. Carry Capacity: 1 temporarily on the back. Manoeuvrability suffers a -5 while doing so. Weapons: None as standard but the construction is adaptable and heavy built enough to have multiple weapons attached. Warthog Attack Bike The Hog can easily have a sidecar attached which can attack a heavy weapon for additional fast moving firepower. Type: Wheeled Vehicle Tactical Speed: 25m Cruising Speed: 75kph Manoeuvrability: +12 Structural Integrity: 18 Size: Hulking Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 14 Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Reliable. Crew: 1 Rider. Carry Capacity: 1 passenger in side car Weapons: There is a pintle mount on front of the side car that can accept any man portable heavy weapon the crew has access to.
  5. 852nd Sirius Grenadiers 'Spire Harriers' Homeworld: Sirius 3/Hive World/Sirius sector/Canis Sector/Solar Segmentum Military Speciality: Jump Infantry Commanding Officer: Lady Colonel Helena 'The Iron *****' Constantine. History/Summary: Sirius 3 is a truly ancient Hive World, only the small amount of thick polluted liquid, which remains of its oceans, and the few still active volcanoes remain uncovered by ancient metal and crete structures. It is a lighter planet and has produces only 68% of Earth's gravity. This allows for sprawling, gravity defying structures and a plethora of flying machines zipping between the spires. Though the much if its history has been lost to time it is clear that the planet has stalwartly supported the Imperium from its earliest days. Likewise, the records of the Sirius Grenadiers are fragmented but they do surely hark back to an earlier time. The earliest recorded units still consisted of mixed companies of assault troops, heavy weapons units and rifle platoons. It seems that for a time, early in its implantation the arrangement of the Imperial Guard was more akin to the older Astartes legions. Still, the department munitorium has little regard for tradition, is this situation, and eventually the many regiments were standardised for the sake of logistics. Regiments of Infantry, Heavy Weapons units and in deference to their past Jump infantry were produced instead. The demands of the Imperium’s war machine mean that Sirius has used its vast man power and industrial might to supply Imperial guard regiments at a phenomenal rate. Each a well-trained dedicated unit. Raised from the numerous, disciplined and proud PDF regiments that are issues with bone strengthening dietary supplements to compensate for the low gravity development. The lucky few are put through to the Guard regiments. Already well trained in flight tactics and constructed wars. Equipment and Training: Sirius Grenadiers are dedicated, professional regiments that are well provisioned and flexibly equipped. There armour and armaments are in a traditional Departmento approved style. Standard armour is grey flak jumpsuits with dark metal coloured hard armour chest and other sections, similar to Elysians with sealed respirator equipped helmets (due to poor quality air outside of the hives) which makes sense as both drop and air mobile units are favoured. As a long standing supporter of Terra the Imperial creed was welcomed with open arms. Duty and loyalty to the Emperor has been taught since before the Imperial creed came into being. As such they make are heavy on preachers but lighter on commissars. There local temple on Sirius, the Priests of Saint Barnabus, are sometimes known as the flying priests. As they have such a long history of previous regiments they inherit gear that may have been used by countless guardsmen. Occasionally the war-gear is of a much older design and far superior, jump packs that might have carried heroes, lords or even saints. Sirius Grenadiers in the Spinward front: Like most of the Solar Segment, despite the heavy militarisation are rarely directly in danger as much as the other segmentum. So, like many of the Solar Segementum worlds, the Sirius regiments are sent to all war zones and as a very high population very rich world it is able to provide many such regiments. No less than half a dozen professional regiments have arrived in the Spinward front in several batches. Most of these have been drop regiments, some Valkyrie borne Aeronautic. While all arrive eager to prove their worth some have become highly decorated, performing advanced special forces missions to great effect. 852nd Sirius Grenadiers 'Spire Harriers' The 852 is an example of a rare type of Guard unit, the Jump Infantry regiment. Equipped with powerful jump jets they scream through the air to hit the enemy in close range combat. Historically the Guard, and before that the Imperial Army commonly used these days because of the great expense. Only a very rich worlds such Sirius can devices on low gravity worlds. When the 852nd was founded 36 years ago it had been a hundred years and 10 other regiments since the last jump regiment. And they were immediately sent to a crusade on the on the western edge of the galaxy, originally taking part a marginal but heroic part in the Sabbat worlds crusade they learnt first-hand how to take the fight to heretics in melee and how to concentrate short ranged fire on those forces that could not be engaged in melee by right minded troopers. Home-world: Hive-world 3 Regiment Type: Jump Infantry 5 Commander: Phlematic 1, Doctrines: Hardened Fighters 2, Defenders of the Faith 2 Total Points: 12 Characteristic Modifiers: +6 Agility, + 3 Intelligence, +2 Weapon skill, +3 Willpower, -3 Perception Starting Skills: Operate (Aeronautica), Common lore (Imperium), Deceive, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Common lore (Imperial Guard), Common Lore (War), Common lore (Ecclesiarchy), Common lore (Imperial Creed) Starting Talents: Heightened Senses (Hearing) or Paranoia or Unremarkable, Hard Target, Unshakable Faith Abilities: Accustomed to Crowds; Crowds are not difficult terrain, no agility penalty when running or charging through crowds. Hive bound; -10 survival tests outside of artificial environments. Urban Violence; Additional talents already included. Starting Wounds: -1 Kit: Las-pistol with 2 clips per person (MW), mono warknife (HotE) per person, guard flak armour per person, Mars Pattern Jump pack per person, 2 frag grenades and 2 krak grenades per person, respirator per person, Guard uniform, poor weather gear, knife, rucksack, basic tools, mess kit and canteen, blanket and sleep bag, lamp pack, cognomen tags, two weeks rations, Additional Kit: Microbead per person, Chain Sword per person, Photovisor per person, Good quality flak armour. Favoured weapons: Melta Gun, Heavy Flamer New Regiment Type: Jump infantry This regiment type is very rare in the modern Imperial guard. There have only been no more than a handful of regimental home worlds developed in the last 8 millennia that have even been put forward for the chance of raising even a single Jump infantry regiment. Even those regimental home worlds that have traditionally fielded Jump infantry are rarely able to raise them. Those lucky jump regiments that are raised have the responsibility for their rarity pressed upon them, their commanders often have impossibly high standards for their men. Unsurprisingly back pack mounted jet engines have been known to have a deleterious effect on hearing and high G’s have been known to blur vision. Points: 4 Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Agility, -3 Perception Starting Skills: Operate (Aeronautica) Talents: Hard Target Kit: Las-pistol with 2 clips per person (MW), Common (or more available) Low tech weapon per person, guard flak armour per person, Jump pack per person, 2 frag grenades and 2 krak grenades per person, respirator per person. New Gear Mars Pattern Jump Pack Availability: Very Rare Weight: 40kg The Mars pattern jump pack is a self-contained backpack unit with two circular, self-stabilised turbo fans that propel a person great distances and at great speeds across the battlefield. While useful, the range, cost and weight make them rarely seen in the Imperial guard. They are issues with reinforced shock absorbing fall boots. To operate a jump pack requires the skill Operate (Aeronautica). When used for short jumps it doubles the wearers movement speed. It can also be used to fly for short distances giving the wearer the flyer (12) trait for up to 10 turns (at which point they had better be landed). For normal use, doubling a full move every other round, they have enough fuel for 4 hours use. If used to fly this uses the power at much higher rate, approximately reducing its operation time by 1 minute per turn of flying. The range is also vastly reduced if the unit is heavily laden, such as carapace armour and/ or heavy weapons can reduce it operative time by a quarter or even a half.
  6. Why thank you. Yes I found my file with the backgrounds for these regiments. Some even had some rules from the main book scribbled on them and I couldn't even find the original post. So felt like i'd finish it off while I had some time. Feel free us anything you want.
  7. 11427th Metropolitan Inductees ‘City Hunters’ Homeworld: Metropolis/Hive world Military Speciality: Light Infantry. Commanding Officer: Colonel Lady Luciana Velenshaw History/Summary: This hive world is an oddity in that not only is the birth rate one of the highest in the imperium, the infant mortality rate is one of the lowest and average life expectancy is one of the highest. Especially for a hive world, where toxic build up almost exclusively has the opposite effects. The massive hives of the world have always specialised in exporting medical treatments, drugs and antiseptics derived from the local fauna and heavily enriched volcanic soils and rocks. Current theories point to the ready availability of such treatments to the large merchant classes and the necessary re-cycling that introduced some of these powerful treatments into the food and water chains. So amazingly even the lower classes seem to live long healthy lives and procreate amazingly fast (apparently aphrodisiacs are one of the more commonly used drug types, or at least one of the ones that is more persistent in water or tissues). With humanity so prevalent on Metropolis life is cheap. Even with the hives growing at an unprecedented rate (thanks in part to massive slave labour force) they have too many people to deal with and the death rate must be bumped up brutally to ensure the flow of the soylent. Thus it is that the Governor of Metropolis gladly pays ridiculous tithe to the Imperial Guard, barely two weeks go by between founding's of gigantic units. Some in the Guard and Munitorium question the quality of troops delivered but the rolling death games on Metropolis ensure that most have already survived some combat and as Lady Velenshaw is often quoted 'Quantity has a quality all of its own'. Equipment and training: While Lasguns and Armour are fairly standard for light infantry in the guard all other equipment is rationed far more sparingly. Typically, not even every squad gets special weapons, those that do might have a grenade launcher or flamer per 10 men. Experienced leaders are also lacking and the large unit sizes make command and control more difficult even when the troops are willing. Sadly, the troops are rarely willing when exposed to real combat, their previous death games seem only to teach Metropolitans how to survive rather than fight in most instances. For this reason and because of the vast pharma-manufactoria on the planet, mass produced combat drugs are dispensed to the troops. Metropolitan Inductees in the spinward front: Metropolitan troops are almost ubiquitous in the spinward campaign. Scores of regiments have been sent to the front making up almost 15 percent of the troops dedicated to the campaign. Large hive and Imperial regiments like them make up a vast majority of the soldiers in the campaign, although commanders know not to expect miracles for these troops and their exploits a dwarfed by relatively tiny units from famous regiments. In addition, the metropolitans have nigh uncontrollable libidos, it's next to impossible to supply enough whores for the regiment but on occasion planets they have visited have benefitted from the surge in birth rates. 11427th Metropolitan Inductees ‘City Hunters’: The 11427th was raised in particularly tumultuous time for Metropolis. The Spinward front had drawn off a large amount of the mid-hive population and the ganger activity had reached a horrible peak as people fled the conscription squads and gangs found new black market opportunities. The 11427th was one of many regiments which were put to use to placate the underhive gangs. The gangs that were rounded up and forced into conscription in the guard en-masse and many did not come willingly, the 11427th bore the brunt of some vicious fighting and before being transferred off world it had already become veteran regiment. Due to harshness of the fighting the regiment was issues with self-injectors of combat and painkilling drugs. Its war record in the Spinward front has far eclipsed the other Metropolitan regiments and has become the go to regiment to include in city and hive battles. Home-world: Hive world 3 Regiment Type: Light Infantry 2 Commander: Fixed 1 Doctrines: Survivalists 4 (Urban Ruins), Human Wave 2, Combat drugs 2 Drawback: Conscript -3 Total Points: 11 Characteristic Modifiers: +6 Agility, +5 Fellowship, -3 Toughness Starting Aptitudes: Agility Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperium), Deceive, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface), Command Starting Talents: Heightened Senses (Hearing) or Paranoia or unremarkable, Sprint Abilities: Accustomed to Crowds; Crowds are not difficult terrain, no agility penalty when running or charging through crowds. Hive bound; -10 survival tests outside of artificial environments. Urban Violence; Additional talents already included. Survivalists (Urban Ruins); re-roll failed survival and navigate tests in this environment Starting Wounds: -1 Kit: Las carbine (MW) and 4 charge packs, one flak vest, flak helmet, two frag and two smoke grenades, guard uniform, poor weather gear, knife, rucksack, basic tools, mess kit and canteen, blanket and sleep bag, lamp pack, primer, cognomen tags, two weeks’ rations, injector and 3 doses of frenzon or 5 doses of stimm. Additional Kit: 1 melee attachment per person. Filter plugs per person, 1 fire-bomb per person, Infantrymans PCTD per person, 1 vox-caster per squad (assumed 3 points), 1 medi-kit per squad, 1 photo-visor per squad, additional preferred basic weapon Favoured Weapons: Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter New Doctrine: Human Wave Cost: 2 Statistics: Fellowship + 2 The regiment deploys troops in large platoon formations, occasionally this employed by well-disciplined troops it is more often a mixture of veterans and conscripts. While this is inflexible it ensures that an opposition can be swarmed with bodies, this is often a way to minimise the effects of poor training, a lack of equipment or just a callous disregard for human life on behalf of the senior officers. This means that the players are part of a much larger unit at least 25 strong and often over 50 strong. While this does make the squad unable to use smaller squad sized transports (they need, often multiple, large trucks, or super-heavy armoured transport if they are very lucky) but it means that they have a large supply of personnel to call on. The character has a number of additional generic guardsmen comrades. The total number of comrades they have is equal to their fellowship bonus, and the character benefits from the multiple comrade’s rules (see SoH page 55). If they player’s speciality involves non guardsmen comrades and therefore their special orders are not relevant, then the guardsmen npc then they can only give them the generic orders and take hits for the group. In the event that the player’s speciality has multiple comrades then they are ignored for this limit. For example, the Enginseer prime could have a maximum of his Int bonus +1 servitors and his fellowship bonus -1 Guardsmen. The platoon will not always act as one though, the PC's are likely to be a more veteran squad within the platoon. If they are forced to break off from the main platoon and may lose the benefit of their comrades temporarily while split off from the platoon.
  8. Thanks, the Freebootaz are a deep cut that I don't expect anyone to remember and you can see why they left it behind. But I have a problem letting go.
  9. 276th Goguryeo Guerrilla's Homeworld: Goguryeo/Imperial World/Segmentum Ultima Military Specialty: Guerrilla Warfare Infantry Commanding Officer: Commissar Commander Suicho Kana Pang Goguryeo was heavily forested Imperial world settled during the Imperial Age and its exports were manufactured goods and some specialist agriculture. In 938.M48 Chaos forces from the Eastern fringe made a concerted effort to take the planet. Overwhelming Chaos forces enjoyed huge success initially. They crushed the defenders in the vicious battles for the first few cities in bloody battles which left those cities mostly ruins. As the Archenemies forces began sweeping through the remaining cities on the planet the defenders knew there was little they could do. Lord General Bang Seong ordered a change of tactics. They began taking all of the military supplies, food and machinery they could and disappeared into the forests, mountains, caves, under-cities and swamps that they could. As predicted Chaos forces took all but 4 of the remaining cities with little resistance, the seemed to assume that the defenders were spent. That is when the defenders struck back. Appearing as if from no-where, the defenders started to attack vulnerable positions. Supply dumps, logistic trains, air power bases, weapons manufactoriums and chemical factories were all targeted in a concerted effort. Usually they would mercilessly attack one type of target for a while and just when the Chaos forces would move men to defend them they would change to another target. For 384 years the loyalist forces eeked out an existence deep in and deep below the jungles of Goguryeo. The Guerrilla's never quite able to gather enough forces for a concerted counter attack but the Chaos forces commited to defending every asset. Finally, relief came and the people of Goguryeo rose up to finally cast their hated enemy back off their world in the bloody final battles. Equipment and training: The average Goguryeo Guerrilla is lightly armed, a Lasgun, flak vest and numerous grenades, bombs and trap equipment. They rely more on camo cloaks, during the war on Goguryeo these were usually made from simple patterned infra scattering material which is re-dyed to match local conditions with local flora added on site, rather than sophisticated camo cloaks. During the war on their home-planet they used flamers, grenade and missile launchers, auto cannon, morters and heavy stubbers almost exclusively. Now that that they are reunited with the Department Munitorium more exotic and expensive arsenal has made a much welcome appearance. Their camo cloaks replaced with adaptive patterns. Artillery has always been limited to what can be carried so lighter cannons, heavy mortars and rocket artillery are still preferred. Due to the immense secrecy that is required to keep increasingly large complexes hidden iron dedication is expected and the Commissariat is highly important in the command structure. There standard procedure is to attack or ambush from deep forests preferably but any thick terrain such as ruined cities might substitute. For this reason, they prefer the full lasguns rather than carbines as it means they can more flexibly use terrain as cover. They then fade away before a counter attack can be launched. Mines and traps are used in ambushes but even when they are attacking they will place traps to hit counterattacking troops as they advance through their previous positions. They even establish additional ambushes for counterattacking units as they are caught in traps. In numerous occasions the initial ambush has bene little more than a distraction and enemies have lost far more troops as they hastily counterattacked the guerilla’s. Goguryeo Guerrilla's in spinward front: After the war veteran regiments of Goguryeo Guerilla’s were replenished to full strength and sent to fight in war zones around the galaxy. Several were sent to the Spinward front. 276th Goguryeo Guerrilla's: The 276th was typical of the regiments raised in these late war periods. Able to travel through the darkest, densest terrain and attack out of no-where, with rifles, heavy weapons, and even light artillery that is disassembled and carried through the jungles and tunnels on foot. But they bear the scars of this bitter war, not only were raised in fear of being bombed, burned, or worse if there hiding place in jungles was ever discovered but they were the ‘lucky’ regiment to first enter the capital. So it was that they bore witness to the brutality of an enslaved city, their fellow Goguryeo were starving, mutilated being worked and tortured to death to provide material for the traitor war machine. Now that their planet has been re-conquered, the Guerrilla's provide both the PDF and Imperial Guard from their deep bunkers and their type of warfare is exported to other warzones were they are eager to take vengeance on the archenemy. Home-world: Imperial World 1 Regiment Type: Guerrilla Regiment 4 Commander: Circumspect 2 Doctrines: Survivalists (Jungle) 4, Cameleoline 3 Drawback: Scarred by Loss -2 Total Cost: 12 Characteristic Modifiers: Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Willpower, +3 Agility, +3 Perception, -3 Fellowship. Starting Aptitudes: Agility Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics Low Gothic, Navigate (Surface), Stealth Starting Talents: Hatred (Servants of Chaos), Foresight, Ambush Abilities: Blessed ignorance Kill the Traitor (replacing Kill the Mutant) Mental Trauma, 1d10 insanity points, failing WP based test by 3 or more degrees stuns character till the end of the next turn. Starting Wounds: Normal Kit: M36 Lasgun (MW) and 4 charge packs, one flak vest, flak helmet, two frag, two blind and two stun grenades per character, guard uniform, poor weather gear, knife, rucksack, basic tools, mess kit and canteen, blanket and sleep bag, lamp pack, uplifting primer, cognomen tags, two weeks rations Additional Kit: Upgrade to lasgun, Stummer, sword (machete) per person, photo-visor per person, 1 vox-caster per squad (assumed 3 points), mantrap per person. Favoured weapons: Long Las, Mortar
  10. Franky's Freebootaz (Formerly 43rd Orcus Indentured) Home-world: Orcus (Penal Colony) Military Speciality: Xeno specialist Infiltrators Commanding Officer: Major Francisco ‘Franky’ Amaritt History/Summary: After the Margin Crusade was disbanded the Imperiums General Staff were left with some harsh decisions with what to do with the engaged forces. Forces en route were redirected to the newly formed Spinward front, and others were funnelled into a crusade in the Jericho reach. Many regiments however were far too involved to pull back, they had seen too much to be sent to another front and were too far forward to pull back. Most of these regiments were left to their fate to act as a rear guard to pull back other units. The 43rd Orcus Indentured, which was raised from a penal colony in the Halo star region just beyond Calxis, was given a life line by the Inquisition. In a desperate last minute bid by the Ordo Xeno's they were ordered to scrub imperial identifiers and were given to a Blood Axe Warlord by the name of Gubrag 'Face Smasher'. The 43rd was selected for this role because it would not be missed and they would not would not have qualms about having them fired on by Imperial forces. Gubrag made a deal with an Ordo Xeno's inquisitor posing as a local planetary consortium diplomat. In return for the regiment the consortium would not be attacked by Gubrag's forces. The Inquisition fully expected to the Gubrag to renege on this deal, but the Inquisition new that the consortium was doomed at some point and that Gubrag would likely not attack while the gifted troops represented a large portion of his forces as they would likely turn on him. This would give the consortium time to prepare defences and Imperium time to pull back its forces while at the same time bolstering Gubrag's forces and allowing them to take on other Ork warlords. The plan worked, to a degree, they defeated numerous other Ork warbands but eventually they were confronted by a massive gathering waaarrgghh. Major Francisco spotted his chance and his Freebootaz took the last opportunity to steal a Killkroozer and escape. Rather than have them killed for desertion the Inquisition took the opportunity to debrief major commanders about the disposition of Ork forces and used their experience fight the green tide coming its way. Equipment and training: The 43rd is a disorganised, ill-disciplined and downright kleptomaniac regiment. Fellow guard regiments hate them but Frankies Freebootaz exist only to survive now, that was a hard lesson learned from their time with the Orks and their habits of intimidation and looting are dying hard. Their support gear and vehicles have been obtained from numerous sources across thousands of light years. Weapons and vehicles that were easy to maintain and resupply were the order of the day. They often use and staggering variety of solid projectile weapons although the simple logistics of the ubiquitous lasgun meant it was used throughout their mission. Home-world: Penal Colony 2 Regiment Type: Line Infantry 2 Commander: Maverick 2 Doctrines: Favoured Foe 3, Scavengers 3, Die Hards 3 Drawback: Mistrusted -3 Total Points: 12 Characteristic Modifiers: Strength +6, Toughness +3, Intelligence -3. Starting Aptitudes: Toughness Starting Skills: Intimidate, Linguistics (low gothic), Forbidden Lore (Xenos, Orks), Hatred (Orks). Starting Talents: Resistance (Fear), Peer (Blood Axe Clan Orks) or Peer (Inquisition) or Street Fighter Abilities: One of da Boyz (unique, replacing Honour Amongst Thieves): May take Peer (Orks) or Peer (Inquisition) or Street Fighter. Larcenous: +10 to logistics to acquire illegal or contraband gear. Scum and Villainy: only 15 pts for standard kit. Starting Wounds: +1 Kit: M36, 4 Charge packs (MW), Imperial Guard flak armour, 2 frag and 2 krak grenades, Guard Uniform, poor weather gear, knife, rucksack, basic tools, mess kit and canteen, blanket and sleep bag, lamp pack, cognomen tags, two weeks rations, Additional Kit: Choppa (sword or axe), autopistol and two clips, one defaced gaudily coloured freeboota uniform. Favoured weapons: Grenade Launcher, Autocannon.
  11. I've not actually played only war, apparently my group was tired of 40k rpgs after playing all the others, so knowing how powerful a tool it was in Dark Heresy I thought the changes they made to it were supposed to make it better. Apparently not for everyone. Don't know about you but I was charmed by the idea of role-play group that doesn't literally all have the equivalent of awareness where possible. That doesn't mean you won't be able to detect all ambushes though, just make sure you're GM's aware that your in combat formation hugging cover and using scouts where possible. Now the important stuff, and one that isn't helped by bad wording, the suppressing character "...establishes a kill zone, which is any general area, such as a corridor or tree line, that encompasses a 45-degree arc in the direction the active character is facing." That's a bit of a mess as far as semantics goes, technically they need to describe a general area that MUST include everything within their 45-degree arc. Which is clearly incorrect based on their example (and would include the pointless linguistic exercise), and in DH (which is not a a great source of intent) it was only to the half range of the weapon. This is actually quite nice for you doing the supressing with a good weapon as you could, say suppress a sniper at decent range rather than a things close to you. So first thing, assume that encompasses should read lies within, and that it's a distinct area as they describe, not the whole area on wards to furthest range category. Of course multiple firers can cover multiple areas but everyone suppressing is not actually firing to wound. Also, be careful with the difference between being in cover and not being in the suppressed zone. Being behind a medium sized tree, or thigh high wall, is cover, behind a house or hill is no longer being in the suppression area. I like the idea of gaining the +30 to the initial pinning test while in cover, not just the recover from pinning. I also like the idea of being able to back out of the area (at least quicker than the half move per turn), I'd probably still have them make the pinning test but give them a bonus +30 if they only make full move, tactical move or run away from the suppressor. In Dark Heresy only full auto weapons can supress. Might want to play that by ear, in my games I tend to form groups of spods that fire together so I'll probably only have semi auto suppression for a small group of riflemen, or things like auto cannons.
  12. Interesting, as a pressurised hydrogen container is would go boom nicely, and readily around any ignition source (or even a hot enough object). But the temperature of the explosion and the fact that it burns off very quickly means it isn't as dangerous as promethium. Maybe if you fired at it one with a plasma or melta gun you might end up with a plasma grenade. Not sure how misshandling would lead to that.
  13. This has come up on threads previously, those pods are designed to avoid landing on things so will pilot themselves out of the way of vehicles. Infantry, probably not so much. The marines inside are more valuable than the vehicle you are landing on for the most part. In general, if you are deploying Space Marines there's a reason for them being on the ground and it's not just to blow up some tanks, if this needs to be done from space the Astartes have bombardment cannons for that and could even get the Navy to do it. Of course Deathwatch don't always have the benefit of full support like other marines so maybe you have to make do, of course you'll have to explain why your relatively expensive drop pods have been used to bombard a planet.
  14. Adversary Vehicles Traitors Most renegades use the same kinds of vehicles as the Imperial guard. In many cases formerly Imperial Guard or PDF vehicles. They do of course sometimes not have the benefit of the Department Munitorium support and rely on existing local vessels. Merchant hovercraft Some worlds require the use of the hovercrafts to perform trade and across marshy lands or numerous tiny islands. These are usually open topped. Type: Air Cushion Tactical Speed: 15m Cruising speed: 65kph Manoeuvrability: +0 Structural Integrity: 15 Size: Enormous Armour: 15, 15, 15 Vehicle Traits: Air-cushion Crew: 1 Helmsman, optionally 1-3 gunners Carrying Capacity: 24 Weapons: May have 1 - 3 pintle mounted weapons behind and to either side of the cabin with one of the following weapons (each reduces the crew capacity by 2: · Heavy bolter (150m; -/-/6; 1d10+8 X; Pen 5; Clip 60; Reload Full; Tearing) · Heavy Flamer (30m; S/-/-; 1d10+5 E; Pen 4; Clip 20; Reload 2 Full; Flame, Spray) · Autocannon (300m; S/3/-; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 40; Reload 2full; Reliable) Small Merchant Boat Type: Boat Tactical Speed: 15m Cruising speed: 60kph Manoeuvrability: +0 Structural Integrity: 70 Size: Enormous Armour: 14, 12, 12 Vehicle Traits: Rugged, Boat, Quarters, Mess, Poor quality Vehicular Auspex, Enclosed Crew: 3 Carrying Capacity: 36 (mixture of space for additional crew (up to double minimum crew) and temporary troop carrying capacity Weapons: None originally Options Optional fore turret, usually salvaged from some other vehicles with one of the following weapons but this reduces carrying capacity by 6: · Battle Cannon (750m; S/-/-; 3d10+10 X; Pen 8; Clip 12; Reload 3 Full; Blast [10], Concussive [3], Reliable). · Twin linked Lascannon (300m; S/-/-; 5d10+10 E; Pen 10; Clip 30; Reload 2 Full; Proven [3], Twin-Linked) · Twin linked Autocannons (500m; S/3/-; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 40; Reload 2full; Reliable, Twin Linked) Two to 6 optional pintle mounted heavy bolters on port and starboard sides (150m; -/-/6; 1d10+8 X; Pen 5; Clip 60; Reload Full; Tearing) Up to 4 twinlinked Autocannon in anti-aircraft mountings on the deck, amy only have two if it has a fore turret and each reduces the capacity by 3 (300m; S/3/-; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 40; Reload 2full; Reliable)** Up to 4 Lascannon turrets, each reduces the crew capacity by 2 (300m; S/-/-; 5d10+10 E; Pen 10; Clip 30; Reload 2 Full; Proven [3])* Special Like most small boats weapons are mounted on the deck and operated from there, even turrets are open and more of a heavy gun-shield than an enclosed turret. As such the deck and crew on it are considered open topped except against targets that the weapons are trained upon. *does not get the usual +10 vehicular auspex bonus Dark Eldar Most of the dark Eldar vessels are skimmers and as such are not hindered by water. In locations where large bodies of water are a factor the ability for Eldars raiders to attack and retreat across water with impunity must be taken into account strategically and Maritime regiments allocated to counter. They do however use some dedicated sea vessels such as submarines and large catamaran aircraft and skimmer carriers. Krait Mini-Submarine The Krait is a mini submarine that is more akin to a flyer than a submarine in operation it moves through the water at a speed and manoeuvrability that is inexplicable by Imperial technology. It hunts enemy vessels almost invisibly and when it is detected wide spread sensory jamming spreads through the water making it incredibly difficult to target. Type: Boat Tactical Speed: 25m Cruising speed: 100kph Manoeuvrability: +10 Structural Integrity: 30 Size: Enormous Armour: 22, 22, 18 Vehicle Traits: Submergible [3], Environmental sealed, Enclosed, Vehicular Auspex, Underwater Auspex, and Signature Masking Crew: 3 Carrying Capacity: 0 Weapons: 2 fore Darklight torpedo tubes (Submarine Torpedo Tube; 400m, S/-/-, 8d10+20X, 10, 8, 4 full, Blast [8], Lock-on) Speacial: Echo field. The pilot may activate the echo field as a free action. When it is activated enemies trying to detect the presence of the Krait gains a +10 bonus to the test but attempts to target to Krait suffer a -20 penalty to the test. Orks The debased Ork ‘meks’ are nothing if not adaptable. If a particular world requires sea vessels any given Mek boy will be able knock up some of vessel or salvage the inhabitants existing ships. And where there are vessels that have large loud weapons or can race across the sea there will be Orks happy to join in the fun. Beech Crusha Landing-craft These square sided transport barges have flat prow that drops down forming a ramp for the troops or vehicles to disembark directly onto the beach. Type: Boat Tactical Speed: 12m Cruising speed: 35kph Manoeuvrability: -20 Structural Integrity: 100 Size: Monumental Armour: 30, 22, 20 Vehicle Traits: Boat, Open-top, Landing craft, Rugged Crew: 7 Carrying Capacity: 120 troops or equivalent (e.g. 1 Leman Russ or 4 Clydesdale Trucks) Weapons: May have two pintle mounted weapons on wheelhouse at the back of the vehicle (choose one of the following): • Twin Linked Big Shooter (120m; -/-/10; 2d10+5 I; Pen 2; Clip 120; Reload full; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked) • Rokkit Launcha (150m; S/-/-; 3d10+6 X; Pen 9; Clip 1; Reload Half; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked) Options: As with most ork vehicles the designs and functions vary tremendously. Some replace all troop carrying capability for large calibre guns. Grot Subs These mini subs would be capable of nothing but exploration or single shot torpedoes if manned with Humans or Orks but with grotz a vessel of this size can a have a decent sized crew. The ammo and fuel is still seriously limited by the size of the vessel so they operate from a large mothership or land based docks as screening or outriding attack force. Type: Boat Tactical Speed: 15m Cruising speed: 40kph Manoeuvrability: +0 Structural Integrity: 25 Size: Hulking Armour: 18, 16, 16 Vehicle Traits: Boat, Rugged, Submergible [1], Ramshackle Crew: 8 Carrying Capacity: A few more grots. Weapons: 2 forward firing Grotpedo launchers (Grotpedo Tube; 500m, S/-/-, 5d10+8X, 8, 1, 2 full, Blast [6], Concussive [3]). Each has only 2 reloads. OO-bowt (Small) The small submarines are used in numbers to full fill the same battlefield role as imperial submarines. Blockading, scouting and hunting in enemy or controlled or neutral waters. As the tactics, stealth and accuracy of these vessels is not as impressive they tend to attack in packs firing enough torpedoes to hopefully damage an important vessel before leaving and relying on scattering like a shoal of fish to get away. In larger fleets there is almost always a number of oo-bowts scouting of the enemy but for smaller newer warbands they are usually bypassed except by the richest and sneakiest of warbosses. Type: Boat Tactical Speed: 15m Cruising speed: 55kph Manoeuvrability: -10 Structural Integrity: 90 Size: Immense Armour: 22, 18, 18 Vehicle Traits: Boat, Rugged, Submergible [2], Ramshackle, Poor quality underwater auspex* Crew: 20 Carrying Capacity: 12 Orks wedged anywhere they will fit Weapons: 2 Fore-firing torpedo tubes. (Torpedo Tube; 500m, S/-/-, 7d10+10X, 8, 1, 2 full, Blast [8], Concussive [4]) each has 4 spare torpedoes. One fore deck mounted Kannon (200m; S/-/-; 3d10+6 X; Pen 6; Clip 1; Reload Full; Blast [4], Concussive [2], Inaccurate, Unreliable) Super shoota on conning tower (150m; -/-/10; 2d10+10 I; Pen 5; Clip 200; Reload full; Inaccurate, Unreliable), when firing this weapon the vehicle has the rudimentary anti-air trait. Options: May have up to two pintle mounted weapons on conning tower or rear deck (choose one of the following): • Twin Linked Big Shooter (120m; -/-/10; 2d10+5 I; Pen 2; Clip 120; Reload full; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked) • Rokkit Launcha (150m; S/-/-; 3d10+6 X; Pen 9; Clip 1; Reload Half; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked) *does not get the usual +10 vehicular auspex bonus Kult of Speed Bowt These small fast boats race towards the enemy at high speek with guns blazing. They are popularised by the Kult of Speed who love these small fast vessels, while most clans prefer more sizable longer endurance vehicles in a similar way to the Imperium. But this is are by no means set in stone and there are many places where the simplicity of these tiny boats makes them a common site. Type: Boat Tactical Speed: 25m Cruising speed: 150kph Manoeuvrability: +0 Structural Integrity: 30 Size: Immense Armour: 22, 20, 18 Vehicle Traits: Boat, Open-top, Rugged, Ramshackle Crew: 2 Carrying Capacity: 5 Orks Weapons: May have one pintle mounted weapons (choose one of the following): • Twin Linked Big Shooter (120m; -/-/10; 2d10+5 I; Pen 2; Clip 120; Reload full; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked) • Rokkit Launcha (150m; S/-/-; 3d10+6 X; Pen 9; Clip 1; Reload Half; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked) Splasha Smasha Gun-bowt These gun bowts are some of the most ubiquitous and varied sea vessels to be observed to be used by the Orks. They are large enough to have a range to cross seas but small enough to be built in any dock. They are the eyes and ears of the Ork fleets or coastal defences and tend to have surveillance and communications tech that orks don’t usually bother with on smaller vehicles. Type: Boat Tactical Speed: 15m Cruising speed: 75kph Manoeuvrability: -10 Structural Integrity: 100 Size: Immense Armour: 30, 28, 24 Vehicle Traits: Boat, Rugged, Open Topped, Ramshackle, Poor quality vehicular auspex* Crew: 10+ Carrying Capacity: 30 Orks Weapons: 1 Fore turret with Kill-Kannon (300m; S/-/-; 3d10+8 X; Pen 8; Clip 1; Reload Full; Blast [8], Concussive [3], Inaccurate, Unreliable) Twin linked Super shoota on rear deck in open turret(150m; -/-/10; 2d10+10 I; Pen 5; Clip 200; Reload full; Inaccurate, Unreliable, twin-linked), when firing this weapon the vehicle has the rudimentary anti-air trait. 2 deff charg droppers on rear deck (10m, S/3/-, 3d10+10X, 9, 8, Full, Inaccurate, Unreliable, Blast [4]* 2 pintle-mounted weapons, 2 on either side of the bridge (choose one of the following): • Twin Linked Big Shooter (120m; -/-/10; 2d10+5 I; Pen 2; Clip 120; Reload full; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked) • Rokkit Launcha (150m; S/-/-; 3d10+6 X; Pen 9; Clip 1; Reload Half; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked) Options: Along the deck it might have 4 Fore firing torpedo racks on the deck (Torpedo Tube; 500m, S/-/-, 7d10+10X, 8, 1, 2 full, Blast [8], Concussive [4]) or 6 pintle-mounted weapons, 3 on either side of the boat (each is one of the following): • Twin Linked Big Shooter (120m; -/-/10; 2d10+5 I; Pen 2; Clip 120; Reload full; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked*) • Rokkit Launcha (150m; S/-/-; 3d10+6 X; Pen 9; Clip 1; Reload Half; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Twin-Linked*) *does not get the usual +10 vehicular auspex bonus
  15. Errr, I mean, it works by the Omnissiah's blessing and the correct incatations and rituals..
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