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    asperon reacted to Some0ne in Armada trade thread   
    Reporting an excellent trade with @asperon
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    asperon got a reaction from Scopes in SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.   
    Unhappy, don't see the use nor need for it, and nothing else was revealed...
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    asperon reacted to Jammers in New SSD Photos & Info   
    $199.99 roughly £150... I’m a loyal fan but that is asking a lot from me. 
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    asperon reacted to codegnave in Kill it already   
    With all due respect to everyone in this thread: shut up and grow up.
    Learn how to handle disappointment without ruining the mood for the rest of us.
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    asperon reacted to themightyhedgehog in Relay "fix"   
    I still like the idea that the squadron relaying the command has to be in normal activation range of the ship issuing the command.  
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    asperon reacted to Frimmel in Anyone else worried about the fighters included with Chimaera?   
    Rogue Squadron from CC is unique and it only has the ship silhouette. 
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    asperon got a reaction from GammonLord in Armada trade thread   
    Dito great trade with @GammonLord!
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    asperon reacted to GammonLord in Armada trade thread   
    Great trade with @asperon! Appears British Royal Mail is no match for Swedish postal efficiency!
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    asperon reacted to ViscerothSWG in Major Juggler: Please post the Stats on the Jumpmaster 2.0 (Scurrg) quickly   
    Jumpmaster 1.0
    Jumpmaster DE
    Jumpmaster for Workgroups
    Jumpmaster Kessel Professional
    Jumpmaster 2.0
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    asperon reacted to Autosketch in Errata cards for your use   
    Hi everyone, 

    I'm pretty excited about the new FAQ, but it has caused the issue of having cards with text significantly different than the cards we have. Sounded like a fun opportunity, so I'm going to use this thread as a repository for errata cards with the original art where I can get it and alternate art where I can't, for full art upgrade cards which have had their text corrected.
    +++EDIT: This project is now complete. Please go to this site for the files to download print-quality versions of every errata'd card!!
    leave a comment if it's of use! Thanks!

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    asperon reacted to wblackthorn in Armada Trade Thread MK 2   
    no need for a new thread just post in the other one and move it back up the boards and it keeps the trade history for everyone togeather
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    asperon reacted to Hawkstrike in What to fly with an unpredictable Ghost.   
    If one Lothal is good, two are better.
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    asperon reacted to Panzeh in HOTR is all about painter hate   
    Haha, suck it down, hobbyists!
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    asperon reacted to UnfairBanana in Too easy to cheat!   
    Or better yet, people could just not cheat. That's always fun

    Fly casual, friends.
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    asperon got a reaction from AceWing in Wampa, or a black w/ crackshot   
    I would take Wampa with Palp, otherwise take a BSP with Crack
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    asperon reacted to Marinealver in 4 Y-wings might be the key to kill 3 Jumpmaster   
    TIE Phantoms might be the key to killing Fat Han.
    TIE Swarm will stop the Phantom Menace.
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    asperon reacted to sinclair5150 in A Bad Rule, an Unfortunate Situation, and a Misguided Choice.... Reflections from a Roanoke Regional Top 8   
    So even as I begin to write this I know that it's probably a futile effort.  Internet forums and Facebook posts are rarely, if ever, the place for debate.  Never the less, I write.  I was one of the Top 8 in Roanoke this past weekend (#8).  I'm not part of Nova, or a podcast so I'm not speaking for any of the other 7 players.  I'm just a schmuck from a small town who enjoys competing in x-wing events and having fun.  I've not read all of the forum posts or Reddit threads on this topic since Sat. nor will I.  I don't need the the online crowd to pressure me into anything.  Amongst all the debate over Intentional Draws regarding this event it has also been a subject of curiosity, at least early on, of "did they all get together and decide this?"  "Was it a protest?"  Words like "cartel" are being put out there.  To my knowledge, either here or on their FB group page, only the Nova guys have spoken about it and they have used phrases such as "we" (thus, probably unintentionally, seemingly referring to the whole Top 8).  They have indicated that it was not a protest.  This has thus given the community at large the assumption that the entire Top 8 was of one mind and, unfortunately, associated us all with some of the, shall we say, less than respectable verbal actions that some of the top 8 have spouted. 
    So where do I stand?  First, then entire thing went by quickly.  The final round pairings went up with a crowd hovering around the sheets.  A joke was made something along the lines of "what if the entire Top 8 just drew?"  I don't remember the exact quote but it did seem jokingly.  Players dispersed to collect their stuff and get to their tables.  I never spoke to a single one of the other top 8 during this time but it quickly became clear, as I got to my table, seeing and at that point, hearing, the other top 8 tables talking with a TO and performing their desire/decision to take the ID.  Without knowing their reasons, here is what went through my head in the short time I had.... In the first Regional of the season, how powerful a message would it send FFG OP if the Top 8, that included the 3 time World Champ, a Worlds Top 4 and a well known podcaster, all took the ID?  Would it be enough to protest the rule in this manor to get them to change the ID rule ASAP?  So I made my decision.  The next thing I know, my opponent is there as was the TO.  Having never done it before we awkwardly fumbled our way and my opponent officially offered me the draw and I accepted..... as a protest.   A short time later I had a moment in passing with the gentleman running the twitch feed and we both expressed our hope that this would send a message to FFG.
    Now, having said that, and truly hoping that after all this that FFG will QUICKLY change this rule, did I make the right decision?  Would I do it again?  No.  I made the wrong choice.  I don't like the rule and even though I thought what I was doing might help bring change, I still should have said "no, I want to play out my last game."  In the short time I had I mentally projected onto the others, especially Paul, this notion that we were making a point.... apparently I was wrong.  That's my fault, not theirs.  We didn't talk and they never actually said that, so I shouldn't have assumed that.  I've seen the posts by some of the Nova guys, including Paul.  They have clarified that it wasn't a protest, that, while they don't like the rule, they used it simply to secure their Top 8 place, no more, no less.  You know what, that's their choice and it is currently allowed, so that's their right to do so.  However, that being said, the tone that at least a couple of them have taken, as well as the other vitriol that has come about...... Nova doesn't speak for me.
    I made the wrong choice and I regret it. 
    This was to be my only Regional this year and it's now something that I'll just have to forget, lumped in with one or two other bad events that I've been to in my 3+ years of playing this game.  I want nothing to do with name calling, or FB ranting.  No matter how nice or how... not nice,  the comments will be on this thread I won't argue back or probably even comment.  For what it is worth I just wanted to give my reason, however misguided it has turned out to be.  I've unfollowed the Nova FB group page, as well as some others, because quite honestly I"m disappointed in the tone of some of the represented players.  I know that some have said that some of them were openly mocking lower tier players at the event after the ID.  I personally didn't hear any of that so I can't speak to that.  But I know what I've seen in their online response and I don't want to be associated with it.  Everyone has their opinion and that's great, but unfortunately like everything else it seems that all we can do is resort to name calling anymore.  I'm disappointed in both Paul AND Doug Kinney for their comments and rants. 
    As the 2 World Champs I'd like to expect better, but you know what, I don't know either of them outside of some online comments and their appearances on podcasts.  So my expectation of them is on me.  No one is perfect and anytime emotion gets involved bad things are likely to happen.
    So in closing I offer my apologies for this mess.  I thought I was being apart of something to help change a bad rule.  At least a part of that is happening, I'm sure FFG is wide awake to this issue now if they weren't before.  Again, that doesn't make the decision right however.  I don't expect a rush to my defense either.  I'll go back to playing x-wing eventually, mainly local events as I'm not the type who has or probably ever will travel to Gencon or Worlds, etc.  Hopefully this rule will change and this will all be behind.  While I've enjoyed listening to podcasts and reading discussion on forums, etc.  they don't define this game or the "meta" for me.  Personally I think too many, including myself in the past, have put too much stock in what the world champ thinks, or what the Scum & Villiany, the Nova's, the Mynocks think .... or what Fly Casual should or should not mean.  Again, I'm guilty of this too.  I also agree, as some others have pointed out that the problem isn't just the ID, but also the current round structure, number of players, dealing with drops, etc., etc.  But I'm not a math guy so that's for others, smarter than me, to debate and discuss.  I also want to express that the Regional itself, the building and the TOs, did a great job and the event ran smooth.  The staff at Star City Games were nice and on top of things.  I hope that all of this doesn't reflect on them.
    For those who read this post, thank you for your time.
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    asperon reacted to Gottmituns205 in Armada officially dead?   
    Cool when it goes to the discount corner I'll pick me up some boats.
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    asperon reacted to Ecgtheow in Wave 3 is garbage: good time to rage-quit?   
    The only reasonable course of action is to throw all your figures away and then post about it. Repeatedly.
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    asperon got a reaction from sleet01 in Trying to come up with a good triple bomb Emon Azzameen list   
    Put him i slave 1, add extra munitions, settle for one type of bomb.
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    asperon got a reaction from Joostuh in Rage Upgrade   
    Keyan Farlander can use his ability only once per attack as card abilities cannot be resolved more than once during the timing specified on the card.
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    asperon got a reaction from blade_mercurial in You're flying Soontir, Whisper, and a blocker of your choice. Would you feel safe for initiative at 97 points?   
    With whisper/fel there is no reason to use any bid, since fel wants to go last and whisper wants to go first, so no matter what your opponent choose it will favour one of them and hinder the other
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    asperon got a reaction from Karhedron in Red Ace, Horton and Jake - any advice?   
    Give horton the EPT droid and marksman, it makes him truely a threat...
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    asperon got a reaction from Rickenbacker69 in Red Ace, Horton and Jake - any advice?   
    Give horton the EPT droid and marksman, it makes him truely a threat...
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    asperon reacted to cubby09 in Soontir + Omega Leader + ???   
    whisper+VI+adv cloak+FCS
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