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  1. Great trade with Xethrion
  2. Want to trade for FFG promo admiral screed from European championship , have lots of AA and tokens to trade, let me know what you are looking for.
  3. Anybody have a Rapid Launch Bays they want to trade? I have a bunch of AA cards, Acrylics etc. Send me a PM and we'll work something out.
  4. This is very much a dice thing, it just takes some good defence rolls from the defenders to win the fight, so the TLT hardly wrecks them even if they stand a good chance statistically
  5. Anybody have a spare damage deck they would trade me? Send me a PM and well work something out
  6. Looks like your mailbox is full
  7. Updated
  8. Have: Armada AA Tie Fighter Squadron Armada AA X-Wing Squadron Armada AA MC 80 Armada AA Gladiator II Armdaa AA Raider I Armada AA Assault Frigate Mark II A Armada AA Victory II SD Armada AA Nebulon B Armada AA Vader Armada SD Dice Bag Armada Rebel Dice Bag Armada Squadron Tokens Armada Winter 2015 Medal Armada Store Championship 2016 coin Armada Store Championship 2016 plaque Armada National Championship 2016 coin Want: Armada VSD1 (plastic) Gencon Armada Regional 2016 Dice 2x Armada Tie/b
  9. Updated
  10. Great trade with tsondaboy, all the way to Japan!
  11. I would take Wampa with Palp, otherwise take a BSP with Crack
  12. Looking for: Regional 2016 dice, full set 6x tie bomber, just the ship no cards needed Have: AA X-Wing Squadron AA Tie Fighter Squadron AA Gladiator II AA Raider I AA MC80 AA Nebulon B AA Assault Frigate AA Victory AA Leading Shot AA Admiral Akbar Future AA Vader Armada SD Dice Bag Squadron tokens Concentrate Fire tokens Winter 2015 Medal Store Championship 2016 coin Store Championship 2016 plaque Regional 2016 coin CR 90 minus leading shots and ECM Nebulon B minus XI7 Turbolasers or let me know what you want!
  13. Great Trade with frogman0714!
  14. Great trade with Kingju