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  1. If your using the Hero expansion on an adventure other than in the Hero rule book, how do you get treasures? Is it something with the hidden treasure that you can search for? I'm just not understanding the whole concept... please help! Thanks!
  2. I was hopeing for the expansion to have seperate combat decks for the minions. The fact that the minions have the same combats as monsters dont make much sense. In addition, I think the minions should also have life pools to determine thier health. As for the heroes in the expansion they should have more than just 2 starting quest to choose from... maybe like 10 for each hereo, then pick 3 out of 10 to keep. Then when you complete 2 out of the 3 of the starting quest you can pick 2 out of 5 advanced quest. This would make the game more replayable as well. You could pick the same heroe many times and never do the same quest. And how about a better way to do the mission cards. Most of them are way to easy. Lets make it a real acomplishment to get those done, lets earn them. Make a mission to have all heroes have 7 or 8 favor, instead of 5 collectively between all heroes. If you cant get 5 between all heroes than you deserve to loose and never play again. This is a good game but has potential to be great. Much like War of the Ring was a good game, but the expansion made it GREAT!
  3. For information about the tournament click here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/434894 To download the Java game click here: http://www.warofthering.webb.se
  4. To me Minas Tirith is a very important Stronghold, if not the most important. Reason being is very obvious. It is the easiest place to crown Aragorn King. As the Shadow player I would take it as quickly as possible. Try to get claim that and Pelegir before aragorn can get that far south. If im the FPP I would use a muster/army to move my regular units to North Ithlien and South Ithlien to prevent Mordor from getting to me so quickly. Not to mention if you move them there and muster gondor down one step, all it takes is for Sauron to attack one time and now you can muster two extra elites in MT. Also as the FPP my first few Character dice are used to get Strider to MT to use my first rolled WOTW to crown him. Dont forget that when you get Aragorn crowned, or simply move Boromir into MT then it automatically activates Gondor.
  5. Well I have finally figured out how to get War of the Ring to work on my PC. So now that I have it up and running im looking for somebody to play against. If anybody wants to play you can e-mail me at joefling@hotmail.com or hit me up on AOL IM. My screen name is "MightyJoeFling". Look forward to playing.
  6. Lets say two different players both claim to different areas on the same planet. No battle takes place. The other areas on the planet are minerals, does neither player claim these territories as far as getting thier resource cards in the regouping faze? Can a player build on one of these areas before moving a unit there?
  7. "In order to Heal, the City or Stronghold must naturally still be in the control of the Free Peoples" Ok this is true and more obvious. But to me a Free Peoples stronghold is a Free Peoples stronghold regardless of who controls it. If the FSP is in Rivendell with Elven units... and then a Saruon army besieges it, the SP can now play cards as if the FSP was not in a FP settlement? That doesnt seem right to me. That makes it way to easy to play very deadly cards against the FP. The SP should have to get the FSP out of rivendell by having a successful hunt and reaveling it out. That seems more thematic. I just want some reassurance on this. I always play my unclear rules with whatever Krieghun says, but this just seems to odd. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. If the fellowship is in Dale but Dale has been overrun by a shadow army, can the SP play cards that say "if the fellowship is not in a free peoples settlement"?
  9. My strategy as the FPP is to move the fellowship at least twice per turn. All my other dice go to defending or distracting the SP. If you can keep the Fellowship in a FP stronghold until you have enough moves (10 going through moria) to declare it in Mordor than you have a really good shot at wininning. This seems difficult but as long as you dont move the fellowship with to many eyes in the hunt box you should be able to do it. I always move it once per turn with 3 eyes in, and twice per turn if there are two or less. Or if the shadow player is really rolling crappy for the hunt then just keep moving it. You really need to get the expansion, it makes it a little easier to destroy the ring. And adds some cool characters, cards and new strategic ways to play.
  10. Thank you for clarifying! It makes much more sense to have the assist unit retreat. Thanks alot!
  11. Let me give you a scenario: Two Hydralisk, one supporting the other, are in a skirmish against a Wraith thats supported by a Science Vessel. Now lets say that the Hydralisk kill the wraith and the wraith kills one hydralisk, and no splash damage on combat cards. Is it impossible to kill the science vessel to claim the territory in this skirmish? Or does the science vessel have to retreat to another territory? Can somebody please explain to me what happens if you have an assist unit all by itsfelf at the end of a skirmish. Thanks!
  12. Ok, so with this said, would it be better to just not play with the factions special victory conditions? Maybe just win by conquest points or total iniahlation. How long would it take by the way to play with 4 people and only win by iniahlating everyone?
  13. I am a new Starcraft player so im sure we are playing some rules awkward. But Is it just me or does it seem like the game always ends to eraly. It feels like once stage III comes then its basically pointless. The Factions special victorys are indeed to easy to accomplish. Do other people feel this way too? Has anybody ever just played without special victory and without victory points, and just played to be the last man standing? It seems more logical that way. Any feedback would be greatly apprreciative.
  14. lets say Gollum is the guide, and smeagol never entered play. If the FP card Challenge of the king is played and as a result of that card a smeagol hunt tile is drawn.... does the FPP discard it and draw another hunt tile?
  15. For example, lets say the SP is besieging Minas Tirith but has not yet taken control of it. Can the FPP declare the fellowship in Minas Tirith to heal the corruption or make it safe in the stronghold?
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