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  1. hey! i was just responding to you on the other forum! quit stalking me! ;-)
  2. Ok so i'm reading the history section and i like these separate factions forming for the throne But i wonder, does Lucrecio Giovanni count as a viable faction? would the church support him should he claim his right? How old IS he exactly ( shes twelve right, so 6 years or so she would be of legitimete age correct)? When the Child empress comes of age would it be compleatly out of the question for a political marriage between the two of them? What would this spell out? Support from the church perhaps. with two warlords and the church supporting this group WITH the next heir sharing the giovanni blood what could this mean for the fate of Gaia? MAN i want to play *grumbles*
  3. yeaaahh... i need a character sheet thats a little less intimidating *scratches head* :-
  4. is anyone out there doing this? i ask becausei have a bit of an issue with the use of the christian church ( not everyone will have this problem i realize but it does bother me) if so what are you doing for your setting? in the same vein what kind of other summons are you making for summoners? How bout any other interesing house rues? Hope all are well! Have a wonderful day everyone!
  5. i have it i have it i have it SQUEE WOO HOO mmmm *gives hugs all around*
  6. if you are hypotheticaly rolling for random stats in regards to height weight etc. for a noble do you simple use the table from a hive or imperial world? how have you guys handled that? thanks in advance Ty
  7. ok it hasnt been working for like, the past 3 days, just ignore me i got it to work WOO HOO
  8. ok i have Dark Heresy and Anima should be here tomorrow... but i cant seem to add the little icons to appear on my Sn i want to pimp my gaming pride lol anyone have any ideas why this isn't working?
  9. uh... i meant that one that Asinus made.. the downloadable sheet on the main page is a little intimidating, and i want to have something simpler when i get my book
  10. i don't have the book yet.. ( hopefully getting to order it soon) but wouldn't one "special race" amidst regular humans give an odd sort of power gap between the two?
  11. i wouldnt mind a copy of it! my e-mail is CameraObscura83@mac.com thank you ever so much! Ty
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