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  1. Hugues said: And then, he discovered where the decision was made. And mainly by whom. It was Anarkia, the moderator from our space (i guess). So i think MisterPoulet doesn't agree that decision. But that's an official ruling from our mod. But, still, you can play as you like Hugues, you're right: I don't find that this ruling is a good idea. It's the moderators decision and I can live with it. It's ok to have fun playing the game but if you remove all the rules that make the game a little harder, and the victories much more interesting, well I don't see the point. I remember playing the Tree on the Hill scenario on the Spanish League, and it took us at least six or seven games to win it. The winning thrill was so incredible and the tension before drawing the last mythos card was unbelievable. If I want to play an easy game, I can play using only the base game. The Leagues shoulb be there for a little challenge. And I think that some teams will be able to boost character possessions from scenario to scenario. Some teams even trade items to the investigators they know they will use on the next scenario. Imagine a team of four Investigators with two Investigators receiving the items of the four Investigators at the end of scenario 1. At the beginning of the next scenario, they start with two new Investigators with all their starting possessions AND the two boosted ones. In the long run, that's a lot of possessions. But, like Hugues says, we can play as we like, and I'll accept that ruling with all the serenity that I can. BUT! It's random Investigators for us! Yeah, the deception to draw Vincent Lee!
  2. Hi! Scenario 3 is out. Again, it's the same as Weyoun's translation.
  3. Julia said: Wonderful! I still have to try Scenaio 1, thou; anyway, for Christmas / Yule I should have some more time to play. Just a question: I dropped the e-mail with my data at the address you had pointed out, and I asked for a confirmation. At the moment, I haven't received any sign they received my e-mail. Does a way to check whether you are enroled or not exist? You will not receive a confirmation. When you'll send your first score, your name will appear after a week or two on their Web site. To get there, from the Horreur à Arkham forum, select Deuxième Ligue Nationale d'Horreur à Arkham then Résultats et Statistiques de la Ligue. Click on the link.
  4. Scenario 2 is identical as Weyoun's translation. Happy gaming!
  5. jhaelen said: Oh, you get to keep all Clue tokens? I had played that differently - is this a change from the Spanish League or did I just overlook it? It's a change; you played it right.
  6. Here are the changes for Scenario 1. The second rule of the Three Rules should start like this: Common Items, Unique Items, Spells, Skills, Money, Madness and Injury cards</b> are kept from scenario to scenario as long as the player maintains the same investigator […]. The Third Rule replaces some text in the AH rulebook. In the AH rulebook, when an investigator is driven insane or is knocked unconscious, he must immediately choose and discard half of his items and half of his Clue tokens (rounded down), along with all retainers (if any). In the League, he must instead immediately discard all of his items permanently. Period. The investigator keeps his all of his Clue tokens and Retainers. The Scenario 1 and the two Investigors translated by Weyoun are ok. Good luck... you'll need it for that first one.
  7. Julia said: After careful thinking and a lot of scheduling excercises, I changed my mind. I'll participate to the league, if it's still possible to subscribe :-) Sure! You need to send an e-mail at cdelobelle@edgeent.com with the following information : Nom de l’Equipe Nombre d’Investigateur dans cette Equipe ( ne peut pas changer durant toute la Ligue !) Nom du Joueur de la Communauté de Edge Entertainment représentant l’Equipe (il doit être enregistré dans la Communauté de Edge Entertainment) Ville, Région et pays de votre Equipe Which mean : Team name Number of Investigators played (this number cannot change for the length of the League) Username in the Edge Entertainement Community (you’ll have to create an account) Location of your team (City, State and Country) If your french is too rusty, I can help you through your account creation. I'll get back to you for the first Scenario. The second scenario will be out friday.
  8. Hugues said: And of July for the 10 scenarii I guess. More like 1st of July.
  9. Dynamite Joe said: Sometimes both paths are equally short. You're right, that slipped my mind. I guess the first player should choose, but in a League, that might be too easy. Maybe I'd roll a die.
  10. Dynamite Joe said: This may be a stupid question, but do we use the Dunwich board in addition to Arkham board?How do the monsters move towards the Black Cave, exactly? White lines, black lines, or can we decide? Question 1. Yes sir! Question 2. I'd use the shortest path posssible.
  11. Julia said: Is there an official something summarizing the rules you're talking about? I didn't play the spanish league yet, and I don't know what rules you're referring too. I'd lik to partecipate to the French league, but I'd like to know something more, when possible! To get a rapid overview of the second French League, download Weyoun's translation of the first scenario of the Spanish League. You will get the Three Rules, which are in addition to the official rules, the first scenario and two custom Investigators needed for the League. The French League differs a little from that material, butI could keep the non-french speaking participants informed of any changes.
  12. jhaelen said: > The question for me is 'How minor are these changes?' > I'm currently playing through the scenarios of the second Spanish League (yesterday > I finished the 4th scenario). Unless the scenarios play noticeably different in the French > League, I probably wouldn't be interested. I'm just playing the scenarios for fun, not > because I'm interested in prices. The second rule is a bit different : an investigator can also keep his money from one scenario to the other. The third rule changes some stuff from the base rules. That's it for now. Only the first scenario is online. You can also have fun while playing the League and see how good you fare compared to the other teams. The results page is better looking than FFGs. See the results page from the First French League. As for prizes you could always send them to me .
  13. Hello people, Edge Entertainment, the bunch who edit the french edition of AH, just started their second League. The League is similar to the second spanish League, with some minors changes though. The League will have 10 scenarios and will run from november to june 2011. You need to subscribe to the League before sending your results. Some prizes will be drawn, but might consist in french editions of AH products... Consider yourself warned! If I get ten positive replies to this message, I'm ready to translate or correct the scenarios already translated by Weyoun. Anyone interested?
  14. I just received an e-mail form Chris Jennings : When I added the ability to create split gates I accidentally broke the ability to read some older gate files. This will be fixed in the next release.
  15. Weyoun said: I did have some issues with java using Strange Eons in the past, and solved them by downloading a new version of that program. Have you tried that? Let me know. I had the same problems has Hugues with the latest version of SE. Maybe you're using a plug-in/extension that we don't have. What is your list of plug-ins?
  16. jhaelen said: Are these new scenarios or are they a translation of the Spanish League scenarios? My French is pretty much non-existent, but the pictures look like those from the Spanish League... They are a translation of the first Spanish league. Afterwards, Edge France will translate and host the second Spanish league. Then it gets interresting : Edge France and Edge Spain will host a common third league. I wish FFG would follow and host an international league, but the only problem is the translation of the expansions : they are up tu BGotW in spanish, but only KI in french.
  17. Julia said: Although I must confess I haven't been able to find anything that prevented monsters being consumed by the intense gaming Our monster tokens are flat on a table, ordered alphabetically. The monster cup is really a plastic container with bingo chips with numbers "dymoed" on them. And we use a small table next to the monsters to match the number drawn and the monster; ie. number 25 is the Dhole. When a monster is drawn, we put the monster on the board and its bingo chip on it. If the monster is returned to the cup, to chip returns to the container. Result : good lookin' monster tokens.
  18. Lovecraft said: Can you guys give me a suggestion on making a full on Arkham Horror experience for veteran players? Play with the Russian version! (Sorry, couldn't resist...)
  19. ColtsFan76 said: Or casting spells. Where is that reference on no spellcasting while being delayed? That's how we play it, but I just can't seem to find written rule about it.
  20. Wolfman13 said: I attempted to search the Forums to see if these questions have previously been addressed, but when I type something into the "Search" box, then hit the magnifying glass icon next to it, nothing happens. I clicked quite often on that magnifying glass... Press the ENTER key instead. Good luck with the search engine! Wolfman13 said: And second, regarding the Mythos phase, part one: pg 9 of the rulebook states, "One of three things happens, depending on whether there is an open gate, an elder sign marker, or neither at that location." Am I correct in assuming that the ONLY way a location would ever have an elder sign marker on it would be from a player putting it there? So, if the location has an elder sign icon printed on the board in one of the small circles right above the location's name, this does not mean that there is an elder sign there with regard to this rule, is that correct? The small Elder sign icon means that you can aquire Unique Items at that location.
  21. Are Spawn Monsters (Servants of Glaaki and Childs of Abhoth) affected by vortices? Do they return to the Ancient One's sheet or stay on the Village Commons until defeated? (I say Village Commons because that's how far they can go).
  22. Dam said: Check pages 8-9, you either follow the "No Gate" paragraph or the "Gate" paragraph, depending on whether there is an open gate or not. Dam, I'm not sure if your reply is for my question but with what is written on page 9, I understand that the investigator may try to close the gate. That may is confusing because we think it gives the opportunity for the Investigator to leave that location, not to wait for better conditions before closing and sealing the gate. And I think it's still non-consistent with the must take an action on page 8; doing nothing is not taking an action.
  23. Veross said: do the monsters receive any bonuses for their outnumber or investigator just fights then one by one? No bonuses for the monsters : if there is more than one monster in an area, the investigator must evade/fight each monster in turn, in any order he chooses.
  24. s1mon said: If I have more than 1 mythos card in play do monsters move according to all mythos cards in play or just the last one played? Just the last one played.
  25. Tibs said: If you have an explored token, your only options during the Arkham Encounter phase are to attempt to close the gate, or do nothing (not even have an encounter). This means that if you successfully close the gate, you do not get an encounter at that location. Is there an official ruling on that do nothing during the Arkham Encounter? That's how we play it when the No One Can Help You Now mythos card is drawn or when an Investigator uses his clue tokens in the Other Worlds and has an Old Journal or The King in Yellow, but the AH rulebook states that an investigator must take an action (p. 8 - the must is in italic in the rulebook) during the Arkham Encouters phase, not sit and wait. Seems non-consistent.
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