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  1. [ENLIGHTENMENT VICTORY] - [HOUSE RULE] - [CLAIM ALL 5 RINGS IN 1 ROUND] Will any of you old school players integrate this mechanic into to your kitchen table games and schemes, post Legend of the Five Rings LCG release on 10/5/17?
  2. OF SET-UP FRAMEWORK 5. Place provinces and stronghold. In player order, each player secretly selects one of their provinces, places it facedown above their dynasty deck, and places their stronghold card on top of it. If a player is using a role card, it is placed next to his or her stronghold during this step. Each player then places their other four provinces facedown between their dynasty and conflict decks, in any order. [QUESTION ?] - A At which point during setup is the Stronghold[Clan] revealed to the opposing player? [QUESTION ?] - B Does the second player have an advantage here as he/she knows the Stronghold[Clan] his/her opponent[first player] is playing before he/she reveals his/her Stronghold[Clan] to his/her opponent[first player] and chooses the province card for his/her stronghold?
  3. Master Thorn - Surge Ability 2(Surge Trigger Icons) MIND MELD For the rest of this combat round, after you take damage from an attack, deal an equal amount of magic damage. Skill - INNER FIRE Once per combat round as a combat action, you may exert to trigger the surge ability on your hero. This allows you to trigger that surge ability more than once per combat round. If I activate Master Thorn's MIND MELD surge ability twice during a combat round and my opponent then does 2 damage to me does MIND MELD do 2 or 4 damage to my opponent?
  4. Like Warm Rain ----------------------------------- Reaction: After you lose an [intrigue] challenge as the defending player, kneel a Direwolf character to choose and kill an attacking character. (Max 1 per challenge.) Grand Maester Pycelle ----------------------------------- Maester. Small Council. Insight. Direwolf Pup ----------------------------------- Direwolf. No attachments. Direwolf Pup gets +1 STR for each other Direwolf card you control. CHALLENGE RESOLUTION 4.2 Challenge is initiated. ACTION WINDOW 4.2.1 Defending player declares defenders. ACTION WINDOW 4.2.2 Compare STR to determine challenge winner. 4.2.3 Gain challenge bonuses. 4.2.4 Apply claim result. 4.2.5 Process challenge resolution keywords. 4.2.6 Challenge ends. QUESTION --------------------------------- PLAYER 1 (FIRST PLAYER) HAS JUST WON AN UNOPPOSED INTRIGUE CHALLENGE VS. PLAYER 2 WITH Grand Maester Pycelle AS THE LONE ATTACKING CHARACTER. PLAYER 2 AS A REACTION TO 4.2.2 PLAYS Like Warm Rain. WHEN 4.2.5 RESOLVES, Grand Maester Pycelle IS IN THE DEAD PILE. DOES PLAYER 1 DRAW A CARD FOR THE INSIGHT KEYWORD?
  5. The Shadowfist CCG is the best multi-player CCG of all time. Acquire it as well and you will have one consumer on the brink of pure bliss.
  6. Little Shop of Magic 4160 S. Durango Drive #120 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 307-6127 www.shopofmagic.com Open play night every Tuesday beginning 6-30-15 5pm to 9pm
  7. I know this is a bit off the prime topic but this thread seems like the right place for my assertions. A Slann Warlord and later, much later... Worlds as warlords like the Tyranids, a non allied deck. Deathworld and Hiveworld. What out for that Orlok juve why don't 'cha.
  8. I am just excited about the 21 deck metagame, mono, left ally, right ally. Right out of the box!
  9. If PLAYER(A) waits to see if PLAYER(B) is going to mulligan before choosing if PLAYER(A) will mulligan, PLAYER(A) has gained a competitive advantage. I ASSUME that the player with the initiative will choose to mulligan or not to mulligan first. Just looking for clarification.
  10. Mulligan Learn to Play - PDF Page 5 8) Draw starting hand. Each player draws a number of cards from the top of his deck equal to his warlord’s starting hand size value (see below). A player may take one mulligan (see Rules Reference Guide, page 11) if he does not like his starting hand. Rules Reference - PDF Page 11 Mulligan Draw After a player draws his starting hand during setup, he has the option to declare a mulligan draw. After doing so, he reshuffles his starting hand into his deck and draws a new starting hand equal to his warlord’s starting hand size value. He must keep his second hand. Which player takes his Mulligan first?
  11. Make it a death match RPG. No way out. The spirit of 1st edition D&D except there is no treasure. Combined with the survival terror of Call of Cthulhu. Just a another day breathing sump fouled air. Scavenge to survive. Survive to scavenge. Add in the art style from the original Rogue Trader and there it is.
  12. Underhivin' scalp takin' for the win. Climbing the spire literally, politically, or spiritually. Setting seems the most RPG-like of all 40K environs. Easy conversion from Pathfinder or D&D in a cool sucked into another dimension lets do something different with our characters session.
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