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  1. I am new to X-Wing (having just picked it up a couple of weeks ago - been playing it like mad and having a blast!!!) and I had a quick question. I want to pick up more ships to use and build out forces - however I am going to have to build up the Rebel and Imperial forces roughly the same (I have been playing with my son and daughter so if I can field 100 pts of Imperial then I will need to be able to field 100 pts of Rebellion - if you get my meaning). So is there a ship by ship list of point values anywhere? I know this would be before upgrades but before I purchase a TIE bomber or B-Wing I would like to know how this would impact what I already own. I hope this makes sense. Regards,
  2. Just curious if anyone has heard about future products? I see nothing after the release of the Haarlock Legacy Trilogy - but I may be looking in the wrong place. This is my favorite of the Warhammer 40K RPG's (the next being Deathwatch and the least being Rogue Trader - just my opinion not meant to start an argument) So has anyone heard anything? Thanks Todd
  3. Looking through character creation I noticed two things that struck me as odd - I hope I am just missing something... 1. If a PC wishes to purchase a Combat Module or Martial Arts does the DP cost go against the 300DP limitation on Attack and Defense? I don't think it does but my friend who is working through the rules along with me thinks otherwise. 2. What is the "Inhumnanity" requirement? Under advanced martial arts one of the requirements of one of the advanced martial arts is "inhumanity" - does that simply mean one of the non human races like Sylvian? Thanks Todd
  4. Thanks for your input!!! I could not agree more - inserting world religions into a game can have drastic implications - though I honestly believe my group could handle it (I am the only one who actually goes to church on a weekly basis!!! - so I am pretty sure they would not get too offended). I like the idea of an "evolved" Christianity (kind of an "Orange Catholic Bible" from the Dune series). What I am hoping to do is set up an alternate "historical" religious theology that is opposition to the Emerpor Cult and throw in a bunch of stuff regarding the Knights Templar (an evolved Knights Templar?) This is still a work in progress - but I will keep you posted - thanks for all your asistance. Todd
  5. Though still in the drafting stages I am working on running a Dark Heresy game (now be warned - I as a GM feel free to steal anything I can get my hands on then twist to my own evil means....) My game is going to take place in small cluster of stars on the edge of the Calixas sector called the Sword Worlds (stolen: Traveller) where there are three suns with multiple planets with Sword names (get it?) in close proximity to each other. The area was liberated from Chaos in the Sword Crusade a few millenia ago and now has an Space Marine presence (Black Templars) and a Sisters of Battle presense - the Eclesiarchy started the crusade but the Black Templars had to finish it. Just back ground stuff - more but unnecessary. The real secret is that at the end of the Dark Age of Technology where worlds got separated there were still human religions around (such as Christianity and Judaish, Hindu and Muslim etc...) but those all were "purged" during the Emperor's Cruade (I kind of gather that the Emperor was not a huge fan of religion so I had him try to wipe it out before the Horus Heresy). In the Sword Worlds which was cut off and had to be reintergrated during the Crusade - Christianity still flurished until the Cruaders arrived and reintergrated them into the Imperium. Christianity went underground. During the Horus Heresy and the rise of the Imperial Cult afterwards this sect remained hidden. Eventully the Sword world fell to Chaos or Heresy (not sure which) and had to be re-reintergrated as stated above. As my PCs adventure I plan to have them stumble on this secret sect of Christians who deny the Emperor and have have thier own secret military (a modern Knights Templar or something). Just looking for any thoughts or ideas or just to generate a discussion. Todd
  6. Thank you all for your input and I did not take any offense! I am sorry that I did not get back sooner. I like the way you all think in this area - one huge area of contention in our gaming group is how "smart" are those in the Warhammer 40K Universe. I feel as though mankind is very intelligent but that intelligence is stiffled by the Church. Others think that everyone is an idiot who just uses stuff but has no idea how it works. I loved the Scourge the Heretic book and its follow up - as they show that there are those who have intimate knowlege of things but others may be clueless (Vex certainly has a great deal of intelligence while Kiera is not very worldly but is bright in the ways of killing and death...) Other books (such as the Gaunt's Ghosts books) clearly have people hacking into stuff and doing other techy stuff of an advanced nature so I think that there is some clarity issues. I think what throws people off is the idea of the Omnisiah and Machine Spirts - blessing weapons before going into battle and such and how using a computer is sometimes described as Prayer or other such stuff. Thanks again for your help! Todd
  7. I don't believe this is the right place to put this but I see no Generic Warhammer 40K forum to toss this out so here goes... I wonder what the next "Core" Warhammer 40K book witll be. It seems that for the past 4 years we have had a new Core book each year - and some guy (who may have been speaking out of his buttocks...) at the local gaming store mentioned 7 Core systems in all when all is said and done. Though he could not say for certain where he came by this tid-bit but he said "on the internet" which does leave this statment suspect... But I cannot say for certain he is wrong or right... I would love to see an Eldar Book or a core book devoted to the Imperial Guard but I may be dreaming... Any thoughts?
  8. I just finished Scourge the Heretic (by Sandy Mitchell) (Great Book by the way...) and I noticed that the tech priest character (who's name escapes me at this moment) is using the computers and computer interfaces to hack data and create false news reports and all sorts of "cyber punk" stuff and when I look through the skills the closest I can find is that the "Tech Use" skill is the only skill that comes close to being able to do this. Am I missing something? I do notice that in many of the Black Library novels (such as the Gaunt's Ghosts, Caiphas Cain and the other Mitchell book "Innocence Proves Nothing" the characters make a better use of technology that the PCs in Dark Heresy seem to be able to. I understand that storywise it may need to be done to move the plot along but I am trying to figure out why my characters in Dark Heresy can't do all that stuff! Any and all thought appreciated. Todd
  9. I think if possible that FFG should put out a book of NPCs from the various Black Library books - who would not want Commisar Cain or Ibram Gaunt in thier game?
  10. Silly Question but wat is STC? I am new to Rogue Trader (litterally having just picked it up over the weekend...). I looked through the index and and I don't see STC so I am not sure what this means - would help me to get more out of this topic if I knew. Thanks Todd
  11. Ouch! Since I bought this game for primarily solo play - I think I will get my butt kicked based upon the cards! But fun!!!!
  12. I just recieved my copy of the Massing at Osgiliath over the weekend. Normally (from what I have seen) one uses 3 or more encounter sets whne building the encounter deck - Massing at Osgiliath has only one. What other two encounter sets do you use with this set? There is no where where it is written or explained. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I reread the rules again after reading what you both posted and it makes much more sense to me now. I really don't know where I got the Midnight = Doom token thing but as I could not find it again - i must have picked that up in the Dreamlands! What the iphone/ipad version does - instead of Mythos cards it just randomly assigns 1-3 Doom tokens at Midnight - I almost one once (needed one more Elder Sign and the Doom Track needed one 3 more tokens) when Midnight hit and BOOM 3 Doom Tokens were assigned to the Doom Track and then Whoosh End of Game!!! I prefer board games to computer games where possible so I may just use the iphone version when I am on the commuter rail Thanks again Todd
  14. I just purchased Mansions of Madness and I am blown away by what I found! I was reading through the scenarios (as with my group I am more often than not going to be the "Keeper") and I noticed that in some of the scenarios (the 2nd one to be precise though I cannot remember the name of it) there is a "Ladder Feature" on the Map - but only one... The rulebook says that Investigators and humanoid monsters may move between spaces containing ladder markers as if the were adjacent. I was confused... So I looked in a couple of the other Map set ups and I noted that in some there are two ladder locations but others there is only one. Any ideas? Is this errata - 'cause I am not seeing it. How is this handled? Thanks Todd
  15. I recently purchased Elder Sign and I have tried playing it out but I am confused on one point. I recently purchased the game for my iphone as well but though fun - it has made the game a bit more confusing/. When the clock strikes midnight - how much does the doom track advance? Does it depend on how many rooms with Terror icons are out there? I literally just re-read the ruls cover to cover and I am still not getting this point. Thanks todd
  16. I never played Descent first edtiion - though I did see it played once at a con. Should I bother to pick up first editon stuff or just wait and purchase the second edtion and start from there? Thansk Todd
  17. I am new to the Living Card Game - A Game of Thrones and me an my buddy are woking through the rules using the base game. We do have a couple of questions regarding Power Challenges, however... 1) If I win a Power Challenge against my opponent - and he does not have any power counters - what happens? 2) If you don't get any power counters (from question #1 above) then how do you gain power counters? So far this seems to be a fun and interesting game and very straightforward its just gaining and power counters is a tad confusing. Thanks Todd
  18. Is it possible to be or play an "Untouchable" or "Blank" as in Alizabeth Bequin in the Eisenhorn series by Dan Abnett?
  19. I was wondering how long people live in the Warhammer 40K Universe. I guess the easy answer is: Until they run afoul of the Inquisition... But seriously - I am curious. In the Horus Heresy they talk about fighting for centuries (but they are space marines and not necessarily aging as normal folks...) However, Ciaphas Cain talks about being into his "second century of life" as he is writing his memoirs. Any thoughts? Todd
  20. Hello all! I am a huge fan of Fantasy Flight Games and what they have to offer. I have been playing in a Rogue Trader game for about a year and running a Dark Hersey game for almost as long. Though I have not had a chance to play Deathwatch looks very cool!!!! Which leads me to Anima. I have been hemming and hawing about this game for awhile. I have flipped through the pages of the main book every time I drop by the local game store (the artwork is the BEST I have ever seen in RPG!). What I want to know is - is it an easy game to pick up and learn and play? Flipping through it - there are some things that appear to be rather complicated. What I would like to know is - what do you who play think? Thanks! Todd
  21. I travel for work and I picked up Death Angel as a little solitaire game I can play in the hote room. So far I like the game and its components but I do have a question and it is driving me nuts!!! I understand how to set up the initial Blip piles but (and I may be very stupid here) when genestealers are spawned it makes no sense. Which Blip Pile do the genestealers spawn from and which side to they spawn to? I had thought that when looking on the Event Card's activation area the spawn icon on the left when on the left and the spawn icon on the right when on the right. However - example on page 23 has both icons from the event card spawning on the right side of the formation. I have been reading and re-reading the rules and all the cards and I am probably missing somethin really simple but I cannot figure this out. HELP!!!
  22. Has anyone thought to do (from the boards or FFG themselves) or taking the various charactes from the Black Library novels and turning them into NPC's? I loved Scourge the Heretic and Innocence Proves Nothing and it would be great to see those characters written up. Or what about Caiphas Cain? Or Eisenhorn? Ravenor? Just a thought. If anyone has written these up I would love to see them... Todd
  23. Thanks for the feedback. I do have the original core boxed set - it was a birthday gift from my players in my Dark Heresy game that I run. I opened it up and thought "oh no I have to use cards and other 'itz and bitz'" and that turned me off. If I understand they are optional and thus I would be more likely to dive back in. Thanks I think I will give this another look-see! todd
  24. I called my local hobby store (well not all that local - about 30 minutes away) and asked if there were any Warhammer Fantasy games going on that he knew of - that way I could possibly sit in and observe and deciede about this. This lead to a discussion about the game as the person working at the store was not too familiar with it either. He mentioned that he understood that if one bought the Hardbound books: Player's Guide; Game Master's Guide and Creature Guide there would be no need to get the boxes with all the cards and stuff. I have to admit I am old time gamer and when I cut my teeth on AD&D we never even used a board to draw anything out - everything was 100% descripiton so I have to admit as well that I am not a huge fan of the cards and card-board cut outs. If one could play the game without those by purcahseing the three hardbacked Guides that would go a long way to selling me on this game (as I think the Warhammer 40K RPGS are great!!!) So does just buying the three guides get the job done? I probably would not mind all the cardboard cut-outs or cards if they were dressing and not 100% necessary to play. BTW I do like the dice!!! So... Your thoughts? Todd
  25. I know that this is an odd question but I am not sure about this game. My friends bought me the big core boxed set (the $100 box!) last year for my birthday (I run a game of Dark Heresy for them so they figured it would be a good gift) and I have to admit I have not really touched it. It seemed that you have to play one of the pre-generated characters or what have you and I have never liked that. SOmeone has told me that I am wrong and before invest time I don't have - can people give me a better understanding of this game? It seems to be doing well but what will excite me about this game? I know this is odd but if you are playining and like thsi game - help me out! Thanks Todd PS I am not trying to pre-judge so if I got my initial assessmene wrong - tell me! Cheers!
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