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  1. Didn't realize it was a straight WP test, that's not as bad... As far as the Untouchable bit, I was referring more to the "suppression" effect that makes it harder of psykers to use any powers at all.
  2. Alasseo said: It's worth noting, however, that Dorsal weapons can fire at a target for'ard or in one of the broadside arcs, as can Prow weapons on anything Light Cruiser size or larger.Oh! Missed that bit about prow weapons on light cruisers (the players' ship).And thanks everyone for the advice.
  3. Bilateralrope said: Banjo Tango said: That's how my player was arguing it was written - but if that's the case, what can challenge a psyker with this power? It would seem to remove the tension from all but the most convoluted of fights. Here are some ideas: - Even if his survival is guaranteed, this power does not protect anyone else, and their survival might be required for the mission. So threaten the other players. - NPCs who chuck around large amounts of explosives. If a grenade is aimed for the person standing beside you, you being invisible to the attacker won't save you. - More targets than he can affect. Though the other players might not like the extra firepower bearing down on the group. - Targets sitting outside the powers range. We are talking about a power with a 20 meter maximum range, with no option to increase it with overbleed. Keep two NPCs 41 meters apart and at least one of them will be out of range at all times. A long las user can be up to 75 meters away and still get the short range bonus. - Targets who shake it off. High WP targets, or targets with strong minded will have a good chance to pass the test. Remember, if the targets pass their willpower tests, they aren't affected. Sure, he could use overbleed to worsen the test, but that means more dice, meaning more risk of phenomena. - Targets who are completely immune. Such as creatures with From Beyond (there are ways for PCs to get it), Machine (including servitors and high level tech-priests) or the thing that annoys any psyker: An Untouchable (rules for these exist in Disciples of the Dark Gods and Radicals Handbook). Just don't do this to often, unless you include mooks that he can use it on. - Someone who uses it on him first. Only do this once. I didn't realize "from beyond" and "machine" shielded you from psychic effects! Still, the whole "Your powers have no effect on me!" thing can be obnoxious to the player. One of the main villains for our campaign is a Slaugh, and she hates the fact that she's suddenly useless in its presence doesn't make her happy. Though she might be able to overcome the Untouchable effect now that she's ascended... I suppose my main issue is that any enemy, no matter how powerful*, can essentially be killed on a failed WP test unless I choose to make them immune (which also bites). And I'm not really one for running combat with a large number of opponents (she can currently affect 6 enemies, which is more than enough in a lot of cases - especially since the ones who still CAN perceive her aren't necessarily going to target her right away). I spoke with her about modifying the power to make things easier, she said she mainly bought it for "stealth" reasons. We might do something to modify it such that attacking a target makes them aware of your presence, and they can take a wild swing at a -30, something like that.
  4. Friend of the Dork said: Banjo Tango said: That's how my player was arguing it was written - but if that's the case, what can challenge a psyker with this power? It would seem to remove the tension from all but the most convoluted of fights. The #1 limitation in my experience is range, and the fact that it cannot be "pre-cast" like more conventional "invisibility" magic. Also, since each target, gets his own WP test to resist it is not as good as it may sound. So if the psyker wants to spend time in every combat casting this there will still probably be enemies targetting him, and the rest of the party would be attacking already. It's not an auto-win. Given that she's an ascended psyker, she has a 60 WP and is pretty likely to succeed. Besides, even introducing a power in which you can take on a single target and basically "auto-win" on an opposed WP test seems overpowered.
  5. It was from the DoW games where I got the idea something might be different ... I figured that reverb was an artifact of their "radio transmitters" or whatever, but even the un-helmeted have a weird voice: Wasn't sure if this was ever mentioned in the fluff or just something they did for the video games to make the Eldar sound distinct.
  6. Errant said: You can fire as many of your guns as are within range and arc of your target. You don't have to pick between the battery and the lance. True, but I thought that most ships had a Starboard / Port / Prow configuration which would force you to choose... I just wasn't looking at enough ships
  7. Here I thought it was about love, not revenge :'( And thanks for the rule clarification, I assure you that everyone in my gaming group appreciates it!
  8. That's how my player was arguing it was written - but if that's the case, what can challenge a psyker with this power? It would seem to remove the tension from all but the most convoluted of fights.
  9. Oh, just saw that lances get an extra hit for every 3 successes... so they CAN be effective against a void-shielded ship. What criteria do people use to determine which weapon to fire?
  10. Running a DH with a number of RT elements, and I'm planning on running a few ship-combat sessions. I'm a bit hazy on the strategy involved, though.... From my very basic understanding (and please correct / mock if I'm wrong)... * Most ships can only attack with either a lance or a battery - and only the battery will be effective unless the enemy ship's void shields have been disabled * Since firing happens at the end of your movement, try to position yourself just within range of your weapons on an opposite heading - this forces the enemy to take a maneuver action or move beyond range before they can fire Also, any particular extended actions that are commonly applied in combat? "Put your backs into it!" and "Lock on target!" seem to be universally useful (assuming you can fire). Is there any reason not to use extended actions?
  11. I'd prefer a response more impartial than one from the jackwad player being affected
  12. When using "See Me Not" the text mentions the psyker cannot be perceived in any way, which would seem to provide attack penalties beyond just the attacker being effectively 'blind' against the psyker (since they couldn't hear / feel / smell (psychically sense?) them either) Didn't see anything in the errata, is there a consensus on what the penalty would be? And whether there was any way for the poor foes of our psyker to help mitigate the penalty? Or limitations on the power that I'm overlooking?
  13. The rules allow you a "single attack" which would seem to include semi-auto fire, but I just wanted to make sure.
  14. Do Eldar "sound" the same as humans assuming they're fluent in High / Low Gothic? To put it another way, could you tell a speaker was Eldar by their voice alone?
  15. Mostly the cards (using baggies for the cardboard bits and that seems to work OK) - I've just been using rubber bands, but when I'm trying to keep the spells divided by order, things are starting to get bulky and unwieldly. Anyone have a nice solution they'd like to share?
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