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  1. Your hero enters a Chasm Chamber. Upon drawing, the Dungeon Card pulled is a "Secret Door". Are you able to cross the Chasm by virtue of the secret door? The Chasm Chamber states "...On your next turn, you may only exit through a passage on the same side of the Chasm that you entered from. ..." Secret Door cards says "You may immediately move to any adjacent space. ..." As written, it seems that it is allowed as the chasm doesn't take effect until "your next turn" and the secret door is "immediate". Opinions? --mike
  2. Playing another DQ crawl yesterday and my adventurer wandered into a Cave-In Chamber. Upon pulling the Dungeon Card, I pulled the Cave-In Event Card. Naturally, on my next turn, I wanted to press forward and not backtrack. So, in this situation to cross the Cave-In Chamber, do I have to pass two separate Agility Tests (one for the Chamber and the other for the Card) or just one? The pertinent text from the Chamber description "...If you attempt to cross the cave-in, test Agility. If you succeed, you cross the cave-in and continue your turn as normal. If you fail, you become trapped and must stay in the chamber...." The pertinent text from the Card "... At the start of each of your turns, test Agility to cross the cave-in. If you succeed, ... continue your turn... If you fail, your turn immediately ends." It seems to me that two separate tests are required. Thoughts? --mike
  3. Thanks for the opinion and the quick reply. It has to go down as one of the fastest (winning) dungeons ever - 14 turns. mike
  4. Without getting to all the text, The card starts with: "Whenever you begin your turn in the Treasure Chamber, you may roll 2 dice:" It then lists the various effects, ending with.. "12) Draw 2 Treasure cards, and then exit Dragonfire Dungeon"
  5. I was playing a solo crawl and made it to the Treasure Chamber. While the Dragon slept, I pulled the Forbidden Tome from the pile. The card allows you to roll 2 dice at the beginning of every turn where you start in the Treasure Chamber. And there are varying effects based on the dice roll. On my next turn, I decided to roll the 2D6 and rolled a 12. The effect here states "Draw 2 treasure cards, and then exit Dragonfire Dungeon." Does this mean I am magically transported out of the dungeon thus 'Game Over' with the loot that I picked up thus far? Or am I simply forced out of the Treasure Chamber and otherwise have to make my way back to the tower room and out? Thoughts? Having a blast playing the game. Thank you! --mike
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