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  1. Alasseo: Okay, thanks. I will have a look there ^^ Sarius: Well, I might agree with you that the chance is very low, but he sure seems to have some hell of luck so I chance on that he might still be alive out there. And thanks for tip about how the players might get involved in it. Thanks for all of your help, folks XD
  2. Alasseo: Well, since I don’t know that much about the game and the only map I have over the 40k is the map in the rule book, so this help me quite much more than the last one. But thanks for the advice. I will have to think out a good way to put him into the game, somehow it will work. Thanks for all of your help, guys ^^ Just one last questions to you all. - How can I see my personal messages? I can’t find it in my links on the account page. Yeah, I know this isn’t the right place to ask but there isn’t any support part in this forum. Thanks anyway.
  3. Shadowkat: I'm thinking of putting him in the game somehow, but I ain't sure about the details of things. Like, here the heck did Istaveen lie? Southwest? How far from Terra then? And what would the Imperium think about him? Would they accept him or have him executed? How long can a Space Marine live anyway?
  4. I have started to read the "The Horus Heresy", and one character got my attention, Garviel Loken, he was perhaps one of the best and definitely the smartest space marine I have read about so far. Okay, I haven’t read all of the books just yet, soon done with ”false goods”, but have read on different sites that he leads a defense force of loyalist on Istvaan III, where they presume he died after the building he was inside collapsed. Is there any chance that he might have survived the battle? And if he could, where would he be now and doing? Also, where lies Isstvan III?
  5. I and my GF is GMs for some players and to make the players feel that they can affect the game by give their ideas and one of those players said that they would like to join the ranks of the Space Marines. So my question to you all is: can the players join them? and if they can what kind of training do they have to go through?
  6. I can wait for it. I didn't know there would be Ork stats in it, that's why I asked ^^
  7. How about Ork stats? I want to use Orks in my mission after the players have grown some, but since I'm really bad to come up with stats of any kind I can't come up with anything for Orks, Eldar, Tau or Tyranids.
  8. Letrii said: Say you take 3 crit to leg, you look up on appropriate table and apply Then hit for 2 to body, look up table at 5 body Repeat until dead/incap or enemies are dead And the armour takes the first damage before it goes on the wounds, right?
  9. Soo all areas have just as much wounds? And they are independent from each other?
  10. Then I will test =) Thank you for your help, it really helped.
  11. N0-1_H3r3 said: My normal group is 8-strong (all but two of them are GMs for other games, so everyone contributes to making sure things run smoothly), but I only had 4 present when I ran the Deathwatch game. I've not yet had Orks make an appearance in my game, but the Dark Eldar showed up recently (as I'm running the adventures in Purge the Unclean), and they proved to be something of an unpleasant shock for the group. 8? Oh, so my group might be small then? Did they have some big problem with the Dark Eldars? Sorry if I ask so much questions but as I'm newbie to Dark Heresy, I want as much advice as possible. What was there first mission, do you make they roll test often or not?
  12. Okay, how large is your group? I plan to have 3 or more as I hope that will help the game. But have you used Orks or Eldars in your game? It just hit me that the Orks are simply everywhere in the Universium.
  13. Thank you, N0-1_H3r3. I haven't bought that book just jet, and won't be able for some month but I might need thoese stats for my players. Have you used them?
  14. Hi all, I'm new to Dark Heresy and plan to be a GM for some of my friends. But as I have read the core book, I never saw the stats of The Empires greatest warriors: The Space Marines. I think it's pretty boring then I can't really put them into the game. The same goes for the Chaos Space Marines, in such a huge universum it would be boring not to see a Space/Chaos marine in action. So my question to you all, is what might there stats be? Thanks in advance ^^
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