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  1. I suggest Khorne too, The strategy is pretty straightforward as you have to kill models to gain dial tokens. You also act as a menace to other players and can gain vistory points by dominating areas.
  2. My understanding is that Nazgul are leaders which means they cannot engage in combat alone but need to accompany an army. They do have some unique characteristics in that they can occupy enemy strongholds but will need to fight with an army if you intend to use them in battle.
  3. I have been really keen to buy the game and regularly check the updates to see if it is available. Can anyone confirm (rather than speculate) when the re-print is available to buy in the UK?
  4. I agree, good idea. The game will be very competitive too I think.
  5. Yeah sorry - I missed that and thanks - I am suitably embarassed!!
  6. If your opponents know what they're doing then the game is balanced and a coin victory can be thwarted just as much as any other path to victory. The success of this game lies in the trading and dealing between players. It seems to me that keeping two, or even three paths to victory open to you keeps your oppponents on their toes as the game strategy seems to be a balance between achieveing your own victory conditions and being vigilant enough at all times by watching other players' strategies. A great Civ game - likely to be one of the best!
  7. This is a great game and have already played it with 4 players a few times - woprks fine! However, I noticed that the 2player setup instructions are missing - so, for example, do you set up diagonally opposite your opponent? With 3 players - are there any other set up instructions?
  8. I'd like to express my sincere gratitude and remark on the excellent customer service provided by FFG, especially in repsonding so promptly to gamers' requests and concerns about the quality of (or missing) figures in Middle Earth Quest. I'm a loyal FFG fan forever and will contue to play your fantastic range of games. Well done and thanks to everyone concerned.
  9. Hate to say this but I agree - I did receive anm e-mail from customer services to say they wioll mail me a figure (not a replacement, just obne that was missing entirely from the box!) - then I read the announcement. Not a good move, spoils an otherwise great reputation. The shop I bought mine at said they were waiting to hear from FFG - left arm and right arm incomprehension here I think!!
  10. I've just posted a letter to FFG re: missing Gtohmog figure. They seem to be on the case so wait and see. All other figures are fine; great game so hope to report a positive response from FFG.
  11. Dear FFG I bought a brand new and sealed copy of your fantastic new board game "Middle Earth Quest" and was disappojnted to find that a model miniature was missing - the 'Gothmog of Gorgoroth Lieutenant of Sauron' figure. I bought this from Waylands Forge - supplier in Birmingham England - althougn this is not their fault as the box was sealed and brand new so received as delivered by FFG. Please advise as to what I ought to do - I have spent a massive £60.00 on this an my kids were disappointed when we tried our first play as I had to improvise with another figure. I am a big fan of FFG games so please contact me. I live in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England. I will supply address if you could arrange delivery of said figure. Thanks and best wishes Bamber Loizou
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