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  1. I don't have a portrait version, since this is a modified version if the FFG sheet. Making a portrait version wouldn't differ enough from that sheet, in my opinion, to make it worth making. With that said, is there something specific about it that you like but don't see on the FFG sheet?
  2. Bingo. If anything, F&D made lightsabers better by giving them hardpoints. In EoE and AoR, they are merely dangerous, but in F&D, who knows what attachment combos can be had.
  3. Also Bacta, which is so much enjoyable nonsense. I agree that a reload should be both exchangeable and reusable. The level of abstraction in this game would make tracking and restocking this beyond tedious. Rather, you just slap in a new clip recharge/replace to old one when the scene changes.
  4. Oh my god. a 2 page, 11x17 character sheet would be madness. But yeah. Searching. There are some nice black and white sheets I've seen posted here.
  5. I just started playing Star Wars Galaxies. It's pretty enjoyable and full of potential things to do. I'm trying to form a band for my Rodian to dance with. As an aside, since you can make dice as an in-game usable item in SWG, I thought about trying to arrange a tabletop demo in-game. For laughs, I was considering Star Wars d6 (like a nerdy infinite painting).
  6. My only contribution is that, in order to use one of these talents on another, you would need some way to affect them. Since no mechanisms are described for how one of these talents could affect another...
  7. Yeah. You can check out what fonts are used either by looking in the Preferences section of your PDF viewer, or by copy-pasting text into Word. The latter usually tells you the name of the font and some of the formatting choices (like text size).
  8. I wouldn't do anything with characteristic limits. The number scale for the game is too small to represent anything but the most severe limitations. Sure, it'd be funny to see an Ewok or Toydarian with a higher Brawn than most Wookiees, but there is such a broad difference from one number to the next that this would only get messy and overtly complicated.
  9. Have you looked at Starlit Citadel? They are from (IIRC) Vancouver, so shipping within Canada is acceptable. I believe the Sentry Box in Calgary does mail orders, assuming they have any copies.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. It's always interesting to see different perspectives on things lime this. While I was looking at it from a usage and environment standpoint, similar to how many other skills are used, you are all looking at it from a controls standpoint, not unlike how combat skills are used. Stocking to Space does keep things simple, and certainly does make sense since the controls aren't changing. Good feedback.
  11. I've only seen a few problems come up, but otherwise the three mechanics do not really get in each other's way. 1) While normals don't have any problem taking Morality, it doesn't really do anything for them either. Since they aren't aligned to the Force and aren't concerns with Force die results, their placement on the Morality scale is largely irrelevant. Sure, you have the destiny pool results, but this is a lot of accounting for very little effect. 2) I wouldn't combine all three on a character at once. There is just too much going on and too many driving forces pulling the character in too many directions. In my AoR game, I'm taunting my players with Obligation, but would allow them to later reduce it to zero instead of the normal rule of keeping it around five. I'm also going to keep these numbers fairly low and allow those Obligations to be resolves fairly quickly. 3) I would declare a base game and revolve everything around that. My AoR game is, well, based around AoR. Everyone has Duty, with only the Force users also having Morality. If someone wanted to be a nerf herder, they also have Obligation. If I were running an EoE-centric game with Rebel elements in it, everyone would have Obilgations while only the AoR characters would have Duty (unless a character joined the Rebellion and wanted to get Duty). 4) As an extension of #3, I would decide on how group resources are handled. While this largely isn't a big deal, contributing rank or a Force user's resources can muddy up the works. See, if one or two characters are able to just get a bunch of stuff or favors by upping their rank, that might seem unfair to the rest of the group. Or if a Force user nabs a holocron, that's a pretty big deal that they and they alone gets to benefit from. Obviously, everyone is going to benefit from a ship or a base of operations (unless you're really creative), but you'll need to sort out how everything else meshes.
  12. You've obviously never gone to school. If you did, you'd know that a statement like this is complete nonsense. Taking the same training does not mean that you have learned the same things or gained the same skills. Look at every kid coming out of China, Korea, India, or Japan. Sure, they take the same schooling and focus on the same kinds of learning, but they all have different grades, experiences, hobbies, and abilities. They have different natural talents and different affinities. Just because a single all took a single class together doesn't mean they are all exactly the same. Let me try this topic from a different approach. The concern raised by whafrog in post #25 is that there is no foundational spec for Force users. But is there a foundational spec that represents the base training for a bounty hunter? No. What about a smuggler? Nope. Rebel ace? Still no. Do any careers have foundational specializations? No, because all specializations are foundational specializations. So why does F&D need to be different? Why is it so hard to make a Force sensitive 10 year old? Why exactly do Force users need a foundational specialization when no other character type does? Donovan explained this already. People are getting far too attached to the Jedi label. You can already portray temple Jedi with what we already have. We don't need a label to replace everyone's starting specialization, just because someone is caught up on that label. All of the explanations that have been made still don't explain what this would accomplish, aside from making all temple Jedi exactly the same. This idea doesn't add anything to the game that isn't already there.
  13. So let me get this straight. In order to better represent the early training of Force users (because I refuse to acknowledge Jedi-exclusive character choices), you feel the need to create a special Universal specialization to replace your starting specialization. So in order to accurately portray to early training of these characters, every single character would have the same starting specialization with a set of talents and skills no one will likely agree to, rather than the wide variety of options presented by the various specializations we already have to represent that starting training. Problem #1. Why? The explanation you gave, sorry to say, is complete garbage. We have dozens of specializations to choose from at the start that all represent one's early training. Why do we need a single specialization to cover this? Problem # 2. Is this necessary? All this accomplishes is a failing attachment to names that only damages characters and the entire game. Further, you would suggest, or even force, players into all taking the same specialization, basically badwronging them and saying that their characters aren't correct unless they take this starting specialization. While I agree that some variety of Universal specialization still has something that can be added to the game, we absolutely don't need one "true path" dictated to players as to how they should be playing this game. Your proposal accomplishes nothing outside of that badwronging, and this attachment and obsession to these names and organizations is only going to lead you to madness.
  14. I typed up a reference document for skill uses, since I'd like to see skills used in more interesting and unexpected ways. The Skills chapter does a good job of providing examples of various skill uses, but one thing I'm left wondering about is different states of starship piloting. Obviously, when in space, you'll be using Piloting (Space) to fly your ship. But what happens when you fly inside a planet's atmosphere? Why I'm wondering about using Planetary instead is because you now have gravity, weather, an atmosphere, and other planetary effects that are absent in space. Obviously, there are few times when you would roll a Piloting check inside an atmosphere outside of maybe a chase or the continuation or an exciting dogfight. It's just something to ponder as an alternative skill use. Thoughts?
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