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  1. Others have mentioned it here. Seeing the Raider ONLY as an anti-fighter ship is a mistake. Fighters are always better at dealing with other fighters. So 6 Ties are better than a Raider at dealing with enemy squadrons. But what Ties can't do is strafe a mess of fighters from it's side arc AND punch a hole in an enemy ship from it's front. And at 44 points base for the Raider I, you suddenly have two or three super maneuverable ships that can jump into a Mon Cal Cruiser's rear and sit there forever. While also attacking swarming fighters with two anti-squadron dice. Which is badly needed as that large beast of a ship is a monster from it's sides, especially with Ackbar at the helm. In fact, Raiders can negate Ackbar's advantage by giving the Rebel player a difficult choice of whether or not to shoot at the Raiders and lose the extra armament from the sides. In the end, the Raider's role is support. It's there to plug gaps in the normally sluggish Imperial strategy by countering attacks coming from the sides and squadrons ... while also then being used opportunistically to help the other ships focus fire on one target.
  2. Defensive Circle is pretty **** potent if you're going full on defense and paired with some nearby buddies. Use a guarded stance maneuver against a lightsaber wielding inquisitor in front of you, use Defensive Circle to add defense, and then only blow a single Strain to parry attacks and possibly counter attack since you're not using your own action to do a combat check that turn. Or replace Guarded Stance with Defensive Stance if you really want them to roll Despairs
  3. Medium range is still up to around 50-60 meters or so. That's a pretty healthy jump right there.
  4. So is it the consensus that Duration upgrades to force powers affect only those aspects that are explicitly listed as having an initial duration of a round or until the end of the next turn? I'm okay with that, no problem. Just seeking clarification. So for example, the Duration ongoing effect on Bind wouldn't apply on the wound, but only on the immobilize aspect as that one has a listed duration of a round? Duration on Influence would only affect the emotional state or 'lie', but not the optional Strain damage on the initial Mind Trick (cause why not give someone a raging headache when you lie to them just to add the nail to the proverbial coffin, lol) because the damage itself is not listed as having a listed duration whereas the mind trick is?
  5. Why would it only effect the Control element? The Duration upgrades are directly chained from the Strength upgrade that affects the Strain loss.
  6. I'll add to this necro-thread as I too had some questions regarding this power as it seems incredibly potent in the long term: - Duration allows you to extend duration of this power by a number of additional rounds equal to the number of Duration upgrades. This just costs a single extra force point on it's action unless you're trying to *multiply* the already multiplied Duration upgrade. - Strength essentially doubles the Strain drain per activation - As mentioned above, you can spend multiple force points on the same action to activate multiple times, adding to the number of Strain. So ... say for example a Consular with 4 FR (more than reasonable for a Consular) rolls and gets four force points to work with. He has the Strength upgrade and all four Duration upgrades. Does this mean that, with one action, he can cause one target he is engaged with to burn through *6* Strain every round for five rounds? Cause ... ouch! Now, granted, all of that coming from someone who's already a very advanced character given the XP involved in not only getting FR 4, but also all those Influence upgrades. And, of course, a strong rival or nemesis would get an opposed roll.
  7. Makashi Flourish doesn`t cause damage. Successes on that role count as Strain drain, not as wounds. Thematically, it wouldn`t be countered by defensive moves ... it`s essentially a series of quick feints and dodges designed to frustrate your opponent while bolstering your own confidence. The more you tire them out, the bigger the boost to your ego. All of it fueled by the Force. This is why Form II is such a potent dueling form - it can just tire out any opponent, including Soresu masters who are trying to block attacks that never come.
  8. Yeah, that's the thing. It's not. It's just listed as a Lightsaber check, minus the combat part that I see in other listed powers. This is why I'm wondering if defensive abilities play a part.
  9. Someone brought up Bespin ... remember that that fight was split into three different encounters, so it did in fact drag on as both Vader and Luke would have had a chance to recover some Strain between encounters. Overall, I really like this new system as both Improved Reflect and Improved Parry make attacking trained lightsaber wielders very dangerous. And the base Parry is fairly good at absorbing damage from being struck by a Lightsaber in a duel, not to mention any number of other talents in the six form trees that contribute to the fight. In the end, it'll often come down to a battle of Strain attrition, which is indeed canon ... there are many examples of people losing saber fights due to becoming fatigued and making a critical error. Personally, what I'd love to see is every form compared to every other in a straight 1 vs 1 duel. In *principle*, Makashi should be able to win many more fights than it loses given it's a form developed specifically to fight other lightsaber wielders. But I'd be curious to see if this holds up in practice. EDIT: Incidentally, if I'm reading this correctly, Makashi Flourish isn't an attack per se, but rather a way of exhausting an opponent. So does that mean that talents like Defensive Stance and Defensive Training don't apply?
  10. Good point with the Defensive Training comparison. I'm surprised it's not explicitly stated in Saber Swarm the way it is in the former.
  11. Honestly, I'd allow the link bonus from Saber Swarm to stack with that of the double bladed lightsaber. A double bladed lightsaber is *supposed* to be a weapon designed to overwhelm and intimidate. But in either case, you still need to generate two Advantage icons per extra attack. So even if you have a double bladed lightsaber and, say, a force rating of 3 (really high end for anyone besides a Consular), and hence Linked 4 on that attack, the odds of you ever being able to generate *8* Advantages on one roll are close to non existent (remember that if most of your dice roll Advantages and none of the difficulty dice rolled threats, it means you may have missed the attack to begin with). Otherwise, you run into two problems: - Saber Swarm invalidates the usage of a double bladed lightsaber. 1 Strain per round is nothing compared to the potential of scoring 3 or 4 hits. So why use a double bladed lightsaber at all? - Saber Swarm would be useless at FR 1 if you use a double bladed lightsaber since both give you Linked 1, but only one of them costs Strain. On the other hand, at FR 2, whether to use a double bladed lightsaber's Linked or Linked 2 from Saber Swarm could be a toss up due to the one Strain ... but even then, I'd still be inclined to use Saber Swarm all the time since Strain 1 for two extra hits is a ridiculously good trade off.
  12. Just to be clear, the Draw Closer action involves both a single target Force Move *and* attack into one action, correct?
  13. Eruletho, due to the wording of the black box on page 152, there seems to be a consensus that the active talents in the Soresu tree *must* use Intellect. I had that same question earlier. If you can still use Brawn, this whole discuss would have been a no-starter. As it stands, you can use Brawn overall, but are forced to use a dump stat for two of their defining abilities, which would suck. By the way, anyone else here notice that Cereans seem custom made to be Guardians?
  14. But see, that's the thing. Exactly as you said, Niman does make sense with Willpower due to the amount of Discipline rolls involved in using force powers. In fact, all of the other careers, the characteristics are tied to their way of doing things. Seekers are pilots and trackers who need agility to survive (with three core skills that use it). Sentinels are cunning and sneaky (with three core skills that use Cunning). Warriors are all about brute force (with three core skills that use Brawn). Mystics are very charismatic beings with lots of presence (with Charm being a core skill ... a weaker example, but still better than Guardian given one of their talent trees). Now in terms of Guardians, *none* of their core skills uses Intellect. Peacekeeper is all about Discipline (Willpower) and Leadership (Presence). Protector is the only one with Medicine ... and even then, only one talent involves using the Medicine skill, whereas three are boosts to stimpacks that don't require a roll! See, that's why Intellect makes no sense for Guardians as they rarely if ever use Intellect outside of their lightsaber tree. There is basically zero synergy between the Intellect characteristic and the Guardian's play style. They DO use Brawn for a ton of skills and soak. They DO use Presence in their role as leaders. They DO use Willpower quite a bit for Discipline and Vigilance checks, and the added Strain they use to Parry and Reflect. The impression I have is that, really, at some point the designers focused on the idea of each lightsaber style being dependent on a different characteristic, and were so stubbornly insistent on it that they got to Guardians last, only had Intellect left, and gave it to them ... without ever giving them any core skills or talents that actually *used* Intellect. It's an oversight. And I'm absolutely positive that they'll probably be adding a bunch of Intellect based talent trees in the Guardian sourcebook to correct this epic fail. I am not arguing against the idea that Guardians are calculating strategists. In fact, I agree with that assessment. What I dislike is that they gave Guardians no usage of that focus *whatsoever* in the core book. No Computer skill, no Mechanics, no Knowledges of any kind in their core skills. The Medicine skill is an afterthought in the Protector tree (Consular's Healer is THE healing tree), and Knowledge (Lore) in the Soresu tree has no talents whatsoever that boosts it (The Consular is also the best when it comes to Knowledge). I wasn't involved during the beta. But I really have a hard time understanding how this lack of synergy survived until now. Again, it makes no sense. P.S: It should be noted that I'm otherwise in love with the Guardian. It's very flavorful and I love their tanky self-sacrificing approach to things. I just wish they would have the lightsaber synergy all the other classes have. As it stands, all they would ever use Intellect for is to swing a lightsaber, while still having a good Brawn score for several of their skills ... but that they can't use when actually swinging a lightsaber. :\
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