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  1. Biff

    Only 3 Epic ships??

    I'm a little excited about the Huge ship conversion kits. I love the idea that the kit will convert all 5 Huge ships and that all 7 factions will be represented (each Huge ship being available in 2 different factions). I'm bummed, however, that each kit only comes with enough plastic for two ships. If I get 2 conversion kits, I'll have enough cardboard to fly both Huge ship models for the factions they will support but will come up several bases short to field all of them. I'm hoping FFG will start selling medium and Huge ship bases in the near future. I want to be able to host huge ship battles in 2.0. Wonder if the large bases could be used in a pinch?.?.?.
  2. It was great to have both Jimmy and you join our Flight Group Alpha squadron. You both fit in well with our wacky ways and did far better than I tend to in the missions. I'm hoping you will have another opportunity to hang with us in the future.
  3. I'm seriously ready for some no kidding casual play. I'm hoping this is just the beginning of something HUGE!
  4. The Shuttle Tydirium podcast is maintaining copies of the FGA products in their Holodrive (along with other mission/campaign based rules): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PkI7Ef0IKxvmR25hDsdkarMln93bSulE
  5. Foam storage Flowcharts Improper pronunciation of ship names Providing 2 answers to almost every thought provoking question
  6. Arrival of the long awaited and highly desired Shuttle Tydirium podcast templates!
  7. I have to agree - nothing would be more epic than, well, EPIC!
  8. Oh, that is a great idea! I would vote for 3 charges.
  9. Biff

    Scenario play?

    If you can, put Gen Con on your "to attend" list. The Shuttle Tydirium podcast has hosted several cooperative and campaign/narrative events there the past few years, with some of them providing prizes to participants and/or winners. Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, TRON WING, Trench Runs, Mario Kart, Star Destroyer Missions, Huge Ship Battles, etc. The largest of these events was the Assault on Grayskull Base Narrative Event - 4 rounds of head to head, objective based campaign competition that pits two teams against each other to determine the fate of the story arc, while still providing a means to recognize individual achievement. Participation has been in the 15-25 players, so not nearly as large as most tournament events, but it still provides a great psuedo-competitive atmosphere in a setting other than straight up death match. You can check out the Grayskull Campaign here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxGM5RCgYyo9SnFmZThGb3VSbU0 And if you are really into it, you can listen to the audio drama backstory for the Grayskull Campaign: https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/grayskull-the-complete-series/ There are rumors of a new narrative campaign being in the works for Gen Con 2019.
  10. I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. Would you please rephrase?
  11. Either would be fine, but I think developing your own version of R5-K6 (or a 2nd edition version of the original) would be fun.
  12. I updated my variant of DD's trench run mission to 2nd edition rules. I didn't add anything to the scenario, only adjusted it for the conversion (pilots, abilities, actions, weapons, etc.). https://drive.google.com/open?id=10w3L0ANbK3caj9VYJBxcxxgctP5OceAj
  13. Yes - as mentioned in another post, it was Flight Group Alpha. Another update to FGA is due to drop soon.
  14. Check out http://www.creat3dprops.com/star-wars.html They have a turbolaser dice tower.
  15. That turbo looks great! I’m a sucker for great scenery.
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