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  1. Episode 127: Give us some bread and sausages This episode, the crew tackles the big ideas. AI. How much trash does a Star Destroyer make? Do Star Wars ships need more bread and sausages hanging from the ceiling? Plus we recap our latest mission in Flight Group Alpha! https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/episode-127-give-us-some-bread-and-sausages/
  2. Flight Group Alpha VASSAL Extension Update v2.2.2 An updated FGA extension is now available. - Includes new FGA v7.2 AI updates - Corrects nudge issues on emplacements - Corrects rotation issues impacting autorange functions on ion clouds - Corrects the D-34 Outpost token to align with the mission configuration http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/f/f3/FGA_Vassal_2.2.2.vmdx
  3. Episode 126: Comestibles is just another word for food The crew gets into tight formation for a Flight Group Alpha mission of vital importance: Scanning Cargo Ships. https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/episode-126-comestibles-is-just-another-word-for-food/
  4. Episode 125: Flight Group Vassal, report in The crew recounts their first joint mission in Flight Group Alpha fan-made X-Wing co-op expansion! https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/episode-125-flight-group-vassal-report-in/
  5. Flight Group Alpha VASSAL Extension Update v2.2 An updated FGA extension is now available on the Shuttle Tydirium podcast’s Holodrive. Allot of updates are included in this v2.2 release. Thanks to Vagabond & Mu0n for their guidance and effort with the content included in this release. This update has been submitted to the vassalengine website, it just has not yet been posted. - Stat tracking on emplacements, minefields, container, sensor beacon, mines A/B/C - Reporting target distance to emplacements (must use Turbolaser Base under Turbolaser turrets), fixed rotational issue - Reporting attacks as obstructed through ion clouds and minefields - Altered layer assignments for terrain to put them at a lower level than ships, tokens, etc. - Added BFF-1 Ship - A/B/C Mines have range finders appropriate for their attack ranges - Clean up of emplacement and token menus - Reduced file size - Corrected version conflict with HotAC extension https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I1T7mflVq6U2_At0YEtQgv1_wSPXskxh?usp=sharing
  6. Episode 124: Shuttle crew vs the Jovarian Pox This episode, the gang covers two missions, and talks about how the outbreak of the Jovarian Pox is affecting flights. https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/episode-124-shuttle-crew-vs-the-jovarian-pox/
  7. I just updated the rules of this ISD mission to 2nd Edition, leveraging Huge ship and Wing mechanics, and adding a few new rules of my own. I expect changes as this mission is play tested - the original went through a few changes along the way... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ys47NEIGsQDnMr2jj4yJiEElRimyoC76
  8. Episode 123: Flight Group Alpha, Report In This episode, we'll discuss the latest in Flight Group Alpha, and take a detailed look at the FFG mission 'All Wings Report In' https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/episode-123-flight-group-alpha-report-in/
  9. @chrisrivers At Gen Con, we allocate 5 hrs to play that mission.
  10. @chrisrivers Ah - my mistake. Thanks for clarifying. 1. Treat critical hits against power nodes as if they were regular hits. I'll add that clarification in a future update. 2. The run down the trench has been fine, but it can be a matter of opinion based on the kind of balance/experience you want to have. In my version, it is designed to be a pretty brutal run. Single ships don't usually stand a chance, but groups of three providing a level of screening for a "leader" will do fairly well. By fairly well I mean that 1 ship of a 3 ship formation should have a high likelihood of getting a shot off against the exhaust port and maybe a 2nd ship having 50/50 odds at getting a shot off. We've played this mission allot, and have demonstrated a real level of balance with its rule set, so much so that I'd be reluctant to change the distance of the run (either expanding the entrance area or extending the firing line further down the trench) without changes in other areas of the mission. Later runs down the trench tend to be easier because some of the trench turrets have been destroyed, but the rebels may not have top cover at that point in the mission, again a bit of a balance thing. If you have an interest in less rules (perhaps a more "realistic" tactical simulation of the trench run), check out this military version of the trench run. 3. The trench turrets will fire at anything within their printed arc. The printed arc has a length of just over R2 - something like R2.25. I used a ruler and found that the printed arc extends 9 inches from the half hexagon representing the turret. Bottom line, I'm glad you've given the trench run a try and wish you the best in developing your own flavor of trench run mission. We've had allot of fun with it over the years and are enjoying the military version now as a change of pace.
  11. I suspect @2J-W will need to reply. Based on your questions, I think you are running his version.
  12. Episode 122: Scenario Smorgasbord, Wave 7 and Baby Yoda This episode, we'll discuss what scenarios the crew have been playing, talk about the new atmospheric vessels headed to space in wave 7, and do a light touch on the Mandalorian, aka the show with Baby Yoda in it. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/wjpeb2/episode_122.mp3
  13. Episode 121: Nom Lumb on the Run This week, we go through some of the latest releases from FFG, including our new favorite Sullustan, Nom Lumb. https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/episode-121-nom-lumb-on-the-run/
  14. So, like, wingmates can’t repair damage. I hadn’t noticed that... Per Epic rules – “During the Activation Phase and at all other times, a wingmate is limited to the following actions: calculate, evade, focus, reinforce, and lock.” Abilities with the “ACTION:” header (as found on some condition, damage, ship or upgrade cards) are excluded from this list. Wow – completely stunning. Each time I play this game I learn something. I was already bummed that they can't rotate arc, but this is pretty deep stuff - my Separatist Drone wingmates can’t recover their Energy-Shell Charges missile upgrade.
  15. The five turbo lasers on the surface along the trench edge are in fixed positions that the Imperial player may not change. The remaining 6 surface turbo lasers can be positioned by the Imperial player as they see fit according to the rules.
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