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  1. I still remember my military Scorpions, back in Diamond edition...I need to jump on a spoiler
  2. I still have some of my own clan tokens from back in the CCG days
  3. Crushed I couldn't go to GenCon and play. Excited for my preorder and looking forward to advancing the story for the Scorpion
  4. This happens often. In previous years they send a truck down with more product on Saturday, so don't lose hope yet!
  5. Just getting into the game. Anyone play in NE Ohio? I'm based in Aurora
  6. Just picked up the game at GenCon. Are there any particular cycles/sets I should focus on picking up to complement the core set?
  7. I'm definitely in. I'm hoping to teach the game to some people at the BoGA meeting tomorrow night at Underhills so maybe we'll gain some converts.
  8. Its a bit easier for me because its on the way back from work. I am definitely interested in playing NR more though. Hopefully will become easier now that it is on sale
  9. I'm in Strongsville, but my usual FLGS is Underhills in Cuyahoga Falls. There is a group that meets there a couple of times a month (BoGA - Boardgamers of Greater Akron). That might be a little far for you though…
  10. I never got a chance to play the original NR, but I enjoy the Android universe (and have a burgeoning interest in the cyberpunk genre) so I set about researching the old game. I am very excited about this reboot as the old game sounded like a lot of fun. Looking forward to GenCon to hopefully try/buy this and start growing its base!
  11. I never got to play the original, but love CCG/LCG's, have a growing interest in cyberpunk and enjoy the Android IP (I like the boardgame, personally, and want to check out the novel). Infiltration looks fun too. Way to go FFG! Hoping this will be at GenCon to check out.
  12. I'm definitely looking forward to this, whenever it comes out. If not before, then I will make sure I try it at GenCon...
  13. Agreed. I think it looks like goofy fun, and could be hilarious if made into a drinking game....
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