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  1. You may add some environmental hazards like discarded gas tanks, cracking pipes (burning sludge or acid), or unstable ceiling that the players may exploits against the boss. Concerning the names to weaken the boss mentioned previously, I'll give a warning. If it is used in the core scenario, it's must also works in the Forgotten Gods. Since it's the same daemon.
  2. At first glance, it is very well done. I like it. It's a solid start.
  3. The book could contain some rules in it. For example, a history section about a specific age and conclude with lost technologies that could be found and used or extinct xenos with hist stats or descriptions of some protoganists/villains from novels. Also, they could add optional system about the currency in the ecnonomy section. Etc. Etc. But, a only substance book without rules material could be awesome nonetheless. Other rpg systems did it (I think of Battletech). Alternatively, they could do a setting book of the universe of W40k that could be use by all FFG RPG W40k. I know that the RPG of W40k is based on the wargaming tabletop. This type of game attract more to the grognard, but the RPG have the potential to open the setting to a larger audience. I want to know more that just the military side. It's just one piece of a whole. I want more...
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a lurker. I decided to get out of the Warp to write this. By the topics of this forum, I think that DH2 need a good background book. The phenomenal amount of information, let me believe that there is no consensus on some subjects. Also, there is some void that needs to be fulfilled.. I think a good supplement containing history, sociology, psychology, politic, economy and religion could contribute a lot for the DH2. I am a newbie to the world of W40k. My only references are Space Hulk (PC game of 90s) and the Space Marine (PS3). Even with my 29 years of experience in the world of RPGaming, I'm at lost on some aspects of the universe. One example is the everyday life of a subject of the Empire. What are the civilians transport on land, air, sea and space? (I know there is some transports that did not change that much, but still). Hope to be useful.
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