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  1. aramis said: It sounds silly and/or paranoid to me, but…. Just use a sharpie and hit the edges. Or a paint-pen to re-color the inking. Your not a roleplayer are you? Try to touch a roleplayers dice without asking first… Anyways, hitting the edges is a bad idea, might "load" the dice. Recoloring the ink works of course, wont look perfect but it works. And yes, roleplaying have been around for 40 years and dice are kinda a religion to many players. We have specific bags for them (mine is moose skin),many players have a crystal or some kind of gemstone in their bag and so on. I even know this buddy who eats his dies if they roll too many botches (really). And the idea that everybodys look the same is just weird to many of us. Here is a link to a discussion about it if you are interested: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2movr?Weird-Dice-Superstitions
  2. The combat system is sure different from D&D, and more fatal for that matter. A stormtropper will be a hard challenge for a new character and even an experienced character cant take too much of a beating. It is different and pretty fun. That said, if you want hit locations and such in a Star wars game the only choice you have is using the more advanced rules from "Basic roleplaying". No starwars RPG had had hit locations. Then again, since combat is more dangerous than D6, D20 or Saga (Sagas combat is worst even if it also is more advanced than the rest, feels nothing like the movies) that makes it more fun. I would say it is the best SW RPG made (but the Jedi box might mess that up later, D20 and D20 revised were fun until you played to lvl 7 when it got so unbalanced it just got annoying so first impressions isnt always right). I think you should give it a shot.
  3. Really nice job. To me loose cards is kinda heresy but I dont mind cutting and pasting stuff like that on a A4 eqipment paper as an addition to my character sheet. Stats are always good to have, and some pictures are nice as well.You havnt consider making a several pages long character sheet where we could paste in your weapon, gear and armor card on directly? It would be interesting to have some ships characters sheet where you could add on custom weapons and similar suff as well. Might do something like that myself later once I gotten access to the final game.
  4. I am a roleplayer since many years and one thing I really miss are dice with a more varied look. We roleplayers are a superstitious lot and all players usually bring their own dice. And of course we have certain "magical dice like my beloved red D20 I had since '94. I realize that the way the game is made the dice need to be a specific color but but that color can vary a bit, there are more than one red color after all and there could also be clear red, spotted red and different color on the symbols. This request might sound a bit odd to none roleplayers but trust me, have some variants of each dice and we will buy them. I had to admit I was a bit critical about the none standard dice myself before trying the game out but they work excellent otherwise.
  5. Donovan Morningfire said: Could very well be. Could also depend on the state of the licnese when 2015 rolls around. There's been some speculation that if Star Wars once again becomes a hot commodity from a table-top gaming perspective, WotC may very well throw a ton of money at LucasFilm/Disney to try and get the rights back, particularly if FFG's license is only for 5 years, figuring it started in 2010 given remarks by other RPG companies about not being able to secure rights in that time frame. If that's the case, it may go out to bid in 2015, and if it all comes down to money, then WotC's going to be tough to beat given the 800 lbs. gorilla that is Dungeons & Dragons. Personally, I'd rather the license stick with FFG, as WotC would probably do what they did with the OCR/RCR versions and make a Star Wars RPG that's just an offshoot of whatever version of D&D they're publishing at the time. I hope Wotc stay away, all 3 D20 rulesets are pretty bad. We run a D20 revised campaign right now and it worked excellent for the first 5 levels or so but after that all none Jedis became so powerless that even my Mandalorian bountyhunter is really weak in comparision and the rest are close to useless. Edge of the empire seems pretty good to me though, after trying the beginners box and beta books. But then again, the Jedi book might make the fist 2 more or less useless in groups, but I hope FFG are a little better on balance.
  6. The following sites have SRAM and other resin 1/144 in: www.modelimex.com/aircraft-resin/1-144 www.wwishop.com/54-1-144 I had mine special imported by www.alfahobby.se/shop.zul (swedish model store, it did however took a long time). SRAMs mail adress is 144sram@centrum.cz
  7. Bouncer said: Untrue about both guns jamming or neither. I've read combat reports from Frank Luke (American ace, flew SPAD XIII's) referring to continuing to fight after one gun jammed ("experienced a stoppage"), and shooting down an enemy with the remaining gun. Also, there are photos of WWI cockpits clearly showing two separate triggers on the joystick for firing the MG's, cleverly placed so that the pilot could fire one or both guns at his choice. I'm referring to many easily available photos of the Albatros DIII and DV cockpits, with twin Spandaus, not just the RAF SE5's. Actually, you are right about the Spad. I am looking on a detailed picture of a Spad XIII and a Fokker DVII right now in the book Spad XIII vs Fokker DVII. Both planes actually have 2 triggers.A great book by a guy named Jon Guttman that have very nice pictures of the cockpits, it is published by Osprey. The Albatross DIII however have a very different system with a single primitive trigger, you can see that clearly in the new red baron movie. The DV and DVa might use a different system, my pictures of them are somewhat unclear.. So the truth is that in some planes both guns will jamm while in some later one can still work and fire while the other wont work.
  8. csadn said: That was meant as a joke. Well, maybe but some aces actually said that their secret was the extra lewis gun. Twice the firepower is not something to joke with when it is aimed on you .
  9. propjockey53 said: Hi, Where did you buy your SRAM WWI kits? I have been searching the web but no luck. Please write me at my email; jlejones@coslink.net Thanks, Mr. JC Jones You got mail but I will post it here also if anyone else is interested: The following sites have SRAM and other resin 1/144 in: www.modelimex.com/aircraft-resin/1-144 www.wwishop.com/54-1-144 I had mine special imported by www.alfahobby.se/shop.zul (swedish model store. SRAMs mail adress is 144sram@centrum.cz Oh, and if anyone gets a plane made from someone else I would be glad for a small review.
  10. csadn said: And/or _Burning Drachens_. Apparently the secret to being an ace is "mount *two* 0.30-calibre machine guns, instead of only one". Some aces did that to their Nieuport 17s, others said that it affected the planes performance too much. There were at least 2 kind of aces, the ones like Richtoffen who were expert marksmen and the ones like Voss who were expert pilots. It is the combination of firepower and performance in the air that makes a plane great or the Fokker EIV would have been the wars best plane.
  11. sengo002 said: Will the Duluxe edition come out in the United States? I'm looking to get into the game but don't want to buy many different products to get started with the mininuture game. Just one starter box like the WWII set. Regards, Mike Just buy it online from England: staffordgames.co.uk/index.php They will ship internationally and it really isn't harder or more dangerous than to order it from any US store. The pound is also really low right now so the price isn't so high. We have heard nothing about a new deluxe for release in the US so far. You could of course also buy Burning drachens and a few 1/144 planes either from the official site or from here: www.tin-soldier.com/, it is as fine but the deluxe box is rather nice. The game is really fun so you should give it a shot either way but it isn't the same without the models.
  12. So, pretty sweet and looking as it should. The biggest work was to build the struts from iron wire, and I had a little problem with some of the decals too.
  13. Ok, back to work. After the wings were on right it was time to put the tail and engine on. i72.photobucket.com/albums/i199/Judas_photos/004.jpg The engine... i72.photobucket.com/albums/i199/Judas_photos/009.jpg And the tail. Here are some pictures of it between a DrI and a DVII: i72.photobucket.com/albums/i199/Judas_photos/014.jpg i72.photobucket.com/albums/i199/Judas_photos/016.jpg
  14. The model is done and I will give the paint a day to dry before putting on the decals. It looks really nice I will post the rest of the pictures once everything is ready and the mat coat is on.
  15. Fokker DVI is one of my favorite planes. You can actually easily make it with Wow planes, since they took the body of an Fokker DrI and mounted Fokker DVII wings unto it but you will have to waste 2 planes for that. Reveresco actually got it as a model but I either missed it when I made my large order to them last year or it is a new one. It was actually rather good plane but most of them was sent to the eastern front anyways, one of the reasons was that the Germans always had problem with those engines, mostly due to bad oil. Some pilot however liked them since you get an amazing ability to turn right on them. So since I was getting SRAM models anyways I ordered 2 DVI. And I decided to share how to build it with you guys First I painted the wings white and put on Revirescos Lozenge camouflage stickers. I also made a small pilot out of green stuff and painted the body green (it will get matt coating later to get exactly the right finish and some other final touches). i72.photobucket.com/albums/i199/Judas_photos/001.jpg. I then glued on the lower wing. i72.photobucket.com/albums/i199/Judas_photos/003.jpg After that it was time for the struts. They were not included and even if they would have been they would be to weak so I made some out of steel wire. I also noted that the blueprint missed some struts (I have a DVI made for my upcomming 1/72 project to compare and also a few pictures) so I added those too. i72.photobucket.com/albums/i199/Judas_photos/008.jpg (this picture got rather blurry since the sun had gone down and I need more light at home). After that I fixed to upper wing and suddenly did my cameras batteries lost enough charge so I couldn't take any more pictures. Dang. Guess I have to do the rest work tomorrow. Oh, well. I still need to get lozenge cammo on the tail anyways. So far doesn't it look that impressive but I think that it will look great once it is done. It is slightly harder to put together than a Skytrex or Reviresco model but not really that tough, hardest part so far was making the struts, each took a few minutes.
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