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  1. Except, as my wife argues as she was the one who did this to me (she was the rebels and I was the Imps), the card states "When the Death Star deploys". The sabotage marker prevents it from deploying, thus if it can't deploy, then it can't replace as the card has one action occurring before the other.
  2. Except the next post he did cancelled that as the Oversee Project card reads (emphasis mine): Resolve in any system that contains an Imperial unit and no Rebel units. Choose 1 Imperial unit on space 1 or 2 of the build queue and DEPLOY it in this system So you can't deploy it in the system where the sabotage marker is as that prevents units from deploying. So I guess the argument is that you then deploy the Death Star to an entirely different system than where the Death Star Under Construction model is? But then that breaks the Construct Death Star which says when the Death Star is deployed it replaces Death Star Under Construction, which is in the sabotaged system.
  3. Construct Death Star: Resolve in any remote system that does not contain a Rebel unit. Gain 1 Death Star Under Construction in this system and place 1 Death Star on space 3 of the build queue. When the Death Star is deployed, it replaces the Death Star Under Construction. Sabotage: Attempt in any system. If successful, place a sabotage marker in this system. This marker prevents players from building units from and deploying units in this system. ---------------------------- As you can see Construct card says "when the Death Star is DEPLOYED" and the Sabotage card says it prevents units "DEPLOYING units in this system". But Research and Development cannot be deployed on a non-loyal system. So how does the Imperial player get rid of the sabotage marker and get the Death Star out of the queue?
  4. Cross posted on BGG: The Imperial player is constructing a Death Star on the remote system of Tatooine. The Rebel player plays Sabotage on Tatooine. This says it prevents units from deploying. The Death Star is defined as a unit. Thus the Death Star cannot be deployed while the sabotage marker is on the system. Research and Development mission card appears to be the only card that allows the Imperials to remove a sabotage marker. But that card says it can only be deployed on a loyal system. Remote systems cannot have loyalty. Is there any way for the Imperial player to remove sabotage to get the Death Star deployed? Or is the sabotage card not allowed to be played on a remote system as there are no resource icons on it?
  5. The defender can spend his defense tokens one at a time, seeing the result of the previous defense token before choosing whether to spend the next token. In your example, the ship can indeed spend the evade token, see the re-roll, and then decide to spend the redirect token.Thanks for playing! James Kniffen Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games So given this response, if the defender caused the attacker to re roll a die, and now the attacker gets an accuracy icon, he can then spend that accuracy icon to block a defense token correct? Sadly no, as by the time the defender is using defense tokens the window of opportunity for the attacker using accuracy results has passed. But doesn't by virtue of the rule the attacker re-rolls with the evade token, technically sending the attacker, and thus the attack process, back to step 3 in Blail Blerg's synopsis? Thus allowing any accuracies that result from the re-roll to be spent in step 5. The defender then gets to see the results of the re-roll and spend additional defence tokens in step 6 as outlined by James.
  6. SylvanEve said: LFITQ said: Let me know of any other suggestions and ideas! (hopefully no more errors) Aren't unpaid & defaulted bank loans supposed to be subtracted out, too? I have never taken a bank loan, but thought the formula was: Doom - Terror + unspent monster trophies/3 + unspent gate trophies + investigators alive - Elder signs used - unpaid or defaulted bank loans It may be a small thing, but I have heard alot of people do default on bank loans intentionally in order to gear up in the game. That would fall under the "Open Bank Loans" section.
  7. FAQ up above states that the Herald is NOT put into play --- YET! hard part will be seeing all those clue tokens disappear into the ether after all the hard work in Scenario 2...
  8. Thnx for the compliments. Yeah that error got pointed out to me as well. So I have fixed it and uploaded a new version (it is at 2.5 now). Here is the link to the new file on BGG.com Let me know of any other suggestions and ideas! (hopefully no more errors)
  9. Version 1.0 of my excel spreadsheet is up on BGG.com You can find it here. As I mentioned above I am already working on version 2.0 so it includes Tasks/Missions and "retiring" of investigators in case that becomes an issue for the next scenarios. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  10. Thnx for the replies everyone. I am wondering if the "-1 point for retiring investigators" will get used once Dunwich gets added to the scenarios? The FAQ did mention the +1 for completed tasks and missions. I am creating an Excel spreadsheet for automatic calculation of scores of gamesand just hoping I have all the possible scoring concepts so far. I only have the base set and I just bought Dunwich but haven't played it so I don't know about any other scoring possibilities. I uploaded my first version to BGG today (so not up yet) but I forgot the tasks/missions so am working on vers. 2.0 right now.
  11. I haven't played Chapter 1 yet, and have saved the information for Chapter 2 now and noticed that for Chapter 2 you have to remember how many unused Clue tokens were left over from Chapter 1. Looking at the "tally sheet" from AHLeague 1 last year, I noticed there is no location to store unspent clue tokens. I was just wondering how everyone is recording the information from previous chapters considering this "left over" issue has popped up in chapter 2. Also, what other information is everyone speculating should be recorded for upcoming Chapters? many thnx!
  12. You can also find it over on BGG.com in the files section for the game. I'll try a link here.
  13. LFITQ

    My Games

    Add me to the same list of problems. I just registered and when I click on editing my games I get no options. There is simply a grey bar along the top with my username and my avatar - just like what was described above. I have only tried it with Firefox, and as others have said the same thing happens with IE I won't bother checking it until I see a response here.
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