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  1. Yep, that's the one I was referring to. Now that you mention it Hastur could be such a case, and also Eihort might be a good idea to call upon if your are prepared and doesn't have that many brood tokens. Thanks for the answer...
  2. Hello friends. Yesterday when we got beaten by Tog-Sothoth my friend drew a spell that when used could awaken the Ancient One straight away. Beeing a failry decent Arkham Horror player I could not really understand the use behind this.. The card I am referring to is NOT "Call Ancient One" as then you would be able to remove doom tokens, but another card with the name of a chant or similar. Could not find it in the Arkham Horror Wiki though...
  3. A must buy! After all it's nice to have some games that only take about one hour compared to Descent or Arkham Horror..
  4. Actually the original "Drakborgen" and "Skatten i borgen" were made by the company Alga. Swedish wikipedia: javascript:void(0);/*1277551201827*/
  5. Hero Quest is a different game.. this is a remake of an Games Workshop release that was a remake of an old swedish game called Drakborgen.. and in my opinion this is much funnier then HeroQuest anyways..
  6. So what conclusions can we draw of the picture: 1) Looks like health is treated the same way as Arkham Horror with red hearts. 2) The suns progression remain the same. 3) The board is handled just as earlier with the drawing of special room-cards. 4) The character at the bottom right looks like a knight of some sort. 5) By having special positions for the different type of cards it will somewhat remove the possibility of an expansion. 6) A key?! I wonder what that's for.. 7) Every character seem to be assigned a special card, maybe the magic ring used in earler editions and also some kind of token. Have I missed something?
  7. I am thinking of using some kind of white pen and write a number 1-5 on the different type of locations.
  8. I've read through the example in the rulebook on page 38 about Raymonds total score and at the bottom it says: If Eve had been the murdered, he would've recieved an extra 18 VP (15, plus 3 more for being obsessed). It collide with the rules on page 39 concerning obsession and also the FAQ on this forum What if my Guilty Hunch and Innocent Hunch are the same person? * You are considered to be "obsessed" with that suspect, for right or for wrong. You can still score either Hunch individually and score the 15 or 5 points for doing so. However, if you can prove them really guilty - their Evidence total is greater than the nextmost guilty Suspect's total by 5 or more - you score both Hunches, plus an additional 3 VP for satisfying your obsession. The reason I am asking is that I've started to create a scoring sheet to make the total score easier to keep track of, but I guess this is just another typo in the rules.
  9. Welcome to the club. Please report from your first session if you beat me to it.. I will have mine the 28'th of december.
  10. In swedish we say "It's not a flaw, it's an unused feature"
  11. Svavelvinter

    order of play?

    Bleached Lizard have all the answers.
  12. From what I've read on Boardgamegeek and other reviews of the game is to take your time and read through the tip-sheet that come along with the game to get a better understanding how to play each character. Also I am thinking of telling my group that once we have assigned each character that player will play with that detective several times in a row if the like the game in order to get a better grasp how to play the game and also sabotage for the other players.
  13. Tsugo said: Scoring can be somewhat nebulous, so it's important to make sure that everyone knows how points can be scored. Remember that the cost to play twightlight cards can be increased or reduced if they match the border color of the investigator's plot that they are affecting. I have two main concerns.. one is to remember that several different paths in the conspiracy may double some favors and tokens.. must try to remember that one.. Secondly is to match the plot.. I am fairly certain we will forget about that one in the process..
  14. Sevej said: First is about Commisioner Dawn. I like to think that she is the female officer on the Android box cover. This was confirmed by creator Kevin Wilson, however I am unsure where I read it, but probably one of the forums over att Boardgamegeek. Edit: FOUND IT !!! http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/362446
  15. Back to the topic.. Android seem to match Fury of Dracula regarding that many people enjoy it but it works pretty well on its own without any expansions and maybe did not sell as many copies as FFG hoped for. HOWEVER if we ever get to see an expansion to Android I surely hope the developers "dig deeper" (if you allow the usage of the phrase) into the original game instad of adding other locations like Mars etc. It's more of a journey into the detectives personalities than into space so I surely hope we get to see more mechanics that add even more flavor and theme to the game instead of piling on a dozen of extra boards like in Arkham Horror. Sure it might be quite easy to add a couple of more murders or detectives into the mix that tie together some of the NPC's but this is all speculations. We can hope that FFG do not desert this wonderful game just yet but my gut tell me that they have moved on to other projects.
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