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  1. I think a generic GM Screen would be great, with each setting released getting "GM Cards" that enhance the screen for that particular setting. That way you can have your screen up with the basics, but also have some nice durable cards to use behind the screen.
  2. What would be his advice beyond the CRB on creating superpowers in a comic book world?
  3. Sketchpad

    GM Screen?

    I would love to see an official Genesys GM Screen from FFG.
  4. Has Oggdude made a generator for Genesys? I know about his Star Wars one...
  5. Definitely would like to see an expanded Powers Handbook of some kind that would cover Magic, Psionics, Superpowers, etc.
  6. If it's the latter, how does one determine how many spells a character gets? Does a mage get INT number of spells at start? How do they gain additional spells? Particularly if there's no XP cost.
  7. So correct me if I'm wrong. The way I've been reading spells/magic is that you take the Arcana skill (or one of the other skills), and you can perform the actions listed in the magic section? Thereby being able to cast anything so long as you roll properly? Or is the Magic section a toolkit to create individual spells? So if I'm playing a mage with Fire Blast, it's 2 difficulty to cast that spell within close range. But that spell is recorded as one of my spells on my sheet?
  8. I really hope they do, DarthDude.
  9. DarthGM, has a release date been mentioned? I got my book and dice today and love some of the concepts. I really think we need expansions for some of the info, though.
  10. Now that the core book is reaching the wild world, has anyone heard of any additional books for Genesys?
  11. Contacted my local shop and had the same release date of 11/30. I can wait.
  12. Has anyone seen a release date beyond Q4?
  13. I kind of hope that FFG releases The Haunted City as a download to amp up the hype for the system. Mind you, I already have Genesys pre-ordered at the local shop, so I'm already excited for the game.
  14. I'm really hoping for a supers tool kit for the system.
  15. I've got two... During our main Star Wars campaign (probably 1993-ish?), the heroes had decided to take a much needed break at The Wheel. The Laconic Scout did his usual search for hot tubs, the captain of the vessel, a Smuggler, headed out to find some parts, the gunner, a Pirate, headed for the casino, and the Barabel Merc headed to buy some weapons. During the latter's search, he was approached by Jodo Kast, who attempted to cash in on a bounty on the Barabel's head. In retaliation, he shot the bounty hunter, knocking the armored man down and unconscious. Getting a good look at the man, the Barabel, not the brightest member of the crew, believed that he shot Boba Fett and began running through the station to find his friends, proclaiming "I SHOT BOBA FETT" in a worried tone. It took about three adventures for the crew to realize what had happened, and an eventual rematch was made (with the heroes winning). The other involved a Noble in another campaign (maybe 1995?) who had Perception 2D and no skills. EVERY time he had to make a Perception check, he would trip the Wild Die, scoring usually into the 20s range. During one particular encounter that took place during the gap between A New Hope and Empire, he made a roll to notice anything strange and hit somewhere in the 40s! I believe i said that he not only could notice something hinky going on, but he could also see the construction of the Death Star II, the Emperor using the bathroom on Coruscant, and combination to the Imperial Bank vault.
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