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  1. Scenario: Dark Reflections Version:1.7.1 OS: iOS Failed the scenario and was giving the wrong ending. The ending given involved someone named Delphinia and dealt with elixirs. It wasn't a scenario I recognized, so I'm not sure which one it was swapped with.
  2. Yeah, I just got July 13th, 2011. I'm trying not to switch to one of the other shops I use, but I really want the game.
  3. Sevath said: I know that release dates can be erroneous and guess work, but I'm showing through Baker & Taylor, a distributor of Fantasy Flight Games, that Mansions of Madness has a July 12, 2011 release date. I hoping the Amazon release date of March 8th is the correct one! I'm looking at Ingram, another distributor, and they're listing March 8th.
  4. Instead of starting a new thread I'll just ask my noob question here, if Ken on Cape doesn't mind. Lets say there are two investigators in the Abyss. Investigator A leaves the Abyss and seals the gate. What happens to Investigator B who happens to still be in the Abyss and there are currently no open gates leading to it?
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