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  1. Does it say how experienced PCs should be for this one? Jaime
  2. Love the adversary decks..... Consider this another vote for more decks....preferably with more of the standard NPCs you will run into. Wouldn't hurt to make decks specific to the unique adversaries in the published adventures..... It would be helpful to list the skills along with the appropriate dice from the stats. I haven't got them all memorized. Jaime
  3. Also, does it seem strange to anyone besides me that scout troopers do not have Piloting (Planetary) on their skill list? Isn't that more or less recommended for someone zipping around on Endor on a repulsor bike? Jaime
  4. Are people beefing up the Imperials when they appear at the Retreat? My players aren't combat gods, but I still think they'd make short work of a dozen scout trooper minions and their speeder bikes. Are these really that much of a threat against the group of PCs, the battle droids, the survivors, etc.? This seems like such a wasted opportunity for a classic Star Wars set piece battle against the Empire. What have people used? Jaime
  5. This is really nice Brash. Well done. Has anyone taken it out for a spin? I'm curious to see if there are any issues in play. Jaime
  6. And why the hell does the OCTOpus have 7 legs. Wouldn't that be a Septupus? Jaime
  7. Another thing I have been meaning to ask. This adventure is lousy with fear. Are people using that mechanic much? It seems counter to the cinematic feel of Star Wars. Although I guess if a player wants to be fearless they should really be buying up their Cool and Discipline skills.... I'm running part two of my game tomorrow. I'll report back on how it went. Jaime
  8. That helps. What did you use for the ship? That is my main concern at this point for my game this weekend. Jaime
  9. I agree with you on this. I'm all for narrative tools, but for the love of Jabba, give me a freaking map. As a general rule ALL of the maps in this adventure are worthless -- from the unlabeled tiny view of The Wheel, to the tiny already marked map of the crash sites on Cholganna to a complete lack of a map for the wreckage of the main hull. I'm digging around for maps I can use, but how have others solved this? Jaime
  10. So I tried that, but no luck. It no longer crashes when I add a Force specialization, but the ones I add don't seem to show up in the list of Force Powers you can buy. So for example, despite copying the File for Move, renaming everything to Enhance and then duplicating the Move Entry in Force Abilities and renaming Move to Enhance, Enhance does not show up.... Jaime
  11. if you're copying an existing power or ability into DataCustom and then renaming the key, make sure you add a <Custom> tag with a value of "Added". The new powers you're creating might not be showing up in the data if you don't do that. That could cause problems if you create a specialization or power that expects those keys to be present. Ok, I will try that.
  12. Ok, so I managed to cobble some of it together. Where it seems to break is when you try to build out the new Force Powers to match those you have updated in the Force Abilities.xml. When I copy say Move and rename all the MOVE keys to ENHANCE, it breaks when I try to add a Force specialization to a character. Has anyone managed to make this work?
  13. I don't think force powers have any kind of special code behind them, so probably just duplicating the power in the custom directory would do it. Unfortunately, I haven't written an editor for force powers yet, so you'd have to do it by hand. Just create a ForceAbilities.xml file in DataCustom and put your modified control power in there. Be sure to denote it as a custom item with <Custom>CustomItem</Custom> and it'll replace the one in the main data. Ah. Well that explains it. I was really hoping to add the Specializations from Age of Rebellion and the Ways of the Force to my game, so what is the easiest way to go about this? In addition to the new powers and abilities in both of those... Jaime
  14. Sorry if I missed this somewhere along the way, but is it possible to add new powers, etc. to the Force abilities and Force Powers in the Data Editor? Doesn't want to let me Add, Modify or Remove. Sorry if this has been covered already....I'll start reading backwards in the thread (again). Jaime
  15. As much as I like the idea of the chase at the beginning to retake the droid, it seems a bit contrived... I'm thinking I prefer the Rodians kidnapping Shira instead, especially since I am thinking of setting her up in a romantic relationship with one of the PCs. I need to map this out some more.
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