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  1. Thread just got even better!
  2. On a for-funsies note, I am 100% behind using this as a fan-made alt-art for commander Leia one day. It's only very mildly profane, so hopefully nobody gets offended because I think it's hilarious. Gary being in there makes it even better.
  3. I don't think she's a great fit for MC30s because they generally don't care about the supercharged commands and prefer to do two things at once (usually nav + concentrate fire or engineering, even if one or more of those are tokens). They also tend to become a bit expensive when properly kitted out and they're not as interested in changing speed by 2 or need to reroll dice while adding one from concentrate fire (as Ordnance Experts takes care of that in most cases). Nebulons, though, tend to be more specialized (let's be honest, we're talking about Yavaris and Salvation here) but Salvation is lacking easy access to red dice rerolls, which can make its damage output a bit unreliable (Dual Turbolaser Turrets is the closest you get and generally it's okay but it's better to just take an upgrade to help you throw more dice) and Yavaris wants to command 3 squadrons whenever it can - it can do this with Raymus onboard, but it means you don't get access to the Flight Commander+Fighter Coordination Teams combo, which makes the Yavaris title itself more reliable and also helps make up for it being unable to equip Boosted Comms (being able to command post-move gives it that bit of extra command range). Otherwise, being able to change speed by 2 helps your Nebs go from speed 1 "snipe and wait" mode into speed 3 "GTFO" mode in one dial and the boosted 5-point repair commands help too (repair one hull damage and one side shield is gold, or just for moving shields around and regenerating one or two). I think she's great with Hammerheads, but Hammerheads are tricky. They're similar in some respects to Raiders, with some pros and cons in the comparison (overall they're worse but they're a good deal cheaper proportionally). Raiders are tricky ships to get the hang of.
  4. Come on out to western Chicagoland and push plastic spaceships with me, @geek19, and many of our local guys! Thursday and Saturday, hosted by FFG itself. The support in the past has been great, highly recommended!
  5. I catch you thinking about Konstantine lists sometimes, you crazy Rebel jankmaster ;). Not to say Mothma is bad (she's not, I think she's pretty competitive), just I know you're thinking of like... half a dozen lists at all times. Re: the actual rankings, I think it's pretty contentious and I find myself in disagreement with a lot of it. @Drasnighta and @geek19 pretty much already covered Leia - I think she can be quite good but you really need to build around her ("she's not worth it with Command 3 ships" is like saying "Sloane's bad with only 6 squads of TIE Fighters" - the error was made in fleet construction). Otherwise the main one that comes to mind is my homeboy, Ozzel. I don't see him and Moff Jerry really competing with one another at all despite having a similar speed/maneuver shtick. They generally want different kinds of ships with only some overlap (Gladiators work fine for both, ISDs work fine for both) and Jerry's for when you generally want to relax on navigate commands while Ozzel's for when you want to supercharge your nav dials and tokens (especially tokens). Or I suppose I see it kind of like your take on Madine - when you build a fleet around him and really know what you're doing with him (as you do through @Truthiness), he can be pretty strong. A lot of people avoid him for varying reasons, some of which are due to it taking a little while to really come to grips with him and needing to build your fleet strongly around his ability, but he has some legs if you keep at it. No disputing that Konstantine and Tagge are garbage, though. I'll add my own Tagge haiku: Ironclad contract Never there when you need him Rounds three and five, ugh
  6. I want to thank @Ardaedhel for the recommendation (also on behalf of @geek19 too) and let @Philn64 know that there's a lot on the blog, so take your time and cruise through the indices (upper right section) at your own pace. The links Ard gave are a good starting place, though.
  7. Paging @geek19, paging @geek19... A number of our locals are planning to go. I won't be able to make it - my son will be too young for me to want to leave him for the weekend with the missus just yet. Maybe next year!
  8. Just a quick note that due to the impending birth of my son, I'm going to be incommunicado for a week or more. This last week or so as we've settled into the home stretch has been kind of crazy already, but I'll be back once life settles down a little bit! "I missed you, Son." "I missed you too, Dad." Stormtrooper humor This went up Sunday night and here I have returned (to some extent, anyways) from the hospital today with my son. Sorry for the blurry picture, one handed baby selfie happened. Everything went great with the delivery - the missus and I got into the hospital at 10PM and the baby was born at 2:53AM. 40 hours after we set foot inside the hospital we left with a healthy mom and healthy baby boy. I'm very lucky that everything went both quickly and smoothly with no problems. I should have some downtime here and there to poke about on the forums and maybe work a bit on the blog but for the immediate future, don't rely on me for anything urgent. Thanks!
  9. It's been my experience that FFG tends to prefer to release upgrades/expansions that give a boost to unloved/underpowered cards rather than errata them. That won't apply to everything (I'm not exactly sure how one fixes Point Defense Reroute, for example), but I wouldn't be surprised to find something that synergizes with Tarkin eventually by doing something that requires lots of command tokens or whatnot.
  10. 7 Blunders is the absolute best way to play 7 Wonders. Requires you to remove all the diplomacy token stuff from the expansions, as they're too good in 7 Blunders, as well as a few of the leaders, but otherwise it's quite playable right out of the box and requires no modifications of the base game, just a bit of tweaking with the expansions. For those of you who are unfamiliar, 7 Blunders is won by the player with the lowest score at the end of the game. During each drafting round you MUST build one of the cards available to you if possible (with resources [including trading with your neighbors if you can for the necessary resources] or the combo-chain free builds) and doing so as cheaply as you are able (so no deliberately overpaying for things or not using your markets or having your "choose a resource to produce" buildings deliberately make something useless or whatnot). If you can't build something, you need to prove it by showing your hand to the person who passed you the hand and have them verify. If so, then and only then may you discard a card for 3 coins. The only other clarification I can think of is any of the buildings that at the end of the game allow you to gain one science symbol of your choosing can be whatever symbol that player wants - you don't need to maximize your science points like you'd want to in regular 7 Wonders, but the science buildings can be an absolute disaster if you get stuck building more of them than you expected and/or someone corners you into finishing off a group of 3 by hate-drafting you into it (protip: they will, it's hilarious). The game starts off calm. You'll see a bunch of smarmy grins around the table and hear claims that it's totally easy to deliberately screw yourself over by just doing (whatever clever strategy) and then by around age 2 it sinks in that everyone is heading for an absolute disaster of their own making and much screaming and groaning is heard every building round as players try their best to avoid building the high-value stuff and foisting it on poor buggers later on down the line. By age 3 it's become a complete fiasco as your brilliant plan usually lies in ruin and much laughing, ****-talking, and moaning can be heard as players agonize over the best way to hopefully not screw themselves while also screwing others further down the line. 10/10 would run around on fire screaming again.
  11. I'm... let's go with "hesitant" about recommending people get into L5R but I freely admit that I've been thrice bitten by the FFG boom and bust cycle on their card games (Netrunner* LCG, Game of Thrones** LCG, Destiny*** CCG). I freely admit to being a grumpy grandpa about this, though, and mean no disrespect to @BiggsIRL. * Netrunner has great basic mechanics and it took a few years before bad card pool decisions that went unaddressed (and in some cases it seemed like FFG was designing cards to specifically make game-ruining archetypes even better, despite constant complaining about them) almost killed the game. It's slowly crawling back into relevance but it was too little too late for me. ** Game of Thrones, conversely, has bad basic mechanics but doesn't appear to be that way until you actually play the thing competitively and it becomes clear that winners punishing losers can create runaway/snowball games that aren't very fun. I'm sure some of the card pool has started turning against that with more board reset style cards but the basic mechanics aren't great (they're not helped by some factions built around finding uncontestable ways to win challenges to get the snowball rolling, either). This game was monstrously popular when it was released and the wheels fell off just a few months later as it seems a lot of newer players (like me) found they didn't care for it and ran for the exits. That left the old stalwarts who had been playing 1st edition of the game and I hear the remaining player base has become somewhat balkanized between the players who stuck with 2nd edition and those who retreated back to 1st. Also for what it's worth in favor of L5R I've heard some people refer to it as similar to the Game of Thrones LCG but not stupid, so it's got that going for it. *** Destiny was similarly extremely hot when it was first released. Stores fighting to get enough supply and local players using whatever tricks they could come up with to get extra booster boxes to get around the restrictions most stores (including mine) implemented to try to ensure some product got to everyone who wanted some. Awakenings was on fire. Spirit of Rebellion was similarly insane. The basic mechanics were fun and engaging (lots of small actions alternating back and forth removed downtime and made the game feel very interactive, and dice-rolling is fun). Destiny seemed unstoppable. Things soured by the end of Spirit of Rebellion as the card pool became polluted with extremely unfun and abusive cards that broke the basic assumptions a lot of the game seemed to be founded on (at only a few months in!). Locally we saw numbers drop down to about 1/3 to 1/4 of what they were in the good times as people sold out of the game. I sold everything I had at 25% of its value and I'm glad I did because the market is so flooded with Destiny right now that had I tried selling out a month later I would've been SOL. I hear that the newest round of erratas/nerfings have helped things out there a bit but lots of retailers are sitting on tons of excess Destiny inventory at this point that they ordered back when they couldn't get enough of it only for it to show up just in time for most of the customer interest to evaporate. So yeah, I just want off the FFG card games ride. Netrunner was a good time and I feel I got my money's worth, but I can't say I feel like GoT or Destiny delivered for me on that front.
  12. I realize I'm just repeating myself, but I like it. I prefer it over the Q2 kit one (I gave mine to one of the locals who wanted a turn counter). The Q2 kit one works a lot like the speed dials do, only it's made of acrylic. The Recreator Studios turn counter has (in my opinion anyways) a higher production value and it's based on a magnet keeping the two halves together, so spinning it is very easy but it still stays put. If needs be you can store the two halves separately.
  13. If you like the Rhino Hero games, I'd recommend a similar game from Haba called Drachen Turm (Dragon Tower) with dexterity elements, terrain set up, and subsequent collapsing terrain and whatnot. Edit: oh and if you like it to be a bit more interactive and competitive, Terror in Meeple City is a fun kaiju stomp through a city where you literally knock over the buildings you've set up, use your breath to blow things over, and throw little wooden busses and things at one another as you gobble up meeples. It's very silly. Fun for children and drunk adults.
  14. Oh God, RUN. Warmachine is the crazy ex-girlfriend I can't believe I managed to get away from in time; I'm lucky I got out before she skinned me and wore me as a hat. Conversely, 40K and I are still on speaking terms and I wish her the best even if I know we've become very different and incompatible people.
  15. Yeah Grit and Intel have some paradoxical synergy. If you overcommit to pinning down the Grit squads, you're a big huge clump target for Intel. If you undercommit, it's easy for Grit to slip right past you, especially with some fighter support to take out one of a pair of engagers (X-Wings and Scurggs are BFFs for basically the same reason X-Wings and Y-Wings are BFFs - Scurggs are basically elite Y-Wings). The problem is making it all come together for the points investment while still having enough everything. Scurggs are horrible at dogfighting for their cost, where B-Wings can make do if necessary.