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  1. Article on how the build-a-bear commanders work in the RitR campaign.
  2. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/20/take-command-of-the-fleet/
  3. "Having a plan" means generally having a build that gives you the tools to actually execute a meaningful plan. That usually means more squadrons, Rogue squadrons, and/or commanders that help keep those squadrons meaningful to punch back against 2-ship. 2-ship excels at going after fleets with few to no squadrons and we're seeing less of those competitively in part for that reason. Sloane and properly-configured Rieekan aceholes can stop 2-ship fairly well and we're seeing even more of those than we used to. 2-ship is basically a hurdle other fleets need to be able to jump over to make it to the top tables but that means it's a sifter that removes a good number of other fleet archetypes from consideration competitively. Whether this remains post-SSD and post-RitR, I guess we'll see. But 2-ship in general isn't just a matter of "git gud." It's a matter of "bring a fleet this popular archetype doesn't smash or else don't have a chance, I guess."
  4. You can use Brunson in addition to a regular redirect, though. EST is one or the other. EST isn't a bad officer, mind you. I just didn't want to talk him up too much before @geek19 adds him to the generic officers. I also prefer him on longer ranged redirect ships like Arquitens where the damage reduction is usually a larger percentage of the incoming total. I'll want more table time with him before adding him to the various ship articles I'm responsible for.
  5. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/08/harrow.html Harrow plus a decent-sized VSD article overhaul. I have now finished all my RitR articles and @geek19 has finished none.
  6. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/08/imperial-rogues-villains-aces-from.html Imperial R&V aces from RitR. Edit: I'm inordinately proud of Moralo Eval Green Goblin Tom Morello's caption: Rally round tha tokens, pocket full of shells.
  7. I've seen MSU do all right with it. Imperials can have a lot of open OR slots with Raiders and Gozantis and if you're going LMSU, the ISD brings 2 mines itself. Rebel MSU can do fine with it as well with Hammerheads and GR-75s and the Command Pelta brings 2 mines for dirt cheap.
  8. Correct. Movement can trigger multiple mines. They do, yep.
  9. I'm looking forward to the Contested Outpost game where player 1 surrounds the station with a net of proximity mines pointed towards player 2's side of the table.
  10. Rules on mobile obstacles from RitR. You can't overlap stuff at the end of an obstacle's movement, but if you've got any tokens on you, they come along for the ride.
  11. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/08/rebellion-in-rim-offensive-retrofits.html RitR offensive retrofits!
  12. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-quick-primer-on-raid.html Short article on raid. It's much more of a thing post-RitR and it's good to have a handy primer on what it does.
  13. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/08/corvus.html Corvus. Another short one. That brings us up to 4 articles today. That might be a record.
  14. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/08/ritr-weapon-team-weapons-battery-techs.html Weapon Battery Techs. Finally, an easy short one.
  15. Good catch. I'll add that one in as well.
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