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  1. TRC90s are still good. Their double-arcing damage has gone down by 1 or 2 points but they're still good. There's a bit more room for other red dice light ship options in the Rebel fleet now compared to the "omg wut?" TRC90 of pre-nerf times. SW7 CR90Bs remain awesome in the right fleets.
  2. If you're going to make fun of someone else's English mistake, you don't have any authority if your own English is poor. You understood @Madaghmire just fine without needing to note his typo, didn't you? It seems clear you made a point of it to diminish him, which is just childish. I honestly don't care if you're a native speaker or not and, up until now, I haven't remarked on your English because I could understand you. I noted it specifically because you were being a hypocrite. You're beating... who? Who has admitted defeat? Whose mind has been changed? What third party is giving out awards for most abrasive plastic spaceship forum posts? The core of why I confronted you isn't that I disagree with you (although I do): it's that you can communicate the same basic ideas more compellingly without going after people for no real reason. If you're here to start fights and make people dislike you, then you've succeeded; if you're here to convince people of your point of view, you've failed. Regarding Sloane in general, have you been playing much with Sloane? I've played against Sloane and watched a few games/compared notes and in general the impression I'm getting so far is players are initially frustrated with her because over-investing in fighters means less points for combat ships to go after enemy ships with spent defense tokens (where the spent/discarded tokens make the largest impact), but under-investing in fighters means you're stuck dealing with enemy squadrons for longer than you'd like and Sloane's ability against ships (which is the best part of her effect) doesn't come into play as much. The nightmare scenario of Sloane just wiping out all the defense tokens and crushing whole fleets just hasn't happened - it simply costs too many points to come close to doing that. I'm sure as time goes on, dedicated Sloane players will start to converge on more reliable builds for her squadrons and carriers to create a better overall fleet composition, but it very much seems like she's stuck in a Sato-like quandary where she needs her ship versus squadron balance to be just right. That's fine, and it's definitely an interesting puzzle to solve. In my experience and that of many others, however, it's not game-breakingly overpowered.
  3. You have to respect the stone cold brass balls it takes to make fun of someone else's typo when your own spelling and grammar are atrocious. *I assume that was meant to be "punishing" because "pushing" a ship doesn't really mean anything. Pushing them where? That's the only uncertainty I had amongst the sea of incorrect words ("tare" should be "tear," "trade" should be "tirade," etc.), absent apostrophes in contractions, missing capitalization for proper nouns and incorrect tenses.
  4. Sloane fighters are far from "great" against ships. Your usual blue die anti-ship attack goes from a 50% chance to damage to a 62.5% chance to damage. That's not at all amazing. Spending defense tokens is nice, don't get me wrong, but it's meaningless unless you've got a serious (read: non-squadron, something that rolls a decent amount of damage in one go) attack lined up against the debuffed target. Sloane is going to make you cry if you don't take the squadron portion of the game seriously. If people somehow made it to wave 6 without doing that, I don't even know what to tell them.
  5. Hey I gave you a build! I talked about MC30s!
  6. How exactly are we bringing back something that never left? The MC30 has been one of the best ships in the game since flotillas arrived at the very least and they remain quite good. Most common build I see is the Torp MC30 with H9s, ordnance upgrade (usually APTs), Ordnance Experts, title, and cheapo officer (Lando, Skilled First Officer, whatever).
  7. @geek19 and I should be at the Pastimes store champ.
  8. I could see some kind of CC-style campaign expansion that included new title cards, which could help specialize your Assault Frigates a bit more if you wished, kind of like how Nebulon-Bs are greatly helped by their titles to have more specific roles. The problem is including any kind of generic upgrade to help with that could cause serious problems at making more specialized ships even better at their roles, which is particularly dangerous when it comes to red dice-focused turbolaser upgrades (as you run the risk of the alpha fleet being a boring gunline). They are probably the best Rebel ship for using Boarding Troopers, but they don't really benefit substantially from using it and need to get rather close to pull it off so it's still not great. Maybe something in the offensive retrofit slot? Imperial ships certainly wouldn't mind getting some more competitive options for that slot (although wave 6 is admittedly a substantial improvement from wave 5 in that regard).
  9. I'm absolutely flabbergasted that anyone could be "stuck" with Raiders. I don't even know what to say. They're amazing once you know how to use them well and with External Racks they can punch even higher above their weight class once a game than they already did. I freely admit running four of them is a bit silly, but it was fun! This conversation has really gone off the rails, however, but then again I'm not really sure how long "I think the Quasar is too fragile" "I do too" "I don't" can keep cycling through naturally before it was done for anyways.
  10. It's been my experience that ACMs are superior against ships that use redirects, particularly if they're at least 5 or more hull. In those circumstances it's rare to be able to just kill something through hull damage and ramming (like you can with APTs against something like a CR90, for example), so burning through the shields is more effective. Every now and then the APT face-up crit surprises you, though. The short version is APTs are better against small ships and ACMs are better against heavier ships, but they're both good. With External Racks now allowing Raiders to one-shot most of the light ships APTs used to crunch through, I'm experimenting with putting ACMs back on my Gladiators. The improved punch against heavier ships has been nice. Edit: I wrote a fair amount about it on the blog too, but you got the short version ;).
  11. Because it's not common to roll 2 accuracy results unless you're attacking with a large ship?
  12. Let's begin with an article about tilting, why it happens, and what we can do about it. We're hitting up another store championship on Saturday so I'd expect some articles about that on Sunday or early next week. Currently on my "to do" pile are articles about learning from your losses, fleet deployment, and exploring the FFG tournament structure a bit.
  13. That's fair and I can't really dispute that.
  14. The quality of Salvation's attack (particularly with Turbolaser Reroutes + Intel Officer) is often so much better, though. I've run Gunnery Team gunlines with other ships (often VSDs) and it's okay but it's not great at focusing firing specific ships down and it can struggle when your enemy doesn't allow you to get several juicy targets in the front arc. Idunno, I'm still quite skeptical. Salvation just needs anything in its front arc and it's ready to make some people cry. The only ships I can think of that don't mind Salvation dropping bombs on them from downtown are double-brace ships, like opposing Nebulon-Bs and LMC80s. I guess we'll see, though. I want to see the Gunnery Team Spinal Hammerheads on the table, maybe I'm wrong. For now I'm pretty skeptical though.
  15. You take that back or we're gonna have words.