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  1. The Problem with Pelta

    Paging @comatose... Besides what he'll tell you, Command Peltas are very cost-effective carriers and a great way for Rebels to get two squad speed buffs on the table in the same package (All Fighters Follow Me and Fighter Coordination Team). Peltas are also a good way to get Intensify Firepower on the table for a swarm to really milk it for all it's worth without costing a lot. I'm not really sold on using them with Entrapment Formation or Shields to Max any more, but that's how it is. Assault Peltas are still overall a tough sell, though. Even with just Intensify Firepower, a Command Pelta can take Disposable Capacitors and contribute fairly well.
  2. Raddus 1 + Many

    Being committed to dropping round 2 isn't great and trying to wait for round 3 presents problems if you have concerns about Raddus getting assassinated. Putting him on something more durable solves those problems.
  3. Raddus 1 + Many

    I'm scared of having Raddus on a Hammerhead but I couldn't tell you exactly what would be preferable that didn't involve dropping two ships. Probably dropping a Hammerhead and GR in favor of Admonition, would be my recommendation, but like I said, you're dropping two ships that way.
  4. The Armored Cruiser

    MC75 Armored Cruiser (104) • Lando Calrissian (4) • Boarding Troopers (3) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • External Racks (3) • Leading Shots (4) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • Aspiration (3) = 133 Points A pretty decent thing to Raddus drop in the front arc of another large ship. You can tank the counter-attack and keep them stuck in place due to the large base size and with some help from Hondo or Comms Net (I prefer Hondo), you can trigger the Boarding Troopers before double-arcing for (External Racks, Con Fire, QBTs in each shot) 15 total dice.
  5. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    So you're saying the number of Biggs is big? It's very Biggly? Biggaciously large? Is a group of Biggs a "'stache" of Biggs? So can you stash a 'stache of Biggses somewhere big should you need to conceal them? I have so many pointless questions!
  6. Vader Boarding Teams

    One of the few times my Interdictor has been destroyed involved a Kuat with Vader running up and breaking my Targeting Scramblers. RUDE, VADER. RUDE. Learn some manners, you asthmatic choke-enthusiast space wizard!
  7. Using X-Wings

    X-Wings are good as part of a machine with a plan, but they're not good when spammed without a purpose.* Escort in particular is wasted points unless you're Escorting something of value. Bare minimum should be Jan, who has a lot of synergy with X-Wings. If you want to use X-Wings as part of a fighter group, then they work well for Escorting Z-95s, who like being able to hide behind the beefier X-Wings and enjoy using the durable X-Wings to trigger Swarm. If you want to use them as part of a bomber group, then they're happy to Escort Y-Wings, B-Wings, or Scurggs to get the job done. They're also good for guarding key aces like Ten Numb or Norra that can cause a lot of trouble (for example, Jan acting as a blood bank for X-Wings guarding Ten Numb will give even Sloane aces pause if you're around the right other buff sources, like Toryn Farr and/or Yavaris). All the X-Wing aces are good but it really depends on what you want them to do. Luke improves the bomber element, Wedge improves the fighter element (and isn't a bad bomber either, with one black die), and Biggs buffs the "meat shield" element. You can use them all or none or something in-between depending on your fleet. *Seriously, they're pretty bad bombers without a Bomber Command Center around, especially for the cost, and they're decent fighters but if fighters are all you want, then A-Wings are probably better. If you just want something that's all-around decent at everything and you want to spam that, then I'd recommend spamming YT-2400s.
  8. Worlds will be fun this year

    Assuming a Sloane fleet, I'm not confident in your chances against MSU overall. Still quite workable against other fleets with expensive ships, though.
  9. Yavaris is fine now. Letting Flight Controllers buff 3 Rebel aces twice each with Toryn Farr around is not. And before someone says something about a Quasar with Flight Controllers and Boosted Comms and Expanded Hangar Bays and a squadron token: squadron offense is what Imperials do. They don't get Gallant Haven or Biggs/Jan shenanigans or Rieekan zombie aces because that would be nuts.
  10. Imperial Brawler MSU list

    I'm not sure I like the word "unpredictable" associated with Ozzel because it gives the impression that he's a random zany funster or that it only works on people who can't think far enough ahead. The huge range of speed options you can get with Ozzel allow for an extreme amount of positioning control that is difficult to adequately anticipate. It's not unpredictable (although it can be) so much as it vastly increases the Ozzel fleet's options for when and how it interacts with the opponent's fleet. A lot of people think Ozzel isn't much good because they played him back when he came out and Screed at that point was generally better. Nowadays with flotillas (which Ozzel helps but Screed does nothing for) and scarier large ships that require more arc-dodging, Ozzel is quite legit in situations where Screed will just get blown up running the same fleet. Don't listen to the haters. I do agree that the OP will likely want a larger bid, though. You can drop the Raider Chart Officers for a start and I'd also drop Insidious and Suppressor. You will probably only need one Comms Net, too, but that's your call.
  11. It fits for sure but with only 2 non-flotilla ships and a lot riding on that Quasar, I get nervous about the glass jaw.
  12. Armada trade thread

    Updated: # Type Peripherals/accessories/tokens 4 Armada black ISD dice bag 1 Armada red Rebel dice bag 1 Armada Summer 2016 ion cannon challenge coin 5 Clear orange acrylic squadron command tokens (Q4 2017 tournament kit) 12 Opaque + red acrylic squadron command tokens 7 Opaque + red acrylic repair command tokens 10 Opaque + red concentrate fire command tokens 10 Opaque + red navigate command tokens 15 Acrylic evade tokens 1 Acrylic double-sided red/green 2017 store champs range ruler 1 2017 Store Champs acrylic assault objective marker 1 2016 Regionals acrylic initiative counter 4 2016 Regionals acrylic setup area markers Commander cards 2 Alt art Grand Moff Tarkin 3 Alt art Admiral Ackbar 1 Alt art General Rieekan Squadron cards 2 Alt art Boba Fett/Slave-I 2 Full art Howlrunner squadron 3 Alt art TIE Bomber squadron 7 Alt art TIE Fighter squadron 3 Alt art TIE Interceptor squadron 1 Full art Luke Skywalker squadron 1 Alt art A-Wing squadron 5 Alt art X-Wing squadron Ship cards 2 Alt art ISD-I 3 Alt art ISD-II 6 Alt art Raider-I Corvette 1 Alt art Gladiator-II Star Destroyer 1 Alt art VSD-II 1 Spot gloss VSD-I 2 Alt art GR-75 Medium Transports 1 Alt art MC80 Assault Cruiser 5 Alt art Nebulon-B Escort Frigate 1 Spot gloss Nebulon-B Support Refit Upgrades X Lots of spare upgrade cards. Chances are very good I have a spare. Ask! I also have some early Destiny promos and some Legion promos from Adepticon if those are of interest. What I'm looking for: Acrylic defense tokens that aren't evades or scatters. Other hard-to-come-by cards, just ask and worst I'll do is say "sorry, not interested." It's definitely against forum policy to ask for money so definitely not that. Shoot me a PM and we might be able to work something out.
  13. I don't dispute that GHY as a counter to Sloane is weaker now, but Sloane fleets themselves rarely have more than 2 non-flotilla ships. If Sloane can grind down bigger ships and set the tempo, that's manageable, but if she gets rushed, that fleet has one **** of a glass jaw. The Quasar in particular is going to be the priority target and once it's gone, Sloane's in big trouble.
  14. That's not how Relay works, though. The Relay squad doesn't activate other squads with it. The rewording of it post-nerf has left us with some questions about chaining, but Relay isn't written to allow free tack-on squadron activations, it extends the range of squadron commands under particular circumstances.