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  1. I'm seeing lots of these test fleets with way too many TIE Fighters and carriers with no real combat ships that have some kind of Underpants Gnomes logic behind them of: Phase 1: Destroy all the defense tokens Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Win the game! I'm much preferring the builds where there are some serious hammer ships in there too, as those can exploit bad defense tokens much better than squadrons can.
  2. See, I know that you're exaggerating for comedic effect but I guarantee you it's going to go right over someone's head and then there's going to be a ragepost about it in response so I figure maybe I should just make it clear what exactly is going on here and we can avoid that whole everything, okay?
  3. Looks like them Duke boys are at it again! Make sure you install a small button that, when pressed, makes the Interdictor play Dixie on an air horn. Edit: Given the General Lee and the Interdictor both have a flagrant disregard for the natural laws of gravity, it seems appropriate.
  4. That's true, but then they're not using those accuracy icons on the brace. For black dice crit ships that's not great, as the brace will prevent more total damage than the contain will. Granted you can on occasion (particularly with the MC30) generate two accuracy icons, in which case the contain then becomes priority #2.
  5. Having faced the DCO on a super pickle, he seems to have a place on the builds that are set up to deal with bombers and double-arcing black dice ships(with Advanced Projectors and Reinforced Blast Doors). Being able to tell black crit upgrades and Norra that they don't get to trigger can help a lot. If you're running it with Electronic Countermeasures, though, Walex is the clear favorite. Lando is handy but it's really meta-dependent. I'd likely stick Lando on an MC30 like @Drasnighta recommended.
  6. Agreed with this last part in particular. We'd get these very aggrieved posts from people who went to the tournament to win big and then they didn't get first despite winning three games (by smaller margins) and were surprised to find the overall winner had a 2-1 record (usually two blowout wins and one very minor loss) and couldn't believe the injustice of it. And I'm like "dude we can discuss the pros and cons of the tournament system if you like, but I've got zero sympathy for someone who wants to win big at a tournament and didn't even take the time to read about how the tournament gets won."
  7. I mean it's confusing because MSU is an initialism but DeMSU is an acronym. I guess you can always make a frankenword by pronouncing it "Dem-ess-you." Dem ess me? Ey, Dem ess YOU, buddy!
  8. The more commonly-used acronym (it's an acronym, it's pronounced as a word!) is "DeMSU," pronounced "Dem-Sue." When it comes to an MSU fleet with Demolisher in it. Man, I'm being pedantic as HELL in this thread, hahaha. Hopefully the stupid pictures communicate that I'm largely joking...
  9. He's smiling because he deliberately overinsured it and then it "accidentally" got stolen. Greek lightning, baby!
  10. That is true, but you're not going to wow anyone at a fancy party using the term "acronym" when it's more correctly an initialism. Knowing the difference between an acronym and initialism might just get you laid impress someone important! I'm doing you all a favor! Validate me!
  11. He has Nobody in particular (matter). It's like a roving dad joke now.
  12. "How am I supposed to tell that apart from my own TIEs?" "I mean FFG wanted me to paint it orange." "Are you?" "Nope."
  13. Actually, they're not using acronyms at all. An acronym is a abbreviation of initials that creates a new word, like "NATO" is pronounced "nay-toe" or "FUBAR" is pronounced "fu-bar." Conversely, TRCs are still an abbreviation but have all of their initials pronounced individually and are thus an initialism. Thus the thread title should be "IABFA," which itself is likely an initialism as the acronym form would sound like "ee-yab-fa," which doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Initialisms are frequently confused for acronyms as they're similar but the pronunciation element is different for each. Language pedant, away! Seriously, though, all the initialisms don't help new people understand what's happening. It also gets confusing when you get someone using FCTs for Fire Control Team when most of us assume the only FCT in the game is Fighter Coordination Team because Fire Control Team is terrible.
  14. Trufax. Ketsu's just too pricey for my tastes for a relatively niche ability. Mostly only good if your meta is Intel-heavy and/or if all of your own squadrons are heavy. Oh yeah, if you're going for a bomber-heavy big squadron investment, Intel does more for you than Chiraneau. Absolutely not disagreeing with you that by himself he's insufficient as an Intel replacement. He's much more useful for fighter squadrons or mixed-role squadrons than for dedicated bombers.