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  1. You coming down to Chicagoland to play with us? If so, make sure to pre-register. Spots are limited. I'll be the judge/TO but I know a lot of our local guys are going and some others are coming out from a ways away. It'll be fun! Otherwise, as another person who did playtesting for this (hi, @geek19 and I are now part of the secret Big FFG Conspiracy Team, amongst other MYSTERIOUS Chicagolanders), there is no issue with commander costs. Other restrictions are in place to keep things from getting too crazy. Commanders take up less of a percentage of your fleet cost compared to usual, but that's not that big of a deal and gives you more points for plastic to put on the table. Works out fine. It's... fun. Can't we all just have fun? I got this picture right before FFG's UFO abducted me and replaced me with an obedient warehouse guy. On a side note, Brooks has been great to work with.
  2. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/281312-the-end-of-the-dominant-400-point-discussion-tx-ssd-about-time/ And I'm still all
  3. Snipafist

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out February 2019

    @GiledPallaeon Atlanta Regional recap! Giled was one place ahead of Jack, taking 5th at the event. Get comfy, as it's a long read. Thanks, Giled!
  4. Snipafist

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out February 2019

    Let's talk about forking. Lots of pictures, so I'm not copying the article over to here.
  5. Snipafist

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out February 2019

    https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/02/22-atlanta-regional-recap-jack-otto.html Atlanta 6th-place finisher (of 38), our very own Jack Otto @Jotto Otts1 wrote an article about his experience that we're hosting on the blog. Thanks, Jack!
  6. Snipafist

    Family Time Games

    I played in the Indy Regionals last year at Family Time Games and met the owner and his wife (English is not her first language, that is correct). The event was great (they brought us food for lunch at no extra cost to us and he sweetened the pot with some promos they had from other Armada events) and the owner was clearly into the game and supporting the players. His conversational style was direct, which I normally appreciate, and we had a good time chatting for a bit. I'm told he's ex-military. I'm not surprised. People I know who go there with any regularity love the place. I intend to return next year if they do another Regional. They've got 4.8 out of 5 stars from (as of now) 377 Google reviews for a reason, and one of those 5-star reviews is mine.
  7. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/02/eric-updates-232019.html Quick updates to the Thrawn article (in light of the success of two ship), the VSD article (added discussion of the titles and some more hyperlinks, including the super-fun VSD-I flak boat build), and removed the flotillas section from the basic fleet building article in light of the flotilla nerf making flotilla removal no longer an extremely high priority.
  8. Snipafist

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    Ask @comatose or @Capt. Griff. I would've gone but family and weather stuff, so not this year. Was fun last year though.
  9. Snipafist

    Commander cost.

    I don't think making all commanders free would be helpful, as it makes it even harder to balance them against one another. Less extreme benefits like Garm compared to stronger benefits like Ackbar just aren't the same, even with fleets designed around them. That said, I've always been keen on how Warmachine did it. Your commander is free and furthermore brings bonus points you get to spend on (for our purposes) ships. So If we assume that the highest commander cost right now is 38 and will stay that way, Tarkin would be completely free with no bonus points and Ozzel would be +18, for example. Would get a bit more ships in the game and would never make the commander feel like dead points, as was not infrequently the case earlier in the game.
  10. Snipafist

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out January 2019

    https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/01/2-year-anniversary-where-armada-is-at.html Let's just keep it to a URL for now. Inside you'll find: It's our 2 year anniversary! What's going on with Armada right now A modest proposal for aces when 2.0 rolls around
  11. Snipafist

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out January 2019

    I changed those Imperial example groups pretty significantly, for what it's worth, given the squadron meta change between time of writing the original and now. That said, the basic thrust of it doesn't feel super different from the original excepting some considerations for no-squad.
  12. Snipafist

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    We've learned a lot about the game since it was released, which includes a lot of what works, what doesn't work, and what works but could probably work better. I'm on board a 1.5 or 2.0, but a 2.0 seems more likely. All games that last long enough get reboots and that's healthy.
  13. Snipafist

    Armada League Best Practices and Suggestions

    In that case, I'll share the details of how our league works. It's been pretty successful and I know a few other places have copied it and done well with it too. Effectively, it rewards playing lots of games and playing against lots of different people. A new dedicated player can win through sheer chutzpah but in practice your regulars will usually do pretty well due to coming in regularly and getting that bit of extra boost from winning. I've got an MS Word document for the league that we use; if you're interested PM me and hopefully I can send it over as an attachment.
  14. Snipafist

    Armada League Best Practices and Suggestions

    It really depends on if your league is supposed to be a slow-motion tournament or if it's an encouragement for everybody, even the not-very-competitive/new to come out and play games. The league we run is the latter, and it's important to make sure there are incentives for even casual players to come out as otherwise they'll just get creamed by better players and earn very little and not see the point.
  15. Snipafist

    Contain: A second class defense token

    I think you're taking it too far here. If you're a special crit-dependent fleet going against a DCO-equipped SSD, your job is to overheat or lock down the contain tokens (or Vader-remove the DCO). That's not much different than being a bomber-focused fleet trying to overheat redirect tokens against most ships. If you've got a single crit-dependent ship, it's probably going to have a bad time. You might want to reconsider swapping out its upgrade for something else. If you've got more than one, you should be fine. A pair of Raider-IIs with HIEs going after an SSD are quite likely going to see the first HIE crit canceled but the second attack should be able to lock down the green contain and force the exhausted contain discard if the SSD is looking to keep its shields. It will mean changing some upgrade suites and fleet builds, but the SSD was already going to do this just like nearly every wave release does.