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  1. It stands to reason then that Chewbacca has eaten people (the ones thrown in before Han). Just... yep. Haha. Solo was fun. Had some good visuals. Not a life-changing kind of movie but overall it was enjoyable.
  2. @geek19 can tell you all about it 😉 https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2018/08/workable-insanity-aka-johns-gencon-wrap.html
  3. The Combat Interdictor loses the experimental retrofit slot from the Suppressor and gains nothing, and its remaining ion cannon slot is less useful with fewer blue dice. It was never good, but Disposable Capacitors made it even worse when compared to the Suppressor. I'd honestly start with removing the generally-meh ion cannon slot and then give it access to 2 new upgrade slots: 1 to make up for the lost experimental retrofit and 1 to make up for losing the ion cannon slot. I'd vote for a weapon team and turbolaser slot. I still don't think it would exactly be tearing it up competitively (much like all other combat mediums, the base Interdictors are overcosted, it's just the Combat Interdictor is also really bad for other reasons so it's a colossal pile of fail) but I'd actually consider using it that way. If you want to slap Tua on for a defensive retrofit then you get a tanky little medium combat ship with some tech options. Not cheap, though.
  4. Everything coming out of Adepticon presently is strongly signaling that they'll be canceling the con (side note: we've got Coronavirus confirmed in the western burbs just to the south of Schaumburg so it's not just a matter of "who is coming to the con from far away that might have it" anymore). They just need to get all involved parties lined up before they officially pull the trigger but I'm expecting it will officially be canceled by next week. Maybe even sooner. They've offered a store credit refund to anyone who cancels prior to the 20th, but I'm expecting an outright canceled con will be a direct reimbursement to anyone who hasn't canceled yet. Worst case it would be the same con credit as you'd get for canceling manually, I imagine. I don't think there will be a Worlds this year. All the alternative venues to hold it have the same risks as Adepticon and the possible hosts are understandably reluctant to assume that kind of liability. Coronavirus is expected to be a problem for 12-18 months at this point so even if it does somehow pan out earlier than expected, it won't pan out before the next Primes season begins. Maybe I'll be wrong on that one.
  5. Got the gif to load for us. And this is accurate and approved by me and @geek19
  6. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2020/03/eric-article-updates-post-faq-332020.html Everything that was on my plate has been updated. I'm sure I'll think of something else I want to change/update eventually but for now the old stuff should be good.
  7. Beck now provides a phantom command token you spend for a command and gives you the opportunity to also spend a real dial to boost it further if you want. It's nearly a complete rewrite of what the card actually says to do, but it at least answers the question of "can I use Piett with this?" (yes) and "what happens when you use Krennic with this?" (you get the token-sized version of con fire). It's a mess though, with some weird Pursuant-sized extra questions tacked on. They didn't cover cards from wave 8 besides clarifying how extreme range evades work. Engine Techs triggers after you execute a maneuver using a navigate command. By the time Engine Techs kicks in, there is no nav dial remaining to use. It's always been this way but it causes confusion so it's a clarification, not a change. Similar to when they spelled out that Admonition can't be used more than once per attack: it was always that way, but people didn't always catch it.
  8. It's an absolute mess of a ruling that took the card from "you resolve an entire command at X strength" to "generate a phantom command token to spend on a command right away, but there's still time to sneak other stuff in right in the middle of it." I feel like it raises at least as many questions as it answers.
  9. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2020/03/322020-armada-faq-update.html Let's talk about that FAQ.
  10. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2020/02/wave-8-imperial-ship-article-updates.html Imperial ship article updates due to wave 8.
  11. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-spend-defense-tokens-step-and-fine.html I passed over some of the specifics of the Spend Defense Tokens step in my attack sequence article from a while back and wanted to rectify that.
  12. I'm not at all confident that Agate brings enough value to a second MC30 compared to what a different commander brings in total to a fleet with 2+ MC30s (Rieekan being the obvious answer, but other choices too). The goal seems to be "how do I make this surprisingly difficult to kill ship (Admonition) even more hard to kill?" It's a fun mental exercise, sure, but I don't think you actually get a great fleet out of it.
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